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  1. Mar 2024
    1. The whole industry is built on this concept of planned obsolescence. That’s the term that I think IBM famously came up with in the sixties, where basically you’re intentionally trying to constantly sell people on the new new thing. And that’s what drives the stock price up. And that’s what drives the press cycle. And that’s what gets people to buy new products and things. And so, the whole industry is predicated around this idea of there’s always a new thing around the horizon.

      Where did the concept of planned obsolescence originate? Was it really IBM as Alex Wright suggests here?

      How does planned obsolescence drive capitalism? And as a result of that is there a balance between future innovation and waste? Is there a mechanism within capitalism that can fix this waste (or dramatically mitigate it)?

  2. Dec 2023
    1. Wells attempts in this essay to help mankind "pull it's mind together" for the betterment of people and the planet. How is this supposed to happen in a modern media environment which is designed to pull our minds apart as rapidly as possible?

      How might the strength of capitalism be leveraged to push people back toward a common middle rather than split them apart?

  3. Nov 2023
    1. The HTML encoding of this document contains several errors, some of which substantially affect the way it's read. This fixes one of those problems in Appendix II:

      javascript ([ ...document.querySelectorAll("op") ]).reverse().forEach((op) => { let f = document.createDocumentFragment(); f.append(document.createTextNode("<OP>"), ...op.childNodes); op.parentElement.replaceChild(f, op); })

      The problem show be apparent on what is, at the time of this writing, line 4437:

      html <code>IF ?w THEN ?x<OP>?y ELSE ?z<OP>?y</code>

      (The angle brackets around the occurrences of "OP" should be encoded as HTML entities. Because they aren't they end up getting parsed as HTML op elements (which isn't a thing) and screwing up the document tree.)

  4. Sep 2023
  5. Apr 2023
    1. Brev fra Christopher Hansteen til Johanne Cathrine Andrea Hansteen.

      Link goes to nb.no (nettbiblioteket), not specifically to the collection.

    1. QuickBooks Error 3371 is a common error that users face while using QuickBooks. This error usually occurs when the user is trying to open QuickBooks or restore a backup. This error can be caused by many factors such as damaged or missing files, corrupt data, or even malware. The good news is that this error can be fixed easily by following some simple steps. In this article, we will show you how to fix QuickBooks Error 3371 and get your QuickBooks running again.

    1. Why do we devalue education? Is it such a commodity now that its transmission value is worth pennies on the dollar?

      Is Government requirement and support for education part of what causes the devaluation of the "educational market"? If so, how would one decouple this process to increase the wages of educators? Is a capitalistic version the best way to go, or is it better to socialize it further and inject more money into it versus other choices?

      Major nationwide strike forming minimum wage with variances for local consumer indices and city/state costs of living? Something which would drive competition for child care and teaching spaces? Wages that would push up the social value of education? Create a market for competition for teachers at the local level as well as between areas?

  6. Mar 2023
    1. Sustainable consumption scholars offer several explanations forwhy earth-friendly, justice-supporting consumers falter when itcomes to translating their values into meaningful impact.
      • Paraphrase
      • Claim
        • earth-friendly, justice-supporting consumers cannot translate their values into meaningful impact.
      • Evidence
      • “the shading and distancing of commerce” Princen (1997) is an effect of information assymetry.
        • producers up and down a supply chain can hide the negative social and environmental impacts of their operations, putting conscientious consumers at a disadvantage. //
      • this is a result of the evolution of alienation accelerated by the industrial revolution that created the dualistic abstractions of producers and consumers.
      • Before that, producers and consumers lived often one and the same in small village settings
      • After the Industrial Revolution, producers became manufacturers with imposing factories that were cutoff from the general population
      • This set the conditions for opaqueness that have plagued us ever since. //

      • time constraints, competing values, and everyday routines together thwart the rational intentions of well-meaning consumers (Røpke 1999)

      • assigning primary responsibility for system change to individual consumers is anathema to transformative change (Maniates 2001, 2019)
      • This can be broken down into three broad categories of reasons:

