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    1. § 1003.36 Record of proceeding. The Immigration Court shall create and control the Record of Proceeding.

      Regulation providing that the Immigration Court is responsible for creating and controlling the Record of Proceeding.

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    1. (b) Motion to Advance — A request to advance a hearing date (move the hearing to an earlier date) should be made by written motion.  A motion to advance should completely articulate the reasons for the request.  The motion should be filed with a cover page labeled “MOTION TO ADVANCE” and comply with the deadlines and requirements for filing.  See Chapter 5.2 (Filing a Motion), Appendix E (Cover Pages).

      Immigration Court Practice Manual guidance on Motions to Advance hearing date.

  5. Dec 2022
    1. Though crime data by ethnicity, religion, and migration status are quite limited in European countries (something that ought to be reformed), accusations of statistical exaggeration are refuted by Ayaan’s correct identification of a stunning pattern emerging in Europe: migrant men from Muslim-majority countries are committing an exceedingly disproportionate number of sexual offenses. In Germany, for example, asylum seekers were 12 percent of suspects in all sex crimes, despite comprising only one to two per cent of the total population. Asylum-seekers comprised less than one per cent of the Austrian population in 2017, yet they were suspects in 11 percent of all reported sexual harassment and rape cases. Hirsi Ali finds startlingly similar trends in Austria, France, Denmark, and other countries.
    1. Though crime data by ethnicity, religion, and migration status are quite limited in European countries (something that ought to be reformed), accusations of statistical exaggeration are refuted by Ayaan’s correct identification of a stunning pattern emerging in Europe: migrant men from Muslim-majority countries are committing an exceedingly disproportionate number of sexual offenses. In Germany, for example, asylum seekers were 12 percent of suspects in all sex crimes, despite comprising only one to two per cent of the total population. Asylum-seekers comprised less than one per cent of the Austrian population in 2017, yet they were suspects in 11 percent of all reported sexual harassment and rape cases. Hirsi Ali finds startlingly similar trends in Austria, France, Denmark, and other countries.
    1. In the Irish sample, the combined vaccine hesitant and resistant group differed most pronouncedly from the vaccine acceptance group on the following psychological variables: lower levels of trust in scientists (d = 0.51), health care professionals (d = 0.45), and the state (d = 0.31); more negative attitudes toward migrants (d’s ranged from 0.27 to 0.29); lower cognitive reflection (d = 0.25); lower levels of altruism (d’s ranged from 0.17 to 0.24); higher levels of social dominance (d = 0.22) and authoritarianism (d = 0.14); higher levels of conspiratorial (d = 0.21) and religious (d = 0.20) beliefs; lower levels of the personality trait agreeableness (d = 0.15); and higher levels of internal locus of control (d = 0.14).
    1. Blackstone

      Some important points about Blackstone:

      • In separate cases in 2018 and 2019, the hotel chain Motel 6, owned by Blackstone, agreed to settle for a total of $19.6 million for giving guest lists to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) without a warrant.
      • The company has invested in companies with links to the commercialization and deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.
      • In 2019, a United Nations report found that Blackstone's massive purchasing of single-family homes after the financial crisis of 2007–2008 had "devastating consequences." The report alleged that Blackstone had abused tenants with exorbitant fees, rent hikes, and aggressive eviction practices, and that Blackstone's real estate practices had a disproportionate impact on communities of color, in part because the company targeted foreclosures resulting from subprime loans.
      • In July 2020, Blackstone invested US$200m in the Swedish oat milk brand, Oatly, for a 7% stake in the company, triggering outrage among some segments of its customer base.
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      Treaty Regulating Immigration from China 1880 (also at Wikisource; at Wikipedia), known commonly as the "Angell Treaty" after its primary US negotiator James B. Angell, which amended the 1868 Burlingame-Seward Treaty (in this same document at US Library of Congress; at Wikisource; at Wikipedia).


      1868 Burlingame-Seward Treaty (at Wikisource; at Wikipedia).

  7. Oct 2022
    1. Earlier this year, Police Commissioner James O'Neill admitted that a "theft of services" arrest (the legal code name for turnstile jumping) could in fact lead to an immigrant getting deported. And earlier this month, a series of bills the City Council passed last year encouraging the use of civil summonses instead of arrests for quality of life crimes like public drinking, public urination and littering went into effect.

