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    1. Bundled pricing in surgery centers

      Current healthcare trends show movement toward quality-based payments and away from quantity-based payments. These trends reflect efforts to cut healthcare spending by eliminating excess costs and using evidence-based medicine to guide clinical decisions. Dive into the concept of bundled pricing for surgery centers, explore its benefits, implementation strategies, and potential impact on the healthcare industry.

  3. Aug 2022
  4. Jul 2022
    1. One of the risks I heard mentioned is that of becoming/ being perceived as an ”arm of the university bureaucracy”, as CTLs become more involved in decision-making on educational issues.

      Interesting problem. Why is the CTL not seen as an "arm of shared governance" in these cases? Or at least a venue of it?

    2. Dilemma: should/ can the CTL be neutral territory (and can it be?)

      Fascinating to see what "neutral" means here. There's the "non-evaluative"/"non-supervisory" sense, where "neutrality" is essentially with respect to office politics, and the "not advancing an argument" sense, which in the strictest sense seems almost impossible to reconcile with any kind of developmental work.

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    1. Centers

      How many of you have actual "CEnters" in your classrooms? WOuld love to hear about them; especially the good ones.

  20. May 2014
    1. SSPP # 7.2 Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) (Electronic Maximum annual weighted average PUE of 1.4 by FY15 )

      SLAC target PUE of 1.4 by FY15

    1. When the project is complete later this year (all done while the existing data center remained in operation!), the data center's annual PUE will drop from 1.5 to 1.2, saving 20 percent of its annual electrical cost.

      Warren Hall target efficiency: 1.2 as of 2011

    1. The MGHPCC is targeting a PUE of less than 1.3. A recent report cites typical data center PUEs at 1.9. This means that our facility can expect to

      Target of 1.3 (vs typical data centers around 1.9) PUE