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  1. Apr 2024
    1. But, alas, to make meThe fixèd figure for the time of scornTo point his slow and moving finger at!Yet could I bear that too, well, very well.But there where I have garnered up my heart,Where either I must live or bear no life,The fountain from the which my current runsOr else dries up—to be discarded thence!

      He actually admits to his pride not being something that kills him, he can put up with all but the pain of his heart, that is his true motivation. So it is Desdemona's love and adoration that focuses on him that keeps him going.



  2. Mar 2024
    1. Résumé de la vidéo [00:00:00][^1^][1] - [00:05:58][^2^][2]:

      Cette vidéo explore le concept de l'ignorance pluraliste, démontrant comment les individus dans un groupe peuvent s'aligner sur une opinion commune sans nécessairement être d'accord, simplement parce qu'ils perçoivent un faux consensus.

      Points forts: + [00:00:09][^3^][3] Ignorance pluraliste * Notion produisant des consensus illusoires + [00:00:32][^4^][4] Comportement de groupe * Importance de l'association à un groupe * Conformisme basé sur la perception du consensus + [00:01:09][^5^][5] Conformisme et silence * Tendance à se taire si les autres semblent d'accord * Risque de camoufler le désaccord réel + [00:02:50][^6^][6] Nécessité de la contradiction * Importance des voix discordantes pour la vérité * Le débat permet de clarifier les raisons d'une croyance + [00:03:56][^7^][7] Démocratie et débat * La contradiction est essentielle en démocratie * Les bons arguments doivent être distingués des mauvais + [00:05:25][^8^][8] Consensus et critique * Le consensus non testé peut être illusoire * Importance de la pensée critique et de la parole alternative

  3. Jan 2024
    1. dreaming can be seen as the "default" position for the activated brain

      for - dream theory - dreaming as default state of brain

      • Dreaming can be seen as the "default" position for the activated brain
      • when it is not forced to focus on
        • physical and
        • social reality by
          • (1) external stimuli and
          • (2) the self system that reminds us of
            • who we are,
            • where we are, and
            • what the tasks are
          • that face us.

      Question - I wonder what evolutionary advantage dreaming would bestow to the first dreaming organisms? - why would a brain evolve to have a default behaviour with no outside connection? - Survival is dependent on processing outside information. There seems to be a contradiction here - I wonder what opinion Michael Levin would have on this theory?

    1. And the a couple months went by and Apple introduced Swift—decidedly not a scripting language—and eventually Brent bought in almost all the way.

  4. Dec 2023
    1. Israël a imposé un siège complet à la bande de Gaza depuis le 9 octobre, et l’aide humanitaire n’entre qu’au compte-gouttes

      Le siège n'est pas complet si l'aide humanitaire entre, même au compte-gouttes.

    2. se trouve au Caire

      On disait plus haut dans l'article que la délégation du Hamas était attendue au Caire, tandis qu'on dit ici qu'elle s'y retrouve déjà. Lequel des deux est exact?

    1. circulaire de rentrée elle dit il faut faire réussir permettre à tous les 00:22:27 élèves acquérir les fondamentaux et de les faire réussir dans les apprentissages et on voit que ce terme de réussite s'il est mal défini s'il est mal compris parce que c'est c'est bien là l'enjeu en fait c'est qu'est-ce qu'on entend par réussite s'il est mal défini 00:22:39 mal compris on va avoir des effets assez contradictoires
  5. Nov 2023
    1. L'aspect ouvert de l'éditorialisation la distingue radicalement du modèle imprimé, qui implique le respect d'un protocole strict décidé en amont, indépendamment des processus d'édition et de publication.

      Est-ce réellement une distinction «radicale» par rapport au format imprimé? Aussi, l'auteur souligne l'ouverture et l'absence d'un schéma, mais il semble contredire cette idée plus loin dans le texte.

