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    1. share agreement

      Adoption of mechanisms like the "Fair Share Agreement" in B.C. or similar to get funds for improving infrastructure in municipalities and regions.

    2. Lack of metrics

      Develop or strengthen statistical information of new industry developments, ups and downs of existing industries.

  8. Apr 2016
    1. The term ‘Middle Ring’ was coined by Marc Dunkelman in his excellent 2014 book on the evolution, or should I say the de-evolution of the American neighborhood, “The Vanishing Neighbor.” In his book Dunkelman introduces the concept of the Middle Ring. The Middle Ring is what Dunkelman calls our neighborly relationships. This is in contrast to the inner-ring of family and close friends, and the ever-expanding outer-ring relationships fostered by the digital age and social media.
    2. My goal is to create a pragmatic road to societal change through direct civic involvement using the efforts of local businesses and their customers as the conduit for volunteerism. The Norwegian have a word for this, Gugnad: “Unpaid voluntary, orchestrated community work.” I call this Community 3.0.  A year later I’m thirteen posts in with about ten left. This post, catalyzed by the Walmart closures, kind of serves as recap of the first two sections.