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  1. Mar 2022
    1. Telemedicine consultations could improve care in remote areas, and offer all patients the opportunity to have multiple reviewers of their lab tests or medical images. Specialists would have the advantage of seeing more cases that they are interested i n, thereby facilitating experimental testing of new procedures or medications.

      Surprised to see a seemingly old reference to telemedicine here. It's only begun significant movement in the last five years or so though.

  2. Feb 2022
  3. Feb 2021
    1. The healthcare industry is the largest beneficiary of the Internet of Things, while telemedicine received a new face. In fact, IoT has streamlined the core concept of telemedicine —to provide the best healthcare facilities to people living far off in remote locations with no healthcare facilities.

      The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the technology that connects physical objects to the internet while it's a boon for healthcare systems, especially telemedicine.

  4. Oct 2020
    1. Through the telemedicine app, you can quickly get service from a doctor without walk away from one step from home. Here are the best telemedicine apps, which have been getting the best ratings, reviews, and overall reliability through users.
  5. Sep 2020
    1. People are scared to go to the doctor or take medicine from the medical and not going there is a comforting thing but, this does not seem to be right in the time of the pandemic of corona disease.
  6. Jul 2020

      When it comes to their pets, humans are extra careful and emotional. They wouldn’t mind zillions of visit to the vets when it comes to keeping their four-legged friends healthy and disease-free.

  7. Jun 2020
  8. May 2020
  9. Mar 2020
    1. This article explains the training that should be in place to support the work of telemedicine. The writing is explicit in what should be involved in the training in order to ensure that patients feel satisfied and healthcare professionals feel efficacious.

  10. Sep 2019