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  1. Nov 2022
  2. Oct 2022
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  3. Aug 2022
  4. May 2021
    1. pronunciation cues in an individual’s speech communicate their social status more accurately than the content of their speech.
    2. reciting seven random words is sufficient to allow people to discern the speaker’s social class with above-chance accuracy.
  5. Mar 2021
  6. Feb 2021
    1. Dr Phil Hammond 💙. (2020, December 6). In some parts of the country, 31% of care home staff come from the EU. Some areas already have a 26% vacancy rate. And on January 1, EU recruitment will plummet because workers earn less than the £26,500 threshold. A very predictable recruitment crisis on top of the Covid crisis. [Tweet]. @drphilhammond. https://twitter.com/drphilhammond/status/1335490431837200384

  7. Jul 2020
    1. For this study, researchers conducted technical interviews of 48 computer science undergraduates and graduate students. Half of the study participants were given a conventional technical interview, with an interviewer looking on. The other half of the participants were asked to solve their problem on a whiteboard in a private room. The private interviews did not require study participants to explain their solutions aloud, and had no interviewers looking over their shoulders. Researchers measured each study participant’s interview performance by assessing the accuracy and efficiency of each solution. In other words, they wanted to know whether the code they wrote would work, and the amount of computing resources needed to run it. “People who took the traditional interview performed half as well as people that were able to interview in private,” Parnin says. “In short, the findings suggest that companies are missing out on really good programmers because those programmers aren’t good at writing on a whiteboard and explaining their work out loud while coding.”

      Interesting experiment focused on recruitment. "Candidates" who are able to solve the challenge alone in quiet rooms perform better

  8. Jun 2020
  9. May 2020
  10. Nov 2017
    1. Hate groups or White supremacist groupslike the Ku Klux Klan have started to use the Internet tospread their beliefs, recruit new members, or even advocatehate crimes with considerable success

      The best example of this is white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA. It started out so casually just like any other FB event. SImilarly, terrorist organisations have an increased opportunity to spread their ideological stance and to recruit new membership. They have seized upon technological advances in Internet media distribution and online anonymity.

  11. Jul 2016
    1. “In my perfect world, I have a competency profile — you know, on LinkedIn, presumably — that is kept up to date in real time on the competencies that I am exhibiting in my work, as well as competencies that I’ve demonstrated through assessments, through my education, the formal credentials that I’ve accrued,”

      It’s a very specific dream, but it sounds like it’s shared by a lot of people.

  12. Jul 2015