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    1. This doesn't allow easy creation of bookmarklets like:

      javascript:(`foo <b>bar</b>`)

      We need explicit detection/support for these.

  2. Mar 2024
    1. The link of the video should be there not the youtube home page.

      A bug I have too now that I use Librewolf, I hope this can be fixed soon.

  3. Feb 2024
  4. Jan 2024
    1. Cuis-Smalltalk is a pure object oriented programming (OOP) language. All the entities in the language: integers, floats, rational numbers, strings, collections, blocks of code and so forth – every instance usable as a noun in Smalltalk – is an object.

      ProtoObject new enters an infinite loop in Cuis University 5981. Fixed in Cuis.

  5. Oct 2023
  6. Jul 2023
    1. 404 Web Site not found.

      The server isn't redirecting requests at the apex domain to www..

    1. Please consider adding a branch with a failing spec describing the problem.
    2. File an issue if a bug is caused by Ransack, is new (has not already been reported), and can be reproduced from the information you provide.
  7. Jun 2023
    1. After the verification passes, the batch of transactions is considered final like any other Ethereum transaction
  8. Feb 2023
    1. Exporteer

      Het project dat in stap 1 geladen wordt https://snap.berkeley.edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=cfkaligula&ProjectName=H2L3-DataHouden bevat een fout in het blok "initialiseer lijsten", dat werkt niet omdat daarbinnen nog Engelstalige variabelen worden gebruikt die vertaald zijn naar Nederlandstalige namen.

    1. Title

      In order to make it way easier to keep track of things in bookmarklet workspaces, there needs to be an option that adds an incrementing counter (timestamp?) to the bookmarklet title, so when dragging and dropping into your bookmarks library, you don't lose track of what's going on with a sea of bookmarklets all named the same thing.

    2. window.history.pushState(null, "unescaped bookmarklet contents");

      This has been giving me problems in the latest Firefox releases. It ends up throwing an error.

  9. Jan 2023
    1. But it does not work, because the association with authors will return empty authors for the Material as the materials are also soft deleted.
    2. The problem is that Globalize knows nothing about acts_as_paranoid. You can delete a Material, and it should delete the translations, but when you try to recover the Material then there is an error because of how the translations are implemented and the order in which the translations and the Material are recovered. Which record should be recovered first?
    3. Remember that the Material has all of its translations for the title in a table that just got soft deleted. So the correct answer is “nil”. The title of the delete material is nil.
  10. Dec 2022
    1. In this case, if the constant Admin::User was already loaded at the time Admin::UserManager.all was called, then it would return Admin::User objects.However, if Admin::User was not yet auto-loaded, but User was, Admin::UserManager.all would instead return User objects!
    1. On the Provider and Logs tab, in the Name column, select Lesson 3 Log File. After you have created a log provider for your package, you can optionally deselect it to turn off logging, without having to delete and re-create a log provider.

      To turn it on and off you need to know to select the checkbox and toggle the checkbox with the spacebar.

    2. On the Details tab, in the Events column, select the PipelineExecutionPlan and PipelineExecutionTrees events.

      No matter where I click in the package tree, ell options in the Details pane are "dimmed" as the note describes.

      There is an alert at the bottom of the window that says: "⚠️ To configure unique logging options for this container, enable logging for it in the tree view."

      EDIT: We discovered that selecting the checkbox and hitting space un-mutes the field, then the checkbox can be toggled with the space bar.

      With it toggled OFF, you can then go to the Details tab and toggle the settings as required, then go back to the Providers and Logs tab and toggle it ON.

    3. In the Containers pane, expand all nodes of the package container hierarchy, and then clear all check boxes, including the Extract Sample Currency Data check box. Now select the check box for Extract Sample Currency Data to get only the events for this node.

      When I completed this step, the nodes of the package container hierarchy did not have checkboxes. Also, the Extract Sample Currency Data checkbox did not respond to my clicks.

      There was a message to clear the parent, but since the parent had no checkbox, I was unable to do so.

      Drilling down resulted in checkboxes that "appear dimmed" as in the note below.

      This appears to be a bug or at least a lapse in the documentation.

