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  1. Feb 2024
    1. This concentric, circular structure is the reason, that for its weight, wood is still the strongest building material on the planet.

      for - trees are stronger than steel

      biomimicry - trees - (see below)

      • strong tubular cells in
        • the trunk and
        • branches
      • grow and knit themselves into concentric tubular layers one on top of the next, every season.
      • That is why you can count the rings on a tree to determine its age.
      • This concentric, circular structure is the reason, that for its weight,
        • wood is still the strongest building material on the planet.
  2. Dec 2023
  3. Oct 2023
    1. Softer than the flower where kindness is concerned,Stronger than the thunder where principles are at stake.VEDIC DESCRIPTION OF THE ENLIGHTENED
  4. Apr 2023
    1. For look-up secrets that have less than 64 bits of entropy, the verifier SHALL implement a rate-limiting mechanism that effectively limits the number of failed authentication attempts that can be made on the subscriber’s account as described in Section 5.2.2.
  5. May 2022
    1. Crowdsourcing ideas

      This is the part that interests me the most. So many workplaces, when they want to share ideas, immediately think of writing articles, delivering presentations, and recording podcasts or videos - we live in a world with so much content already, but we're obsessed with making more. Sometimes it seems to serve the creator more than the audience. But if we look at a 'Strength of Weak Ties' approach, we're probably more likely to share more information more widely if we create connections over content. (I know, I sound like a connectivist now.) If our ultimate aim in learning design is to share knowledge on pedagogy and technology, surely we would want to go with the methods that work best? See Roxå et al. (2011), 'Understanding and influencing teaching and learning cultures at university: a network approach', for the source of my obsession. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10734-010-9368-9

  6. Jan 2022
  7. Jul 2021
    1. Claudia: In what ways do you think that being in the U.S. all that time shaped who you are?Yosell: I think the only way I can put it really is just being strong. Because basically you got to learn how to mature in a faster way than you'd probably do it here. I've seen a couple of family members or friends here that are like 30 years old and they're still living with their dad and mom. They're just like not doing anything for their life, and opposed of people out there, most of them that I do know were just living by themselves and doing their thing. I'd say out there it's probably not that good because you’d get, because most of the people would get into some kind of a drug addiction or something like that. I’d say, here, here it'd be probably the same, but out there it'd be easier to make money. Here it's a lot harder. That's probably what's the difference here to there. That's what I'm saying, I think out there you learn how to be strong. When you come here, you're just like, "Oh." most people get depressed or frustrated here. Others actually know how to move on and continue. That's probably how I see it.

      Reflections, The United States; Feelings

  8. Jun 2021
  9. Mar 2021
    1. largest original film of the quarter was ​The Midnight Sky

      The Midnight Sky is the largest original film showing a strength as well as opportunity to learn from what they did correctly.

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  14. Nov 2019
    1. After forcing out the sentence I head back to back to my boat. My heart begins racing as I have memories of my time in my pod flash in front of my eyes.

      I love this caveat. Sometimes stories get a little too unrealistic with character development. Seeing her struggle is okay! It takes time to grow from a trauma like, I don't know, your city, which you practically have been worshiping since birth, attempt to drown you. But I digress. I am not sure if your story is completed, but if it is not, then I would like to see her continue to grow.

    2. I have had rigorous training on how to use their boat on the water and below.

      I like your forward narration in the story. You are telling your audience exactly how it is so you can go straight into the next plot point. With that being said, I would like to see you present this training progress in a more nuanced way. The way I usually see it done is through dialogue, internal dialogue, or a flashback. That way you can weave background information into the plot more seamlessly.

    1. I smile to myself at the thought of finally having an official place somewhere.

      I am digging the contrast of her naivety before and after her Life Test. I think you display it best when she casually says something that us regular folks would find odd. For example, a quote in section five: "What a nice way to end this connection with my parents" This is a striking difference to everyday life and it sets up the critique of this "Utopian" city that occurs later on.

  15. Apr 2018
    1. he women in Schreiber’s study recovered fully fromdepression only after they realized that they did not need tobe totally capable, always “strong,” while the Black West-Indian Canadian women in this study continued to experiencedepression periodically, at the same time, managing it by beingstrong

      SO the women who realized that they didn't need to be strong were able to fully recover from depression

      the women who manage the depression by being strong still experienced this periodically- maybe even more so.

