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    1. we have individual capitalists who try 00:48:45 to make the most profit and this is linked to their capital and productivity so to achieve more in less time and 00:48:57 productivity is linked to energy [Music] the only source of energy to increase profit is carbon oil and gas and this has resulted in a change in our 00:49:15 atmosphere we have to put an entities if we wish to live in our planet can our capitalism do this based on the current data we won't be able to do so 00:49:28 therefore perhaps we should do the following reflection if capitalism is unable to do so either Humanity will die with it or 00:49:42 Humanity will overcome capitalism so that we can live in our planet

      !- Urrego : Key Point - Can capitalism rapidly detour away from fossil fuels? The current data indicates no. So either Humanity does our it drops capitalism

  2. Jan 2023
    1. Cartesian

      cartesian thinking views the mind as being seperate from the physical body.

      replicating an experience is not the same as replicating an exact depiction

    2. Inthis world, stars hang in the sky but do not shine; lamps hang from ceilingsbut do not glow . The light is like a messenger that deli vers stars and lampsto the doors of your perception, but magically vanishes at the moment youlet them in

      defining in terms of the negative space?

      seems to emphasize the importance of context when it comes to perception

    1. Despiteappearances, tunicates are more closely related to us than any other invertebrate — they are ourstrange, spineless cousins

      The things we chose to focus on (appearances, species, habits, etc) in order to differentiate "us from them" are not that significant, we are all much more connected and similar than e realize.

    1. The} l)'P1callyopera1c ·" ne1works 10 dc1cc1.analrze, and acru-atc re,pon<e; IO cm 1ronmental even 1,

      The sensors are not only networks of analysis, detection, and responses to environmental events but are ways of describing environments and bringing them into being as sociopolitical worlds that reflect the differing ways of experiencing and navigating planetary zones.

    1. While structural injustice and inequality do impede autonomy by fostering force and fraud, oppression and exploitation, these structural conditions also undermine autonomous self-recognition by impeding the psycho-social development integral to fulfilling the capability to be an autonomous self and agent. This is one convergence of symbiotic theorizing and the recognitional practice of autonomy. Through symbiotic practices, the assistance or “affordances” of the material and social worlds can be drawn on to actualize the inherent potential for autonomous action that resides in each human being.[16]

      !- key insight : autonomy and symbiosis

    1. What is abrogated here is our right to the future tense, which is the essence of free will, the idea that I can project myself into the future and thus make it a meaningful aspect of my present. This is the essence of autonomy and human agency. Surveillance capitalism’s “means of behavioral modification” at scale erodes democracy from within because, without autonomy in action and in thought, we have little capacity for the moral judgment and critical thinking necessary for a democratic society.

      !- surveillance capitalism : key insight -mass behavioral modification takes away autonomy

    1. Susan B. Anthony,

      It is important to know that Susan was one of the people who was for women’s right to vote

  3. Dec 2022
    1. our plan was not thought through in context of the time needed, our industrial capacity, and our ability to supply the raw materials needed. 00:09:04 And so a new plan is needed and a new paradigm is needed.

      !- key claim : our current plan was not well thought through and we need a new plan

  4. Nov 2022
    1. I have DNS settings in my hosts file that are what resolve the visits to localhost, but also preserve the subdomain in the request (this latter point is important because Rails path helpers care which subdomain is being requested)
    1. From the Introduction to Ed25519, there are some speed benefits, and some security benefits. One of the more interesting security benefits is that it is immune to several side channel attacks: No secret array indices. The software never reads or writes data from secret addresses in RAM; the pattern of addresses is completely predictable. The software is therefore immune to cache-timing attacks, hyperthreading attacks, and other side-channel attacks that rely on leakage of addresses through the CPU cache. No secret branch conditions. The software never performs conditional branches based on secret data; the pattern of jumps is completely predictable. The software is therefore immune to side-channel attacks that rely on leakage of information through the branch-prediction unit. For comparison, there have been several real-world cache-timing attacks demonstrated on various algorithms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timing_attack

      Further arguments that Ed25519 is less vulnerable to - cache-timing attacks - hyperthreading attacks - other side-channel attacks that rely on leakage of addresses through CPU cache Also boasts - no secret branch conditions (no conditional branches based on secret data since pattern of jumps is predictable)

      Predicable because underlying process that generated it isn't a black box?

      Could ML (esp. NN, and CNN) be a parallel? Powerful in applications but huge risk given uncertainty of underlying mechanism?