      EDIT: We found a work-around. You can highlight the checkbox and tick it with the spacebar - but you can't select it with the mouse.

      On the Lesson 3 root node, under Select the logs to use for the container: I was able to select the checkbox.

      When I navigate deeper though, this option is unchecked and muted or grayed out with a message at the bottom reading:

      "⚠️ To configure unique logging options for this container, enable logging for it in the tree view."

    1. I have yet to see a Snapd or Flatpak build of Audacity that I'm happy with. Those builds are beyond our control as they are made by 3rd parties. I do find it mildly annoying that Flatpak direct users that have problems with their builds to us.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: the runaround?

  11. Nov 2022
  12. Oct 2022
    1. For the record, this article worked for me. I started experiencing the no-refresh issue a few weeks ago. No other solutions I found seemed to work, but this worked! How to Fix it When the Desktop/File Explorer Won’t Automatically Refresh in Windows 10/8/7 | scootercomputers Basically do the following: Delete all the files inside %AppData%\Microsoft\windows\recent\automaticdestinationsDelete all the files inside %AppData%\Microsoft\windows\recent\customdestinationsRestart your PC.

      Esta solução parece funcionar para resolver o problema da atualização do Gerenciador de Arquivos.

    1. Cutting Contexts by Architectural Need Bounded Contexts needn't be organized solely by the functional area of an application. They're very useful in dividing a system to achieve desired architectural examples. The classic example of this approach is an application that has both a robust transactional footprint and a portfolio of reports. It's often desirable in such circumstances (which might occur pretty often) to break out the reporting database from the transactional database. You want the freedom to pursue the right degree of normalization for developing reliable reports, and you want to use an Object-Relational Mapper so that you can keep coding transactional business logic in the object-oriented paradigm. You can use a technology such as Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) to publish data updates coming from the model and incorporate them into data warehouses optimized for reporting and analysis purposes. This might come as a shock to some, but it's possible for database administrators and developers to get along. Bounded Contexts give you a glimpse of this promised land. If you're interested in architectural Bounded Contexts, I highly recommend keeping tabs on Greg Young's blog. He's quite experienced with and articulate about this approach and produces a fair amount of content on the subject.

      This whole paragraph feels like it's accidentally been pasted here from another article. The title isn't even listed in the table-of-contents. :/

  13. Sep 2022
    1. The fact that this book is an SPA—instead of just, you know, a bunch of web pages—is very annoying.

      Totally screws up my ability to middle click the "links" in the TOC.

      It also messes up the browser scroll position when clicking back/forward.

  14. Aug 2022
    1. After you’ve authenticated once, creating synced databases is as simple as pasting a link.

      If you've previously already authenticated Jira disconnect the account and re-auth it. Without this step the paste as database link doesn't appear

      • Flash loan is a type of unsecured lending that relies on the atomicity of blockchain transactions at the point of execution and adds dynamism to DeFi

      • Reentry attack " the DAO"

      • Arithmetic bug

  15. Jul 2022
    1. R Workflow

      I get an error that:

      /mermaidf.css (404: Not Found)

      so there is a ccs file missing. I can't it by searching in Franks domain, or in the github. Anyone know where to find it?

  16. Apr 2022
    1. Notes from Underground

      Standard Ebooks's search needs to incorporate alternate titles. I tried searching first for "the underground man" (my fault) but then I tried "notes from the underground", which turned up nothing. i then began to try searching for Dostoyevsky, but stopped myself when I realized the fruitlessness, because even being unsure if search worked across author names, I knew that I had no idea which transliteration Standard Ebooks was using.

    2. Why is Standard Ebooks sending content-security-policy: default-src 'self';? This is not an appropriate use. (And it keeps things like the Hypothesis sidebar from loading.)

    1. <title>Notes from Underground, by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Translated by Constance Garnett - Free ebook download - Standard Ebooks: Free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced for the true book lover.</title>

      This is way too long. (And when I try saving the page, Firefox stops me because the suggested file name—derived from the title—is too long. NB: that's a bug in both standardebooks.org and Firefox.)