  6. Sep 2023
    1. . It should be noted that stress can be seen as the inverse of “satisfaction” [22], and is relative to a contextual and non-stationary target.
      • for: stress - satisfaction, lack project, poverty mentality, David Loy
      • comment
        • what is interesting is that there is strong emphasis on Buddhist and other contemplative teachings on acceptance of the present state and cessation of searching.
        • In Buddhist teachings, desire is an expression of a dissatisfaction of some aspect of the present and drives change
        • and last but perhaps most importantly, Buddhist teachings teach that the source of the desire is indicative of attachment to the constructed self narrative
        • hence, at first read, it would seem the goal-oriented nature of the definition is at odds with Buddhist teachings.
        • David Loy refers to desires as a way to fulfill something we feel is missing. He refers to this as a "Lack project"
        • If we penetrate the self construct and see it's constructed, provisional nature, then we also expose the greater already existent reality that we already are.
        • It seems paradoxical. While we are strongly reifying the self-construct, we will be goal-seeking and a priority goal may be to experience the self as a construct, which has the effect of ending root level goal seeking.
  7. May 2023
    1. this era began in the mid-20th century before you and I were born with a biomedical Innovation
      • Mary Harrington suggests that

        • a starting point for the transhuman age
        • was marked by
        • the introduction of the birth control pill
      • comment

        • while that may mark the first time a technology has radically reshaped human physiology in such a direct way,
          • the spirit of transhumanism is inherent in our nature as innovating cognitive beings
          • in fact, I find the term "transhuman" self-contradictory and problematic
            • as our very nature as innovative beings means we are constantly reinventing and transcending our old behaviors
  8. Apr 2023
    1. Recommended Source

      Under the "More on Philosophies of Copyright" section, I recommended adding the scholarly article by Chinese scholar Peter K. Yu that explains how Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang can address the contradictions in effecting or eliminating intellectual property laws. One of the contradictions is in intellectual property laws protecting individual rights while challenging sustainability efforts for future generations (as climate change destroys more natural resources.

      Yu, Peter K., Intellectual Property, Asian Philosophy and the Yin-Yang School (November 19, 2015). WIPO Journal, Vol. 7, pp. 1-15, 2015, Texas A&M University School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 16-70, Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2693420

      Below is a short excerpt from the article that details Chinese philosophical thought on IP and sustainability:

      "Another area of intellectual property law and policy that has made intergenerational equity questions salient concerns the debates involving intellectual property and sustainable development. Although this mode of development did not garner major international attention until after the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the Yin-Yang school of philosophy—which “offers a normative model with balance, harmony, and sustainability as ideals”—provides important insight into sustainable development."

  9. Mar 2023
    1. Does the EDL/EID card transmit my personal information? No. The RFID tag embedded in your card doesn't contain any personal identifying information, just a unique reference number.

      Can this unique reference number be used to identify me (assuming they've already identified me another way and associated this number with me)? Yes!!

      So this answer is a bit incomplete/misleading...

  10. Aug 2022
  11. www.janeausten.pludhlab.org www.janeausten.pludhlab.org
    1. Our neighbourhood cannot spare such a pleasant family

      Austen does enjoy having characters contradict themselves - see Mary's comment in the earlier part of the letter about them not improving as neighbours

  12. www.janeausten.pludhlab.org www.janeausten.pludhlab.org
    1. I assure you, I have not seen a soul this whole long morning

      This despite just stating in the same speech that she saw her husband. Austen often pokes fun at characters inconsistencies

  13. www.janeausten.pludhlab.org www.janeausten.pludhlab.org
    1. she had a value for rank and consequence

      This is really hard for a modern reader to understand. Austen has just said how sensible Lady Russell is but she too panders to Sir Walter. This may be part of the reason she rejects Wentworth for Anne; true, he didn't have money but he also wasn't important enough - were he a penniless titled person I bet she would have supported the match. Austen excels at writing well rounded complex characters, she often pokes fun at their inconsistencies.

  14. Jul 2022
    1. it works on on logic essentially and shows look if you if you take this entity as existence you get into a contradiction for this and this reason 00:36:31 and it slowly demolishes all the possible foundations of our thinking not only objects but also causation itself also time itself also the self 00:36:44 itself and so on and so forth one one by one um showing that uh thinking that they are foundational they're they're they have intrinsic existence uh doesn't doesn't hold

      Nagarjuna uses his tetralema to deconstruct logical arguments of thinking, existence of self, causation, time, intrinsic existence using logical arguments.j

      For other viewpoints of Nagarjuna's Tetralemma, visit:

