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  1. Nov 2022
    1. Genealogy Garage: Researching at the Huntington Library

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  2. Aug 2022
    1. Based on data from Oliver Wyman's fleet forecast and our models for industry growth, we anticipate a shortage of almost 30,000 pilots in North America by 2032 if the industry fails to address its staffing problems.

      That's gigantic. I do wonder about the effect of technology for pilotless air travel. If unmanned Air flight is how the military is now doing it, will we see the same thing happen in passenger travel?

    2. And these disruptions could persist for a decade.

      Tremendous potential to shift international missions strategy moving forward. Add this to a recession and missions agencies that rely on short-term missions may completely change their strategy.

  3. Jul 2022
  4. Aug 2019
    1. nInd.roullmostsurelytthesd—‘ventardofyourliberolity.Every

      Boutwell sees the Natives as charity seeking

    2. eLordhathopenedadoor&isapparentlypreparingthesayforyoutooccupythisfieldassoonasyoucanfurnishthemen&mean

      the school and mission should be established as soon as funds are available

    3. h1hk"that“about"soormoreiramnegmightbeErGngnéGitnlnnfnény4eremf‘tnéinflucnoomoreorlessdir-aot3faimiséi‘szhéz-éfg

      Ayer anticipates at least 60 families can be converted by a Mission at Yellow Lake

    4. tappearstothemlikearenunciationofhhoirreligiOn(astheycallit)tozubnittoinstructionorzuuffartheirchildrento.ItitnotatallsurprisingthattheyshOuldfeelthuo..Theyarealmostallgrosslylyncrsntofovoxythlng‘connectod‘withdivinetruthbut'afewofthemeye:havingbeen:wheretheyhadnnopportuni:yofhaarinzof

      Ayers says that moving onto a Mission feels like giving up their Native religion

    5. Onaccountofthoextremencmrcityofnrovinioneherotheycouldnotremainion-er

      the school on the Yellow Lake Mission doesn't have provisions for students to stay long

    6. willbeverydesirableundersuchcircumtttnoeeinourunsettleditetetohaveamolefella:laborrwhoinadditiontoschooltoohingwillsuperintendtheconcorno0hi.Iall]ainstructtheIndia

      Ayer requests another male for the Mission to teach and superintend while he [Ayer] is away

    7. referdenyingour—selveotheuseofthemnodiminishourexpensesandhavemoretobestowupontheneedyIndiana

      the Mission Family decides not to spend money on clothing, tea, coffee, pies, cakes, butter, lard, or fancy dishes in order to give more to "the needy Indians"

    8. Thebilloftrans-portation&provisionsaregreatastheynecessarilymuetbeforafamilysofarintheinteri

      expensive for a Mission Family to live so deep in the region

    9. IhaveoftennoughtdirectidnxoftheLordandampersuadedthatthein-terestofthemissionnonldventuallybemuchpromotedifweshouldobtainthissituation."

      this remark indicates that Ayer is primarily concerned with improving the condition of the Natives through the building of a Mission in this region

    10. emustbuildundergreatdisedventn:oses7:muotbuild,almostwhollyinthewintermetheDrcanhaveFor‘1nve"]nonomenafterthemonthoflarch

      Yellow Lake Mission has to be build almost entirely in the winter because of the availability of men to help build

    11. heIndiansfrequentedthoselakestotakefishmuchmorebeforetheestablishmentofthetradinghouse(3yearseince)thannow.IffishShauldincreasetheIndianscouldbemoreeaeilyinducedtolocateherethannee

      Ojibwe bands around Yellow Lake fish less after trading post is established - higher population of fish could entice them to move into a Mission more now than it has in the past

    12. IthinkImntionedinmyformeroomntheun-dosirablanesaofnavina“lesion‘ttionintheneighbourhoodofatradingbonusona/oofthenoral3'tilonoothatreignsaroundthem

      Ayer does NOT want a mission near a trading post because "of the moral pestilence that reigns around them"

    13. S.HalltoDavidGreene,LaPointe,November7,1833

      Hall writes to Greene to tell him what the Mission needs: books, medicine, clothing, shoes

    14. hersthatLeechLakeistheplacetolocateamissionforthatIsectionofthecountry

      I think this is saying that Mr. Ayer thinks Leech Lake, not La Pointe, is the best spot for a mission because so many different bands congregate there

    15. Mr.Hallmaybeinformed,thathisundertakingisnotonlysanctioned,butcordiallyapproved

      Department of war approves a Mission as well

    16. Mr.S.hasgivenrepeatedassur—anceofhisentireapprobationoftheobjectoftheBoardinsend-ingmissionariestotheseIndians,andhasconstantlyexpressedawillingnesstoaideverywayinhispowerinadvancingthework.WecannotbutregarditasfavourableindicationondivineProvidence,thatheentertainsanopinionsofavourabletomissionaryoperationsher

      Schoolcraft wants a Mission

    17. Mr.Warrenhasdoneallthisforusverycheerfully,butweoughtnottodependuponhimsomuchinfutureforthgesthing

      the current mission at La Pointe is funded by Mr. Warren - local bands consider it his Mission instead that of the Board