      Need to read papers on this

    2. More "sales pitch" comes from this IETF draft: While the NIST curves are advertised as being chosen verifiably at random, there is no explanation for the seeds used to generate them. In contrast, the process used to pick these curves is fully documented and rigid enough so that independent verification has been done. This is widely seen as a security advantage, since it prevents the generating party from maliciously manipulating the parameters. – ATo Aug 21, 2016 at 7:25

      An argument why Ed25519 signature alg & Curve 25519 key exchange alg is more secure; less vulnerable to side attacks since the process that generates is have been purportedly verified and extensively documented.

  5. Oct 2022
    1. facilitate conflict resolution, improve decision-making, and sharpen patient and family assessment skills. 


    2. skills can impact how you perceive yourself and others, communicate with others, cope with change and challenge, and create a culture of safety and collaboration is vital to nursing practice and leadership


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    1. If akey is lost, this invariably means that the secureddata asset is irrevocably lost

      Counterpart, be careful! If a key is lost, the secured data asset is lost

    2. Theowner of a resource is by definition the one hold-ing the private encryption keys.

      definition of "owner of a resource"

    1. 都是可以根据 RoutingKey 把消息路由到不同的队列


  8. Jul 2022
    1. 4.5 Getting the right people in the right roles in support of your goal is the key to succeeding at whatever you choose to accomplish.

      4.5 Getting the right people in the right roles in support of your goal is the key to succeeding at whatever you choose to accomplish.

  9. May 2022
    1. At the time I wasa a web designer with a focus on usability and user interfaces. I executed Json's design direction for key features of the app and collaborated with him to fill in details of the concept.



  10. Apr 2022
    1. Kernel is already defined by Ruby so the module cannot be autoloaded. Also, that file does not define a constant path after the path name. Therefore, Zeitwerk should not process it at all.
    1. The Hori key enters a Hori lock in such a way as to affirm your suspicion that every key you’ve ever inserted into every lock throughout your entire life was a sham. A false combination — jittery, sticky, imprecise. You realize how badly cut, forged by shoddy means, all the keys you own currently are. Using this Hori key and lock combination is similar to how you might have felt the first time you ever touched a masterfully finished piece of wood — shock at that glassy smoothness you didn’t think could be brought out from the material. The key enters. Within perfectly milled chambers, the driver pins — attenuated by precisely tensioned springs — push against the key pins as the key slides forward in the keyway. The driver pins align to a dead-straight shear line and you feel the key settle with a satisfaction of a meticulously-measured thing spooning its Platonic opposite. Then you twist. The movement of the bolt away from the frame is so smooth — the door having been hung by some god of carpentry with the accuracy of a proton collision path — that you gasp, actually gasp, at the mechanism.

      I love the visceral way Craig Mod describes these Hori key/lock mechanisms. Makes me want to go out and buy one.

    1. 9.2. Describe general cell signaling strategies and explore the different types of cell surface receptors and singling molecules.

      9.2 Key Concepts

      Chemical Signaling: * Intracellular vs. Intercellular * types of chemical signaling

      Receptors: * internal vs. surface-cell * categories of surface-cell receptors

      Ligand Molecules: * hydrophobic * water-soluble * nitric oxide (NO)

      Work Cited

      Hinic-Frlog, S., Hanley, J. and Laughton, S. (2020). Introductory Animal Physiology. Missausgua, CA: Pressbooks.

  11. Feb 2022
    1. The remaining problem should be how to declare Ruby-define methods to be 'non-block taking'. Under the current language spec, absence of '& argument' may or may not mean the method would take a block.
    1. No. 1 resource you have inherent in a professor is the latent cognitive capacity to instruct, mentor, and produce original ideas, and that we should take that resource very seriously
  12. Jan 2022
    1. Family child care (FCC) refers to regulated (licensed, certified, or registered) HBCC. Family, friend, and neighbor (FFN) care refers to HBCC that is legally exempt from licensing or other regulation, whether paid or unpaid. FFN care includes care given by grandparents, other relatives, and non-relatives. Home-based child care (HBCC) providers are a heterogeneous population of providers who offer care and education to children in their own or the child’s home. (Although we use “HBCC” throughout the report, we recognize the role providers play both caring for and educating children.) Providers’ HBCC status is fluid, and individuals’ roles may change—those who care for a few children who are related to them, whether with or without pay; those who offer care as a professional occupation and a business; those who care for children over many years; and those who care for children sporadically in response to changing family needs. We assume a variety of factors influence these patterns, which may shift over time.

      Essential knowledge for SECURE lab

    2. HBCC is the most common form of nonparental child care for infants and toddlers

      Notice the particular importance of HBCC for infants and toddlers (i.e., approximately birth to age three years).