        • Rebound effects
          • https://jonudell.info/h/facet/?max=100&expanded=true&user=stopresetgo&exactTagSearch=true&any=jevon%27s+paradox
          • increases in consumption consistently thwart effciency-driven resource savings across a wide variety of sectors (Stern 2020). -sustainability scholars increasingly critique “effciency” both as:
            • a concept (Shove 2018)
            • as a form of“weak sustainable consumption governance” (Fuchs and Lorek 2005).
          • Many argue that, to be successful, effciency measures must be accompanied by initiatives that limit overall levels of consumption, that is, “strong sustainable consumption governance.
        • Attitude-behavior gap

        • Behavior-impact gap

    1. 자동으로 사진을 편집

      Feature roadmap

      • 3x faster Upscaling soon
      • Infinity scrolling for camera tab, so you can go back in your history
      • Face fix; when shooting wide angle photos the face is too low reso and stops resembling the model, I am building a face fix that restores it
      • Zoom in or crop; zoom in and crop parts of the photo which you then get back in high resolution
      • Video; shoot 150 variations of a photo for a 5 second video at 30fps
      • Deleting models
      • Trash auto deleting if >30 days old in trash
      • Auto deleting photos/models if customer cancels
  7. Nov 2022
    1. Some software attempts to hide this by translating the bytes of invalid UTF-8 to matching characters in Windows-1252 (since that is the most likely source of these errors), so that the replacement character is never seen.
  8. Oct 2022
  9. Sep 2022
    1. people usually forgets about one of the greatest advantages of Open Source. YOU can fix the issue. You can download the source code and dig deep into the code allow you to keep moving. Also, you can merge this changes back to the original repository so others doesn’t have to fix it again. win-win relationship.
  10. Apr 2022
  11. Mar 2022
    1. In 1994, The Unix-Haters Handbook was published containing a long list of missives about the software—everything from overly-cryptic command names that were optimized for Teletype machines, to irreversible file deletion, to unintuitive programs with far too many options. Over twenty years later, an overwhelming majority of these complaints are still valid even across the dozens of modern derivatives. Unix had become so widely used that changing its behavior would have challenging implications. For better
  12. Nov 2021
  13. www.appops.org www.appops.org
    1. Getting Started

      Image snippet on left side gets squeezed and links are hanging out in the open on macbook . Needs fixing




  14. Sep 2021
    1. The number of complaints across the issue tracker and the lack of substantive followup on many of those complaints should be ample evidence that these frustrated users exist and are likely about to leave Fenix behind in droves, if they haven't already.
    1. Nasty Fix by Nasty

      Nasty Fix by Nasty Juice is a complete disposable vape device. Perfect for nights out or as a backup for your main vape kit. The Nasty juice Fix disposable is pre-filled with 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid so no need to recharge, refill or faff around changing coils or pods.

  15. Aug 2021
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  17. Apr 2021
    1. There is a tendency in short luck-heavy games to require you to play multiple rounds in one sitting, to balance the scores. This is one such game. This multiple-rounds "mechanic" feels like an artificial fix for the problem of luck. Saboteur 1 and 2 advise the same thing because the different roles in the game are not balanced. ("Oh, well. I had the bad luck to draw the Profiteer character this time. Maybe I'll I'll draw a more useful character in round 2.") This doesn't change the fact that you are really playing a series of short unbalanced games. Scores will probably even out... statistically speaking. The Lost Cities card game tries to deal with the luck-problem in the same way.

      possibly rename: games: luck: managing/mitigating the luck to games: luck: dealing with/mitigating the luck problem

    1. What's the point of playing a game featuring fjords without also including vikings to pillage the other player's lands...I've actually developed two additional tiles for Fjords: The Dragon and The Marauding Hoard. Both do exactly that.(I've play tested them with a friend well over 40 times and we both agree that with an expanded set of Fjords tiles, these two greatly improve the game for us. I'll write the tiles up and post them to BGG... eventually)
    1. Rule 7: cf(x)=f(x)cf(x)=f(x)cf(x ) = f(x) (for c>1c>1c > 1) stretched vertically. Rule 8: cf(x)=f(x)cf(x)=f(x)cf(x ) = f(x) (for c<1c<1c < 1) compressed vertically.