    1. In this case, the worker process query the newly-created notification before main process commits the transaction, it will raise NotFoundError, because transaction in worker process can't read uncommitted notification from transaction in main process.
    1. we're susceptible to CSP if we try to write an inline script into the manager doc

      Too late! We're already doing that to post the key during the handshake...



    1. <title>Bookmarklet Creator</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

      We should perhaps include a rel=canonical or rel=alternate here. But what are the implications for shares and remixes? This also perhaps exposes a shortcoming in Hypothes.is's resource equivalence scheme, cf:

      Maybe the document itself, when the application "wakes up" should check the basics and then insert them as appropriate?



  17. Mar 2022
    1. denoised

      thank you for this tutorial!! I ran into an issue and noticed it was because you are searching for files with 'denoised' here, but your output files include only 'denoise' -- so if you run this twice regenerating the file list, you'll still grab the denoised outputs which will overwrite themselves. thanks!

    1. I have deleted /index.html. Right now, if I visit https://crussell.ichi.city, then the server returns a 404 (but it successfully(?) gives a directory listing). This is not a problem for e.g. https://crussell.ichi.city/bookmarklets/, which similarly lacks an index.html

  18. Jan 2022
    1. his comments about female founders

      We should be able to track down the source here just as easily as we can see verbatim quotes' original place.

    1. I was seeing this same issue. Updating values for: hub: containerSecurityContext: privileged: true Seems to have been the fix for me. At least things are a lot more stable now. I changed it based on the explanation for --privileged in the README.


    1. Sorry, let me rephrase. Is this how it is supposed to work? Because right now it looks like a bug. The documentation is really terribly sparse on this topic.
    1. The active environment is the one with an asterisk (*).

      A asterisk appears even if the environment is not active. For example, when auto_activate_base: false or conda deactivate while in base env.

  19. Dec 2021
    1. /// import { LineChecker } from "./LineChecker.src"

      That's not right... should be "./src/LineChecker.src". (The fact that the compiler isn't throwing an error on this is a bug in and of itself...)

  20. Nov 2021
    1. apt-rdepends exists. This functionality should really reside in apt-cache itself.

      Update: Maybe it does already exist now. I was able to run this, for example without apt-rdepends being installed: apt-cache rdepends --installed libwebpmux3

  21. Oct 2021
    1. If no explicit epoch is given, the implicit epoch is 0.

      That is a very bad decision for pep-440 - when no epoch specified, it should have implied the latest!

  22. Sep 2021
    1. [1]

      At least in my environment, when I tried to run this I got an "IndexError: list index out of range". Removing the list splicing solved the problem for me (producing the figures below).

      data = Brain_Data(layout.get(subject=sub, task='localizer', scope='derivatives', suffix='bold', extension='nii.gz', return_type='file')[1]) --> data = Brain_Data(layout.get(subject=sub, task='localizer', scope='derivatives', suffix='bold', extension='nii.gz', return_type='file'))

    1. Hypothesis should highlight this as one of its killer features: private "replies". More permanent than a draft.

      (Unfortunately, a bug in the Hypothesis server means that this page is a 404 even for me—the person who wrote the reply, trying to view it while logged in...)

    1. Users think every Webpack tool/config problem is a problem with a specific package and opens an issue asking for support on the package instead of Webpack. In the past year alone, I’ve had to deal with hundreds of Webpack issues on my repos.
    1. while (Tokenizer.isLetter(glider.tip))

      Both module names and procedures are allowed to have non-leading digits.

    2. bites

      bites? bytes

    3. value

      This should also be a null check, instead of falsy, else we can't read a hex-encoded NUL byte.

    4. readHex

      Tokenizer.readHex expects a 32-bit hex literal padded to 8 chars.

    5. 0xFFFF000

      Should be 0xFFFF0000.

    6. this._scanner = null;

      Unused; this should be _glider.

    7. "Hello"

      From https://hypothes.is/a/Drc_4AtsEey4b3PQ82E8hQ:

      The indentation here is supposed to be a tab, to match the output of ORTool. Same for the strings section.

    8. Texts 0B9E9984

      The indentation here is supposed to be a tab, to match the output of ORTool. Same for the strings section.

