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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Myself will straight aboard, and to the stateThis heavy act with heavy heart relate.

      What is the significance of the fact that all this takes place in Cyprus?



    1. if I set a five year goal, I would then naturally chop it down into a series of yearly goals, then chop those into quarterly, then monthly, then weekly goals.

      Using GTD and reverse goal setting?

    2. GTD and goal-setting
  2. Mar 2024
    1. 05:25 Clear goals are a prerequisite for the flow state. They free up cognitive load, which, in turn, makes entering flow easier

  3. Nov 2023
  4. Oct 2023
    1. he tradition of genuine warm-hearted courteous Irish hospitality

      a call to Irish tradition and culture

    2. To say you’d write for a paper like that. I didn’t think you were a West Briton.”

      why is a west briton something to not to be?

    3. “O, then,” said Gabriel gaily, “I suppose we’ll be going to your wedding one of these fine days with your young man, eh?”

      sign of the times: a woman getting married is an expected milestone in life

  5. Aug 2023
    1. (~14:00) The way to gain massive results is to have massive irrational goals complemented by small reasonable steps or milestones.

      Big goals motivate. Big goals give focus and clarity, they are a filter (see Dr. Benjamin Hardy's content); they allow for easy application of the power law.

  6. Jul 2023
    1. They said they had this sort of hyper focus that, you know, for shorter runs, that they just focused on the finish line as if there was, you know, a spotlight shining just on that finish line and that they weren't paying any attention at all to their peripheral vision. When it was longer runs that they would choose a target up ahead and focus on that till they hit it and then they would choose another target

      (23:20) Accomplished Marathon Runners & Athletes use what Dr. Sung would call "performance goals" to motivate themselves to continue and build momentum.

    2. So when we look at the basic biology of our physical construction, we can see why don't we get the whole story? Why aren't we getting the whole picture? Because what our eyes are pointed at reflects a very narrow selection of what is in the world that we are situated in at any given moment. Now, we know that, but are we really consciously aware of that at any given point in time?

      (8:00) Perhaps this is metaphorical to thinking and planning in general? When we set goals, we need to zoom out in order to see the whole picture, or at least a more holistic view, before we can somewhat accurately plan forward.

    3. #154 Emily Balcetis: Setting and Achieving Goals
    1. The four primary questions to ask yourself for a 100x 10-year vision:

      1. What is the commitment I desire to have?
      2. What are my hindrances (goal-conflicting actions or inactions)? -- Past-Based Actions/Behaviors
      3. What are my hidden commitments of my former self? (things that might've helped my past self but are not as helpful right now.) -- Past-Based Commitments/Identities
      4. What are my limiting beliefs or assumptions toward achieving this goal? -- Past-based Beliefs

      Step 1 is to fill out these questions. Step 2 is to go backwards, and start identifying what is necessary, so what are the necessary beliefs to achieve this goal, what commitments must I make and thus what actions must I take?

    2. The power of a 10-year vision is that you can go 100x. A bigger goal (vision) motivates way better than a small vision. Even if you fail, which you will, it's better to fail at a big goal than at a small goal... In addition, such a ginormous goal will act as a massive filter for action. It literally FORCES you to do only that which is ESSENTIAL.

  7. Apr 2023
    1. the right 'default' setting
      • The claim is that the default narrative is critical to the way society organizes itself
        • capitalism and classic leberalism assumes competition (seflishness) is the default and collaboration secondary
        • Bauwens argues that collaboration (commons) needs to be the default going forward and competition secondary
  8. Jan 2023
  9. Dec 2022
    1. In this work, we develop the “Multi-Agent, Multi-Attitude” (MAMA) model which incorporates several key factors of attitude diffusion: (1) multiple, interacting attitudes; (2) social influence between individuals; and (3) media influence. All three components have strong support from the social science community.

      several key factors of attitude diffusion: 1. multiple, interacting attitudes 2. social influence between individuals 3. media influence

  10. Nov 2022
    1. Creating video tutorials has been hard when things are so in flux. We've been reluctant to invest time - and especially volunteer time - in producing videos while our hybrid content and delivery strategy is still changing and developing. The past two years have been a time of experimentation and iteration. We're still prototyping!

      Have you thought about opening the project setting and the remixing to educators or even kids? That could create additional momentum.

      A few related resources you might want to check out for inspiration: Science Buddies, Seesaw, Exploratorium

  11. Oct 2022
    1. Also it expects you to buy a bunch of hardware like a raspberry pi and such in order to do the project. I kind of thought there was going to be some kind of public API that acted like a virtual weather sensor but apparently we're building a real one.
  12. Sep 2022
    1. nother dreadful deed’s been done

      "another" provides background information that the village possibly had high crime rates?