      Rule 7 : for c > 1 stretched vertically Rule 8 : for 0 < c < 1 compressed vertically Rule 9 : for c > 1 compressed horizontally Rule 10 : for 0 < c < 1 stretched horizontally

  18. Mar 2021
    1. If you end up finding and fixing a bug in your code, consider re-reading the documentation and seeing if that behavior of the library is unclear. Consider sending a documentation PR.
  19. Feb 2021
    1. Personally, I'm starting to think that the feature where it automatically adds xray.js to the document is more trouble than it's worth. I propose that we remove that automatic feature and just make it part of the install instructions that you need to add this line to your template/layout: <%= javascript_include_tag 'xray', nonce: true if Rails.env.development? %>
    1. My only concern with this approach is that if someone calls #valid? on the form object afterwards, it would under the hood currently delete the existing errors on the form object and revalidate. The could have unexpected side effects where the errors added by the models passed in or the service called will be lost.
    2. My concern with this approach is still that it's somewhat brittle with the current implementation of valid? because whilst valid? appears to be a predicate and should have no side effects, this is not the case and could remove the errors applied by one of the steps above.
  20. Jan 2021
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  21. Dec 2020
    1. This is an opportunity to fix a bug: if you're on a page that redirects to a login page if there's no user object, or otherwise preloads data specific to that user, then logging out won't automatically update the page — you could easily end up with a page like HOME ABOUT LOG IN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Secret, user-specific data that shouldn't be visible alongside a 'log in' button:
  22. Nov 2020
    1. If the document is uncontroversial and agreement is reached quickly it might be committed directly with the "accepted" status. Likewise, if the proposal is rejected the status shall be "rejected". When a document is rejected a member of the core team should append a section describing the reasons for rejection.
    1. If this PR merges and it has unforseen bugs / issues, I'm not sure anyone would have the time to jump in and fix it. So, that's why I'm being cautious about approving/merging it.
    2. I know this is existing code but we can probably use this as an opportunity to "fix" it: it is discouraged to use the async exists method to check for a file and try operating on it.
    1. If the goal of this is purely to avoid showing a runtime warning (and isn't needed for other functionality) I think we should try to consider other ways of dealing with the root issue. See also #4652, which has been opened for just this concern.
  23. Oct 2020
  24. Sep 2020
    1. DX: start sapper project; configure eslint; eslint say that svelt should be dep; update package.json; build fails with crypt error; try to figure what the hell; google it; come here (if you have luck); revert package.json; add ignore error to eslint; Maybe we should offer better solution for this.
    2. When the message say function was called outside component initialization first will look at my code and last at my configuration.
    1. If you can't understand where it's coming from in the stack traces, please post screenshots or create reproducing sandboxes and we'll try to help. Most of these are probably coming from a few libraries, so the most productive thing to do is to reduce these cases and then file issues with those libraries.
  25. Aug 2020
    1. Safari sends following order application/xml (q is 1) application/xhtml+xml (q is 1) image/png (q is 1) text/html (q is 0.9) text/plain (q is 0.8) \*/\* (q is 0.5) So you visit www.myappp.com in safari and if the app supports .xml then Rails should render .xml file. This is not what user wants to see. User wants to see .html page not .xml page.
  26. Jul 2020
    1. In the Set class we already called this - and difference, which it is ok but not really accurate because of the previous explanation, but probably not worthwhile to change it.

      Is this saying that the name difference is inaccurate?

      Why is it inaccurate? You even called it the "theoretic difference" above.

      Is that because "relative complement" would be better? Or because the full phrase "theoretic difference" [https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/set-theoretic_difference] is required in order for it to be accurate rather than just "difference"?

