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  1. Oct 2023
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    1. Número de passos, minutos de exercício, quanto tempo em sono profundo, quanto tempo em REM, as músicas em rankings de mais ouvidas do ano, os livros que terminamos devidamente avaliados com estrelas, e todo a vertigem de imagens, lugares, rostos, encontros. Somos a mais completa pesquisa científica de nós mesmos.

      Interessante isso. Será que precisamos de algo como esqueça os rankings na linha de esqueça os mestres?

  3. Aug 2023
  4. carolbensimon.substack.com carolbensimon.substack.com
    1. Em duas gerações, tudo vira do avesso.

      "Uma frase muda o fim do filme."

    2. “ninguém é de Roma. Todos vêm de algum outro lugar. Roma é o lar dos que estão de passagem, dos que não pertencem a nenhum lugar, que são incompletos

      reminds me of sampa

  5. Jul 2023
    1. "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission."

      "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission."

  6. May 2023
    1. ake sure you are mentoring someone, always. Make sure you’re always mentoring others. And I have found that mentoring others gives me new perspectives on things. Because I may be telling them things, but I’m learning a lot while I’m telling them.


  7. Apr 2023
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  10. Nov 2022
  11. Sep 2022
    1. It’s the oxygen mask metaphor. Before you put on the oxygen mask of other people, you have to put it on yourself. So self-care first.
  12. Jul 2022
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  14. Apr 2022
    1. Benefits:

      5 weeks flexible time off (vacation and sick time)
      10 paid holidays
      10% Growth Time each week
      Up to 14 weeks parental leave (8 weeks at 100% of salary)
      1 week of conference attendance (and up to $3,000 of expense)
      ESOP Employee stock ownership program - Test Double is 100% employee owned
      New computer hardware purchase every 3 years
      Co-working space reimbursement (1/2 rent up to $500 monthly)
      2 week Sabbatical leave after 5th year
      2 company-wide retreat experiences each year
      Health, Dental & Vision Insurance (we pay 100% of premiums for agents and their families)
      Short and Long Term Disability
      Retirement contribution match up to 3% of salary
      Life Insurance
      AD&D (Canadian-base Agents Only)
  15. Mar 2022
    1. When you have a team that is accustomed to talking through problems and explaining things out loud, it shortens the process.

  16. Feb 2022
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  18. Dec 2021
    1. Experience is a great teacher, but it is expensive pain to learn.

    1. We’ve spent a lot of times telling our developers, go faster, go faster. And then turning to our operators and say, keep it stable. And I’ve been that operator. I know the best way to keep the system stable is to not change it. But that’s not good for our customers.

      That is a very good quote!

  19. Oct 2021
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  21. Aug 2021
    1. On the technical front, the number of components affected is much smaller; on the business front, it's usually a much easier conversation to persuade the team to roll back one small feature than twenty big features

    1. This essay has some good points. I still like Clean Code and SOLID things for OO code. As usual we need to think about all of this and not only following advices/practices without context

  22. Jul 2021
  23. Jun 2021
    1. Now stop imagining, and make it happen. You have that ability.

      Now stop imagining, and make it happen. You have that ability. Now stop imagining, and make it happen. You have that ability.

  24. May 2021
    1. Destaques: impacto do ciencia sem fronteiras na vida das pessoas (especialmente de origem humilde). a epoca o programa foi chamado de 'turismo' por pessoas má-intencionadas

      nossa sindrome de vira lata - sinto um pouco disso tambem trabalhando com pessoas de fora.

      pessoas criticando / invejando - triste isso

  25. Apr 2021
    1. It is, however, very important that an Engineering Manager is clear with their employees about expectations and direction.


  26. Feb 2021
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  28. Dec 2020
    1. Infelizmente, nós, Que queríamos preparar o caminho para a amizade, Não pudemos ser, nós mesmos, bons amigos.

  29. Nov 2020
    1. Programmer

      I am very proud of calling myself Programmer. Actualy, this is what I fill in forms that asks my profession. I think names like "SW engineers", "System analyst" do not represent what I do in good words.

      When I am try to selling myself (ie. resume) I usually focus on the value that I produced instead of tech stack.

  30. Oct 2020
    1. oncall

    2. Even without being paged, being on call creates anxiety – I know from personal experience that it is very disruptive to sleep, even if nothing actually breaks

      I have this feeling when I am on call

    1. 24x7 oncall

    2. Depending on your stage and available resources, consider compensating for it. This doesn’t have to be cash, it could be a Friday off the week after every on call rotation.

      That's really weird for me. On call hours/duty must be paid!