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  1. Feb 2024
    1. By focusing them on the process they engaged in — their effort, their strategies, their concentration, their perseverance, or their improvement.

      This point summarizes how we should praise children who are in the education system in order to not only give them credit, but to also keep encouraging them to work hard

    2. Instead, teach them how much fun a challenging task is, how interesting and informative errors are, and how great it is to struggle with something and make progress. Most of all, teach them that by taking on challenges, making mistakes, and putting forth effort, they are making themselves smarter.

      This point is a key point because it shows how much more beneficial and satisfying it is to work hard then to have things handed to you

    3. we find that students with a fixed mindset care so much about how smart they will appear that they often reject learning opportunities — even ones that are critical to their success

      This point is important because its possible that some people think a fixed mindset is the better way to learn and enjoy learning, however we can see that a growth mindset is more beneficial in the long run for education

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    1. This code is much easier to understand as it do not add levels of indentation and follows the principle where the 0 indentation level is the principal path of the application where other paths are exceptions or rare cases.
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    1. Benjy Renton. (2020, December 5). Launching a new dashboard to track local news reports and state press releases on how many vaccine doses will be allocated to each state, since there seems to be no public federal effort. Browse each state’s allocations and a map of doses per capita. Https://t.co/CUP2W2ph7X [Tweet]. @bhrenton. https://twitter.com/bhrenton/status/1335306082693083137

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    1. This issue is already known to us since yesterday. Our engineers are now working diligently to fix this behavior. I'd recommend you contact our Customer Care team and let them know that you're one of the affected users of INV36818. That way, they will link your company to the case. You will then receive a notification via email for its updates. 
  13. Aug 2019
    1. The USATF Legend Coach Award is in its sixth year and is selected by the USATF Coaches Advisory Committee. The inaugural award was presented to Hall of Fame Tigerbelle Coach Ed Temple in 2014, followed by Dr. Joe Vigil in 2015, Tom Tellez in 2016, Clyde Hart in 2017 and Brooks Johnson last year.
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