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  1. Aug 2023
    1. there is a critical tipping threshold of 35% of the population, for plausible distributions of risk/conformity preferences and expectations.
      • for: social tipping point, STP, social norms, 35% threshold, 25% threshold, TPF
      • question
        • is this result contradicting Centola's 25% threshold finding?
    2. Can policy promote beneficial norm change? The model suggests that effective interventions lower the tipping threshold.
      • for: social tipping point, STP, TPF, social norms, complex contagion, lowering threshold
      • policy changes can lower tipping point thresholds
      • for: social tipping point, STP, 25% threshold, 35% threshold, social norms, complex contagion, TPF
      • title
        • Social tipping points and forecasting norm change
      • authors
        • Nikos Nikiforakis
        • Simon Siegenthaler James Andreoni
  2. Feb 2023
    1. real-life situations can be much more complicated, the authors’ model allows for the exact 25 percent tipping point number to change based on circumstances. Memory length is a key variable, and relates to how entrenched a belief or behavior is.
      • 25% social tipping point threshold is adjustable
      • depending on the variables of the context
      • = question - how do we apply this adjustability for complex contagion such as climate change norms?
    2. “And if they’re just below a tipping point, their efforts will fail. But remarkably, just by adding one more person, and getting above the 25 percent tipping point, their efforts can have rapid success in changing the entire population’s opinion.
      • going from just below 25% to just above 25% results in a dramatic change in adoption of a new norm
    3. When a minority group pushing change was below 25 percent of the total group, its efforts failed. But when the committed minority reached 25 percent, there was an abrupt change in the group dynamic, and quickly a majority of the population adopted the new norm.
      • = 25% Social Tipping Point
      • A committed minority group pushing for change just below 25% of the total group population does not succeed
      • but when the committed minority is just above 25%,
      • abrupt change in group dynamics quickly causes a majority of the population to adopt the new norm
  3. Sep 2022
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      This is true since I can relate to this because I once only cared about getting the question answered, the word count, sentences and correct grammar before submitting my written work. However, that has changed in me because know I feel that I can dig deeper with my writing and be able to connect to the audience I am addressing to.

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      Understanding your goal as a writer is really important. In order to so you have to know your audience, topic, your connection to the topic you're writing about and background research. Without these key pieces it would be hard to be a more reflective writer.

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      I agree because like trying to go to the gym daily to stay healthy and fit, writing in a way is similar because with practice you can get better with it. Without consistent practice there won’t be any beneficial progress for us writers.

  4. Jul 2022
    1. So what can we make of politicians who continue to argue that ‘1.5°C is still alive’? Are they misinformed or are they simply lying?I believe many are in denial about the types of solutions the climate crisis demands. Rather than do the – admittedly – very difficult political work of eking out our supplies of fossil fuels while accelerating a just transition to post-carbon societies, politicians are going all out on technological salvation. This is a new form of climate denial, which involves imagining large-scale carbon dioxide removal that will clean up the carbon pollution that we continue to pump into the atmosphere. While it may seem much safer to stick to the script and say that it is still physically possible to limit warming to no more than 1.5°C, while pointing out that the scale of change demands much more political will, I believe that this can no longer be a credible response to the climate crisis.We have warmed the climate by 1.2°C since pre-industrial periods. If emissions stay flat at current levels, then in around nine years the carbon budget for 1.5°C will be exhausted. And, of course, emissions are not flat – they are surging. 2021 saw the second-largest annual increase ever recorded, driven by the rebound in economic activity after Coronavirus lockdowns. We did not ‘build back better’.The clock has been stuck at five minutes to midnight for decades. Alarms have been continuing to sound. There are only so many times you can hit the snooze button.

      Going all out on technological salvation is a form of climate denialism.

      We are at 1.2 Deg C and emissions have climbed after rebounding after Covid. If they flatline for the next nine years, we will hit 1.5 Deg C.