      Judith Ragir discusses parallels between Dogen and Nagarjuna and employs Trungpha Rinpoche's Diamond Sliver diagram https://hyp.is/go?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.judithragir.org%2F2017%2F08%2Fdogen-nagarjunas-tetralemma-6%2F&group=world Graham Priest's paper on the Catuskoti / Tetralemma technique https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Fbafybeifum5ioeus3y3hl4lqdwclgxpd6in4muleocuhsk3jev2rd7j3hpu.ipfs.dweb.link%2FThe-Logic-of-the-Catuskoti-by-G.-Priest.pdf&group=world

      Professor Peter Adamson:of King's College London on his "History of Philosophy without any Gaps" podcast series https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Fhistoryofphilosophy.net%2Fnagarjuna-tetralemma&group=world Here Peter interviews Nagarjuna expert, Jan Westerhoff of Oxford,in an insightful interview https://historyofphilosophy.net/nagarjuna-westerhoff

    1. This is the paradoxical practice of Zen. How can we take care of the ordinary things and people in our daily life with care and attentiveness and still understand and know their impermanence? In practicing these two views simultaneously, we can come to understand freedom and to completely inhabit our one precious and unique human life. They mutually support each other and yet retain their distinctive qualities. We don’t call something that is white, black and yet we understand that white and black share the same essence. This understanding defines a good Zen practice. We take care of cause and effect from the basis of operation of boundless, timeless, open awareness.

      We straddle the absolute and relative with each step, each action in the simultaneous relative and absolute world. As Dasietz Suzuki said, "The elbow does not bend backwards". The world limits us, but freedom is all around.

    2. The place of the here and now IS the true reality and that can’t be described by any of the words above or by language.

      Hence, the here and now is actually indescribable. Also can be called the nameless but already therein is the contradiction. To name the nameless as "the nameless" already creates contradiction. Hence, contradictions will always persist in using language to point to the indescribable.

      And yet, the indescribable is all around, and language and concepts refer to things that are exactly in this space. Hence the inherent contradiction of using concepts and language...all words, all concepts essentially describe the indescribable. We can feel into this situation by applying Vervaeke's 4 P's.

    3. Dogen can be very difficult to read or understand. That’s why we often need a commentary or teacher to introduce his way of writing and the underlying teaching. I often say he’s a thirteenth century cubist. Just like Picasso or in the writing world, Gertrude Stein, he tries to show all sides of the story in one paragraph or even one sentence. That is why he repeats himself and contradicts himself all in the same paragraph. If you are looking for the “right” understanding, you become confused and lost in his prism of various interpretations or views. Dogen’s “right” understanding is that there is none.   No one point of view is “right”. According to conditions, any view can be the right view in the right circumstance. Dogen really wants to take away our solid idea of a fixed ground of reality. It is not form or emptiness. It is not both or neither. There is no one right, fixed view. That is our “clinging”.

      Dogen contradicts himself because he tries to show "all sides of the story". His teaching is a "pointing out" instruction that ANY viewpoint is simply that, perspectival knowing.

      An important question then, is this, if Dogen (and Nagarjuna) are claiming that there is no objective reality in our constructed world of concepts and language, is science being denied? Is fake news ok? Is this a position that basically accepts post modernism? No, I would say no to all of these. It's pointing out the LIMITATIONS of concepts and language. They are incomplete and always leave with a sense of wanting more. And since Post Modernism is also one point of view, it is also thrown out by Dogen and Nagarjuna. Remember, ALL points of views are points of view. Fake news is also a point of view so those who practice it can also not justify it.

      What Dogen and Nagarjuna are saying is that as soon as one enters the world of concepts and language, any concept and anything side is inherently one sided. It is inherently perspectival and situated in an inherently incomplete conceptual space.

      As Tibetan doctor/monk Barry Kerzin points out in this conversation with physicist Carlo Rovelli, there is a critical difference between "existence" and "intrinsic existence". The first is not being denied by Nagarjuna, but the second, intrinsic existence, the existence of concepts and the words that represent them, is. If these two are confused, it can lead straight to nihilism.


      This also aligns with John Vervaeke's perspectival and propositional knowing in his 4 P ways of knowing about reality: Propositional, Perspectival, Participatory and Procedural. A good explanation of Vervaeke's 4Ps is here: https://hyp.is/go?url=http%3A%2F%2Fdocdrop.org%2Fvideo%2FGyx5tyFttfA%2F&group=world

    1. public school tuition program

      Please help the reader understand contradictions, especially important ones. Three paragraphs earlier you described the program in question as a "tuition assistance program that allows parents to use vouchers to send their children to public or private schools" and the article linked there says "a tuition-assistance program for private schools".

