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  1. May 2024
    1. Im südlichen Teil Brasiliens fvel in diesem Frühjahr in 10 Tagen so viel Regen wie sonst in einem ganzen Jahr. Es handelt sich um die größte klimabedingte Katastrophe im Bundesstaat Rio Grande del Sol der bereits im vergangenen Jahr von zwei großen Überschwemmungen betroffen war. Die extremen Regenfälle, die es so früher in dieser Region nicht gab, werden von Forschenden auf die globale Erhitzung und mit ihr verbundene Klimaphänomene zurückgeführt. Ausführlicher hintergrundartikel im Guardian der sich auf eine Reihe von Studien und Interviews mit Forschenden bezieht. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/article/2024/may/10/brazil-is-reeling-from-catastrophic-floods-what-went-wrong-and-what-does-the-future-hold

  2. Mar 2024
    1. European governments have thus been pushingfor reduced reliance on China’s Huawei forcritical parts of telecommunication networks inthe shift from 4G to 5G networks.

      The article calls 'a 5g moment' the moment of realisation that dependencies in a tech may erode strategic position, by letting critical infrastructure to be controlled by tech firms that can be influenced by other governments. In the case of 5g it's Huawei and Chinese gov, in the case of cloud it's GAM and US gov. This is not a new notion, it is why the EU digital and data legal framework was created the past 4 yrs, so why this paper now?

  3. Feb 2024
    1. the fresco, byTomasso da Modena, was painted in 1352). It stresses theDominicans’ commitment to Bible study and to scholarship, and noportrait conveys this more than the image of Hugh of St Cher.

      Image from: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:38_Ugo_da_San_Caro.jpg

      Ugo da San Caro, serie dei Quaranta domenicani illustri, ex convento di San Niccolò, Sala del Capitolo, Treviso, 1352 (altezza di ciascun ritratto 150 cm circa) Image by Risorto Celebrano, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

      Thought to be one of the first images of a person wearing glasses. Image dated 1352.

  4. Nov 2023
    1. Tấm PU giả đá được gọi là tấm ốp tường pu foam giả đá là tấm trang trí nội thất, giống với đá tự nhiên, dễ thi công, chi phí thấp và tính cách âm cách nhiêt.
  5. Jul 2023
  6. May 2023
    1. As you go about town…constantly observe, note, and consider the circumstances and behavior of men as they talk, quarrel, or laugh, or come to blows. — Codex Ash.
  7. Apr 2023
  8. Mar 2023
  9. Feb 2023
    1. p143 contains details for calculation of gravity

      see: https://hypothes.is/a/Q1UdwLb8Ee2Mtrt-YbDa4g

    2. 1478-1518, Notebook of Leonardo da Vinci (''The Codex Arundel''). A collection of papers written in Italian by Leonardo da Vinci (b. 1452, d. 1519), in his characteristic left-handed mirror-writing (reading from right to left), including diagrams, drawings and brief texts, covering a broad range of topics in science and art, as well as personal notes. The core of the notebook is a collection of materials that Leonardo describes as ''a collection without order, drawn from many papers, which I have copied here, hoping to arrange them later each in its place according to the subjects of which they treat'' (f. 1r), a collection he began in the house of Piero di Braccio Martelli in Florence, in 1508. To this notebook has subsequently been added a number of other loose papers containing writing and diagrams produced by Leonardo throughout his career. Decoration: Numerous diagrams.

    1. Despite the crudeness of his experimental setup 500 years ago, da Vinci, Dr. Gharib said, was able to calculate the gravitational constant to an accuracy within 10 percent of the modern value.

      Nearly a hundred years before Galileo and two hundred years before Newton, in a series of diagrams and notes in the Codex Arundel, Da Viinci was able to calculate the gravitational constant to an accuracy within 10 percent of the accepted value.

    2. The Codex Arundel, named after a British collector, the Earl of Arundel, who acquired it early in the 17th century. Da Vinci composed the collection of hundreds of papers between 1478 and 1518 — that is, between the ages of 26 and 66 — the year before his death. The papers now reside in the British Library. The collection features his famous mirror-writing as well as diagrams, drawings and texts covering a range of topics in art and science.

