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  1. Dec 2023
    1. SoNeC-FacilitatorNeighbourhood OrganiserCircle member in chargeNeighbours
      • for SoNeC - implentation roles, neighbourhood organization - SoNeC, community organization - SoNeC

      • description: Implementation roles

        • Facilitator
        • Neighbourhood organizer
        • Circle member in charge
        • Neighbours
  2. Aug 2023
    1. Aguinis, H. and Matthew A. Cronin. (2022). "It's the Theory, Stupid." Organizational Psychology Review Online First. https://doi.org/10.1177/20413866221080629

    2. the number one and most important reason why research is meaningful and makes a useful and valuable contribution is theory.
  3. May 2023
    1. II 115Went he forth to find at fall of night that haughty house, and heed wherever the Ring-Danes, outrevelled, to rest had gone. Found within it the atheling band asleep after feasting and fearless of sorrow, 120of human hardship. Unhallowed wight, grim and greedy, he grasped betimes, wrathful, reckless, from resting-places, thirty[1] of the thanes, and thence he rushed fain of his fell spoil, faring homeward, 125laden with slaughter, his lair to seek. Then at the dawning, as day was breaking, the might of Grendel to men was known; then after wassail was wail uplifted, loud moan in the morn. The mighty chief, 130atheling excellent, unblithe sat, labored in woe for the loss of his thanes, when once had been traced the trail of the fiend, spirit accurst: too cruel that sorrow, too long, too loathsome.[2] Not late the respite; 135with night returning, anew began ruthless murder; he recked no whit, firm in his guilt, of the feud and crime. They were easy to find who elsewhere sought in room remote their rest at night, 140bed in the bowers,[3] when that bale was shown, was seen in sooth, with surest token,— the hall-thane’s[4] hate. Such held themselves far and fast who the fiend outran! Thus ruled unrighteous and raged his fill 145one against all; until empty stood that lordly building, and long it bode so. Twelve years’ tide the trouble he bore, sovran of Scyldings, sorrows in plenty, boundless cares. There came unhidden 150tidings true to the tribes of men, in sorrowful songs,[5] how ceaselessly Grendel harassed Hrothgar, what hate he bore him, what murder and massacre, many a year, feud unfading,—refused consent 155to deal with any of Daneland’s earls, make pact of peace, or compound for gold: still less did the wise men ween to get great fee for the feud from his fiendish hands.[6] But the evil one ambushed old and young, 160death-shadow dark, and dogged them still, lured, and lurked in the livelong night of misty moorlands: men may say not where the haunts of these Hell-Runes[7] be. Such heaping of horrors the hater of men, 165lonely roamer, wrought unceasing, harassings heavy. O’er Heorot he lorded, gold-bright hall, in gloomy nights; and ne’er could the prince[8] approach his throne, —’twas judgment of God,—or have joy in his hall. 170Sore was the sorrow to Scyldings’-friend, heart-rending misery. Many nobles sat assembled, and searched out counsel how it were best for bold-hearted men against harassing terror to try their hand. 175Whiles they vowed in their heathen fanes altar-offerings, asked with words[9] that the slayer-of-souls[10] would succor give them for the pain of their people. Their practice this, their heathen hope; ’twas Hell they thought of 180in mood of their mind. Almighty they knew not, Doomsman of Deeds[11] and dreadful Lord, nor Heaven’s-Helmet heeded they ever, Wielder-of-Wonder.—Woe for that man who in harm and hatred hales his soul 185to fiery embraces;—nor favor nor change awaits he ever. But well for him that after death-day may draw to his Lord, and friendship find in the Father’s arms!

      CC Licensing: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

      Title: Gender Roles and Heroic Constructs in Beowulf: Chapter II

      In chapter 2 the exploration of gender roles and the construction of the hero within the text continues.