    2. We Need to Stop Pretending we can Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C

      Title: We Need to Stop Pretending we can Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C Author: James Dyke Date: 6 July 2022

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    1. David Dowdy on Twitter: “One term I worry that we (as a public health community) have mis-messaged during the pandemic: ‘herd immunity threshold’ A non-technical thread on why this is not ‘% of the population that needs to be vaccinated for us to return to life as normal while eradicating COVID-19’... Https://t.co/5As4N9YV9N” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved July 2, 2021, from https://twitter.com/davidwdowdy/status/1389791544425828357?s=20

  10. Jun 2021
    1. We should think about the number of simultaneous connections (peak and average) and the message rate/payload size. I think, the threshold to start thinking about AnyCable (instead of just Action Cable) is somewhere between 500 and 1000 connections on average or 5k-10k during peak hours.
      • number of simultaneous connections (peak and average)

      • the message rate/payload size.

  11. May 2021
  12. Apr 2021
    1. Drei führenden Klimawissenschaftler *kritisieren die Illusion der "Net Zero-Politiken", die darauf setzen, das 1,5°-Ziel durch die Entfernung von CO2" aus der Atmosphäre zu erreichen. Sie werfen vielen ihrher KollegInnen vor, unrealistischen Konzepten nicht offen entgegenzutreten, um ihren politischen Einfluss nicht zu verlieren. Sie kritisieren auch die bisherigen Integrated Assessment Models des Weltklimarats, die von der Voraussetzung ausgehen würde, die Klimakatastrophe ließe sich mit marktwirtschaftlichen Mitteln beheben und fordern auf, deutlich zu sagen, dass sich eine Erhitzung der Erde auf 3 und mehr Grad nicht durch kleine Schritte, sondern nur durch einen Bruch mit dem bisherigen Wirtschaftssystem erreichen läßt.

      Anstatt uns unseren Zweifeln zu stellen, beschlossen wir Wissenschaftler, immer aufwändigere Fantasiewelten zu konstruieren, in denen wir sicher wären. Der Preis, den wir für unsere Feigheit zahlen mussten: Wir mussten den Mund halten über die immer größer werdende Absurdität der geforderten Kohlendioxid-Entfernung im planetarischen Maßstab.

      Greta Thunberg hat diesen Aufsatz als einen wichtigsten und informativsten Texte zur Klima- und ökologischen Krise bezeichnet.

      Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap. Thread von Greta dazu auf Twitter: https://twitter.com/GretaThunberg/status/1385869663188492290

    1. The Climate Council’s new report, released today, shows the immense cost of this inaction. It is now virtually certain Earth will pass the critical 1.5℃ temperature rise this century – most likely in the 2030s.

      Ein neuer Report des australischen Climate Council kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass die 1,5°-Grenze "virtuell sicher" überschritten werden wird, mit größter Wahrscheinlichkeit in den 2030er Jahren. Will Steffen, einer der bekanntesten Klimawissenschaftler und Mitautor wichtiger Studien über die Tipping Points, ruft dazu auf, mit aller Energie um jedes Zehntelgrad zu kämpfen. Failure is not an option. Australia must radically scale up its climate targets now | Climate change | The Guardian

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    1.  Access through your institutionto view subscribed content from home OutlineDownload full text in PDFDownloadShareExportAdvancedOutlineAbstractKeywordsDiagnostic Microbiology and Infectious DiseaseAvailable online 11 June 2020, 115109In Press, Journal Pre-proofWhat are Journal Pre-proof articles?Heat inactivation decreases the Qualitative


  19. www.gene-quantification.de www.gene-quantification.de
    1. t is important that the threshold is set at a fixed level for all samples that are to be compared
  20. Dec 2019
    1. What are threshold dates? A threshold date indicates that a task should not be started until the threshold date. Adding threshold dates is a way to indicate "future tasks". A threshold date is formatted as: t:yyyy-mm-dd.
  21. Nov 2018
    1. Educational Technology Leadership and Practice in Higher Education: The Emergence of Threshold Concepts

      This article explores how technology has become the new standard for higher education and this new standard has created a need to develop new concepts on how to view a subject. Additionally, methods to use educational technology resources are described. Rating: 5/5

  22. Feb 2018
    1. “A threshold concept can be considered as akin to a portal, opening up a new and previously inaccessible way of thinking about something.” (p. 1)

      Definition of Threshold Concept

    2. They proposed the idea based on a round of interviews with economics faculty members.

      Does this then "infect" other Bounded Spaces with Economic concepts? In other words, this idea of "Threshold concepts" works for Economics, but maybe profoundly changes other disciplines into something other than what they are?

  23. Sep 2016