    3. HBCC includes regulated (licensed, certified, registered) family child care (FCC) and care legally exempt from regulation (license-exempt) that is provided by family, friends, or neighbors (FFN).

      these are KEY TERMS for our project - learn these terms and acronyms: FCC and FFN are part of HBCC

    1. You have to be doing 80% of the hard work, which means making the conscious effort to avoid the design flaws that will exclude people from using your product
    1. Mabry says if you own a Hyundia or Kia, you better add extra security so you don't become the next target.

      Apparently, there is an issue with key fob security on 2020 Kia Sportage and Hyundai models.

      Also, Columbus Police and 10TV don't know how to spell Hyundai or use spell check.

  13. Dec 2021
    1. only about 1% of carbon atoms are C-13. These are the only ones picked up by this form of NMR. If you had a single molecule of ethanol, then the chances are only about 1 in 50 of there being one C-13 atom in it, and only about 1 in 10,000 of both being C-13. But you have got to remember that you will be working with a sample containing huge numbers of molecules. The instrument can pick up the magnetic effect of the C-13 nuclei in the carbon of the CH3 group and the carbon of the CH2 group even if they are in separate molecules. There's no need for them to be in the same one.

      the author believe that even though the percentage of C-13 is low, but its NMR signal can be captured.

    1. violencia de género

      «Todo acto de violencia sexista que tiene como resultado posible o real un daño físico, sexual o psíquico, incluidas las amenazas, la coerción o la privación arbitraria de libertad, ya sea que ocurra en la vida pública o en la privada».

    2. Esa “formación” del hombre, que lo conduce a una estructura de la personalidad de tipo psicopático

      No existe un perfil único de maltratador. Tampoco se trata de hombres agresivos ni de psicópatas. Nuestro estudio pone en cuestión los estereotipos relacionados hasta ahora con la conducta y los rasgos del maltratador, como puede ser el consumo de sustancias tóxicas y de alcohol, la vivencia de experiencias traumáticas en la edad infantil o los problemas psíquicos. En este último aspecto, los datos del patrón de personalidad de un grupo de maltratadores basados en el inventario clínico multiaxial Millon-II señalan a la compulsividad como rasgo más destacado de estas personas; no obstante, el percentil no supera el grado de normalidad, por lo que se descarta la posibilidad de una psicopatología.

  14. Nov 2021
    1. The Query word can be interpreted as the word for which we are calculating Attention. The Key and Value word is the word to which we are paying attention ie. how relevant is that word to the Query word.


    1. That's not how flatpack works; the executable is hidden in a container and you need to set up the whole environment to be able to call it. Delivering a well-isolated, not-to-be-run-from-outside environment is the whole point.
  15. Sep 2021
    1. flavored vaping products

      Breathing in flavored nicotine product through a device. The device is... (need to look up)

      **Need to find a good description of a vape product

    2. Food and Drug Administration

      Important term to understand - What do they do, are they part of the government, how do they regulate things?

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    1. This may be the sine qua non of rhetoric: theart of linguistically or symbolically creating salience.

      Salience: importance

    2. Weltanschauung

      Weltanschauung: worldview. German.


      I have heard this term used a lot in the last four years. Even when I was unsure what the word precisely meant, I understood it to have negative connotations. OED defines complicity as, "the state of being involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing." If Miller is using the term in this way than that's a pretty risky way to title his piece. It implies that the structure of academia is corrupted.

  17. Aug 2021
    1. So for each word, we create a Query vector, a Key vector, and a Value vector. These vectors are created by multiplying the embedding by three matrices that we trained during the training process.
    1. I'm going to try provide an English text example. The following is based solely on my intuitive understanding of the paper 'Attention is all you need'.

      This is also good

    2. For the word q that your eyes see in the given sentence, what is the most related word k in the sentence to understand what q is about?
    3. So basically: q = the vector representing a word K and V = your memory, thus all the words that have been generated before. Note that K and V can be the same (but don't have to). So what you do with attention is that you take your current query (word in most cases) and look in your memory for similar keys. To come up with a distribution of relevant words, the softmax function is then used.
    1. paradigmatic

      I was not sure what this term meant in this context. After looking the term up on google, the definition that seems to fit is the denotation of the relationship between a set of linguistic items that form mutually exclusive choices in particular syntactic roles.

    1. Isolation ensures that concurrent execution of transactions leaves the database in the same state that would have been obtained if the transactions were executed sequentially
  18. Jun 2021
    1. So, what problem is blockchain solving for identity if PII is not being stored on the ledger? The short answer is that blockchain provides a transparent, immutable, reliable and auditable way to address the seamless and secure exchange of cryptographic keys. To better understand this position, let us explore some foundational concepts.

      What problem is blockchain solving in the SSI stack?

      It is an immutable (often permissionless) and auditable way to address the seamless and secure exchange of cryptographic keys.