      Da Vinci composed a collection of hundreds of papers from 1478 and 1518 which are now bound in the Codex Arundel, named for the Earl of Arundel who acquired it in the 17th century.

  10. Dec 2022
  11. Oct 2022
    1. Importante fornecer um e-mail válido para a solicitação da nota fiscal.
  12. Sep 2022
    1. Autorka przedstawia zagadnienie robienia notatek i ich organizacji. Podaje również techniczne informacje na temat notatników i sposobów zapisywania informacji.

      Autorka przedstawia następujące metody notowania: - metoda Cornella - plan punktowy, zarys (outline) - mapa myśli - commonplace book (autorka pokazuje przykład notatek Leonarda da Vinci) - dziennik (bullet journal) - Zettelkasten.

      Ponadto autorka jeszcze podaje wskazówki, dotyczące ulepszenia metod notowania: ręczne notowanie, wyodrębnianie najważniejszych zagadnień, zadawanie pytań, używanie własnych słów, tagowanie notatek.

    1. Kỳ Kỳ nhìn thấy lửa càng lúc càng lớn. Cô bắt đầu cảm thấy sợ hãi khi nghe những tiếng nổ phát ra từ các tầng trên, khi ngọn lửa bốc lên dữ dội. Cảnh sát giao thông và cảnh sát khu vực cũng có mặt để hướng dẫn người dân sơ tán khỏi hiện trường.


    1. DA progress

      Early August a 2nd adapted DA text was circulated by Czech EU presidency. Apparantly as a result of the 19 July telecom group meeting, and in prep for the next weeks telco group meeting.

    1. proposed restrictions concerning international access and transfer must be removed. Although they are aimed at non-personal data, these rules address laws (such as the US CLOUD Act and e-evidence) that will tend to involve personal data and are already covered by the GDPR.

      Only the personal data are covered by GDPR (and badly adhered to if at all wrt EU-US data transfers), you can't argue that because something contains personal data that is subject to compliance the rest will 'automatically' follow suit. There are other demands being made of non-personal data in the DA than the GDPR makes of personal data, because they are different types of data. The logic here strikes me as malintentioned.

    2. bring further uncertainty to companies’ international operations, which have already been severely tested by the CJEU’s Schrems II

      Again, that was the point. The point is not unfettered data exchange. and there's no real uncertainty: there's no legal basis currently for EU personal data transfers to the US imo.

    3. Much more stringent conditions must be set out to prevent the risk of public bodies’ misuse of data supplied to them, and to ensure the key criteria of lawfulness, necessity and proportionality under Union law are fulfilled.

      Some MS, incl NL favour deleting this chapter entirely. Current proposal doesn't change anything for e.g. NSO's, except for the possibility of demanding data from companies outside your own borders (e.g. concerning flooding/river systems, supply chain disruption etc.). If this chapter is to be made impactful it should likely allow a wider set of conditions for B2G data flows, not a more stringent (the starting point after all is currently no conditions to be able to demand B2G data flows, except for e.g. NSO laws) Vgl [[Chapter 5 of the Data Act – Which should be the legal basis for B2G data sharing “exceptional need” or “public interest” 20220830140233]]

    4. risk of ‘reverse-engineering’ for confidential business data; protections against the development of competing products and services

      protection against development of competing products/services? Entrenched market forces want to stay put you mean? You don't say. They are right of course, that DA's PSD2-for-all obligations lowers the threshold for market entry to new players. Which is the point of it.

    5. Proper limits to data availability must be incorporated in order to avert incentives for data misuse and unfair competition

      Data being locked into products that cannot function without them is 'unfair competition' already. The DA proposes PSD2-for-everything and enables adversarial interoperability, which is encouraging fairer competition. It is an extension of the demands made of service providers in the DMA/DSA to IoT/connected product providers.

    6. The proposal would impose across-the-board horizontal rules obliging data sharing, as opposed to more flexible enabling measures to spur voluntary sharing. However, there is little, largely circumstantial evidence to justify radical measures,

      across-the-board / horizontal is the point of the entire digital/data legal framework the EU is drafting. Voluntary efforts have no discernable impact afaict in any industry. Moreover calling for voluntary efforts is usually meant to postpone legislative action. We've had 20+ yrs of postponement, now there's legislative action.

