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    1. A person who puts forward an argumentation anticipates criticism, and bychoosing a particular type of argumentation, using the one argumentationscheme rather than the other, he implies that he thinks he knows which routewill lead to the justification of his standpoint. At any rate, whether he reallythinks this or not, if he is to be taken seriously by the other party, he may beheld to be committed to deal with the critical questions which pertain to ajustification via the argumentation scheme that is inherent in his argumentation.In relying on a certain argumentation scheme, the arguer invokes a particular testing method in a dialectical procedure, in which certain criticalreactions are relevant, and others not. Each argumentation scheme calls, as itwere, for its own set of critical reactions. In conjunction with each other,these reactions constitute a well-rounded test for checking the soundness of anargumentation of the type concerned. (p. 98)This way of describing argumentation schemes suggests that they are normativelybinding, in the following sense. If the hearer accepts the premises of the speaker'sargument, and the argument is an instance of a genuine and appropriate argumentation scheme (for the type of dialogue they are engaged in), then the hearer mustor should (in some binding way) accept the conclusion. This does not appear to be"validity" in the same sense in which the word is familiarly used in deductive (orperhaps even inductive) logic. But it does appear to express a normative or broadlylogical sense of validity, bindingness, conditional acceptability, or whatever youwant to call it
      • Initial Speaker has goal in mind thus presents reasoning that invites particular types of attention
      • This includes Supportive and Critical attention
      • The reasoning is normative in that it conformism to the shared communicative standards. Not definitive logical ones.
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    1. “Believe this statement and repeat it to everyone you hear or else you will be eternally tortured”.

      Wow it really is that simple isin't it /s

    2. Multipolar traps – races to the bottom – threaten to destroy all human values.

      Okay this makes sense. Multi Polar Traps are the Devil. We require activation energy, agency, free energy, to get to the next meta. But where is this energy supposed to come from. It has to be held up by a dam then wielded somehow, sometimes a flood will wipe out everything like in Dune or Star Wars other times it can be wielded for greatness like with somethine like Constantanople

    1. In terms of the companies mission statement or goals, I was not able to find much. On the main page, underneath "Welcome to Harwood Chiropractic Centre" , It mentions being dedicated to having the latest chiropractic tools and treatments. And to create a friendly and professional atmosphere for your chiropractic needs. I think this is a bad mission statement because it does not include massage at all and massage is in the name of their business. I also do not think it conveys their company goals and mission very well.

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    1. The deferred call's arguments are evaluated immediately, but the function call is not executed until the surrounding function returns.


      ``` func main() { defer fmt.Println(time.Now()) time.Sleep(time.Second * 2) fmt.Println(time.Now()) }


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    1. Our First Nations people came together in 2017 to look for a path forward in shaping their place in Australian society. They issued the Uluru Statement from the Heart, an invitation to the Australian people to enshrine their Voice in our Constitution and to establish a Makarrata Commission for treaties between First Nations peoples and the Government of Australia, and the truth telling about our history.
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    1. Central germline testing confirmed that 388 of the 391 patients had a BRCA1/2 mutation, 1 had a BRCA variant of uncertain significance, and 2 had wild-type BRCA. Testing at Foundation Medicine showed that the 2 patients with wild-type BRCA on central germline testing had somatic BRCA mutations

      BRCA testing

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    1. The advantage of usinga jump table over a long sequence of if-else statements is that the time taken toperform the switch is independent of the number of switch cases.

      jump table 对比 if-else 的优势是什么?

  11. Nov 2021
    1. who is included in participatory initia-tives, who defines the meaning of public issues, bywhat procedures, and in what place is as important asever, particularly because citizen participation is notnecessarily inclusive, egalitarian, or progressive

      They recognize the issues with Arnstein's planning approach.



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    1. The Last Crusidual. (2021, February 2). @SciBeh @MichaelPaulEdw1 @ToddHorowitz3 @richarddmorey you can’t have any form of evidence. If you concider any form of evidence, than what is talked about than isn’t anymore what the falacy sais. [Tweet]. @islaut1. https://twitter.com/islaut1/status/1356529266519924736

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    1. At Wehrlegig Games our objective is simple: publish beautiful games with historical themes that treat their subjects and their players seriously.
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    1. Our mission is to allow people to make money via educational efforts and to dedicate the rest of their time to creating great open source products.