      Sarah was trying to manage by being strong- so strong that she didn't need her father "quote from landlady" but in her attempt to be strong she was losing her mind, will to live, and hair

    2. When comparing themselves to women ofthe dominant culture, they thought the sentimental order(Glaser & Strauss, 1971) or cultural right way of doing thingswas to be stronger

      because sarah couldn't be stronger this made her hair fall out. not necesarily the cause but its a factor. her lack of blackness devoids her of her "strength". "the cultural way of doing things was to be stronger" Sarah didn't have that mindset to be stronger. furthermore, neither did the queen. She is the dominant culture and she seem's to be one of the dominant "selves" in sarah.

      Sarah's loss of crown is because she was dwelling on her life as a caucasion



  16. Mar 2018
    1. hypertension, heart disease, stomach ills,respiratory difficulties, and depressive episodes, often referred to as ner-vous breakdowns

      does this :internalization" process also contribute to the depressive episodes?

      In order to maintain their image of a strong black woman, black women mask those behaviors which may make them seem weak. aka "internalizing" them.

      this now makes more sinse as to why her initial breakdown is in her apartment in the first place. she only becomes other parts of herselves when she's alone.

    2. the strength discourse gathers its authority not from empirical inves-tigation but from contrasting Black women to normatively feminine, white,middle-class women.

      This can fit with her hair being symbolized as her strength. because her hair is quite literally an exact opposite of her other very white-passing demeaner. She states thats the one prominent thing of her african american heritage. When she loses that, she loses her strength to go on.

    3. strength is a nat-ural quality of Black women and a litmus test for their womanhood,

      Another reason why hair is a good symbolism for strength: both kinky curly hair and strength are "natural qualities" to being a black woman.

      As said, when she begins to lack that she doesn't feel as though she deserves to even live.

  17. Sep 2017
  18. Aug 2017
    1. I agree that diversity is necessary, but only useful when paired with acceptance. As Ecks says, when it is paired with positivity it creates pluralism and that moves society steps forward, but when it remains alone it causes conflict. This is extremely true in today's America with its lack of acceptance and trust in the political and religious sense, and in addition to more diversity that is making the country less united and weaker to countries with no religious freedoms.

  19. Mar 2017
    1. Woolf calls on women writers to select from the language of men what they can use and recombine its elements to create a discourse more congenial and useful to women, as she tried to do in her own fiction and non-fiction work.

      I freaking love this sentence. Literally and figuratively, take the strength of your opponent and turn it into your own weapon.

  20. Feb 2017
  21. Jan 2017
    1. Rocks can only handle so much elastic distortion before permanent deformation, ( failure occurs). but it takes thousands of MPa to break . The theoretical strength of a rock is in the 1000's of MPa but the actual tensile strength is in the 10's of MPa. This came form that the rock was assumed that the atorms were all evenly placed and spaced but there are flaws in the system that impact the elasticity of the object. we couldn't break aperfect bond but thankfully rocks aren't perfect

  22. Sep 2016
    1. 50

      It seems like overall, Columbia has some great things going on but they are also struggling with some severe problems.

  23. Jan 2016
    1. I am now viewing the "Workman's Sandwich" and wondering what it would take humankind to provide the WorkWOMAN's Sandwich... Ladies on the job deserve just as much roast beef as any male laborer. If I may, I'd like to propose an ideal sandwich: it would include the contents of; Cheese churned from the breast milk of strong, independent mothers, Turkey of the female farmer's land, and mustard from a female CEO-owned grocery store on Wall Street.

    1. In my experience, the best way to lift weights for runners is to use a heavy weight that is enough to push your limits after 5 repetitions

      Agrees with the advice at http://victorsrunningblog.com/2014/04/15/why-distance-runners-should-lift-heavy/ which also has more references and a better explanation.

  24. Aug 2015
    1. Acquaintances, as compared to close friends, are more prone to move in different circles than oneself. Those to whom one is closest are likely to have the greatest overlap in contact with those one already knows, so that the information to which they are privy is likely to be much the same as that which one already has

      Love this. Weak ties foster diversity of people and thought in one's network.

  25. Oct 2013
    1. But there are some things concerning this point that very naturally deceive the unskilful; for division, though it is of great consequence in pleadings, diminishes the appearance of strength; what is rough is imagined more bulky than what is polished; and objects when scattered are thought more numerous than when they are ranged in order.