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  1. Dec 2023
    1. Challenges of a Governmental Launch
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        • another challenge of a government actor as SoNeC initiator is that governments can be in conflict with community members on a variety of issues so may not attract community participation if such antagonism exists
    2. Local governments are also very aware of theseproblems.
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        • frequently, local government officials are in conflict with citizens. That's why it's important that community citizen groups have autonomy while still maintaining important relationships with local governments.
  2. Dec 2022
    1. And so at the government's level, the local community... Let's start with federal first. The federal government doesn't actually own anything. They own the military and they run the finance side of things. They start wars and all that. So they do things at that level. The state governments don't own any infrastructure themselves. In Australia for example, the state government might own the highways. 00:40:21 But they don't own things like waste transfer systems. They don't own hospitals. They don't own schools. And that's all local council. So the local city council level is actually the people who own the assets that will hold society together. So it's the local city or shire council who will actually do the useful work.

      !- salient government level : local - federal and state / provincial governments don't own much assets, local government does

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