  15. Jun 2022
    1. IN SUMMARY:- we will have NO HOPE of release from the iniquities, paradoxes, inconsistencies and falsities of objective rationalisation until and unless we recognise the receptive influence of omnipresent space and the responsive flow of energetic information around every body. ONLY THEN will a truly compassionate and regenerative way of life become possible.

      To be AND not to be that is the answer contradictions exist within our symbolic framing but that's alright it's just language, wonderFULL language!

  16. Apr 2022
    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2021, February 2). @MichaelPaulEdw1 @islaut1 @ToddHorowitz3 @richarddmorey @MaartenvSmeden as I just said to @islaut1 if you want to force the logical contradiction you move away entirely from all of the interesting cases of inference from absence in everyday life, including the interesting statistical cases of, for example, null findings—So I think we now agree? [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1356530759016792064

  17. Mar 2022
    1. The key issue of the war, at least for President Putin, is whether Ukraine is an independent nation, whether it is a nation at all. He has this fantasy that Ukraine isn't a nation, that Ukraine is just a part of Russia, that Ukrainians are Russians. In his fantasy, Ukrainians are Russians that want to be back in the fold of Mother Russia, 00:02:43 and that the only ones preventing it is a very small gang at the top, which he portrays as Nazis, even if the president is Jewish; but OK, a Nazi Jew.

      If the people of Russia know that the president of Ukraine is a jew, Putin's entire story collapses.So do the people of Russia actually know this? And if so, what is their response? Does confirmation bias even refute that absurdity?

  18. Jan 2022
  19. Mar 2021
  20. Jan 2021
    1. You can style a link to look button-like Perhaps some of the confusion between links and buttons is stuff like this: <img loading="lazy" src="https://i1.wp.com/css-tricks.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Screen-Shot-2020-01-08-at-8.55.49-PM.png?resize=264%2C142&#038;ssl=1" alt="" class="wp-image-301534" width="264" height="142" data-recalc-dims="1" />Very cool “button” style from Katherine Kato. That certainly looks like a button! Everyone would call that a button. Even a design system would likely call that a button and perhaps have a class like .button { }. But! A thing you can click that says “Learn More” is very much a link, not a button. That’s completely fine, it’s just yet another reminder to use the semantically and functionally correct element.
  21. Dec 2020
    1. The App Bar (at the top) appears over the main wrapper, but not the navigation; which appears as same height as the wrapper. So how’s that possible in the real world?
    2. consume basic every day information and go around in different platforms meanwhile, without continuously consuming
  22. Nov 2020
    1. The USPS CNS service does not allow any services other than Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. Watch this video how to do it anyway.
  23. Oct 2020
    1. it was fairly easy to set both CRITICAL,CA:TRUE and CRITICAL,CA:FALSE at the same time on the same certificate—stands to reason that could cause undefined behavior
    1. There are contradicting definitions: "dependence: one that is relied on", "dependency: something that is dependent on something else", "dependent: one that is dependent" which also says "archaic : DEPENDENCY" which is certainly the inverse of what is usually meant in technology... is it more correct to install the "dependences"? (wiktionary gives it as the plural)
    2. I think it is still problematic since many people in the software industry use and understand "dependency" to mean the thing on which something depends (as indicated by this and other answers). So saying "being a dependency" indicates to those people the thing on which something depends, which is the opposite of the way I think of it (and what it means according to the dictionary).
  24. Sep 2020
    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: “having spent a few days looking at ‘debate’ about COVID policy on lay twitter (not the conspiracy stuff, just the ‘we should all be Sweden’ discussions), the single most jarring (and worrying) thing I noticed is that posters seem completely undeterred by self contradiction 1/3” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved September 23, 2020, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1308340430170456064

  25. Aug 2020
  26. icla2020.jonreeve.com icla2020.jonreeve.com
    1. Even as he raised his large trembling hand to his nose little clouds of smoke dribbled through his fingers over the front of his coat. It may have been these constant showers of snuff which gave his ancient priestly garments their green faded look for the red handkerchief, blackened, as it always was, with the snuff-stains of a week, with which he tried to brush away the fallen grains, was quite inefficacious.

