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  1. Jan 2024
    1. what kind of character type might he fit?

      Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu. He's supposed to be the embodiment of a godlike character and hold many powerful qualities. He has many different character types he portrays in this story and is extremely accomplished. He urges the reader in a way to think about reincarnation which is obviously a big part of his character. "The place of the infinite spirit" (line 851) Krishna fits a representation of love, duty, honor and self control. Learning what type of character type Krishna is this early on is important to keep in mind as the story is read. If the reader doesn't understand the true depth of his character the story may not be as powerful. He shows many attributes of a fully developed character that knows the true power of who they are. In HIndu culture, a character like Krishna is all powerful but also shows a variety of character traits that make him a very admirable character.

    1. Das britische Climate Change Commitee hat seit 18 Monaten keinen Chair. Die Nichtbesetzung dieser Stelle durch die Regierung gilt ein Signal dafür, dass sie sich zunehmend von den Dekarbonisierungszielen der konservativen Vorgängerregierungen entfernt. Fachleute, darunter Nicolas Stern, kritisieren die Verzögerung. Das Komitee legt unter anderem die britischenTreibhausgas-budgets fest und hatte in der Vergangenheit die zu langsame Politik der Regierung wiederholt deutlich kritisiert.https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/dec/30/sunak-under-fire-failure-appoint-climate-committee-chief

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  3. Nov 2022
    1. En 2008, je suis devenue membre du CPNCQ et, lors d’une visite du Jardin Botanique de Montréal, en discutantavec d’autres membres, j’ai su qu’il fallait ébrouer les noix de noyer noir avant de les faire sécher, sinon le broudonnait un mauvais goût à la noix. Donc, pour la première fois cette année-là, nous avons ramassé les noix(environ 18 poches).

      19% des noix étaient vides

  4. Sep 2022
    1. As the financial system went global [in the 1980s], so competitionbetween financial centres – chiefly London and New York – took itscoercive toll . . . if the regulatory regime in London was less strict thanthat of the US, then the branches [of international banks] in the City ofLondon got the business rather than Wall Street. As lucrative businessnaturally flowed to wherever the regulatory regime was laxest, so thepolitical pressure on the regulators to look the other way mounted.3

      !- example : DGC - 2008 financial crisis included competition between London and New York

  5. Jan 2022
    1. 2008-1 (CnDs, rapport 2008)Blessure d’un lycéen de 16 ans par un tir de LBD 40x46 (alors encore en expérimentation) lors d’une manifestation anti-CPE à Nantes (44)
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  7. Jul 2021
    1. The conclusion was obvious: The system was rigged for insiders. The economic recovery took years; the recovery of trust never came.

      Economic recovery for the masses took ages while the economic recovery for the wealthier was nearly instantanous.

      What is the relationship to the recession with the rise of the Tea Party?

      Will the pandemic recession do better since there seems to be more focus on the lower classes than the upper? The upper classes (and certainly the billionaires) apparently did incredibly well.

  8. Apr 2021
  9. Oct 2020
    1. Studying these articles on ubiquitous learning, the following six elements could be identified: (a) Permanency in a u-learning environment implies for instance that the work is recorded continuously and saved until deleted (b) Accessibility implies anytime, anywhere availability of the learning environment (c) Immediacy implies learning environments with immediate access to information (d) Interactivity implies that the learning environment supports both synchronous and a-synchronous interaction with experts, teachers or peers (e) Situating of instructional activities implies that the learning is embedded in real life situations. (f) Adaptability implies access to the right information, at the right time, right place and right way.

      This article seeks to identify "elements of self-directed learning that should be integrated into a ubiquitous learning environment." The authors outline five elements of a ubiquitous learning environment that support SDL. These include learner control, self-regulating learning strategies, reflection, interaction with the social world and interaction with the physical world. The authors identify multiple elements of a ubiquitous SDL learning environment.

      Rating: 7/10

      Also see: https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Self-directed-adult-learning-in-a-ubiquitous-%3A-A-Theunissen-Stubb%C3%A9/c9b0153ebb207c2c64695b18352d69225708fefd?p2df

  10. Apr 2020
  11. Oct 2017
    1. Nevertheless, McGrail, Rickard, and Jones (2006)report that, whilst a small minority of academics publish a great deal, publication outputs ingeneral are quite low

      A few academics publish a lot; most publish very little. McGrail, Rickard, and Jones 2006.

    2. Kamler, Barbara. 2008. “Rethinking Doctoral Publication Practices: Writing from and beyond the Thesis.” Studies in Higher Education 33 (3): 283–94. doi:10.1080/03075070802049236.

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    1. The fact that women couldn’t obtain law licenses wasn’t a source of anxiety for Zahran and her classmates, but by 2008, when she graduated, the justice ministry still hadn’t indicated that it would begin licensing female lawyers.
    2. In 2008, King Abdullah, who died last January, appalled some of his subjects when he announced that the Riyadh University for Women would be renamed Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University, in memory of a favorite aunt.
    3. The first female law students graduated in 2008, but, for several years after that, they were prohibited from appearing in court.
  16. Sep 2015
    1. Warken: Ziffer 5, Blatt 19 der Akte: „Seit Herbst 2007 wurde durch LA60 in manueller Strichliste festgehalten, welche E-Mails an JSA weitergegeben wurde. Bei 30.000 Verkehre in 3 Fälle nicht erkannte G-10-relevanz, zweimal reine Serverkommunikation. Also Strichliste eingestellt.“ (!) Bericht leider nicht mehr in Akte, ebensowenig Strichliste. Waren sie mit diesem Bericht befasst? W.O.: Aus diesem Absatz würde ich deuten, dass es sich um Projekt Eikonal handelt. Dort wurde jede weitergegebene E-Mail manuell geprüft. Da gab es eine Strichliste. Warken: Die wurde eingestellt? W.O.: Ja. Warken: Haben sie die Strichlisten geführt? W.O.: Ja. (!) Warken: War G-10-Referat einverstanden, die Strichliste einzustellen? W.O.: Ja. Warken: Ist die Strichliste noch vorhanden? W.O.: Glaube ich nicht. Warken: Bundesregierung? Wolff: KA, können wir prüfen.
    2. Warken: Bericht Besuch G-10-Referat 20AB in Bad Aibling, 15.02.2008. Erinnern sie sich? W.O.: Waren öfters da. Spezielles Datum: KA. Warken: Was wurde generell besprochen? W.O.: Probleme. Warken: Danach Anweisungen oder Änderungen? W.O.: War nie Thema bei uns, nur in Pullach. Warken: Konkreter Bericht: Darstellung des Ist-Zustandes. „Einführung eines automatisierten Verfahrens zentral in Pullach nachdenken. Bisher Einstellung der USA-Selektoren händisch geprüft, gegen Stichproben an.“ Was bedeutet „Einstellung nach Rücksprache nach 20AA“? W.O.: Lesen? Warken: MAT A BND-38a, BND 39a, Blatt 17 ff. W.O.: [Liest.] Dieses Protokoll war mir nicht bekannt. Warken: Bei mir Eindruck, vorher noch nicht mal stichprobenartig überprüft. W.O.: Ich habe das 2005-2008 selbst gemacht. Warken: Wie erklären sie dann diese Empfehlung? W.O.: KA. (!)
    3. Warken: Wann Prüfung nach Pullach verlagert? W.O.: Frühjahr/Sommer 2008c.