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  1. Jan 2024
    1. sometimes people ask me uh is it possible that we're living in a simulation that all this is you know that reality isn't what we and and if you think about it it's not just 00:52:31 possible it's guaranteed

      for - adjacency - sensory bubble - umwelt - living in a simulation - Daisetz Suzuki - elbow doesn't bend backwards - quote - Michael Levin - illusion

      adjacency - between - sensory bubble - umwelt - living in a simulation - Daisetz Suzuki - the elbow does not bend backwards - adjacency statement - In the Tibetan Buddhist epistemology, the illusory body training is to experience both one's body and reality as an illusion in the sense that nothing is static and fixed - From this perspective, we are all temporary states of convergence of the recirculating elements of emptiness - Daisetz Suzuki, the enlightened Japanese Zen monk who is credited to be one of the ones who brought Zen to the West said that when he experienced Kensho, he could suddenly understand the puzzling koan "The elbow does not bend backwards" with great clarity. - Form is a concentration and temporary consolidation of emptiness, the limitations inherent in any form does not denigrate is absolute origins from unlimited emptiness - The Heart Sutra expresses the equivalence of form and emptiness, finite and infinite. - In Deep Humanity, we have a saying: - To be or not to be - that is the question - To be AND not to be - that is the answer

      • Quote: Michael Levin
        • Sometimes people ask me "is it possible that we're living in a simulation?
          • and and if you think about it it's not just possible it's guaranteed.
        • There's no other way it could possibly be
        • If you think about what is the opposite of that
          • the opposite of that is that you somehow have a physically embodied cognitive structure that
            • is able to,
            • is not limited in its sensory perceptions
            • is not limited in the amount of memory and computations
        • All of us are limited beings
        • All of us evolved under constraints of
          • time
          • energy and
          • everything else -We see a tiny, little, narrow slit in the electromagnetic spectrum
        • We have a few other things
          • like chemical senses of things that are right there on your tongue and
          • on your fingers and so on
          • we have a little bit of memory
          • we have this wet squishy substrate
            • that's very error prone and
            • needs to be constantly maintained
          • and all our memories have to be the actively rewritten
          • We were evolved under specific pressures under those conditions
        • Who could possibly think that that we are not living in some sort of very specific representation of reality
          • that is limited in many ways
        • That's not to say
          • it isn't adaptive and that
          • Donald Hoffman would say that in many ways it is completely wrong
        • I I think there's probably some truth to that
          • but in other ways I think the the big lesson from all this is that
          • we are all a brain and a vat
        • Of course we are a brain sitting inside this thing that gives us various stimuli
        • We try to make the best sense of it that we can and creatures will adapt to
        • This is why you can do
          • sensory substitution and
          • sensory augmentation and why
          • you can have neurons in the dish that play Pong
        • but these systems will try to make sense of whatever world they're given
          • in whatever configuration they have and we do the same
        • So yeah absolutely it's an illusion
          • but it's not an illusion in the sense that there is some other way to have perfect direct perception of some underlying reality
        • When we say it's an illusion or a simulation
          • It just acknowledges the fact that we are finite limited beings
          • whose job it is to make the best sense we can
          • using the hardware that we have
          • of what's been going on up until now and what we predict is going to be going on
        • I don't know of another story that could possibly make sense
  2. Sep 2023
    1. you accidentally presumed reality is not made of information but is instead made of some substance that behaves like information and can be describable by 01:25:58 information you philosophically decided that matter energy space or time are distinctly not information because you accepted the deduction that we're unlikely to be in the one material or 01:26:12 real reality that runs the simulation so you defaulted to a materialism philosophy without even thinking about it
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      • good observation, that's why I have always felt strange about the simulation hypothesis. If it's a simulation, it automatically assumes, there is something which is real and not a simulation.