    7. https://web.archive.org/web/20220902093540/https://www.digitaleurope.org/resources/rebalancing-the-data-act/

      Digital Europe is a industry body, representing interests of established market players.

      "Rebalancing the Data Act" raises question to which balance point the authors have in mind.

  13. Jul 2022
    1. E, por fim, o fechamento de creches e escolas e o isolamento social fizeram com que recaísse totalmente sobre as famílias as tarefas de cuidados, incluindo as tarefas domésticas, os cuidados dispensados às pessoas de alguma forma dependentes, acrescido do auxílio às crianças em aprendizado à distância. Como cultural e socialmente as tarefas de cuidado são vistas como trabalho feminino, as mulheres foram mais sacrificadas com o acúmulo de tarefas. 106.

  14. May 2022
  15. Apr 2022
    1. The creation of L.H.O.O.Q. profoundly transformed the perception of La Joconde (what the French call the painting, in contrast with the Americans and Germans, who call it the Mona Lisa).

      While Americans and Germans call Leonardo da Vinci's painting the Mona Lisa, the French refer to it as La Joconde.

      What do the French call the Mona Lisa? :: La Joconde

    1. She frequently cites authors second-hand(“as quoted by”, “see,” etc.) rather than primary texts, and in some instancesthis practice results in the kinds of errors for which earlier compilations werecriticized. The most egregious of these occurs when Blair cites Ann Moss on

      Guarino da Verona when making the unlikely claim that note taking begin in earnest with Francesco Sacchini in the seventeenth century rather than a hundred years earlier with Erasmus and Vives.

      I almost feel like I've arrived as I noticed this error in the text myself.

      Interesting that he calls her out for making a compilation error, something which is very meta with respect to this particular text.

    1. Although humanists like Guarino da Verona(1370–1460), Desiderius Erasmus (1466–1536), and Juan Luis Vives (1492–1540)explained the principles of the commonplace book that collected phrases worthyof imitation under topical headings, they did not offer detailed practical advice

      in print.33

      1. Moss (1996), 54–55. For Guarino’s methods, see the treatise by his son Battista in Guarino (2002); Erasmus discusses commonplacing in De copia and De ratione studii (Basel, 1512), in Erasmus (1978), 605–6, 636–38, 672; Vives does so in De tradendis disciplinis (1531), in Vives (1971), 108, 133

      Double check what Erasmus has to say as it would seem that Earle Havens contradicts this in Commonplace Books (Yale University Press, 2001). Perhaps its a difference of degree? I seem to recall that he indicated that Erasmus helped to popularize commonplacing practice.

  16. Mar 2022
    1. But crucially, he believes the pool at the center of the complex may have also served as a surface to observe and map the stars. The water surface would have mirrored the sky, as water does – none other than Leonardo da Vinci pointed out the attributes of inert standing water when studying the night sky. For one thing, the stars were adored by the Phoenicians, whether as gods or deceased ancestors; and the position of the constellations was of keen interest to the sailors among them for navigation purposes, Nigro points out.

      Lorenzo Nigro indicates that the "kothon" of Motya in southern Sicily was a pool of Baal whose surface may have been used to observe and map the stars. He also indicates that the Phoenicians adored the stars potentially as gods or deceased ancestors. This is an example of a potentially false assumption often seen in archaeology of Western practitioners misconstruing Indigenous practices based on modern ideas of religion and culture.

      I might posit that this sort of practice is more akin to that of the science of Indigenous peoples who used oral and mnemonic methods in combination with remembering their histories and ancestors.

      Cross reference this with coming reading in The First Astronomers (to come) which may treat this in more depth.

      Leonardo da Vinci documented the attributes of standing water for studying the night sky.

      Where was this and what did it actually entail?

  17. Feb 2022
    1. CPI (IW), certainly, is the most popular one as the dearness allowance of Central government employees is calculated on the basis of movement in this index.
  18. Dec 2021
    1. M E T O D O L O G I ACIENTÍFICAPesquisa e prática para iniciantesDESCOMPLICADA

      Olá a todos, fiquem à vontade para fazerem uma leitura comentada deste ebook. Aguardo reflexões e bons debates sobre os conteúdos aqui. O livro é excelente, tenham uma boa leitura crítica, reflexiva e compartilhada! Ao postarem seus comentários, façam de forma pública para que todos possam ler. Comentem os comentários de outras pessoas e enriqueçam o debate.