    2. In Sibsey village in Lincolnshire,

      the ballad takes place in England

  13. Aug 2022
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    1. Yes I fully understood that this was going to be a cryptic puzzle game and that it required research outside of the game. I expected this to have ARG elements and require abstract thinking. However, I also expected it to be longer than 2 minutes of content. You are given 10 pages to read in-game, they might as well have just been screenshots posted somewhere on the internet. And you have no way to input your solutions in game.
    2. This is gonna be an uphill slog and I'm really excited for it. If you know that's what you're getting into (a long slow grind on puzzles that may not fit well together), this could be great - especially if you're invested in both the work and the community (posting on here helps loads with games like this!) Your mileage may vary!
    1. Of course user expectations for titles are the most important thing. You don’t want to sell a tiny game at AAA price, because you won’t sell many copies and you’ll make your gamers feel ripped off.
  18. Feb 2021
  19. Jan 2021
    1. The present


      Interesting--not giving it a specific date. Does this mean that he is saying this story can apply to any time period? Its themes are universal?

  20. Nov 2020
    1. Their approach sensitized a switch somewhere and the nursery light flicked on when they came within ten feet of it. Similarly, behind them, in the halls, lights went on and off as they left them behind, with a soft automaticity.

      The background is the future, where people have higher technology, but are more distant from their children.Because a nursery can provide everything a child needs

  21. Oct 2020
      1. The best projects start with goals and plans.
      2. The subconscious has so much to do with success.
      3. Our subconscious decides whether to accept something into our awareness based on something called "Hot Goals".
      4. From this udemy course, I will learn how to set goals with the MOMA subconscious method, by which I convert what's not working for me into a HOT GOAL.
      5. Achieving hot goals is the means of the subconscious mind to keep you safe even if it isn't necessary.
      6. If your goals have to become hot goals then, your conscious goals must translate to subconscious goals.
    1. Self-regulation is important to the likelihood of learners’ success in realizing their goals and may include the following: Analyze gap between goal and current status. Break down goals into smaller steps and prioritize. Set deadlines for the goal and interim steps.

      I really like how I have this piece of "evidence " that apparently is so tangible. Things like this I place in a visible area for my adult learners to see.

    2. According to Comings, Perella, and Soricone (1999), learners who have specific goals in mind are more likely to persist in their studies. The primary incentive for learner persistence is the learner’s ability to set a goal and see progress in reaching that goal.

      Yes, I have to agree with this. Other research read corroborated this finding.

  22. Sep 2020
    1. grindstone stands where the bleeding tree stood, just outside the kitchen door, and now if an oriole sings in the elm, i

      Describes the elm tree by their house.

    2. the saw-tooth fern, down into the green dimness where the palmetto fronds whispered by the stream. I lifted him out and set him down in the soft rubber grass beside a tall pine.

      This describes Old Woman Swamp.

  23. Jul 2020
  24. May 2020
    1. In our review of engagement issues, the first area we found is the importance of simple, clear goals. When people have clearly defined goals that are written down and shared freely, everyone feels more comfortable, and more work gets done. Goals create alignment, clarity, and job satisfaction—and they have to be revisited and discussed regularly.
  25. Apr 2020
  26. Jan 2020
    1. she wouldbe standing in front of the door to some hotel room where once inside,the john would start drinking and she would begin to feelclaustrophobic. She hated those suffocating rooms with their two ironbeds on which she could never get a good sleep.

      This proves that the setting is important in the story. Sarita mentions that the hotel rooms make her feel claustrophobic and describes how awful the hotel rooms are. This gives the readers an uneasy feeling because they know that Sarita is describing the rooms where she sleeps with men.



  27. Oct 2019
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  29. Apr 2019
    1. agreeing to walk,

      The conversation that takes place between Sir Edward and Charlotte is highly reminiscent of the conversation between Catherine and the Tilney siblings in Austen's Northanger Abbey. Both take place during a walk overlooking the sea and focus on a discussion of famous literary works of the time.

    2. The shops were deserted.

      The emptiness of Sanditon is quite contrary to past resort towns, such as Bath in Northanger Abbey. When both are compared the emptiness of Sanditon is emphasized, creating a new hollow isolated setting.