    18. avethestationat,ornear,thetradingpost.TheInd-ianscollectmostaroundtheseplace

      the best place for a mission is around a trading post because it acts as a congregation point for many of the Ojibwe bands

    19. heyshouldbemadeakindofcentralpointforeachsectionoftheocuntry

      the placement of the missions should be central to each band

    20. r.Cakeswouldbegladtohaveamissionstationinhisdepartm

      the general consensus among the traders and clerks is that they would like a mission in their area of the region

    21. heheadtradersundertheA.F.Companywouldgenerallyfavourmissionsinthiscountry.Mostofthemwouldencouragemissionariestocomehere,andsomeofthemwouldcontributeconsiderabletotheirsupp

      traders encourage missions and missionaries

    22. atifmissionestahlishmentsaremaintained,withwhichschoolsaremaintainedconnected,theseschoolsmustbesmall,unlessprovisionismadeinpartatleast,forthemainte~nanceofscho

      if missions and schools are to be established in this region, they must be willing to stay small with circulating students, or have provisions to provide for students when their parents leave

    23. Mr.BoutnellremainayearatMackinaw,toassistHr.F.inthatmission,andtostudytheOjibwalanguage..Ou

      Mr. Boutwell stayed at Mackinaw for a year to assist with the mission there and learn the Ojibwe language

    24. hathasbeenaccomplished,thepresentstateoftheccuntryoccupiedbytheChippewaIndians;thuircondition,character,andnodeoflife;obstaclesandencouragemente_totheintroductionofthegospelandciviliza-*—tion-emonqthen;andourviewsrespectingtheplanofoperation,which,inthepresentstateofthecountryseemstobecalledf

      purposes of the report: report what they Hall and Boutwell accomplished, report on the condition/character of the Chippewa Indians, the pros and cons of a Mission with these Natives

    1. ShermanHalltoDavidGreene,Sept28,1832,LacduFlambea

      in this letter Hall says that the Mission needs a teacher and lists the requirements for the teacher

    2. sdesirousofaschoolatornearhisgoat,&lof£er§<$odéVall,inhispowertoaidinoaae.apersonissenthere

      Schoolcraft wants a school in this area and will work with Boutwell to make it happen (at Red Lake over Sandy Lake because of the land is better at Red Lake)

    3. cthomant'ic‘igpat'eekInag’nvaaiw.''‘.z.‘--:“".w.':’.r‘r".‘..1'~hecouldnotgivemean31mm:towhatI.ghgugmonylrel‘atmc:to_p;.—v..Vf,_a..f»'1“:2”?».13},."’.['5'."f...schoolamonghispeople,as.someofLikehisprincipinr'monmore.not;-.‘r.‘«‘.‘‘‘i‘a'i.‘h-'I‘a'‘.3”‘'""dm:-:9?A-J'1'.3-.4"‘present,27110121126:mustfirstcdnsulf

      Sandy Lake Chief has the same response as the Principal Man at the Red Lake - not every one is present to discuss the possibility of a Mission on their land

    4. litkleifanyproopootthatamissionOOUIdbeestablishedalongthematprooen

      Boutwell doesn't seem confident that a Mission could be established right now (war mainly I think)

    5. U.Ra3.orCaseinaLakebond,whichisbut45or50me.dtent-RedLakebendinutaboutthreeduyemarch,SandyLakeaboutt9some,&inipigaboutthemea11thGeesLake.Itiscentralinreletion.totheseneighuaoringhandswitheachofwhichtheyhvefrequentintercourseatalltoasoneofthef

      the Mission is to be built at the URC (Cassina Lake Band) because it is central in location to the Red Lake Band, the Sandy Lake Band, and the Winipig

    6. twothirdsofthesettlementisunder'Epis.influ.ence.Healsogivesitashiso>inion,thattheprinciplemenoftheH.BayDepartment,wouldfavour&aidinMissionaryoperation

      2/3 of Red River Settlement is under Episcopal influence, and David Aitkins believes the Hudson Bay Dept would favor and help to establish a mission

  5. Jun 2019
    1. Mr.Warre

      Mr. Warren helps provide for the mission; furniture, a cow, house space, firewood, produce from agriculture, labour

    2. Theremustnotbelargesecularestablishments,agriculturalormechanical,connectedwiththecontemplatedmission.Theseestablishments,generally,incaseswheretheyhavebeenconnectedwiththestations,havescarcelysupportedthemselves;whiletheyhaverenderedlargemissionfamiliesnecessary,giventothestationsanappearanceofwealthandostentation,occasionedmuchperplexity&labor,&inmanycases,jealousies&dissentions.Ourmissionariesaregenerallywearyofthem,&disposedtorelinquishthem

      the mission itself shouldn't be large or have agricultural goals for itself, it's too much work and causes tension

    3. tis,infact,onlyaswecanadvancetheirspiritualimprovement,thatwehaveanysurefoundationforamelioratingtheircivilconditio

      missionaries saw "spiritual improvement" as the only way to civilize the Natives

    4. WeshallneverneedalargemissionfamilyheretoconductthestationonthepresentplanoftheBoard

      only need / is sustainable for a small missionary family

  6. Sep 2018
    1. Advancement occurs as a reward for connectedness and usefulness, not for elite recognition.

      Change the metric of EDU success from excellence to connectedness and usefulness.