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    1. which have recently become umbrella terms referring to any piece of quickly-consumed comedic or relatable content
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    1. 百度知道 @汉子软软的头发 2018-10-25 09:31


  8. Apr 2020
    1. 小姐姐 小哥哥的称呼(可能在旁人眼里)属于 退行 的范畴吧。 使用者……可能是出于对 meme模仿

      又有一句:“妈妈,我OO(上电视了)” 只是喜欢模仿,而不是真的装嫩?嗲?


  9. Jul 2019
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    1. Besides, the Anthropocene has already become another‘Anthropomeme’ (Macfarlane, 2016), spawning an array of derivativeterms, such as ‘Capitalocene’ (Moore, 2015), ‘Anthrop-obscene’(Parikka, 2015b), but also: ‘Plasticene’, ‘Plantationocene’ (Tsing, 2015),‘Mis-anthropocene’ and ‘Chthulucene’ (Haraway, 2015).

      "Anthrop-obscene" is without a doubt the best "Antrhopomeme"

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    1. Who do children identify with? Superman? Spiderman? Ironman? Barbie? Gandhi?


    2. during the week we had students reading my blog, seeing their snow hat from last winter being commented on by people all around the world and retweeted by Rihanna (a robot - I kept that quiet not to spoil the effect) on Twitter.

      Modeling reflective practice.

      Narrative connected

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    1. Let me be very clear: I do not care what the “top highlight” is. In fact, I actively do not want to know what the top highlight is. That kind of information encourages the meme-ification of the web, a world where we care more about pushing one sentence over the “tipping point” into virality than in carrying on a global conversation. It’s American Idol for pull quotes.
  17. Oct 2013
    1. For without knowing the names of any of the faults, they will, from being accustomed to correct speech, lay hold upon whatever is faulty in the speech of any one they listen to, and avoid it; just as city-bred men, even when illiterate, seize upon the faults of rustics.

      hear no evil see no evil