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  1. Mar 2024
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    1. Arber also suggests to Murray in this letter that he should use atypewriter. ‘I am quite certain’, he wrote, ‘that the only way to keep down thecost of corrections is to type-write the copy’, suggesting a model called theIdeal Caligraph, no. 2 price £18. Murray did read The Snake Dance of theMoquis of Arizona but he did not buy a typewriter.
    2. two small flaws in the Dictionary’s compilation process

      It is incredibly difficult to plan in advance what to collect for any zettelkasten, even when its scope is tightly defined, like it would have been for the Oxford English Dictionary.

  3. Jan 2024
    1. Accuracy of the slide rule. From thediscussion of § 2 it appears that we read fourfigures of a result on one part of the scaleand three figures on the remaining part.Assuming that the error of a reading is onetenth of the smallest interval following theleft-hand index of D, we conclude that theerror is roughly 1 in 1000 or one tenth of oneper cent. The effect of the assumed errorin judging a distance is inversely propor-tional to the length of the rule. Hencewe associate with a 10-inch slide rule anerror of one tenth of one per cent, with a20-inch slide rule an error of one twentiethof one per cent or 1 part in 2000, and withthe Thacher Cylindrical slide rule an errorof a hundredth of one per cent or one part.in 10,000. The accuracy obtainable withthe 10-inch slide rule is sufficient for manypractical purposes; in any ease the sliderule result serves as a check.

      The accuracy of most 10 inch slide rules is approximately 1 in 1000 or one tenth of one percent.

      Because the error in approximating distance is inversely proportion to the length of a slide rule, longer slide rules will have proportionally smaller errors, so while a 10 inch slide rule has an error of 1 in 1000, a 20 inch will have an error of 1 in 2000 and larger rules can be accurate to within 1 in 10,000 or better.



  4. Dec 2023
    1. There are common errors experienced by beginners when getting started with asyncio in Python.

      They are:

      1. Trying to run coroutines by calling them.
      2. Not letting coroutines run in the event loop.
      3. Using the asyncio low-level API.
      4. Exiting the main coroutine too early.
      5. Assuming race conditions and deadlocks are impossible.
    1. next stage is parsing (also known as syntactic analysis) and the parser reports the first error in the source code. Parsing the whole file happens before running the first line of code which means that Python does not even see the error on line 1 and reports the syntax error on line 2.
    2. I haven’t done a deep dive into the source code of the CPython interpreter to verify this, but I think the reason that this is the first error detected is because one of the first steps that Python 3.12 does is scanning (also known as lexical analysis). The scanner converts the ENTIRE file into a series of tokens before continuing to the next stage. A missing quotation mark at the end of a string literal is an error that is detected by the scanner—the scanner wants to turn the ENTIRE string into one big token, but it can’t do that until it finds the closing quotation mark. The scanner runs first, before anything else in Python 3.12, hence why this is the first error message.
    3. Python reports only one error message at a time—so the game is which error message will be reported first?

      Here is the buggy program:

      python 1 / 0 print() = None if False ñ = "hello

      Each line of code generates a different error message:

      • 1 / 0 will generate ZeroDivisionError: division by zero.
      • print() = None will generate SyntaxError: cannot assign to function call.
      • if False will generate SyntaxError: expected ':'.
      • ñ = "hello will generate SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal.

      The question is… which will be reported first?

      Spoilers: the specific version of Python matters (more than I thought it would) so keep that in mind if you see different results.

      The first error message detected is on the last line of source code. What this tells us is that Python must read the entire source code file before running the first line of code. If you have a definition in your head of an “interpreted language” that includes “interpreted languages run the code one line at a time”, then I want you to cross that out!

    4. The fact that error messages are generated by different stages of the compiler, and compilers generally issue errors from earlier stages before continuing also means that you can discover the stages of your compiler by deliberately creating errors in a program.
      • for: social tipping point, STP, social tipping point - misapplication, social tipping points - 4 application errors