      What does this mean exactly? "Our mission is to allow people to make money via educational efforts"

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    1. Our challenge is to make sure we can identify uniquely products from one platform to another so that information regarding this product flow without friction.
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    1. had to help himself with a chair when he went to bed at night

      What was the plan that wouldn't require this? And why think of raising the bed in the first place if he is that old, if you're thinking logically, if you were that old and had trouble getting into bed already it would seem stupid to raise the bed even more.

  28. Oct 2017
    1. Assignment statements provide a way to associate a name with a value

      Variable = Expression

      An Expression is evaluated and the it's value (reference to an object) is assigned to a Variable

  29. Sep 2017
    1. These results convincingly demon-strate that pollen tube guidance by an ovule requires a func-tional female gametophyte, and excludes the model presentedin Fig. 1B
  30. Nov 2016
    1. A successful classroom filled with learners is also a classroom that thrives off of my engaged and self-differentiating style of teaching.  I believe that students learn best when they have bought into the material themselves, and see the worth and value in their learning.  This can happen by creating units that are interactive, kinesthetic, and engaging that ultimately allow students a deeper and more interesting connection to the material that then becomes an honest connection between the student and the material being engaged with rather than a forced relationship that breeds resentment between student and material.  Curriculum with engaged learners can self-differentiate as well, allowing students of high and low levels to reach their maximum potential learning goals all while allowing students to still participate in class activities, thus maintaining the essential value of a classroom community that thrives off of the knowledge of the whole.  
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    1. it reveals simple underlying structures in com-plex data sets using analytical solutions from linear algebra
    2. by a simple algorithm
    3. The covariance measures the degree of the linear relationshipbetween two variables
    4. Maximizing the variance (and by assumption the SNR)corresponds to finding the appropriate rotation of the naivebasis

      PCA relates to rotation.

    5. he dynamics of interest existalong directions with largest variance and presumably high-est SNR
    6. Thus our original basis reflects the methodwe measured our data
  33. May 2016
    1. including the use of passwords to gain access to your personal information.

      Why is this noteworthy?

    2. If Turnitin is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, you will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on our website, of any change in ownership, uses of your personal information, and choices you may have regarding your personal information.

      A. merger voids any privacy pledges. The new owner has no requirement to follow these policys.

      B. The information is kept for an extended period of time. Once a teacher leaves a school district, their email will be invalid. It's a vacuous promise to say that they'll be contacted.

    3. we make it available on our homepage and at every point where we request your personal information

      Why is this noteworthy?

  34. Mar 2016
    1. Statement of Research Building from empirical specifics of eight case studies from various countries, which will be chosen keeping in mind contextual diversity and institutional maturity, this study will use an analytical framework to address the following questions;RQ1: How do processes of signification, legitimation and domination in ICT-mediated citizen engagement give rise to new governance regimes?RQ2: Under what conditions can ICT mediated citizen engagement support and promote democratic governance?In addition, the study will attempt to develop an index on Transformative Citizen Engagement to evaluate the impact of citizen engagement on democratic governance, testing its efficacy. It will attempt to explain changes to governance systems and develop a layered index (tentatively, Transformative Citizen Engagement Index) that will be tested to evaluate the impact of citizen engagement on democratic governance.

      Ciudad de datos, grafoscopio y el data week están orientados a la pregunta 1:

      RQ1: How do processes of signification, legitimation and domination in ICT- mediated citizen engagement give rise to new governance regimes?

      Mientras que el diálogo entre comunidades de base y gobierno podría ayudar a resolver la pregunta 2:

      RQ2: Under what conditions can ICT mediated citizen engagement support and promote democratic governance?

  35. Feb 2016
    1. The growing demand for electronics, and the increasingly short life spans of these devices, means e-waste isn’t going anywhere


    2. “Children are digging in the ash from the burned plastics,” Puckett said. “They’re breathing in the fumes. Sometimes it happens indoors when they cook the circuit boards – children are breathing all this in.”


