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    1. [condition] ? [code to be run if condition is true] : [code to be run if condition is false];

      Short IF

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    1. If humans, some humans, start making bad decisions and start destroying the institutions that kept the peace, then we will be back in the era of war with budgets, military budgets going to 20, 30, 40 percent. It can happen. It's in our hands.

      An economic diversion of this scale would make it far more likely that humanity will not be able to prevent, but indeed accelerate planetary tipping points! Hence the urgency of this crisis for the climate movement. This implies that the climate movement and the antiwar movement must now synchronize resources and form a coherent, unified strategy

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    1. use similar words but lead to very different priorities and actions

      From Barack Obama's Dreams From My Father:

      With our eyes closed, we muttered the same words, but in our hearts we each prayed to our own masters

  5. Apr 2021
    1. n Rebecca Elinich

      The content of Elinich’s course on VR through UE and Unity is available on OER Commons.

      What if UE4 and Unity assets were made available as OER?



  6. Mar 2021
    1. This version will only be compatible with 2020.2 and 2021.1. Starting from 2021.2, new features will strictly be available from the core product, and won’t be supported by the packages.

      在2021.1.0b8里面已经没有UI菜单了。而是在Windows菜单里多了UI Toolkit项目。

  7. Feb 2021
    1. Considering Canonical has pulled resources from this project, the path for continued third-party development of Unity will not be easy. It is my hope that they are successful and can become another shining example of the power of forking, like the MATE project.
  8. Jan 2021
    1. Unity ML agents is a way for you to turn a video game into a Reinforcement Learning environment.

      Unity ML agents is a great way to practice RNN

  9. Dec 2020
    1. For the time being, if you need 3D UI for your project, our recommendation is to use UGUI, which we're making sure will work well alongside UI Toolkit.

      3D UI 还是建议 UGUI,可以跟UI Toolkit一起使用。

    2. We're still committed at maintaining that technology as long as necessary for users to transition to UI Toolkit.

      从Unity UI 转到 UI Toolkit

    1. Romans did a much more thorough job assimilating the peoples they conquered. Non-Romans could and did become citizens, even from very early times.
    2. Many non-Greeks adopted Gteek lifestyles, language and habits after the age of Alexander, but the cross-pollination was more frequently cultural than political.

      More of a focus on IDENTIFYING as greek, as opposed to being TOLD that you are now roman, etc.

      more of a colonization concept than assimilation

    3. dominating its neighbors and then assimilating them into its institutions
    4. Rome, on the other hand, maintained a far more continuous tradition of governance with far fewer interruptions.
    5. Greece was a very contentious place;
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    1. I term all transcendental ideas, in so far as they relate to the absolute totality in the synthesis of phenomena, cosmical conceptions; partly on account of this unconditioned totality, on which the conception of the world-whole is based—a conception, which is itself an idea—partly because they relate solely to the synthesis of phenomena—the empirical synthesis; while, on the other hand, the absolute totality in the synthesis of the conditions of all possible things gives rise to an ideal of pure reason, which is quite distinct from the cosmical conception, although it stands in relation with it. Hence, as the paralogisms of pure reason laid the foundation for a dialectical psychology, the antinomy of pure reason will present us with the transcendental principles of a pretended pure (rational) cosmology—not, however, to declare it valid and to appropriate it, but—as the very term of a conflict of reason sufficiently indicates, to present it as an idea which cannot be reconciled with phenomena and experience.
    1. 'Then, thou must on similar grounds admit that unity and goodness are the same; for when the effects of things in their natural working differ not, their essence is one and the same.'

      One and Good are the same

    1. Oportet igitur idem esse unum atque bonum simili ratione concedas; eadem namque substantia est eorum quorum naturaliter non est diuersus effectus.

      Identity of Good and One, see also Plotinus

    1. Hanc autem pluralitatem consequitur ratio diversitatis, secundum quod manet in ea suae causae virtus, scilicet oppositionis entis et non entis. Ideo enim unum plurium diversum dicitur alteri comparatum, quia non est illud.

      Plurality is the cause of diversity. But the first plurality is the division between Being and nonBeing. Plurality is thus based on nonBeing.

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    1. so "being " is used in various senses, but always with reference to one principle. For some things are said to "be" because they are substances; others because they are modifications of substance; others because they are a process towards substance, or destructions or privations or qualities of substance, or productive or generative of substance or of terms relating to substance, or negations of certain of these terms or of substance. (Hence we even say that not-being is not-being.)

      Being is always one. Multiplicity is always to be reduced to unity.

  16. Dec 2018
    1. Iam ergo ostensum est quare factae sunt formae intellectibiles multae, et non est esse nisi unum, simplex, et quare factae sunt multae animae, quarum quaedam sunt fortiores aliis quibusdam, et esse earum est unum, simplex, in quo non est diversitas.

      Multiplicity of things and unity of Being

    2. Prima rerum creatarum est esse et non est ante ipsum creatum aliud.

      Being is the first created thing.

    1. And if the unlike cannot be like, or the like unlike, then according to you, being could not be many; for this would involve an impossibility.

