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    1. shinydoc. (2021, December 12). I love how I, an actual GP...who was involved in the initial covid vaccination programme ...has to tune in at 8pm with the public to find out that apparently we are vaccinating the entire adult population with boosters by the end of the year [Tweet]. @irishayesha. https://twitter.com/irishayesha/status/1470123478221303810

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    1. McNamara, L. A., Wiegand, R. E., Burke, R. M., Sharma, A. J., Sheppard, M., Adjemian, J., Ahmad, F. B., Anderson, R. N., Barbour, K. E., Binder, A. M., Dasgupta, S., Dee, D. L., Jones, E. S., Kriss, J. L., Lyons, B. C., McMorrow, M., Payne, D. C., Reses, H. E., Rodgers, L. E., … Schrag, S. J. (2021). Estimating the early impact of the US COVID-19 vaccination programme on COVID-19 cases, emergency department visits, hospital admissions, and deaths among adults aged 65 years and older: An ecological analysis of national surveillance data. The Lancet, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(21)02226-1

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    1. L’homme a besoin d’exister et pour cela il doit pouvoir développer des pratiques que supportent les objets et à travers lesquelles il permet à sa libido de laisser des traces de ce en quoi consiste la – ou sa – singularité. Mais la réduction de toutes pratiques (savoir-faire des producteurs, savoir-vivre des consommateurs) à des usages normalisés par les sociétés de contrôle réduit leurs existences à une pure et simple subsistance. C’est ce que Gilles Châtelet appelait «Vivre et penser comme des porcs7».

      homogénéisation sociale; pensée programmatique sans égard à la subjectivité individuelle

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    1. unexpected consequences

      Generative architecture produces unpredictable events, virtually infinite combinations of space.

      The programme, in all its polysemy, matters: it is biased, it is computed, it is automated, it is human-constructed.

    1. A program is never neutral.
    2. There is a direct correlation between centralization of program andthe presence of the state.

      Centralization, as a concentration of power, cannot be dismissed as a-political; any program involving power is political, a fortiori for the case of centralization.

      Megastructures, however neutral they may seem, are de-facto political, let them be a city skyscraper or a private online platform.

    3. A program relies on repetition and habit; it canbe written down and be prescriptive.
    4. The firstthing an architect needs to do is to dismantlethat program and redirect it.
    5. What struck me early on was that most architects are unbelievably passivetowards programs. They accept them in a completely uncritical way, dress themup with forms, and thereby miss major opportunities.
    6. Most interesting, however, is to design newconditions for living, whether urban or otherwise.
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  16. www.c3l.uni-oldenburg.de www.c3l.uni-oldenburg.de
    1. Structuring instructional processes

      Examples below

      Amazing list!

    2. PROGRAMME STRUCTUREThe second set of variables that determine transactional distance are the elements in the course design, or the ways inwhich the teaching programme is structured so that it can be delivered through the various communications media.Programmes are structured in different ways to take into account the need to produce, copy, deliver, and controlthese mediated messages. Structure expresses the rigidity or flexibility of the programme's educational objectives,teaching strategies, and evaluation methods.
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