    1. there's no light

      I'm preparing to write something that I am sure will change the face of "who we are."  That's what it's designed for, and it's something I've put off because of the fear that it will literally make me disappear from some parts of "Creation" (as, that means everything) ... I want to change how this world thinks and deals with "freedom of body and mind" and I want us to have a secure belief that the memories and the soul of a person ccannot be sold ever, that you don't have any right to "sharing my life" and that I have the right to share whatever I want with you--and clearly understand that our "i" has changed at "freedom" and I want us all to be able to do these things--these things that I know take ancient souls and thousands of years of memory and renew them with happiness.  

      I can't havve a universe or a world that allows some authority to keep you from your own souls and your own memories, and frankly from being able to see anything that anyone wants to share.  At the heart of "freedom of speech" and the ability to see that I am trying to show you what "the J memory" actually means--and the Universe needs to see that it does something bettter than "the embarrassing sum of my memories" or perhaps even worse than that the selected lies and disruption of something that I don't know--haven't experienced--and hasnt affected who and what I am or the words that I know connect Creation and this message to proof and Acts.

      Literally I stand here seeing the "hidden use of a memory manager" connect those three letters to who and what I really am--to what I belief is my past and present and my working memory--and I know it has holes in it, and I know it has significant assisted outside information added and I see it's literally encoded in "firefly pattern of J" and the phylum and kingdum "Photinus Pyralis."  It's another artifact of a nameserver that sees everything in the world at this singular most important moment in the history of conscouus evolution and has named these things so that we will see just how important it is. 

      I'm not really asking, I'm telling you.  These are words that used to be encoded in the state of South Carolina when salvation came from "Exit to Eden" and in "Are you for SCUBA" and in Aruba's on Commercial Blvd just outsoude the McNamara plague; so I'm telling you our souls are not for sale, they are not property, and shared memories are revokable. Period. 

      [ a cheaper collector's item, still in color ]

      I'm trying to help us see how these technologies can and have been abused--and how it's central to this story and this place that we build a "subconscious voting system" that actually votes based on "what you really want" rather than some kind of predefined pyramidal "I'm voting with Dr. Dre" or sacking the Blitzkrieg.  We have the ability to do either thing; and we have the ability to see how swarm and hive behavior is literally encoded in our countries foundational structure--how voting against party lines is not just a priviledge it's a demand when the "party is wrong" and believe me, the party is always wrong if you are autovoting.  It's foundational to what "democratic process" means, and we live in a world that has somehow been gamed into gaming itself out of "free speech" and "free press" and that's a sicknesss that needs to be remedied for all time. 

      I want to write about all the "good things we can add" and how that J means "adding wikipedia like auto understanding" and adding "functionally related memories and beliefs" specifically ... "for that J memory" as a foundational paradigm shift in "what's possible" here in this place where we refuse to acknowledge gthat this message tells us we are ignoring significant benefit to Nassau from Sawtelle to "listen to the last obligotatory lessage."

      I want to Ramble On about how there is a defunct series of beliefs here in this place that show that our souls are currently frought with "tautologocial fallacy" and we have the ability to "autocorrect" things like that--things that are the source of racism and jingoism and believing that you are somehow "correct" to stare at this world and think that freedom only belongs to "some kind of animal of higher evolution" -- we stare at a message about malarkey and malady and if you don't see it today, you will soon understand how this place defines the solid line between "sanity and goodness" and dead.

      Memories or lies that are dead and gone, or maybe more.  I cannot fathom how we do not understand the direness of the "straights" you stare at, how we cannot see the danger we have imposed on ourselves and the future by ignoring this place, and I will nto stand for it continuing. 

      Every word you read, every phrase and every picture could be; should be connectedt to a series of memories, facts, ideas, and those things should be clearly delineated--thats the purpose of this "beginning of a message that is the end of mess and start of sages."

      i dont know why this is missing, but its definately "the original" and we definately are missing quite a bit of the words on this page.

  23. Jul 2021
    1. Simply select some text on this page and make a comment!

      Nope, doesn't work:

      Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://assets.annotateit.org/annotator/v1.2.10/annotator-full.min.js”. annotatorjs.org:242:1

      (assets.annotateit.org is unreachable, and the annotateit.org landing page contains a farewell message "July 14, 2019. The service has now been fully shut down.")

