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  1. Feb 2024
    1. si lio des pratiques sont importantes harmonisée c'est bel et bien la gestion comportement parce que vous avez dans vos écoles en belgique comme nous en avons au québec 00:09:51 des jeunes qui n'ont qu'une seule chose à faire vous regardez cinq heures par jour cinq jours par semaine pour essayer de détecter la moindre et justice aussi 00:10:06 petite soit elle et ils vont vous la livrer sur un plateau d'argent donc quand on s'entend ensemble on évite ce type de contexte là et c'est souvent ce qu'on doit faire avec un élève ou un 00:10:19 groupe d'élèves qui ce qui ne se comporte pas de la bonne façon
  2. Jan 2023
    1. if we continue with our greenhouse gas emissions then by 2070 as many as 3 00:03:25 billion people will live in uninhabitable zones and mostly in poorer countries and this basically means that these people who probably have the least contribution to the climate problem have 00:03:39 been the ones that are most exposed

      !- quotable : 3 billion people at risk by 2070 - mostly people who has contributed the least to the problem

  3. Jul 2022
    1. Ohio Senate Democrats hope the state’s General Assembly follows the lead from Congress and enacts gun legislation that would deal with background checks, age requirements and enact a red flag law in the state

      This hope runs afoul of the #JustPowers clause of The Declaraton of Independence.

      Simply put, all just powers of Government must be derived from individuals, and since no individual may do these things (if they did, they would likely be charged criminally for their violent actions to do so) no one can justly grant these powers to Government.

      Since it fails this test, the proposal is clearly unjust based on the test laid out in our founding documents. No party that consistently proposes imposing violent or unjust policies should be allowed to exist.

  4. Oct 2021
  5. Feb 2021
    1. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

      Getting to the very core of the matter - it doesn’t matter where he is from - if one person is suffering from injustice, than all are.

    2. But more basically, I am in Birmingham because injustice is here

      Boom! To the point. He is fighting injustice

  6. Sep 2020
    1. To everyone taking to the streets tonight to protest against police violence and racial injustice: We're with you. Know your rights.

      A great example of a special experience authority. Relevant to my topic.

    2. On this day in 1958, after violent resistance to integrating Little Rock Central High School, white residents voted to close public schools rather than integrate. To overcome racial inequality, we must confront our history. Share this #racialinjustice

      Relevance for my topic

  7. Jun 2020
  8. May 2020
  9. Oct 2019
    1. A former union boss jailed over receiving a coal exploration licence from his friend, former NSW Labor minister Ian Macdonald, was an "entrepreneur" who found a "willing buyer" in the disgraced politician, a court has heard.

      This is a flawed proposition and both misleading and deceptive in relation to the subject matter, considering its prominence in a court media report of proceedings which largely centre on the propriety or otherwise of an approvals process.

      Using a market analogy mischaracterises the process involved in seeking and gaining approval for a proposal based on an innovative occupational health and safety concept.

      In this case, the Minister was the appropriate authority under the relevant NSW laws.

      And while Mr Maitland could indeed be described as a "entrepreneur", the phrase "willing buyer" taken literally in the context of the process to which he was constrained, could contaminate the reader's perception of the process as transactional or necessitating exchange of funds a conventional buyer and seller relationship.

      Based on evidence already tendered in open court, it's already known Mr Maitland sought both legal advice on the applicable process as well as guidance by officials and other representatives with whom he necessarily engaged.

      But the concept of finding a "willing buyer", taken literally at it's most extreme, could suggest Mr Maitland was presented with multiple approvals processes and to ultimately reach his goal, engaged in a market force-style comparative assessment of the conditions attached to each of these processes to ultimately decide on which approvals process to pursue.

      Plainly, this was not the case. Mr Maitland had sought advice on the process and proceeded accordingly.

      The only exception that could exist in relation to the availability of alternative processes could be a situation silimilar to the handling of unsolicited proposals by former Premier Barry O'Farrell over casino licenses which were not constrained by any of the regular transparency-related requirements including community engagement, notification or competitive tender.

      Again, this situation does not and could not apply to the process applicable to Mr Maitland's proposal.

      The misleading concepts introduced from the outset in this article also represent an aggravating feature of the injustice to which Mr Maitland has been subjected.

      To be found criminally culpable in a matter involving actions undertaken in an honest belief they were required in a process for which Mr Maitland both sought advice process and then at no stage was told anything that would suggest his understanding of the process was incorrect, contradicts fundamental principles of natural justice.

  10. Mar 2019
    1. Knowing an injustice is taking place may make educators feel all the more helpless,without a productive avenue of resistance.
  11. Oct 2016
    1. Oklahoma Correctional Industries; workers scan the original photos and prepare metadata

      We can make the argument here that the University of North Texas, the Oklahoma Historical Society, and the Ethics in Journalism Foundation support de facto slave labor. Let's be honest here: "workers" = "prisoners"

  12. Jul 2015
    1. attempted to negotiate with white business leaders there. When those negotiations broke down because of promises the white men broke, the SCLC planned to protest through “direct action.” Before beginning protests, however, they underwent a period of “self-purification,” to determine whether they were ready to work nonviolently,
  13. Sep 2013
    1. power and art have to be provided in order that we may do no injustic

      Relationship of power, art, and justice

    2. Then rhetoric is of no use to us, Polus, in helping a man to excuse his own injustice,

      a foretelling of his own, indisputable fate