      • title: Social tipping points everywhere?—Patterns and risks of overuse

      • author: Manjana Miikoreit
      • date: Nov 17, 2022

      • abstract

        • The last few years have witnessed an explosion of interest in the concept of social tipping points (STPs),
          • understood as nonlinear processes of transformative change in social systems.
        • A growing body of interdisciplinary scholarship has been focusing in particular on social tipping related to climate change.
        • In contrast with tipping point studies in the natural sciences–for example
          • climate tipping points and
          • ecological regime shifts–
        • STPs are often conceptualized as desirable, offering potential solutions to pressing problems.
        • Drawing on
          • a well-established definition for tipping points, and
          • a qualitative review of articles that explicitly treat social tipping points as potential solutions to climate change,
        • this article identifies four deleterious patterns in the application of the STP concept in this recent wave of research on nonlinear social change:
          • (i) premature labeling,
          • (ii) not defining system boundaries and scales of analysis,
          • (iii) not providing evidence for all characteristics of tipping processes, and
          • (iv) not making use of existing social theories of change.
        • Jointly, these patterns create a trend of overusing the concept.
        • Recognizing and avoiding these patterns of “seeing the world through tipping point glasses” is important for
          • the quality of scientific knowledge generated in this young field of inquiry and for
          • future science-policy interactions related to climate change.
        • Future research should seek to
          • identify empirical evidence for STPs while remaining open to the possibility that
            • many social change processes are not instances of tipping, or that
            • certain systems might not be prone to nonlinear change.
  5. Nov 2023
    1. Why do Direct Leaders decentralize when they issue a token? Decentralization imposes costs on an organization — decisions are made more slowly by lower context people who are not held accountable for bad decisions — this is why companies don’t operate this way. These costs are being felt across the industry. Kevin Owocki, who left as Direct Leader of Gitcoin to later return, described a broader trend of “founders boomeranging” back into leadership to solve the organizational dysfunction caused by decentralization. As the impetus for governance changes, Rune Christensen wrote of MakerDAO in 2022, “The governance processes and political dynamics… fundamentally aren’t compatible with the reality of effectively processing complicated real-world financial deals.”

      Just keep relearning the lessons of a 1000 years of governance experiments.

      People have been trying decentralized governance for a really long time and it's really hard. Progress does not depend on structural innovation, duh! It depends mostly on ontological/cultural innovation (e.g. "god is watching" aka the internalized morality of e.g. late christian religion) with some amount of increased monitoring and transparency ...

  6. Aug 2023
    1. CAUTION:

      The slice_plot() function is not in the stable MosaicCalc package but in a beta. Given the terribly cumbersome compilation of packages in R the best is to use an R base alternaive,

      For functions a good one is curve(),

      curve(expr = FUNCTION, from = A, to = B)

      for instance: fx <- makeFun(x^2 ~ x)

      curve(expr = fx, from = -10, to = 10)

  7. Mar 2023
    1. TheCalculagraph

      Beyond having people make direct copies of cards by hand or using carbon paper, The Calculagraph Company manufactured a copying machine for duplicating data.

      There is an accompanying picture (which I haven't copied here). Advertisement from 1906 System Magazine:

      The Calculagraph<br /> Makes individual records of actual<br /> working time on separate cards<br /> which may be used interchangeably<br /> for Cost Accounting, for Pay-rolls and<br /> for a number of other purposes with-<br /> out copying or transcribing a single<br /> figure, by simply assorting the cards<br /> and adding the records directly from<br /> their faces.<br /> A card containing all the work<br /> records of one man for a week may<br /> be useful for pay-roll purposes, but it<br /> is utterly worthless for learning the<br /> cost of products, until all the items<br /> have been copied or transcribed for<br /> classification.<br /> The Calculagraph requires a large<br /> number of cards in a factory employ-<br /> ing several hundred persons, but it<br /> Saves Clerical Labor. (In one<br /> factory it saves $150.00 per week).<br /> Cards Are Cheaper Than Labor<br /> The Calculagraph Makes No<br /> Clerical Errors.<br /> Let us send you our printed matter.<br /> CALCULAGRAPH COMPANY<br /> 1414 JEWELERS BUILDING, NEW YORK CITY

  8. Feb 2023
    1. Note though, that this only works when you're already using git for your dependency

      I was trying to figure out why it wasn't working for me. This was probably the reason.

      So if you just have gem 'rack', it just silently has no effect.

      It seems like it should just work either way. Or at least give a warning/error if you try to use this config and it's not going to use that config!