  27. May 2020
  28. Apr 2020
  29. Dec 2019
    1. Basically, the standard said something, interpreters ignored it because the standard seemed illogical, but now interpreters like Bash have really confusing semantics, and no-one wants to fix it.
    1. * Wordsworth’s "Tintern Abbey."

      This information, denoted by an asterisk in line, and attribution at the bottom of the page appears within the printed text, and is not added as extra-textual information -- possible ERROR.

    2. * Leigh Hunt’s “Rimini.”

      This information, denoted by an asterisk in line, and attribution at the bottom of the page appears within the printed text, and is not added as extra-textual information -- possible ERROR.

    3. Paradise Lost.

      no extra textual information present on this page in Morgan Library scans of Thomas copy. -- Possible error?

    4. Paradise Lost.

      There is no extra-textual information on this page in the Morgan Library scans of the Thomas copy -- possible error

  30. Oct 2019
    1. I can't make an annotation on Google's documentation ( I think it's a Hypothesis bug ) but I've updated the linked code sample below to work as of 10/04/2019 with Python 3


  31. Aug 2019
  32. Nov 2018
  33. Sep 2018
  34. Apr 2017
    1. While there is currently a preview release of MALLET 2.0.8 available, this lesson uses the official release of MALLET 2.0.7. If you are following along with our instructions, please be sure to download the correct version.

      On the Mallet website, the download button automatically grabs 2.0.8. To get 2.0.7, just change the 8 to a 7 in your browser when you click on it - or click this link http://mallet.cs.umass.edu/dist/mallet-2.0.7.zip

  35. Feb 2017
    1. To engage with the lives of others, white audiences would have to encounter something far more frightening: their irrelevance. They would have to reckon with the fact that the work will not always speak to them, orient them, flatter them with tales of their munificence or infamy, or comfort them with stereotypes.

      In order to stop the erasure of the other, white people would have to take themselves out of the spotlight and realize not everything is for them. they would also have to encounter black suffering or something similar amongst themselves.

  36. Oct 2016
    1. Way back in 2010 Karl Staib started Domino Connection to help purpose driven business owners improve their ability to connect with their customer. As I grew the company he realized he had a superpower. I helped companies understand their customers better through helping them collect and analyze their data. I became the “Analytics Growth Guy”. I enjoyed this work, but I felt something was missing from my ability to help his clients. I knew that it’s much cheaper and easier to retain a customer then it is to find a new one. That’s where the idea of Domino Feedback and the Domino Promoter System started. I knew that a happy customer was hard to achieve, but delivered the best results for business growth. It’s 10x easier to retain a current customer than it is to let them go somewhere else and have to spend money on marketing to bring in a new customer. Most companies spend 900% more on their marketing than they do on improving their customer experience. If they focused more on customer experience much of the marketing will take care of itself in our hyper connected world. Communication is the biggest reason someone loved your company or hated it. Capturing this information helps a company improve the customer relationship that is on rocky ground or help turn someone into a fan of the business. That’s the goal of Domino Feedback. To help you turn as many of your customers into fans. Use Domino Feedback to Collect, Track, and Convert your customers into fans. Recent Posts How Your Customers Define Your Brand The Secret to Great Customer Service Why Companies Should Focus On Customer Service How I Use Customer Feedback for Growth Why I Created Domino Feedback

      Domino Connection was started by Karl Staib in 2011 to help purpose-driven business owners improve their ability to connect with customers.

      As Domino Connection grew as a company, Karl Staib realized that data feedback and analysis from customers could help companies understand their customers better.

      For many companies, it is much easier and cheaper to retain a customer than it is to find a new customer. That's where the idea of Domino Feedback started because happy, customers that are retained over time often delivers the best results for business growth.

      Customer retention also helps companies save money on marketing when the customer experience is improved. If the focus is shifted more to customer experience than on marketing, organic growth from customer experience is much more beneficial in our hyper-connected world.