      The opening lines reveal the aftermath of Grendel's ruthless attacks on the Ring-Danes. The phrase "that haughty house" refers to Heorot, the magnificent mead-hall. The contrast between the evil Grendel and the unsuspecting, slumbering atheling band, predominantly consisting of men, highlights the vulnerability of the male heroes in the face of a monstrous threat. This portrayal challenges traditional gender expectations, where men are typically depicted as protectors and warriors.

      As the poem progresses, it becomes evident that Grendel's reign of terror specifically targets male warriors, emphasizing the disruption of gender roles and the erosion of male heroism. The repetition of terms such as "than," "atheling," and "thanes" underscores the predominantly male victims of Grendel's attacks, while women remain largely absent from the narrative. This absence suggests a limited role for women in the heroic context of the poem, reinforcing traditional gender roles that associate heroism primarily with men.

      The linguistic value this chapter is shown through its descriptive language and imagery. The use of alliteration, rhythm, and vivid metaphors contributes to the poem's aesthetic appeal and oral performance. The repetition of sounds and words, such as "ruthless murder" and "lured and lurked," adds emphasis and evokes a sense of foreboding, heightening the emotional impact of the narrative.

      It's significant to also note that the translator/editor/scribe of the time had, at least partially, their opinion in the text. And the socio-cultural context on the representation of gender roles in the text. The dominance of a patriarchal mindset during the translation, gathering, and manipulation of the text might have influenced the portrayal of gender dynamics, potentially perpetuating or reinforcing gender biases prevalent at the time.

      Comparatively, analyzing the representation of gender roles in multiple versions of Beowulf would provide a deeper understanding of the variations and nuances present in different translations and editions. It is essential to examine the translator's choices, the cultural and historical context in which the translation was produced, and the potential influence of contemporary gender politics on the interpretation and presentation of the text. Gender roles can be a complicated and complex topic, especially when it is in context of older societies and we don't know their expectations and norms fully as we know our own.

      Note: This annotation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. This means that others are free to share and adapt this work for non-commercial purposes as long as they attribute the original author and use the same CC license for their derivative works.

  4. Feb 2023
    1. Como es bien conocido, en un primer momento predominó el “modelo de la sub-ordinación” entre los sexos, protagonizado por la figura del patriarcado, en el queexistía una identidad plena entre sexo y género1. Era el aspecto biológico el quedeterminaba los roles sociales, los cuales tenían carácter de intransferibles de unsexo a otro. Por ello, atribuyendo a la naturaleza la causa del desempeño de unasfunciones determinadas dentro de la sociedad, esta se dividió en dos ámbitos deactuación: el público y el privado. El varón se dedicó a las actividades conside-radas socialmente importantes o de mayor valor, como la política, la economía,el desempeño de trabajos remunerados, entre otras. En contraposición, la mujerasumió la responsabilidad en la educación y la crianza de los hijos, en las laboresdomésticas y en las actividades menos valoradas por la sociedad. también fuenota característica la inferioridad y dependencia de la mujer con respecto al varón

      Existe una identidad plena entre lo que es el sexo y el genero, el aspecto biológico es el que determina los roles sociales.

  5. Dec 2022
    1. para las mujeres, los niños y las personas menosinstruidas sobre los efectos para la salud y el medio ambiente de loscontaminantes orgánicos persistentes, así como sus alternativas. Disponeigualmente la necesidad de capacitación de los trabajadores y delpersonal científico, docente, técnico y directivo. Igualmente la elaboracióny aplicación de programas de educación y capacitación a los nivelesnacional
    2. El inciso “v” del Título Preliminar de la Ley Nº 26842, Ley General deSalud: establece que es responsabilidad del Estado vigilar, cautelar y atenderlos problemas de desnutrición y de salud mental de la población, los de saludambiental, así como los problemas de salud del discapacitado, del niño, deladolescente, de la madre y del anciano en situación de abandono social.
    3. La Décimo Novena Política de Estado sobre Gestión Ambiental yDesarrollo Sostenible del Acuerdo Nacional del año 2002: dispone que elEstado promoverá la participación responsable e informada del sector privadoy de la sociedad civil en la toma de decisiones ambientales y en la vigilanciade su cumplimiento y fomentará una mayor conciencia ambiental.
  6. Aug 2022
  7. Jul 2022
    1. 4.5 Getting the right people in the right roles in support of your goal is the key to succeeding at whatever you choose to accomplish.