      Excusing criminality in a matter of deference to foreign nationals who are unlawfully present in the United States is perverse. The immigration laws have many provisions by design to ensure that foreign nationals who violate the laws of the United States in certain ways are not allowed to remain and harm the safety of Americans.

    1. Finally, non-citizens can face potential immigration-related issues as a result of this otherwise-minor charge. Though immigration questions relating to criminal arrests and convictions are very complicated, the Immigration and Naturalization Act does plainly make a non-citizen deportable for a conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude. Moreover, theft of services (Penal Law 165.15) is probably a crime involving moral turpitude, meaning that a non-citizen could conceivably be deported or denied entry back into the United States for a conviction of this charge.

      Immigration consequences of fare beating. With that being said, there is no precedent decision on whether theft of public services under NYPL 165.15(3) is a categorical CIMT, and both Second and Third Circuit left the matter unresolved in non-precedent decisions. BIA has found in at least two non-precedent decisions that it is a CIMT. Does not appear to come up often in the context of removal charges.

    1. nd another population that both our mayor and governor have spoken passionately about protecting would stand to suffer greatly as a result of a new enforcement policy: immigrants. Immigrants who have even minor contact with the criminal justice system face far more drastic consequences. Under the Trump administration, an arrest for jumping a turnstile or even a criminal summons could result in deportation, family separation, and destroyed lives.

      If a foreign national who is in the United States without legal authorization does something stupid and is required to appear in Court as a result, he or she may be more likely to come to the attention of immigration authorities. As an initial matter, the solution is to not violate the immigration laws of the United States. However, if one chooses to violate the immigration laws, he or she ought to avoid doing things like jumping turnstyles. Many Americans likely avoid taking certain liberties that they do in the United States when they are traveling in foreign countries.

    1. kriminalisering av deltagande i kriminella gäng

      Undrar om ekonomisk brottslighet menas. Den utgör minst 100 miljarder kronor per år, alltså minst 1,8% av sveriges BNP, medan flyktingimmigration kostar cirka 1,0% av sveriges BNP; observera att flyktingimmigration bidrar till sveriges BNP, vilket ekonomisk brottslighet aldrig gör.

    1. Federal Courts Rules, SOR/98-106

      See also Federal Courts Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee Protection Rules, SOR/93-22, https://canlii.ca/t/554bm

  8. May 2022
    1. The Seattle Times turns off comments on “stories that are of a sensitive nature,” said Michelle Matassa Flores, executive editor of The Seattle Times. “People can’t behave on any story that has to do with race.” Comments are turned off on stories about race, immigration, and crime, for instance.

      The Seattle Times turns off comments on stories about race, immigration, and crime because as their executive editor Michelle Matassa Flores says, "People can't behave on any story that has to do with race."

    1. A spike in fears about new immigrants and newly emancipated black people reproducing at higher rates than the white population also prompted more opposition to legal abortion.

      Were fears about immigrants and Black people in the late 1800's milieu of evolutionary theory and beginning of eugenics thought influential in the growing debate about abortion?

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    1. Luisa: I think they've gained a lot. I think Mexico has gained a lot, but they don't know how to appreciate it. They pretty much throw us aside. Unfortunately, the Mexican government does not think that people who are returning from the States have anything to offer, and they're dead wrong about that. Honestly, if you look at a lot of these people that are coming back, they have so much to offer. They have so much to give and they have so much drive and they're hungry, but they don't make it easy for us.

      Reflections, Mexico, Policy to help integrate migrants back into Mexican Society (the lack thereof)

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    1. In 1997, Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Labour government passed an act that would permanently change the face and character of the United Kingdom, something that the writer and social critic Benjamin Schwarz called the country’s “most profound social transformation since the Industrial Revolution.” In an effort, apparently, to make the U.K. a full participant in the modern, globalized world, the government radically relaxed immigration policies, making it much easier for people to settle there. It initiated a wave of mass immigration to the country, which continues to this day. As Schwarz noted in his essential essay, “Unmaking England,” in 2014 “636,000 migrants came to live in Britain, and 27 percent of births in Britain were to foreign-born mothers.” The majority of the immigrants were from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Somalia, and Nigeria. The result is that Britain, of all places, is becoming one of the most multiethnic, multiracial, and culturally diverse countries in the world—yet a monarchical structure remains within it that is and has always been 100 percent white.

      This is some important context that many (Americans at least) are missing in this general story.