      Being cannot be many

    2. What is your meaning, Zeno? Do you maintain that if being is many, it must be both like and unlike, and that this is impossible, for neither can the like be unlike, nor the unlike like--is that your position?

      one and multiple

  17. Nov 2018
    1. 3:31 — Particle Systems: withChildren parameter and other things

      7:14 — Array-returing APIs (e.g. Mesh.vertices, Input.touches, GetComponents, RaycastAll)

      9:07 — Camera.main [part 1]

      9:32 — Choosing between collections (list, dictionary, hash-set)

      15:43 — Use Instance ID as key for dictionaries

      18:38 — Method inlining

      23:29 — Unity UI

      25:59 — Notable exception from Unity UI dirtying

      28:00 — Slice up your Canvases! (and nest them)

      30:48 — Disabling Pixel Perfect for scrolling UI

      31:31 — Optimizing Scroll Rect in particular

      32:24 — Disabling unneeded UI raycasting

      33:58 — Not leaving Event Camera property blank

      37:31 — Camera.main [part 2]

      39:05 — Optiziming Layout (even when not using them!)

      45:55 — Pooling UI in correct order

      46:47 — Hiding Canvases correctly

      48:03 — Not using Animators on UI (unless always changing already)

    2. 2:19 — string.Equals()

      11:41 — Disabling NullCheck for individual method(s)

      13:16 — Transforms and scene hierarchies

      23:38 — Disabling Physics.SyncTransforms

      25:54 — Audio

      32:48 — Preferring legacy Animation over Animator/Mecanim

      37:50 — Animator Layers

      39:12 — Preferring Generic rig over Humanoid rig

      41:23 — Pooling Animators using keepControllerStateOnDisable

    1. I see a professional teacher and engaged students rather than the tech driving the class forward.

      This is a great observation by Alice in Pa, which embodies how I want technology to function in my classroom.

  18. Nov 2017
    1. Ubuntu phones and laptops never became popular with hardware makers, carriers, or consumers, and software development seemed to be slowing down. While Unity 8 was shipping on phones and tablets, it has never been stable enough to become the default on the desktop, which uses Unity 7. Canonical's work on creating a new desktop display server, Mir, has also been slow.

      primary factors.

  19. Sep 2017
    1. Large computer networks (and their associated users) may “wake up” as superhumanly intelligent entities.

      The author refers to both the computer network and its user when he refers to them "waking up." This may be a prediction of a soon to be symbiotic relation to us and technology. We are already using technology to mange our social life, our infrastructure, and even our health with pacemaker. We are already living in a world where we are inseparable from technology, but will we one day be completely be inseparable?

  20. Dec 2016
    1. the great powers in this world will become far more like each other out of necessity. Their opposition to one another will become increasingly theoretical and less meaningful in reality, and they will find that they need each other a great deal. They are like a husband and wife who cannot leave each other and must learn to get along because they love each other. Russians love you; you love the Russians. But when you love someone and you do not communicate, you harbor hard feelings and you become estranged. Along with this, the developing nations in your world will have increasing power in the years to come, and this will complete the requirement for a global community.
    2. new world order
  21. Sep 2016
    1. And these changes have been welcomed, even though there are still opponents to these policies.  But still, many people on both sides of this debate have asked:  Why now?  Why now?

      Obama used "common ground" to bring together all the oppositions that he may face when discussing the policies. By bringing in something that everyone has been thinking despite the differences they feel, Obama is able to create unity.

  22. Jan 2016
  23. christmind.info christmind.info
    1. It is only the experience of Integrity, which you have when you are Knowing, that will promote the willing release of any desire to shift back to ignorance, to shift back to fear. You see, just because something is familiar does not mean it is actually desirable. It may feel comfortable, but it does not feel fulfilling, because it does not embrace fulfillment. It is not an experience of congruence or unity. That which is familiar does not provide peace—the Peace of your Being. And when you are feeling the Peace of your Being, as you are right now, it is obvious to you that the familiar does not include this experience.
    1. Again I am going to reiterate: Avoid thinking! If you want to have the stimulation of insight, don’t think. Listen! And listen to me. Then the amplifications which you expect to arrive at through thinking, but will not, will be present in the nature of the dialogue, the connection. Then the specifics that you would hope to arrive at through thinking will come as Knowing, and further substantiate the shift of weight of emphasis of attention to you, and thus disengage you further from the distorted self-perception that you have thought was really you. Again: If you want to understand, don’t think. Listen. Dialogue. Actively speak with me. Actively be with me. This is another way of saying, actively let me in, because to the degree that you let me in, you let yourself into your right Mind, and your full Sanity, and your full embrace of what is Really going on—Reality, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Movement of Creation, the experience of unity, integrity.

      "Don't think, communicate with inner guidance,LISTEN, in this way Real Knowing can occur as it cannot come from the thinking mind.

    1. Our relationship is a unity, and our conversation, our experience of each other, is communion. That is taking things further than you can grasp at the moment. For the time being, the key point is that our conversations demonstrate for you the fact that you are with me from my point of view, which means from the Father’s point of view, rather than my being with you from your level of perception. I have not come to where you are in belief. I am speaking to you where we are in Reality. Therefore, again, our communication is a demonstration of the Fact of where you Are.

      The conversations prove to Paul that he is actually in 4d.

  24. Feb 2015