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  1. Sep 2022
    1. The problem is that if one player finds a way to undermine orcircumvent the rules and gets away with it then the others have no choicebut to follow. If they don’t they’ll lose out.

      !- for : race to the bottom !- for : conformity bias - spiraling destructive entrainment



  2. Jun 2022
    1. It is now impossible for the world’s leaders to say that they “didn’t know” that this was going on, and that we didn’t have the power to prevent it all along. We scientists have been working hard, collecting evidence, writing reports, and presenting it all to the world’s leaders and the broader public. No one can honestly say that we haven’t been warning the world for decades.

      And therein lies the great mystery. How is it that with this specific way of knowing, we can still ignore the overwhelming science? It's not just a small minority either, but the majority of the elites. As research from Yale and other leading research institutions on climate communications have discovered, it is not so much a knowledge deficit problem, as it is a sociological / pyschological ingroup/outgroup conformity bias problem.

      This would suggest that the scientific community must rapidly pivot and place more resources on studying this important area to find the leverage points for penetrating conformity bias.

    1. but suppressed through a series of abandonments made in a vain effort to conform with societal expectations.

      Our propensity for conformity bias is extremely powerful....the same thing is destroying political discourse. However, an antidote to conformity bias is awe:


    1. not all of us are going to have super 00:37:28 high need for self-expression you know most of us are probably like me i'm more of a people pleaser than i would even want to be

      conformity and self-expression are not mutually exclusive. We can have qualities of both. We are a self who was taught since before birth to be interpersonal. Hence we are human INTERbeings from before birth. Conformity and individuality coexist.

    2. if you accept that this is pretty widespread and we we can talk about all the evidence for that the question is then why like how why are we so susceptible to being spectacularly wrong about the 00:04:13 group and then end up like making something true that never was true and it's really like two underlying mechanisms right so the first is this conformity bias which that's not very novel like we know we've known for a 00:04:25 long time that is a species humans are a conforming species

      Two mechanisms behind collective illusions. The first is conformity bias.

    3. i talked to todd rose about this notion of collective 00:00:51 illusions you know humans are a tribal species prone to conformity and in a lot of instances we act according to what our in-group wants rather than what we want as individuals ironically todd's research shows that we make poor 00:01:04 inferences about the majority consensus and that failing to recognize collective illusions can have negative consequences on our identities relationships values and society to avoid falling into conformity traps todd encourages us to 00:01:17 live congruent private and public lives that adhere to our personal convictions

      This impacts the whole Stop Reset Go transformation matrix: Individual Inner Transformation Individual Outer Transformation Collective Inner Transformation Collective Outer Transformation

      According to researcher Todd Rose, author of the book Collective Illusions, conformity traps occurs when we succumb to collective illusions and create a gap between our private and public lives.

  3. Nov 2021
    1. The liberal philosopher John Stuart Mill, writing at about the same time as Hawthorne, made a similar argument. Much of his most famous book, On Liberty, is dedicated not to governmental restraints on human liberty but to the threat posed by social conformism, by “the demand that all other people shall resemble ourselves.”
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  11. Sep 2018
    1. “A bloke threatened to punch me in Edinburgh last year. He said, ‘I bought my girlfriend and her best friend tickets to your show. She came back and dumped me and said, ‘Ask Sloss’, so what the f***?’”

      Breaking away from what is expected of us can be painful and almost dangerous. Rhetoric against the norm can cause others to get mad at you in addition to the ordinary problems it will cause.

  12. Nov 2017
    1. I sought to shut down a startup culture at the school that was resulting in sites built with decidedly unregulated palettes and proportions.