  9. Jan 2023
    1. Transcriptions taken from Goitein’s publications were corrected according to handwrittennotes on his private offprints. The nature of Goitein’s “typed texts” is as follows. Goitein tran-scribed Geniza documents by hand from the originals or from photostats. These handwrittentranscriptions were later typed by an assistant and usually corrected by Goitein. When Goiteindied in 1985, the transcriptions were photocopied in Princeton before the originals were sentto the National Library of Israel, where they can be consulted today. During the followingdecades, the contents of most of these photocopies were entered into a computer, and period-ically the files had to be converted to newer digital formats. The outcome of these repeatedprocesses of copying and conversion is that transcription errors and format glitches are to beexpected. As the Princeton Geniza Project website states: “Goitein considered his typed texts‘drafts’ and always restudied the manuscripts and made revisions to his transcriptions beforepublishing them.” See also Goitein, “Involvement in Geniza Research,” 143. It is important tokeep in mind that only the transcriptions that were typed were uploaded to the project website.Therefore, e.g., Goitein’s transcriptions of documents in Arabic scripts are usually not foundthere. The National Library of Israel and the Princeton Geniza Lab also hold many of Goitein’sdraft English translations of Geniza documents, many of which were intended for his plannedanthology of Geniza texts in translation, Mediterranean People.

      Much like earlier scribal errors, there are textual errors inserted into digitization projects which may have gone from documentary originals, into handwritten (translated) copies, which then were copied manually via typewriter, and then copied again into some digital form, and then changed again into other digital forms as digital formats changed.

      As a result it is often fruitful to be able to compare the various versions to see the sorts of errors which each level of copying can introduce. One might suppose that textual errors were only common when done by scribes using manual techniques, but it is just as likely for errors to be inserted between digital copies as well.

  10. Dec 2022
    1. Can't annotate on https://feedback.mailgun.com/forums/156243-feature-requests/suggestions/39905227-provide-meaningful-delivery-status-description-rat so posting here instead.

      Anonymous commented · May 26, 2021 4:36 AM

      Without your comment I'd never find the real issue, because I was only look at permanent failures. That error message is really misleading, hope they can fix this.

      Kelly commented · December 30, 2020 2:35 AM

      Yes we desperately need this too. Half of our recipients were soft bounced due to "Too old" but we could still send to them previously on other ESPs.

  11. Nov 2022
    1. I just spent a day dismantling a model, trying to find the cause of the silent rollback - taking out every association, every validation, every callback, whittling down all the code in the transaction, only to finally discover that it was return true that was the cause of it all. Or yes, an exception!
  12. Apr 2022
    1. Zeitwerk raises Zeitwerk::UnsynchronizedReloadError if any of these situations are detected. This is a fatal exception that signals a fundamental bug, you cannot rescue it and expect things to work.
    1. In her 2002 dissertation, and then in a series of articles published in medicaljournals, Pape made a case for imitating this practice. “The key to preventingmedication errors lies with adopting protocols from other safety-focusedindustries,” Pape wrote in the journal MEDSURG Nursing in 2003. “The airlineindustry, for example, has methods in place that improve pilots’ focus andprovide a milieu of safety when human life is at stake.”

      In a 2002 dissertation and subsequent articles, Tess Pape proposed imitating solutions proposed by the FAA in airline accidents as a means of limiting distractions during medicine dispensing by nurses and medical staff to limit preventable medical errors.

    2. the Institute of Medicine had released a landmark report on patientsafety, To Err Is Human. The report found that as many as 98,000 Americanswere dying each year as a result of preventable medical errors occurring inhospitals—more people than succumbed to car accidents, workplace injuries, orbreast cancer. And some significant portion of these deaths involved mistakes inthe dispensing of drugs.

      Some might see the 98,000 preventable medical error deaths reported by the Institute of Medicine in To Err is Human (1999) now and laugh at the farcical number of deaths due to coronavirus since 2020, a large proportion of which could have been prevented due to better communication and coordination?

      What if a more pragmatic anthropological viewpoint could be given to the current fractured state of American politics? If anthropologists are taught not to make value judgements on the way other cultures have come to live their lives, but simply to appreciate and report on them accurately, then perhaps we should leave those on the far right who believe in top down, patriarchal rule to their devices?

      What if we nudged (forced) them all to actually live by their own rules by enforcing them to the nth degree? Republican politicians can only get away with badmouthing abortion or homophobic viewpoints because their feet are not held to the fire when those issues impinge upon their own families or even themselves. They have the wealth and the power to flout the laws and not face the direct consequences personally. Would their tunes change if forced by their own top down patriarchal perspectives applying to them?

    1. She frequently cites authors second-hand(“as quoted by”, “see,” etc.) rather than primary texts, and in some instancesthis practice results in the kinds of errors for which earlier compilations werecriticized. The most egregious of these occurs when Blair cites Ann Moss on

      Guarino da Verona when making the unlikely claim that note taking begin in earnest with Francesco Sacchini in the seventeenth century rather than a hundred years earlier with Erasmus and Vives.

      I almost feel like I've arrived as I noticed this error in the text myself.