      Also from wikipedia: Snuff is a smokeless tobacco made from ground or pulverised tobacco leaves. It is inhaled or "snuffed" into the nasal cavity, delivering a swift hit of nicotine and a lasting flavoured scent (especially if flavouring has been blended with the tobacco).

      The scene of the room and the priest is unnerving, and it's contradictory in regard to what I think of a priest. But the garments are perhaps symbolic of that. Also he seems to be living poorly since he is so cold. Seems like the narrator is the only one taking care of him?

  27. May 2020
    1. Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model in which the cloud provider runs the server

      It still has a server. I dislike the name "serverless" because it is inaccurate.

    1. Records must be kept in writing. Most organisations will benefit from maintaining their records electronically.

      Isn't "kept in writing" different from "maintaining their records electronically"? How can digital data be kept in writing? Is that meant figuratively then? Why would they use figurative language here? What do they mean by "kept in writing"??

  28. Mar 2020
    1. Such a corporate structure helps contain the otherwise massive potential fines which are derived from the company's worldwide revenue.  However, the worldwide part would in practice be limited to the EU as that is the only market such a subsidiary would operate in.

      How does this structure helps contain the fines which are derived from the company's worldwide revenue?

      If fines are based on worldwide revenue anyway, then what good does having a EU subsidiary even do in that respect? None, it seems.

      This seems to even confirm that, but it is unclear/confusing how this is worded:

      However, the worldwide part would in practice be limited to the EU as that is the only market such a subsidiary would operate in.

  29. Sep 2017
    1. To date, there is no evidence that nuclear weapons or the materials needed to make them have ever fallen into the hands of a terrorist group; even large and sophisticated terrorist groups that have tried to get nuclear weapons have failed to do so; and the international community has taken a wide range of actions over the past quarter-century (and particularly over the 2010-2016 period of the nuclear security summits) that have drastically improved the security measures for nuclear weapons and materials around the world

      Doesnt this contradict the authors oroginal claim?

    1. Charlotte seems to inhabit the worst of both worlds; even in the domestic sphere her movements, conversation, and enjoy-ment are all checked.

      Moe seems to contradict herself at times. Is Charlotte "modern"? Within the same paragraph, she seems to promote Charlotte choice, while also diminishing it. Or is Moe trying to argue that despite an optimistic, "modern" thought process, women's happiness and success are still in the hands of the men they marry? It is unclear.

  30. Sep 2015
    1. Arizona

      This article is stating that the Navajo Indian's have been at peace with the white people but still necessary to keep constantly on watch? Maybe the whites are starting the war?

  31. Feb 2014
    1. Romanticism was born as a contradictory response to these developments. It was an opposition to capitalism, but one expressed through the language of private property and the assumptions inherited from the philosophical discourse that legitimated capitalism’s mode of production. Romanticism denounced the alienation and loss of independence spawned by industrial production and market relations, and portrayed the artist in heroic opposition to the drive for profit.

      reminds of "NC" contradiction

  32. Sep 2013
    1. When, therefore, the layman puts all these things together and observes that the teachers of wisdom and dispensers of happiness are themselves in great want but exact only a small fee from their students, that they are on the watch for contradictions in words(10) but are blind to inconsistencies in deeds, and that, further , they pretend to have knowledge of the future" but are incapable either of saying anything pertinent or of giving any counsel regarding the present, and when he observes that those who follow their judgements are more consistent and more successful4 than those who profess to have exact knowledge, then he has, I think, good reason to contemn such studies and regard them as stuff and nonsense, and not as a true discipline of the soul.

      Wow! Is that the longest sentence ever??

      When the students observe the sophists living in "great want" (poverty?) but charging little for their services the student recognizes that the sophist is contradictory in nature. When students are more successful than the teachers the teachers are considered to be teaching nonsense.

      I disagree, at least from a modern perspective. Isn't a good thing if a student passes a teacher in success. Isn't it possible for a law teacher to teach a student who goes on to become president or a judge?

    1. SOCRATES: Then rhetoric is not the only artificer of persuasion? GORGIAS: True.

      Whammy! Socrates leading Gorgias into a contradiction.

    1. Therefore things both are and are not.

      This comment would make Aristotle roll over in his grave! For Aristotle, the firmest axiom of metaphysics (of everything, really) in the Principle of Non-Contradiction (PNC).