    3. abode of a gentleman

      Mr. Parker's characterization of country life is extremely different from Mr. Heywood's experiences, leaving Mr. Heywood astonished. Austen frequently explores the contrast between citygoer's "vision" of country life and its reality. Another example is in Sense and Sensibility, when Captain Willoughby (representing the city) declares that no renovations should be made to a cottage (representing the countryside) to preserve its quaintness, despite its inhabitants protests of tangible issues, like "dark narrow stairs and a kitchen that smokes."

    4. the sea air would probably, in her present state, be the death of her

      Seems to be the opposite of what every other character says about sea air

    5. bathing-place

      Sea-bathing is also mentioned in Emma as treatment for various maladies. In the scene, there is a debate as to whether sea-bathing is medically valid. The description of bathing-places as "young and rising" by Mr. Parker may indicate that it is a trend among the upperclass.

    6. library

      The library is not a common place to hang out in other Austen novels. For example, people dance in pump houses in Bath . This emphasizes the small size of Sanditon as a space and its population. It also pushes that it is quiet town.

    7. new buildings might soon be looked for

      The setting of Sanditon is unique from the settings usually featured in Austen. Most of her previous novels take place at large stately manors, symbolic of the wealthy and titled gentry class. Sanditon, however, is a location that is being actively developed, much like the rising middle class that is uniquely featured in Sanditon.

    8. spent a great part of the evening at the hotel

      "Hotel" as a setting is one we have not seen before in Austen novels. This could be because the Parkers represent a different socioeconomic class compared to the rest of her characters

    9. a beautiful view of the sea

      Being at a seaside town is mentioned in other novels but the actual nature of the sea and the town is not discussed like this before

  30. Aug 2018
    1. Earlier, I have criticized Facebook for not anticipating the ethical problems with Facebook live and for its general approach of trying things out without much ethical forethought. But wouldn’t a pragmatist argue that because they are charting into new territory, digital innovators are more likely to make ethical mistakes giving the lack of existing normative framework?  This pragmatic defense only has limited power though, as there are general guiding ethical norms and principles in place already.  It is of course true that (some of) these norms might be subject to change in the digital environment and that sometimes our existing frameworks are ill-equipped to deal with new moral dilemmas. However, this does not excuse some of the more egregious ethical lapses we have seen recently, which were violations of well-known and accepted moral guidelines.
  31. Dec 2017
  32. Oct 2017
    1. valley of the Ebro were long and white.

      The Valley of the Ebro refers to the real world location of the Ebro Valley, located in modern day Spain. The valley features long rolling hills of white stone, and although beautiful, hints at a less pleasant theme: infertility.

      We would often picture living, lush landscapes as covered in greenery, farmland, or some other semblance of life. Plain, white hills, seemingly devoid of any other features or flora not only establishes the setting of our short story, but instead allows the author to allude to a feeling of emptiness. "Long and white" serve to corroborate this idea of desolation; a place simply colored white and stretching for a great distance feels very empty. With the subject of this short story revolving around a couple's abortion, emptiness is a core aspect to the setting of this story.

  33. Sep 2017
    1. street of Salem village

      an earlier clarification of the author saying the story is in Salem. Salem might be a big village since it is mentions that there is a street in the village.

    2. It was now deep dusk in the forest, and deepest in that part of it where these two were journeying.

      This part shows the setting is for sure very deep within a forest. They are on a journey meaning more time in the forest.

    3. our minister, at Salem village

      They live in Salem; What I already know about Salem is this is where the witch trials had happened and by verbal context I can assume that this story took place during the same time period. In some parts of the story, they mentioned witches and since they haven't mentioned yet why they are out in the wilderness, they might actually be out hunting witches.

    1. In another part of the story i saw "clock tower" and i also see a salem village were mentioned

    2. The story takes place in the past, in dreary creppy forest. You could say there is an evil precence intrepretting these things. The forest lays in solitude.

  34. Oct 2016
  35. Nov 2015
    1. the physical space where participationtook place had some bearing on, or was indicative of the type of participation, as viewed in a Legitimate Peripheral Participation lens.

      I really like how you address the physical space here. It supports how important context is for learning.

  36. Jul 2015
    1. The line breaking algorithm can also be used to correct the line breaks made by the browser. The easiest way to do is to split a text up into lines and adjust the CSS word-spacing property. Unfortunately, Webkit based browsers do not support sub-pixel word-spacing. Alternatively, we can absolute position each word or split the line into segmants with integer word spacing. You can see the latter approach in action on the Flatland line breaking example.

      Notes on how to apply TeX line-breaking algorithm to web content by using CSS word-spacing property