  19. Nov 2021
    1. PTH

      Paratormona: O PTH provoca, juntamente com a vitamina D e a calcitonina, a mobilização de cálcio e de fosfato no sistema esquelético e aumenta a absorção de cálcio no intestino, assim como a eliminação de fosfatos através dos rins. A constância do nível de cálcio no sangue é garantida pela ação conjunta da PTH e da calcitonina. A secreção de PTH é inibida pela elevadas concentrações de cálcio e promovida pelas baixas concentrações.

    1. The early modern period offers yet another type of source for the firsttime: manuals of advice about how to take notes. More detailed than theprecepts of fifteenth-century humanist pedagogues like Guarino da Veronaare entire treatises on the subject produced in the Jesuit and the Germanacademic contexts of the seventeenth century.

      The first manuals of advice about how to take notes began in the early modern period during the fifteenth century.

  20. Oct 2021
      • Just a test of Annotation, that will be extended.
      • compare & contrast Diigo & Hypothesis
      • diigo[]
    1. FronteiraSerrana (preta)Zebua (Zebura) (presépio)Comum

      Animais de pqeueno porte, resistentes



  21. Sep 2021

      Marcação da idade não é feita por ferrro quente, geralmente são utilizados brincos, colares, marcação a tinta (tatuagem dificilmente será perdida). Idade também pode ser identificada pelos dentes.

    1. Đọc sách nghe tưởng chừng là việc quen thuộc và phức tạp vô cùng đối với nhiều người mà lại trở nên đơn giản đến không tưởng với cách diễn tả sâu sắc qua từng câu chuyện của tác giả Phan Thanh Dũng.

  22. Mar 2021
  23. Jan 2020
  24. Aug 2019
    1. Em 2015, o serviço de streaming de música Spotify criou a playlist chamada Descobertas da Semana, que funciona como uma curadoria digital. O algoritmo responsável por esta playlist utiliza técnicas de Filtragem Colaborativa, Processamento de Linguagem Natural e Processamento de Sinais de Áudio através de Redes Neurais Convolucionais para compor a playlist semanalmente.[33]
  25. Mar 2019
  26. Sep 2017
    1. Theorem 1.1.LetMn1andMn2be hypersurfaces ofNn+1that are tan-gent atpand let0be a unitary vector that is normal toMn1atp. SupposethatMn1remains aboveMn2in a neighborhood ofpwith respect to0. De-note byH1r(x)andH2r(x)ther-mean curvature atx2WofMn1andMn2,respectively. Assume that, for somer,1rn, we haveH2r(x)H1r(x)in a neighborhood of zero; ifr2, assume also that2(0), the principal cur-vature vector ofM2at zero, belongs tor. ThenMn1andMn2coincide in aneighborhood ofp

      Princípio da tangência no interior, para as curvaturas médias de ordem superior.

    2. A TANGENCY PRINCIPLE AND APPLICATIONS 215Suppose thatMn1remains aboveMn2in a neighborhood ofpwith respect to0.Denote byH1r(x)andH2r(x)ther-mean curvatures atx2WofMn1andMn2,respectively. Assume that, for somer,1rn, we haveH2r(x)H1r(x)in a neighborhood of zero. Ifr2, assume also that2(0), the principalcurvature vector ofM2at zero, belongs tor. ThenMn1andMn2coincide ina neighborhood ofp.

      Princípio da tangência no bordo, para as curvaturas médias de ordem superior.

  27. Jul 2017
    1. ξi(t) =ξip+t Xi−t22ΓijkXjXk+O(‖tX‖3)

      Usa-se o fato de que geodésicas são soluções do problema de valor inical:

      $$ \begin{aligned} \ddot{\gamma}^i_{p,q}(t) & = - \Gamma^i_{jk}(t) \dot{\gamma}^j_{p,q}(t) \dot{\gamma}^k_{p,q}(t) \\ \dot{\gamma}_{p,q}(0) & = X(p,q) \end{aligned} $$