      Capturing customer feedback helps improve the customer relationship that is on rocky ground, or helps turn a dissatisfied customer into a fan. That's our goal at Domino Feedback to help you turn as many of your customers into fans with actionable insights.

    1. Our system is based the Net Promoter Score categorizes your customers into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. We added the category of fans because anyone who loves what you do should have their own category. It’s good to give yourself a benchmark to improve, but more importantly getting feedback is about building a stronger relationship. That’s where we improved on NPS. We help you see each category as it’s own and how you can turn passive customers into fans. It’s the fans of your business that will make up 80% of your referrals. That’s why we created their own category. We wanted you to be able to learn from them and encourage them to help you grow your business.

      Re-write this:

      "Our system is based on the original Net Promoter Score which puts your customers into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. We've modernized that with an new category of fans because anyone who loves what you do should have their own category. In addition to that, we help you see each category as its own, and show you how you can turn passive customers into fans.

      Learn from your customers, encourage them to root for your product or service, and grow your business's success from your customer feedback."

    2. You want promoters, but the businesses that thrive during the rough times have fans. Every great company leans on these people to help spread the word about how much they love your product or service. Feedback is a way to build a better relationship with your customers. If you have trouble listening to feedback then you’ll need to work on improving your mindset around negative and positive feedback. Negative feedback is where you’ll find the most growth for your company. Positive feedback is where you’ll be able to celebrate as a team and encourage more results like this. Both negative and positive feedback can be used to help you. That’s why mindset is so important. You can’t take anything personal, but just use it to improve your company.

      Re-organize this:

      "Every great company leans on great fans to spread the word about how much they love your product or service. Both negative and positive feedback can be used to help build a better relationship with your customers, including ones that aren't yet current fans. Take the feedback that matters most o you in your surveys to improve your company."

    3. Too often businesses only respond to negative feedback. Again and again I’ve seen my clients receive a low rating and they jump on it to make it better, which is awesome, but they neglect the other people. Any customer that is willing to take the time to give you feedback to improve your business is amazing. This extra effort they give must be given back to them. That means thanking them for their feedback and helping fix their problem or thanking them for their feedback.

      Remove the personalization. Would instead write, "Do your customers know they matter to your business? All too often, customers only hear back when they give negative feedback. We help you respond effectively to both negative and positive feedback with our Domino Feedback tools."

    4. How your customers feel about your product truly matters. If they love it they tell all their friends, if they have a terrible experience they tell all their friends on social media. Domino Engagement System helps you put out the fires before they happen on social media. If they had a bad experience and they get an email from you asking for their feedback. They can vent to you before they vent on social media. It gives you a chance to fix the problem before it becomes a bigger problem.

      Know what your customers think about your product. Their feedback truly matters to you. After all, your sales depend on your customers coming back. A lost customer is lost revenue.

      Use Domino Feedback to give you the insights that truly matter to your business, and to keep revenue growing for you.

    5. Is There A Demo I Can See?Karl would be happy to show you how easy it is to send an email as well as how easy it is for your customers to fill out your survey.

      Remove the personalization. Use instead, "Yes, you can check out our free demo to see Domino Feedback in action in sending emails, and how your customers fill out your survey."

    6. The Domino Engagement System helps you show your customers how much you care. We classify each person, so you understand their needs and how you can learn from them. If a customer gives your business an 8 then the next step is to find out how can you turn this customer into a 10. Dominoing them from an 8 into a fan of your business.

      The Domino Engagement System -- consider changing it to Domino Feedback? Should keep branding consistent.

      "Domino Feedback is the only online survey you need, simplified, easy to use, and provides you with actionable insights on your customers. Use our scale to learn from your customers what you need to domino them from an 8 to 10, helping them become fans of your business."

  37. Oct 2015
    1. RAJ: Paul, this is a question of deep importance. You are right that the best help is to show the individual that he doesn’t need help. You are wondering how it could be that Maitreya will accomplish this, and especially how individuals such as yourself will truly be able to help in this sense.

      Read above for Paul's question

  38. Jun 2015