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  1. May 2024
    1. tata edar film untuksemua platformtermasuk yang lahirdari perkembanganteknologi informasidan lain-lain.

      Poin ini relevan dengan RUU Penyiaran terkait penyedia konten maupun penyelenggara platform (masukkan pasal-pasal terkait)

  2. Apr 2024
    1. 3. Digital storybooks Regarding kids of younger age groups, stories, poems, and music are always in demand. UX professionals combine all these aspects into digital storybooks, creating engaging content for children. These can also be combined with educational platforms, adding value to the learning experience.

      THIS - should I not focus on a digital storybook? Combined with a educational platform

  3. Dec 2022
    1. We find that, during the pandemic, no-vax communities became more central in the country-specificdebates and their cross-border connections strengthened, revealing a global Twitter anti-vaccinationnetwork. U.S. users are central in this network, while Russian users also become net exporters ofmisinformation during vaccination roll-out. Interestingly, we find that Twitter’s content moderationefforts, and in particular the suspension of users following the January 6th U.S. Capitol attack, had aworldwide impact in reducing misinformation spread about vaccines. These findings may help publichealth institutions and social media platforms to mitigate the spread of health-related, low-credibleinformation by revealing vulnerable online communities
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