    2. he canonical divergence D induces the metric g and the connections∇and∇∗. The same holds for the mean canonical divergence D∇mcd
    3. if∇is integrable, then it is notgenerally true that X(q,p) =−gradqD∇mcd(p‖·)
    4. mean canonical divergenceD∇mcd(p‖q):=12(D(p‖q) +D∗(q‖p))(64)which obviously satisfiesD(∇∗)mcd(p‖q) =D∇mcd(q‖p)
    5. he energy of the geodesicγp,qas the symmetrized version of the canonical divergence:12(D(p‖q) +D(q‖p))=12∫10∥∥ ̇γp,q(t)∥∥2dt

      Fazendo a mudança de variável $$ s \mapsto t(s) = 1- s $$ e usando o fato de que \( \gamma_{q,p}(s) = \gamma_{p,q}(1 - s) \), temos: $$ \begin{aligned} D(q||p) & := \int0^1 s ||\dot{\gamma}{q,p}(s)||^2 ds \ & = - \int1^0 (1 - t) ||\dot{\gamma}{p,q}(t)||^2 dt \ & = \int0^1 ||\dot{\gamma}{q,p}(t)||^2 dt - D(p||q) \end{aligned} $$

    6. D(p‖q) =∫10t∥∥ ̇γp,q(t)∥∥2dt(61)whereγp,qdenotes the geodesic from p to q.

      Até o momento, a conexão dual parece não desempenhar nenhum papel.

    7. D(p‖q) =∫10(1−t)∥∥ ̇γq,p(t)∥∥2dt
    8. inverse exponential map atγq,p(t)satisfiesXt(q,p)= (1−t) ̇γq,p(t)

      $$ \tilde{\gamma}_{\gamma_{q,p}(t),p}(s) = \gamma_{q,p}(t + s(1-t)), s \in [0,1] $$

      $$ \Longrightarrow X_t(q,p) := \dot{\tilde{\gamma}}_{\gamma_{q,p}(t),p}(s)\vert_{s=0} = (1 - t) \dot{\gamma}_{q,p}(t) $$

    9. n-dimensional dual manifold(M,g,∇,∇∗). Consider a∇-geodesicγq,p:[0, 1]→Mconnectingqandp. We define a tangent vector fieldXt(p,q)along this geodesic:Xt(q,p):=X(γq,p(t),p)(52)Obviously,X0=X(q,p)(53)X1(q,p) =0(54)Definition 3.A canonical divergence from p to q is defined by the path integralD(p‖q) =∫10〈Xt(q,p), ̇γq,p(t)〉dt

      Qual o papel da conexão dual?

    10. ∫10〈X(γ(t),p), ̇γ(t)〉dt=−∫10〈gradγ(t)Dp, ̇γ(t)〉dt=−∫10(dγ(t)Dp)( ̇γ(t))dt=−∫10d Dp◦γd t(t)dt=Dp(γ(0))−Dp(γ(1))=Dp(q)−Dp(p) =Dp(q) =D(p‖q)(13)In particular, we can apply this derivation to the geodesic connectingqandpeven when theintegrability ofXis not guaranteed and obtain the definition of a general canonical divergence
    11. functionsDpsatisfying the condition of Equation (12) then they are uniqueup to a constant that can vary withp, and we can therefore assumeDp(p) =0
    12. aRiemannian metricgonM. Given such a metric, we assumeintegrabilityofXand∇, respectively,in the sense that for allpthere exists a functionDpsatisfyingX(q,p) =−gradqDp
    13. although being quite restrictive in general, thisproperty will be satisfied in our information-geometric context, wheregis given by the Fisher metricand∇is given by them- ande-connections and their convex combinations, theα-connections
    14. pointspandq, one can interpret anyXwith expq(X) =pas a difference vectorXthattranslatesqtop
    15. p−q=−gradqDp(9)Here, the gradient gradqis taken with respect to the canonical inner product onRn

      De outra forma, podemos postular que a divergência canônica é a solução da edp: $$ D_p(q) = {1 \over 2 } |grad_q D_p|^2 $$