        • See Donald Hoffman's Information theory and contention that we live in a simulation. Does it also come with the same implicit materialist assumption?
        • The nagging thing about the simulation theories is it is also a narrative that posits an unknowable reality beyond which we can never access - a rendition of the narrative that we only ever have access to the shadows in Plato's cave.
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    2. hypothesis is kind of easy to agree on after a couple deductive guesses so you 01:23:21 guys want to go through it and see if you're a simulation hypothesis that's what Elon Musk is all right first question to silently answer these do you think it's probable that our 01:23:36 descendants will have computational power that is vast compared to ours today presume the answer is probably [Music] 01:23:48 okay next question will that vast ability to simulate worlds result in any of them doing two or more High Fidelity or hyper realistic ancestor or origin 01:24:02 simulations that include fully realistic physics presume the answer is sure it's probably true that at least two out of countless trillions of our 01:24:15 descendants spread across every imaginable region of time and space will use their Advanced abilities to do origin simulations deducted conclusion in Elon musk's words 01:24:28 we're probably living in a simulation in my words it is more probable than not that we are in one of the simulated realities versus being so lucky we happen to be in the one real reality
      • for self-simulation hypothesis
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        • I agreed with a lot of what he said up to now. In fact, he does a rather good presentation summarizing the contemporary problems we face and emphasizing the acceleration of change in all human spheres, giving rise to our current polycrisis
        • I agree that the mythos of materialism needs to be seriously explored and other perspectives may give us new salient insights, but I don't think it's so obvious that the theory that we are living in a simulation.
          • and quantum gravity theory a highly abstract cultural artefact being used to prove that
        • is going to be the panacea to create a compelling new mythos..
        • If technology alone is insufficient as he earlier claimed, then quantum gravity theory, as part of the entangled STEMS nexus is part of that techno-complex that is insufficient.
        • This claim will have to be proven true by strong and compelling evidence that receives mass acceptance. Without that, it becomes an unjustified claim and the complexity of it will elude most people.
      • for: Deep Humanity to DH, Klee Irwin, Are we lining in a Simulation, The Self Simulation hypothesis
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        • Klee Irwin is a controversial figure. His claims need to be interrogated quite critically.
        • His first doom and gloom section is accurate meta presentation, but his claims on advanced physics have been questioned by a number of critics.
  3. Aug 2023
    1. I tracked down military reports about gender bias in simulator sickness, much of which dated back to the 1960s

      in the 1960s the US military had reports on gender bias wrt simulator sickness. (Such simulators would likely have been more of the physical (rotation, speeds etc.) than virtual (screens / vr))

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    1. Zimmerman, M. I., Porter, J. R., Ward, M. D., Singh, S., Vithani, N., Meller, A., Mallimadugula, U. L., Kuhn, C. E., Borowsky, J. H., Wiewiora, R. P., Hurley, M. F. D., Harbison, A. M., Fogarty, C. A., Coffland, J. E., Fadda, E., Voelz, V. A., Chodera, J. D., & Bowman, G. R. (2021). SARS-CoV-2 simulations go exascale to predict dramatic spike opening and cryptic pockets across the proteome. Nature Chemistry, 13(7), 651–659. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41557-021-00707-0

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    1. Monte Carlo simulation is used to determine the distribution of game lengths in number of moves for three popular children's games: Cootie, Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. The effect of modifications to the existing rules are investigated. Recommendations are made for preserving the sanity of parents who must participate in the games.

      And people say math isn't important...

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    1. Pre-service teachers can benefit from the use of simulations that reproduce classroom environments, student behaviors and profiles, and academic outcomes to guide their craft as educators. In this text, simSchool is briefly evaluated by student teachers to determine its usefulness. While the study had significant limitations of volunteer test subjects in a one-time usage of the tool, simSchool still was given some high marks for it's purpose and realistic depiction of student profiles and classroom environment. Finding suggest simulations like simSchool can continue to improve and with long-term use, would be effective at developing skills for educators. Rating: 8/10

    1. In the text by Jennifer Herseim, virtual reality (VR) is identified as a tool to help with teacher training. Teachers can embark on a learning process in a secure environment with a diverse set of student avatars operated in part, by a real individual. Staff can explore their teaching methods and styles with recorded and measured skills and responses for future review and reflection. Rating 7/10

  18. Apr 2018
    1. The observer can be the teacher or facilitator depending on the objectives of the activity. Group dynamics are usually presented in simulations in which there are a group of participants of three or more, while one participant acts as the nurse, the others are active observers (Jeffries, 2012).

      This is interesting!

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    1. Beyond

      So there's more to it than building things and surviving? A student who plays minecraft told me today that he thinks you actually do learn what you are simulating in the game. "Like when you build a garden, you learn how to farm," he told me. Hmmmm.

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