      Jim Puckett and BAN are actors in the controversy.

    3. India is second only to China in e-recycling volume, followed by Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin and Liberia, according to the Environmental Science and Technology study, which used 2005 as its reference year.


      Source for claim is: Breivik, Knut, James Michael Armitage, Frank Wania, and Kevin C Jones. “Tracking the Global Generation and Exports of E-Waste. Do Existing Estimates Add Up?” Environmental Science & Technology, June 26, 2014. doi:10.1021/es5021313.

    4. The EPA-led electronics task force has also worked to provide more information on e-waste and assist developing countries that handle U.S. exports.


      EPA and Purchia is an actor in the controversy.

    5. Claim.

      Source for the 23 percent figure is:

      Breivik, Knut, James Michael Armitage, Frank Wania, and Kevin C Jones. “Tracking the Global Generation and Exports of E-Waste. Do Existing Estimates Add Up?” Environmental Science & Technology, June 26, 2014. doi:10.1021/es5021313.

    6. Consumers can make sure their electronic waste is handled properly by bringing old devices to a recycling facility certified under the e-Stewards program. E-Stewards is voluntary, and certifies that facilities are in full compliance with the Basel Convention.


      e-Stewards is an actor in the controversy.

    7. Another Toxics Link study found that take-back policies are not always reliable in India, however. Of 50 brands studied, only seven received a “good” rating based on how easily consumers could find information and drop off old equipment. The remainder ranked from “fair” to “bad.”


      Source for claim: Toxics Link Study.

    8. Legislation with bipartisan support currently in the House and Senate could put in place the same basic policies the EU follows, making the export of hazardous and electronic waste illegal.


      What legislation is being referred to?

      US House and Senate are actors in the controversy.

    9. “All those come at a cost, so the question is whether communities that are asking for that service are willing to pay those costs for those benefits.”


    10. “I think the benefits are that we would have absolute certainty over the environmental impacts and the labor standards that are being enforced, and what’s being done with the material,”


    11. Handling e-waste domestically would mean higher labor costs and tighter regulations on how devices are handled, and extracting valuable materials would cost more than they are actually worth. The price difference would necessitate fees to cover costs, O’Brien said.


      Jeremy O'Brien and the Solid Waste Association of North America are actors in the controversy.

    12. The EPA supports the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal, which would bring to the U.S. the same rules that prohibit exporting e-waste from the EU. But the U.S. has yet to adopt the international treaty, which was negotiated in the late 1980s.


    13. E-waste still makes it out of the EU illegally, but those doing it can be prosecuted, unlike in America, Puckett said. To legally ship from the EU, Puckett said equipment must first be tested and proven functional.


      Jim Puckett is an actor in the controversy.

    14. The soil in both Loni and Mandoli contains high levels of heavy metals and other contaminants. Soil samples from both regions contained lead, with the highest level in Loni coming in at almost 147 times the control sample


    15. They try to repair and recycle the equipment when possible, but many pieces are irreparable.


    16. In Ghana, Puckett said he has seen mostly orphans – anywhere from 12 to 20 years old – working in a slum, burning discarded electronics and releasing toxic fumes into the air.


    17. E-waste is exported largely for the same reason manufacturing jobs have been sent overseas: lower labor costs and fewer regulatory burdens


    18. The EPA, one of the lead agencies on the Interagency Task Force on Electronics Stewardship established by the Obama administration, recognizes the potential benefits of e-recycling and encourages the practice over allowing electronic junk to pile up in landfills.


      EPA and Interagency Task Force on Electronics Stewardship are actors.

    19. Recycling electronics, it’s been argued, could help developing nations transcend the “digital divide,” as well as grow information and communications technologies in places that need to catch up. Even if devices don’t work, some say recycling could provide spare parts and valuable metals like copper.


      Who is being referred to in the phrase "some say"?

    20. But when a person recycles a television, for instance, there's a chance it could end up exported to a country like China, India or Nigeria, where workers at informal recycling operations often use crude, hazardous techniques to extract valuable metals from the equipment and then burn what’s left.


      The reference to "a chance" is interesting. Note the geography here, too.