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    1. Hartman, T. K., Stocks, T. V. A., McKay, R., Gibson Miller, J., Levita, L., Martinez, A. P., Mason, L., McBride, O., Murphy, J., Shevlin, M., bennett, kate m, & Bentall, R. (2020). The Authoritarian Dynamic During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Effects on Nationalism and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment [Preprint]. PsyArXiv. https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/4tcv5

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    1. The funding and staffing restrictions Cormann’s Department has imposed on Home Affairs has not only led to a reduction in immigration integrity and massive long-term costs but it may have also driven Home Affairs into the foolishness of visa privatisation.
  21. Nov 2019
    1. the issues of violence with race and racism inAmerica

      Many letters talked about immigration and gun control. I think this is a huge issue the country is facing now and this study reflects the importance of that issue.

  22. Sep 2019
    1. Everyone lawfully within the territory of a State shall, within that territory, have the right to liberty of movement and freedom to choose his residence.

      This would seem to provide issues with requiring migrants to reside in a certain location in Australia.

  23. Apr 2019
    1. Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Thursday that Motel 6 shared the information of about 80,000 guests in the state from 2015 to 2017. That led to targeted investigations of guests with Latino-sounding names, according to Ferguson. He said many guests faced questioning from ICE, detainment or deportation as a result of the disclosures. It's the second settlement over the company's practice in recent months.

      If you stay at Motel 6, prepare to have your latino-tinged data handed over to the authorities who are looking to harm you permanently.

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    1. COUNTRY-SPECIFICOFFSET.—Section 2 of the 1Chinese Student Protection Act of 1992 (8 U.S.C. 1255 2note) is amended—

      Like this.

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    1. The Truth About Migrants (2018)


      when this migrant in France scaled a building to save a baby I guess that means we should just get rid of borders and laws why this dude didn't grab the baby probably best not to ask questions

      The thumbnail of this video is ominous/portentous . it's a bad omen for women, their dautghters will pay for their mothers' stupidity.

  27. Jun 2018
    1. Microsoft is doing some kind of work for ICE.

      Microsoft condemned family separation by ICE in a statement to Gizmodo but declined to specify if specific tools within Azure Government, like Face API—facial recognition software—were in use by the agency. The company also did not comment on whether it had assisted in building artificial intelligence tools for ICE, something the agency has been seeking (and courting Microsoft over) for some time.

    1. So the idea of zero tolerance under the stated policy is that we don’t care why you’re afraid. We don’t care if it’s religion, political, gangs, anything. For all asylum seekers, you are going to be put in jail, in a detention center, and you’re going to have your children taken away from you.


      So if you cross any other way besides the bridge, we’re prosecuting you. But . . . you can’t cross the bridge.


      The zero-tolerance policy really started with Jeff Sessions’s announcement in May.


      And so we saw about six hundred children who were taken away from October to May, then we saw an explosion of the numbers in May. It ramped up. The Office of Refugee Resettlement taking in all these kids says that they are our children, that they are unaccompanied. It’s a fabrication. They’re not unaccompanied children.


      the idea that these parents don’t have the ability to obtain very simple answers—what are my rights and when can I be reunited with my kid before I’m deported without them?—is horrible. And has to go far below anything we, as a civil society of law, should find acceptable.

  28. Feb 2018
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    1. Yeury, it sounds really difficult to be separated from your dad and grandmother. Do you speak to them via WhatsApp, Skype, or FaceTime?

      You say that you "have what I did not have in my native country". What is that? I'm interested to know specifically what you have in the United States that you did not have in the Dominican Republic.

  30. Jun 2017
    1. The Citizen's Committee was created in 1947 with the intention to advocate for more open immigration policy in the US.

  31. Apr 2017
    1. Not one-third of the inhabitants, even of this province, are of English de- scent.

      Pennsylvania had a high number of immigrants from Germany. The English colonies received many immigrants from other parts of Europe as well as the forced migration of enslaved people from Africa.

  32. Mar 2017
    1. Among those who illegally enter are those who seek to harm Americans through acts of terror or criminal conduct.  Continued illegal immigration presents a clear and present danger to the interests of the United States.

      Say something here.

    2. Border


    3. (a)  secure the southern border of the United States through the immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border, monitored and supported by adequate personnel so as to prevent illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking, and acts of terrorism;

      This relates to leglislation that recently passed here.

