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    1. voxel-based morphometry

      As a paper that cites 'voxel-based morphometry' as a technique, it is a candidate for the Monthly Morphometry Report. Identified in auto-search 7/11/15.

    2. MMR Summary:

      See also: https://www.nitrc.org/plugins/mwiki/index.php/mmr:26148135

      Diagnostic Groups: PSP, PD & CTL

      Methods: VBM, fMRI (force production paradigm)


      fmri 1) We found that PSP and PD share reduced functional activity of the basal ganglia and cortical motor areas, but this is more pronounced in PSP than in PD.

      fmri 2) In PSP the frontal regions are underactive

      fmri 3) [In PSP] the posterior parietal and occipital regions are overactive as compared with controls and PD

      fmri 4) lobules I through IV, V, and VI of the cerebellum are hypoactive in PSP and PD

      fmri 5) Crus I and lobule IX are hyperactive in PSP only

      vbm 1) Reductions in gray and white matter volume are specific to PSP

      clinical 1) status of the caudate as well as the volume of the superior frontal gyrus predict clinical gait and posture measures in PSP

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