      Interesting that he calls her out for making a compilation error, something which is very meta with respect to this particular text.

  13. Mar 2022
    1. This is something akin to fan fiction at an online appreciation site—the kind of site, it’s worth noting, where Fifty Shades of Grey got its start, before becoming the first book of pornography to make the bestseller list.

      I fear that millennials didn't invent pornography. Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin made the best-seller list in 1977 and stayed there for 35 weeks.

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    1. But Google also uses optical character recognition to produce a second version, for its search engine to use, and this double process has some quirks. In a scriptorium lit by the sun, a scribe could mistakenly transcribe a “u” as an “n,” or vice versa. Curiously, the computer makes the same mistake. If you enter qualitas—an important term in medieval philosophy—into Google Book Search, you’ll find almost two thousand appearances. But if you enter “qnalitas” you’ll be rewarded with more than five hundred references that you wouldn’t necessarily have found.

      I wonder how much Captcha technology may have helped to remedy this in the intervening years?

  16. Dec 2021
    1. digital methodo collect

      I am unsure what this is and assume it is an error? If this is an error that seems odd that no-one was checking this as it is important information about how our data is used and gathered. If there are errors here, how can we be assured that our data is safe?

    2. stated in section 2.2

      Where is section 2.2? (there is no above?)

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  19. developer.mozilla.org developer.mozilla.org
    1. If you forget to define x in the object you pass as the second argument, or if there's some similar bug or confusion, you won't get an error -- just unexpected results.
  20. Jun 2021
    1. This kind of error handling does express error state (either via HTTP 500 or by the top-level "errors" key), but it doesn’t take advantage of GraphQL’s type system and can only express one error at a time.
    2. It works, but a stronger solution is to treat errors as data.
    3. In mutations, when errors happen, the other fields may return nil. So, if those other fields have null: false, but they return nil, the GraphQL will panic and remove the whole mutation from the response, including the errors!
    4. Then, client apps can show the error messages to end users, so they might correct the right fields in a form, for example.
    1. In general, top-level errors should only be used for exceptional circumstances when a developer should be made aware that the system had some kind of problem. For example, the GraphQL specification says that when a non-null field returns nil, an error should be added to the "errors" key. This kind of error is not recoverable by the client. Instead, something on the server should be fixed to handle this case. When you want to notify a client some kind of recoverable issue, consider making error messages part of the schema, for example, as in mutation errors.
  21. May 2021
    1. If you are working on a codebase within which you lint non-TypeScript code (i.e. .js/.jsx), you should ensure that you should use ESLint overrides to only enable the rule on .ts/.tsx files. If you don't, then you will get unfixable lint errors reported within .js/.jsx files.
  22. Apr 2021
    1. I should note that the issue with deletions being skipped has been fixed (the file-has-vanished errors were changed into warnings).
    1. Already Signed InThis session has ended because the account has been signed into from another browser window on 04/11/2021 04:30:09 PM. This happens when you sign in to your account on more than one browser screen. You can't be signed into your account on two or more browser windows at the same time. Just close your browser and sign back into your account.
  23. Mar 2021
    1. IFN signalling

      Another study was unable to find a correlation between severe COVID-19 and polymorphisms that result in loss-of-function in type-1 IFN signalling (TLR3- and IRF7-dependent) https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.12.18.20248226