  33. Feb 2017
    1. Gone are the Obama-era rules that required them to focus only on serious criminals.

      Immigration enforcement priorities were partly established by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson's 2014 memorandum:


    2. At Kennedy International Airport in New York, passengers arriving after a five-hour flight from San Francisco were asked to show their documents before they were allowed to get off the plane.

      Like this.

    1. And, like most foreign-born physicians, Tauseef came on a J1 visa. That meant after training he had two options: return to Pakistan or work for three years in an area the U.S. government has identified as having a provider shortage.

      There is a huge demand in rural areas for doctors.

    1. So how many individuals from each nation have been involved in terror attacks in Europe since 9/11? 

      The following text shows that people from the seven countries picked both by the U.S. Congress,Obama, and Trump do pose a significant risk of terrorism, despite the mainstream media's statements to the contrary.

      Trump's temporary immigration ban from these seven countries was far from optimal, and may have actually caused considerably more harm than good, but it was not nearly as absurd at the mainstream media is propagandizing people to believe.

    1. “I mean, the perception of Arabs and Muslims in a racist and negative light is not shocking. But I’ve never seen this codification via executive orders the way we are now. It’s very scary and an awful feeling.”
    1. PORT OF ENTRY INSPECTORS.—In each of 7the fiscal years 2008 through 2012, the Secretary 8shall, subject to the availability of appropriations, in-9crease by not less than 500

      Contradictetd by previous law.

  34. Jan 2017
    1. Underpinning these discussions was the belief that the materiality of the body, one’s physical features were a catalogue of signs to be interpreted not only for the sake one’s own body, as was the case for bedside medicine, but rather and mainly for the body politic.

      So many sources to share here, but here is one in particular that I think is especially relevant today, particularly as we think about enforcement of norms based on appearance and how it...defines (?)...national identity: "Disabled Upon Arrival: The Rhetorical Construction of Disability and Race at Ellis Island" by Jay Dolmage. Hopefully this link takes you to the PDF.

      Important quote: "Ellis Island was designed to process the immigrant body—through an industrialized choreography, through a regime of vision, and through layers of anti-immigration discourse. Ellis Island became the key laboratory and operating theater for American eugenics, the scientific racism that can be seen to define a unique era of Western history, the effects of which can still be felt today. I will argue that Ellis Island, as a rhetorical space, can be seen as a nexus—and a special point of origin—for eugenics and the rhetorical construction of disability and race in the early twentieth century" (27).

      Also, here's a video of this paper presented as a lecture.

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    1. "Latin America as a whole exported more value in soccer players in the first half of 2013 than live animals in the entirety of 2011. Argentina’s soccer player exports amount to about a quarter of the value of its meat exports over the same period in 2011; Brazil’s to more than its gun exports; Uruguay’s to more than its fish exports; Peru’s to more than its cocoa exports; and Ecuador’s to roughly the same as its coffee and tea exports. Guatemala even ships off more value in soccer players each year than beef."

    1. Hillary Clinton, who served as Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term, is the most hawkish of the Democratic candidates, advocating for greater U.S. involvement overseas.

      Candidates have different views on how to handle terrorism. Immigration is often cast as a south-of-the-border issue, but how will the threat of ISIS continue to impact immigration policy in terms of the Middle East region? As a teacher of immigrants, I would expect to see more and more students affected by this crisis.

  38. Dec 2015
    1. I think it’s very much analogous to whether a family would want to take them in.

      It is not at all analogous. There is no moral basis for thinking that someone should have the right to enter a family, while their is plenty of reason to think that people ought to have freedom of movement.

  39. Oct 2015
    1. On the beach, the women stick around to direct their cargo to waiting tap-tap trucks, bound for nearby storage depots that act as hubs for the small retailers across southern Haiti that sell peasants their soap and staples. Then they head home for some well-earned rest. The women are known as Madam Saras. They’re familiar figures in Haiti, named for migrant Sara birds that line the country’s trees in chattering groups. In a nation filled with broken infrastructure and stalled development schemes, where the “informal sector” makes up eighty-five per cent of trade, the Madam Saras are crucial cogs. They’re responsible for getting produce from Haiti’s rural farmers to its cities, and getting goods from across the border to all Haitians. The job is hard, “but a good living,”

      Another glimpse into the active economic relationship between Haitians and Dominicans. The new tightening of migration laws through deportation on the part of the Dominican government, threatens the livelihood of these women. Not only are the laws threatening, but attitudes towards Haitians in the Republic worsen in an already hostile and prejudiced environment.