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    1. illegal labs have used historical pharmacology research to formulate analogs of nitazenes as street drugs.

      progress trap - illegal drug manufacture - nitazene - fentanyl - pharmacological research becomes a source for new illicit drug production

  2. Apr 2024
    1. what is the difference between legal drugs and illegal drugs?<br /> legal drugs generate profits for big pharma via patents<br /> illegal drugs generate profits for the CIA via monopoly on high-level crime<br /> empire is the original drug cartel ... there is zero difference between mafia and police

  3. Mar 2024
    1. Alors que la liste des pièces justificatives exigibles lors de l’inscription scolaire estlimitée à trois documents, justifiant respectivement de l’identité de l’enfant, del’identité des personnes responsables de l’enfant et de la domiciliation de la familleconcernée sur la commune, les mairies refusent parfois les inscriptions malgré lesjustificatifs fournis, en demandant des pièces supplémentaires ou en refusant lespreuves de domiciliation apportées.
    1. here in germany, cops are planning to ban my book, in which i propose an answer to the illegal question "who are my friends?" this question is illegal, because efficient human relations are the foundation of any successful organization, but the empire hates competition, and the empire hates tribalism, tribe wars, small states, minarchy, secession, decentralization, free markets, ...

  4. Oct 2022
    1. Marvin Gaye has a brief six-page file, which details an incident that followed him not being paid for a concert. Jimi Hendrix has a file including documents related to a pot bust in Canada. Mariam Makeba, an anti-apartheid activist who was married to Stokely Carmichael,  has a 292-page file which details the couple’s every move, including buying new home appliances.
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    1. Les membres du conseil de classe pourront proposer de manière collégiale des sanctions entérinées par le président. Les sanctions disciplinaires, conformément à la règlementation, ne doivent pas figurer
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    1. There is evidence, although far from certain, that there were hundreds of thousands of votes cast illegally for Hillary, Plus there is Podesta's statement that if a person has a photo ID and claims to be a citizen they should be able to vote, a standard that would allow millions of illegals to vote illegally, and Obama's statement to Gena Rodriqez that there would be no punishment of illegal's voting.

      This is presumably the research which was posted and trashed by WaPost linked to by me on Hypothes.is previously

  13. Dec 2016
    1. Records: Too many votes in 37% of Detroit’s precincts

      More evidence that the mainstream media's claims there is no illegal voting are nothing but "fake news".

  14. Nov 2016
    1. numerous studies have found such voter fraud is virtually nonexistent.

      This is a classic case of dishonest factchecking.

      I have read multiple articles from multiple different types of news sources that cite occasions instances of votes being cast for dead people. And these are only the cases that are caught -- there is very little checking for such abuse, and Democrats generally oppose efforts to remove dead people (or non-citizens, for that matter) from voter rolls. So the total number of fraudulent votes could be much larger.

      So dead people voting is more than" virtually existent".