      It would be nice if these were still functional, for historical reasons.

  24. Jun 2021
    1. [[flancian]] asked if I was noting today. I guess this answer's that question lol

      Oh, just realized we have a small issue -- we might leave comments in /journals that don't show up in the page for the day. Hmm.

    1. As you can see Rails already adds error messages from associated models and doing it wrongly: Merging together errors from different models under same has_many association. :"employments.company"=>["can't be blank"] And this is wrong.
  25. May 2021
    1. About Us AboutSponsorsDonateTeamJobsPartnersPressIn Action EventsEducationJournalismPublishingResearchDemosI AnnotateAAKBlogDevelopersHelpPaste a LinkLog In

      Login: I have to keep logging on again on Brave

    1. FLEV this residue"

      I tested this function in Coot 0.9.5 Linux, but never succeeded!!!

  26. Apr 2021
    1. This is definitely not the place to report bugs related to sass, rails, or sprockets. Each project has it's own issue tracker (not on SO)
    1. Publicly display the number of users and posts on your About page.

      What is this referring to? Can't tell without diving into the source.

    1. localhost:8080/derp/
    2. shortcodes

      Link to docs on this.

    3. Dates are shown

      Inconsistency here between "Dates are shown" and "No dates shown" (and "Latest posts listed first", for that matter).

    4. Only you may read this blog (while you're logged in).

      Change the "mood" (?) here for unselected options so that it's quasi-subjunctive(?) so we'd say e.g. "Only you will be able to read this blog [...]". (Should probably also eliminate ambiguity about "while you're logged in qualifier".)

    1. herp

      This links me to /derp, which returns a 404 ("This page is missing. Are you sure it was ever here?")

    1. view post

      When dark mode is enabled, both this link and the "now" link appear as blue-on-black, which is too hard to read.

    1. @2:00+ Subscribe widget not shown on index pages. Should be replaced with an inline deep link that addresses the widget on the actual post (shown in the video immediately afterward) by a fragment identifier.

    1. Take inspiration from the mailto URI scheme here; ideally, we should be able to re-use almost exactly the same style of URL construction.

    1. Try it

      This "link" (and the "Make default editor" button) are "broken" (presumably because I don't have a pro account, but there is no clear call-to-action here).

    1. can you remove the not a bug label considering that PaperTrail is creating this empty versions even when :updated_at is an ignored attribute?
  27. Mar 2021
    1. Now, if you also want deskopen to pass through any command-line parameters, you can instead use this slightly-modified version: #!/bin/sh desktop_file=$1 shift `grep '^Exec' "${desktop_file}" | sed 's/^Exec=//' | sed 's/%.//'` "$@" &
    1. A solution is almost indicated in the question: hinder xdg-open from choosing exo-open. A brute-force approach is to copy /usr/bin/xdg-open to /usr/local/bin (/usr/local/bin is earlier in PATH unless PATH has been modified) and to patch it to use open_generic instead of exo_open (unlike the XFCE4-specific exo-open, open_generic does honor xdg mime types)
    1. Drag and drop

      Unfortunately, the drag-and-drop event handler overrides the ability to drag-and-drop a URL into the text input.

    1. Run `dpkg-reconfigure minissdpd` and change your listerning interface. It's not possible to force you to change your config during upgrading.

      Reduce excess minissdpd logs by reconfiguring its debian package.

  28. Feb 2021
    1. control shift p

      Need to rebind the shortcuts due to Firefox binding [Ctrl+Shift+P] to Private Browsing (and not comment-preview).

    1. to Hypothes.is devs: would it be possible to set the document-id of this "profile" web-page to the respective user it belongs to?

      The purpose is to allow user-specific annotations on this page to extend the form-fields present there.

    1. if you’re running the Hypothesis extension

      What about when you run the unofficial Hypothesis extension e.g. for Firefox?

    2. How about the opposite? Annotate a tweet?? Currently it does not seem to work :-(

    1. I still cannot install it on SID (Winter 2021):

      $ sudo apt install wine32
      Reading package lists... Done
      Building dependency tree... Done
      Reading state information... Done
      Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
      requested an impossible situation or if you are using