  19. May 2021
    1. Moreover, “[r]elations of power are not in a position of exteriority with respect to other types of relationships (economic processes, knowledge rela­tionships, sexual relations), but are immanent in the latter.” Such claims played some role in the rise of a mode of analysis that vastly expands the range of what can be treated as political.

      power is everywhere; in every relationship; this is why the range of what is "political" is actually quite vast

  20. Apr 2021
    1. the concentration is calculated based on the fraction of droplets that is empty (that is, the fraction that does not contain any target DNA).
  21. Mar 2021
    1. Personal and professional development will follow andultimately these very same characteristics and approaches will naturally transfer intopractice and in direct contact with young people

      what we learn when becoming youth workers is transferable to our practice, reflective of the necessity of openness and transparency. when we learn the value of these skills, we can demonstrate their value to the young people, and continue the learning journey together

    2. the better a student/youth worker knows himself/herself the more likely he/shewill be able to help others know themselves;

      the quality of training and the development of skills will impact on the growth of the young person



    1. Am sa caabi!

      Prends ta clé!

      am -- used in the imperative: "HERE!", etc. (it's the same word as "to have").

      sa -- your.

      caabi ji -- (Portuguese) key. 🔑

  22. Feb 2021
    1. The key phrase here is “children of a grid container.” The specification defines the creation of a grid on the parent element, which child items can be positioned into. It doesn’t define any styling of that grid, not even going as far as to implement something like the column-rule property we have in Multi-column Layout. We style the child items, and not the grid itself, which leaves us needing to have an element of some sort to apply that style to.
    1. The Black Panther Party chose the name because the panther is known to be an animal that never makes an unprovoked attack, but will defend itself vehemently when attacked, and this was symbolic of what the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense stood for
    2. black unity and black autonomy were at the core of its platform and program
  23. Jan 2021
    1. Alice and Bob can then use a key-derivation function that includes K, K_A, and K_B to derive a symmetric key.

      public keys included in key derivation.

  24. Dec 2020
    1. Universal Grammar (

      The theoretical or hypothetical system of categories, operations, and principles shared by all human languages and considered to be innate, as defined by Chomsky.

    2. syntact

      regarding the formation of sentences

  25. Nov 2020
    1. awk '{print $2}' /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key.pub | base64 -d | sha256sum -b | sed 's/ .*$//' | xxd -r -p | base64 | sed 's/.//44g' | awk '{print "SHA256:"$1}'
    1. Assignments to $-prefixed variables require that the variable be a writable store, and will result in a call to the store's .set method.
  26. Oct 2020
    1. Key learnings from this guideYour goal is not to foster the writing habit. Your goal is to fall so in love with ideas that you can’t not write about them. Find your objective and your motivation.Don't fully think through your ideas before writing. It's inefficient. The best way to think is by writing. It compels your brain to connect the dots.Avoid guessing what readers want. Instead, be a proxy: Selfishly entertain and surprise yourself, and you'll entertain and surprise many of them too.Your writing is clear once your thoughts are self-evident.Your writing is succinct once everything unimportant is removed.Your writing is intriguing once the average reader effortlessly makes it to the end. A hook, peak, and satisfying ending are your trifecta of intrigue.Treat feedback as a science. Measure your scores and iterate. Remember that the best feedback often comes from you with fresh eyes.Rewriting your thoughts to be clear, succinct, and intriguing is a lot of work. You won't love writing until you find a way to love rewriting. Make a game out of it.
    1. The readable store takes a function as a second argument which has its own internal set method, allowing us to wrap any api, like Xstate or Redux that has its own built in sub­scrip­tion model but with a slightly different api.
    1. Question: 246 years of disorentation. what is the startsof this disorentation?

      • education system in U.S is only MADE for white ppl --> BLACK ppl confuse; wanting to know more of their history.
    1. marking.

      "Whenever a person delineates a cultural boundary around a particular cultural space in human time"

    2. Afrocentricity becomes a revolutionary idea because it studies ideas, concepts, events, personalities, and political and economic processes from a standpoint of black people as subjects and not as objects, basing all knowledge on the authentic interrogation of location.

      Basically afrocen. Amer. history in the black POV

  27. Sep 2020
    1. Most simple example: <script> import ChildComponent from './Child.svelte'; </script> <style> .class-to-add { background-color: tomato; } </style> <ChildComponent class="class-to-add" /> ...compiles to CSS without the class-to-add declaration, as svelte currently does not recognize the class name as being used. I'd expect class-to-add is bundled with all nested style declarations class-to-add is passed to ChildComponent as class-to-add svelte-HASH This looks like a bug / missing feature to me.