  24. Feb 2021
    1. Since we're not passing any inputs to ListAccounts, it makes sense to use .run! instead of .run. If it failed, that would mean we probably messed up writing the interaction.
    2. ActiveInteraction also supports merging errors. This is useful if you want to delegate validation to some other object. For example, if you have an interaction that updates a record, you might want that record to validate itself. By using the #merge! helper on errors, you can do exactly that.
    3. ActiveInteraction provides detailed errors for easier introspection and testing of errors. Detailed errors improve on regular errors by adding a symbol that represents the type of error that has occurred.
    4. Inside #execute, we merge errors. This is a convenient way to move errors from one object to another.
    1. I have a Post object that has_one :schedule with accepts_nested_attributes_for :schedule as well. The latter method sets autosave: true, which unfortunately has the effect of hoisting up errors into the parent object so that the errors object on Post looks like this: (byebug) post.errors.details {:"schedule.publish_at"=>[{:error=>:blank}]}
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    1. To be clear: this setup works great with just docker daemon, but something about -compose is amiss.
    2. Using the docker client I have good success accessing the remote docker server. We call the remote server up to a hundred thousand times a day with good success. Attempting to use docker-compose, installed either via curl OR pip install --upgrade with python 2.7, we get an SSL error:
    1. you'll run into the error you've run into if your remote Docker host has a certificate signed by something other than the ca.pem that you've got at that location.
    1. This is for a time picker. If you're picking times for today, you may pick a time that is 15 minutes from now. It's valid now because it's currently in the future. If you don't touch the form for the next 20 minutes then click submit, the submission should be prevented because your selected time is now 5 minutes in the past.
  29. Sep 2020
    1. It is showed as an error, but it is a warning as it doesn't break anything. I hate having warning/error in my console not coming from me. It is not justified as it's not bad practice imho
    1. The node-resolve plugin doesn't like failing to resolve module IDs (because it usually indicates a bug, like you forgot to install the package in question), so it will throw an error rather than letting Rollup print a warning.
    1. using modulesOnly behaves exactly as expected when it warns you that the listed npm libraries do not use the ES6 format and are in fact ignored. This option is meant as a way to determine if you still have commonjs libraries in your dependencies that require special treatment via rollup-plugin-commonjs. Your code will probably not work since the listed dependencies will be missing. You should remove modulesOnly and instead add rollup-plugin-commonjs.
    1. You oftentimes see packages list react as a peer dependency. Since this prevents react from being installed into that package's node_modules, this is another way of preventing Rollup from bundling the module. This is also nice _if_ you want the application to install react from npm, because if an application forgets to install a peer dependency, npm will issue a warning.
  30. Aug 2020
    1. First, what would it look like for a social media platform to re-establish perspective?

      This was the exact design question I asked recently!

    2. Browsing Twitter the other day, I once again found myself sucked into a far-off event that truly does not matter, and it occurred to me that social media is an orthographic camera.

      How does this relate to Nicholas Carr's article and ideas about category errors in From context collapse to content collapse?

    1. A category mistake, or category error, or categorical mistake, or mistake of category, is a semantic or ontological error in which things belonging to a particular category are presented as if they belong to a different category,[1] or, alternatively, a property is ascribed to a thing that could not possibly have that property.
    1. A fascinating viewpoint on social media, journalism, and information. There are some great implied questions for web designers hiding in here.

    2. In discussing the appeal of the News Feed in that same interview with Kirkpatrick, Zuckerberg observed, “A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.” The statement is grotesque not because it’s false — it’s completely true — but because it’s a category error. It yokes together in an obscene comparison two events of radically different scale and import. And yet, in his tone-deaf way, Zuckerberg managed to express the reality of content collapse. When it comes to information, social media renders category errors obsolete.

      How can we minimize this sort of bias? How can we help to increase the importance of truly important things?

  31. Jul 2020
    1. Note that the usec for the time passed will be set to 0 to prevent rounding errors with external services, like MySQL (which will round instead of floor, leading to off-by-one-second errors).
  32. May 2020
    1. TypeScript will see that the a property of A & B is incompatible with that of C: Type 'A & B' is not assignable to type 'C'. Types of property 'a' are incompatible. Type 'number' is not assignable to type 'boolean | undefined'.
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    1. Our culture is defined by the music we listen to, and the way it is portrayed in the media. Every culture around the world has a different style of song or dance that represents their traditions. Culture can not only be changed through popular songs, but is best represented through music. One of the best ways to understand a foreign culture is by listening to the music that is favorable among the people whose culture you are trying to understand. Music is one of the most powerful forms of art between cultures.

      Music has the power to redefine cultures. We can see this through generational differences between song preferences. For example, American country music back in the late 1900s has a much different feel and style compared to country music now in 2019. While keeping within the same genre, this style of music touches upon different subjects, and uses different instruments, sounds and lyrics. Even early hip-hop has evolved from its beginnings. Hip-hop music is considered the most popular music as of right now, but it has not always been that way. Each generation favors different types of genres of music, and it is clear which backgrounds over the years have favored certain genres of music. As much as music can differentiate cultures, and generations, music can bring people of completely different background together by its artistic flavor and general popularity throughout the mainstream media.

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    1. Shakespeare followed in 1594, in The Comedy of Errors: “There’s not a man I meet but doth salute me/As if I were their well-acquainted friend”

      Shakespeare uses they for singular in comedy of errors.

  42. Aug 2016
    1. 1. Install the TidalCycles pattern engine

      For Windows users: if you get errors during this process it is likely because you tried to execute cabal install tidal from the standard Windows command line. Some of the tools in the Linux toolchain are required. Download and install MingW64 or git for Windows which comes with a bash-like shell that should have everything you need built in! Enjoy!