    21. The average American household owns more than 20 electronic products


      What is the EPA source for claim of "20 electronic products"?

    22. 23 percent

      This is a middle range figure derived from calculations presented in Breivik, Knut, James Michael Armitage, Frank Wania, and Kevin C Jones. “Tracking the Global Generation and Exports of E-Waste. Do Existing Estimates Add Up?” Environmental Science & Technology, June 26, 2014. doi:10.1021/es5021313.

    23. The developed world has in the past exported an estimated 23 percent of its electronic waste to seven developing countries, according to a study published in June by the journal Environmental Science and Technology.


      The authors of the study are actors in the controversy.

      Source is: Breivik, Knut, James Michael Armitage, Frank Wania, and Kevin C Jones. “Tracking the Global Generation and Exports of E-Waste. Do Existing Estimates Add Up?” Environmental Science & Technology, June 26, 2014. doi:10.1021/es5021313.

    24. Some of the disused computers, cellphones, televisions and other products are locally generated, but the developed world – especially the U.S. – is responsible for sending many of the items.

      Note ambiguity here. How much is "some". How many is "many".

    25. A rising mountain of hazardous electronic waste is putting workers in developing countries and the environment at risk.


      Comment: The mountain metaphor is a recurrent one in media portrayals of e-waste. Note its geologic connotations...a certain Anthropocenic image?

  36. Jul 2015
    1. It is clear from the use of ES2 and RMG-II cell lines that the Atlas Antibodies ARID1A antibody is specific for ARID1A in both Western blots and formalin-fixed paraffin embedded preparations of human origin and, coupled with the literature evidence, that it is validated in human tissue.

      Validation statement RRID:AB_1078205 Summary

    2. A No Primary antibody control (NPA) showed no staining in the epithelial or nuclear compartment (Figure 3B; Dataset e).

      Validation statement RRID:AB_1078205 No primary control

    3. There was no cytoplasmic or extracellular stromal background staining present and the antibody titrated successfully losing the intensity of staining, as expected

      Validation statement RRID:AB_1078205 Titration curve

    4. Control slides, omitting the primary antibody, were negative except for the ER2 condition in the RMG-II cell pellet where a weak cytoplasmic background could be seen (Figure 2; Dataset d). Thus there was minimal background inherent in the staining procedure. It was therefore determined that the antibody showed specificity for formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissues and could be run on murine tissue.

      Omission of primary antibody

      Validation statement RRID:AB_1078205

    5. Using Western blot and IHC on murine wild-type and knockout tissue we have demonstrated that this antibody to ARID1A correctly stains murine tissue by immunohistochemistry.

      Validation claim

  37. Oct 2014
    1. the carbon dioxide will persist in the atmosphere for several centuries
    2. during the 20th century the Earth's global average surface temperature rose 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  38. Feb 2014
    1. b. Identify legally relevant facts, t hat is, those facts that tend to prove or disprove an issue before the court. The relevant facts tell what happened before the parties enter ed the judicial system. c. Identify procedurally significant facts. You should set out (1) the cause of action (C/A) (the law the plaintiff claimed was broken), (2) relief the plaintiff requested, (3) defenses, if any, the defendant raised.
    2. Identify the relationship/status of the parties (Note: Do not merely refer to the parties as the plai ntiff/defendant or appellant/appellee; be sure to also include more descr iptive generic terms to identify the relationship/status at issue, e.g., buyer/seller, employer/employee, landlord/tenant, etc.)

      Identify the factual relationship of the parties, not just the procedural relationship.

      Examples of procedural:

      • plaintiff/defendant
      • appellant/appellee

      Examples of factual:

      • buyer/seller
      • employer/employee
      • landlord/tenant
  39. Oct 2013
    1. It follows, then, that the only necessary parts of a speech are the Statement and the Argument. These are the essential features of a speech; and it cannot in any case have more than Introduction, Statement, Argument, and Epilogue.

      Parts of speech

    2. It follows, then, that the only necessary parts of a speech are the Statement and the Argument. These are the essential features of a speech; and it cannot in any case have more than Introduction, Statement, Argument, and Epilogue.