    16. fixed pointp∈M, we want to define a vector fieldq7→X(q,p), at least in a neighbourhood ofp, thatcorresponds to the difference vector field
    17. manifold is dually flat, a canonical divergence was introduced by Amari and Nagaoka [2], which isa Bregman divergence
    18. a divergence exists for any such manifold. However, it isnot unique and there are infinitely many divergences that give the same geometrical structure
    19. find a divergenceDwhich generates a given geometrical structure(M,g,∇,∇∗)
    20. the coefficientsDΓijk(p) =−∂i∂j∂′kD(ξp‖ξq)∣∣q=p(5)DΓ∗ijk(p) =−∂′i∂′j∂kD(ξp‖ξq)∣∣∣q=p(6)define a pair of dual affine connectionsD∇andD∇∗[1]. The duality of the connections holds withrespect to the Riemannian metricDgin terms of the following condition:X〈Y,Z〉=〈D∇XY,Z〉+〈Y,D∇∗XZ〉(7)for all vector fieldsX,YandZ, where the brackets〈·,·〉denote the inner product with respect toDg
    21. he coefficients of the Riemannian metric can be written asDgij(p) =−∂i∂′jD(ξp‖ξq)∣∣∣q=p=∂′i∂′jD(ξp‖ξq)∣∣∣q=p
    22. When a coordinate systemξ:p7→ξp= (ξ1p, . . . ,ξnp)∈Rnis given inM, we pose one condition that, for two nearby pointsξpandξq=ξp+∆ξ,Dis expanded asD(p‖q) =12Dgij(p)∆ξi∆ξj+O(‖∆ξ‖3)(2)and(Dgij(p))ijis a positive definite matrix.
    23. A divergence functionD(p‖q)is a differentiable real-valued function of two pointspandqin amanifoldM. It satisfies the non-negativity conditionD(p‖q)≥0(1)with equality if and only ifp=q.

      A saturação (rigidez) da desigualdade é uma espécie de não-degenerescência da divergência.

  28. Apr 2017
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  31. Oct 2015
    1. being able to utilize both of them

      That's right -- they should be complement if at all possible.

    2. IF

      tell the reader what this means

    3. Social Science Journals

      Do you mean the Social Sciences Databases?

    1. The databases included in EBSCOhost are well-respected and reputable. A vast majority of articles in EBSCOhost are peer-reviewed scholarly journals. ProQuest is considered a world leader in serving the information needs of researchers of all ages and abilities in libraries and institutions across the globe.

      Here you can speak to how long they've been in business, how many libraries use them, as well as how well they represent the works they index.

    2. are part of the Kentucky Virtual Library database collection

      You're not the first person to bring this up --- I know about KVL, but where do you see this in our version of EBSCO?

    1. both the EBSCO and ProQuest databases

      EBSCO needs to provide a better interface for this, though.

    1. The ebrary e-books database through ProQuest covers a large range of subject areas,

      There's no browsing option, though, and subject headings are missing. These ebooks need to be available through UK's OPAC.

    2. About a sixth of the databases available in EBSCOhost are H.W. Wilson

      This merger isn't that old. I remember the old HW Wilson databases and interface.

    1. ProQuest also offers a basic search box at the top of the page, with options to select “Full text” and “Peer reviewed” sources, which is handy. However, using ProQuest’s databases for information seeking is probably best for browsing and less for known item searching. There is no general category for business or related topics, and the best approximation for searching for an example query like “statistics” is the “Social Sciences” category in the synopsis of the “PAIS International” database.  In doing a keyword search for “statistics” on the homepage, many of the results were from the “Health & Life Sciences” category, but no connection on the general topic. The equivalent starting place for “statistics” on EBSCO would be the “Business Source Complete”, showing that EBSCO has more favorable subject specificity for known item searching.

      See comment in Canvas about this.

    2. EBSCO seems to cater more towards advanced research in characteristics that will be explored in this paper

      bold claim!

    1. the same seems to be true for EBSCOhost

      there's documentation on this

    1. A benefit of Social Services Abstracts is that it also lets you see documents with shared references

      this is important

    2. Example of a command line search for these databases: SU(abuse) AND SU(art therapy)  AND TI(child)

      How does this query turn out in either database?

    3. I was able to locate the article in physical format to confirm EBSCOhost’s details and was able to assess that the particular entry I was looking for contained accurate information.

      Nice test case.

    1. being directed to more articles by the author

      Do you think it would be able to capture variations on names? E.g.:

      • Last, First
      • Last, First M
      • Last, F. M.
    1. which may mean there needs to be a broader search conducted

      Yes, searches are not immediately transferable, and need to be translated.

    2. Both EBSCOhost and ProQuest offer a variety of fun “extras” such as the ability to save searches and execute “cross-database” searches

      How does each database handle controlled vocab when more than one database is searched?

    3. but only EBSCOhost allows searching by series title

      You can search by publication title in Proquest.

    4. Kentucky Virtual Library

      These are separate offerings: UKY and KVL. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

    1. If this deep understanding is at the information seeker’s disposal, not having to set up advanced searches by applying drop down menus or clicking limiting boxes, and instead simply typing lines into a single command line search box could potentially be much more efficient.

      In fact, you could create a library of these searches!

    2. However, a cursory examination of the ProQuest results proved very few were actually relevant to my information needs concerning classical guitar in public schools, while six of the eight EBSCOhost results were highly useful.

      Search queries do not easily translate from one database to another because the contents of the databases, albeit similar, will determine what's returned. So this is a good example of having to revise the query and trying again.

    3. Of course, neither company is responsible for misinformation or quality contained within specific articles, but returned items from both databases include cross-references to authors, the subject headings applied to the content, and the full-text version of the work, when possible.

      This is a good point and a good clarification about what accuracy means with respect a discussion on databases.

    1. In considering these two particular databases, however, command line searching is only available as an explicitly framed option in IBSS.

      ah! Good (see comment above)

    2. Command line searching is available for both databases

      Do you mean advanced searching? EBSCOhost does allow for the construction of a command line syntax, but they don't offer a convenient place to write such a query. Instead you have to enter a command line query in one of the search boxes.

    3. Anthropology Plus, for instance, will produce search results for the truncated keywords “anthro*” AND “librar*” without comment. IBSS, by way of comparison, will produce a line of warning for the same search that reads: “Did you mean: anthro* AND library*?”

      I'm not following. Plus, wouldn't the suggestion help users?

    4. For instance, a search for the keywords

      In which of their databases?

    1. The subject headings are more detailed in EBSCO host than in ProQuest. In that regards, EBSCO host seems more accurate. For example, in an article on Northern Ireland,

      Might it vary based on the specific database that's being used?

    2. It feels like

      How would you examine that in order to know for sure?

    1.  No thesaurus is provided.

      An index is provided, though. How does that help?

    2. The text-only interface is complaint with Section 508 Standards.

      Nice observation---this is very important.

    1. If I were to narrow the search only focusing on certain publications, in certain languages, during a select period of time, the results would be more closely linked with what I was looking for. 

      The key here would be to focus more on faceting what we want to about global warming.

    2. EBSCOhost is compiled of all relevant databases

      What do these statements mean?

    1. s((http://adat.crl.edu)

      Nice use of outside source.

    2. In my opinion, EBSCOhost is more well recognized and respected by students, whereas ProQuest is not as well known.

      Why do you think that is?

    1. Many times with databases, it is to determine who should be published, and who is creditable enough to be published.

      I think 'indexed' might be a better choice. Publishers publish.

    1. Evaluating the accuracy of the database providers means considering the subject indexing.

      I think this is a spot on observation.

    2. Users can search within more than one database by check marking to select multiple titles

      This raises a good question: if a thesaurus is offered in one database and not another, and a user selects both databases, is the thesaurus still offered when the user conducts a search?

    1. are updated at varies times

      Do they tell you when for each one?

    1. Art Index enables a user to sort by: relevance; date newest; date oldest; source, and author. IBA allows sorting by: relevance, oldest first, and most recent first.

      given the structure of the records, could more sorting options be provided?

    2. (W)

      Must be a WordPress gotcha.

    3. Command Line

      I wonder how well command line search works from the phone!

    4. EBSCOhost provides a list of its databases in an alphabetical order. ProQuest Databases arranges its databases alphabetically in two forms, by name and by subject.

      What do you think about this? Does it matter?

    1. 127 databases in seven different subject areas

      Some of these repeat -- e.g., Alt-PressWatch is listed un the Arts databases and also the Language and Literature databases.

    2. full-text articles

      Indexed too -- full text will be a bit more limited. Would love to see some examples.