      4.5 Getting the right people in the right roles in support of your goal is the key to succeeding at whatever you choose to accomplish.

  8. Jun 2022
    1. DevOps team roles and responsibilities

      In a DevOps team, everyone participates in software development and is responsible for its early release. Characteristic and different from other development methods is a process that we call Continuous Deployment. Which roles do we recognize within a team, and which skills are needed?

  9. Feb 2022
    1. most prominent within the sphere of the family household.

      Even though customary law may not enforce these practices, they persist nonetheless

  10. Sep 2021
    1. es importante tener en cuentacon el fin de alcanzar una colaboración efectiva es elde definir los roles

      En este video me pareció interesante la explicación de roles, si bien no esta dado exclusivamente para trabajos escolares donde involucran al profesor y al alumno, considero que al integrar un equipo siempre están presentes.


    2. Otro aspecto que es importante tener en cuentacon el fin de alcanzar una colaboración efectiva es elde definir los roles que tendrán tanto los profesorescomo los estudiantes.Independientemente del rol que desempeñen, losprofesores deberán ser capacitados para que empren-dan estas actividades adecuadamente. Por tal razón,se debe definir una política coherente y constante decapacitación para los profesores, para entender cuán-do y cómo intervenir en un ambiente académico ylograr así un aprendizaje más significativo

      Actualmente se tienden a crear grupos especificos en los que la cooperación de las personas que forman parte de ellos es primordial. Sin embargo para que esto sea posible no podemos perder de vista los diferentes roles del grupo de trabajo. Algo que tiene que ver con el perfil profesional pero tambien con la personalidad de cada integrante. Formar equipos de trabajo permite a las empresas unir las aptitudes y la fuerza de varias personas con perfiles diferentes.

  11. Jul 2021
    1. sustainability consultants help organizations reach and maintain their economic, social and environmental sustainability goals in a way that ensures that the benefits outweigh the costs of implementation.

      consultant role mapping

    1. MAIN TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES | Generally include some of the following: helping clients improve on their processes or practices by sharing best market practices and designing action plans adapted to the client’s reality; producing summary output matrices (such as materiality analysis) so that the most important issues being addressed are understood.

      Sustainability Consultant

      role is usually for mid/senior-level careers. Workers at early-careers stages usually start as sustainability analysts, backing up sustainability consultants and having less exposure to clients.

      Sustainability analyst role - Generally include: conducting research and benchmarking of key trends and translating best practices into key insights for consultants to take to clients; analyzing internal products/services and improving their footprint by suggesting upgrades to the current methodology/process used by the company; supporting senior colleagues in preparing materials for presentations with clients; translating the company’s sustainability initiatives into engaging consumer stories across the website and social media channels.

      Background/ Formal education - People who studied management, finance or economy have the benefit of understanding how business works. Others from a more environmental/social background like environmental engineering or marine biology are more aware of the reality of sustainability and its hot topics.

    2. sustainability strategy


  12. Apr 2021
  13. Feb 2021
    1. If the researches completed and proposed make a contribution, I shall be grateful; but I have also given full thought to possible practical applications. The socioeconomic demands of the present and the threatened socioeconomic demands of the future have led the American woman to displace, or threaten to displace, the American man in science and industry. If this process continues, the problem of proper child-rearing practices faces us with startling clarity. It is cheering in view of this trend to realize that the American male is physically endowed with all the really essential equipment to compete with the American female on equal terms in one essential activity: the rearing of infants. We now know that women in the working classes are not needed in the home because of their primary mammalian capabilities; and it is possible that in the foreseeable future neonatal nursing will not be regarded as a necessity, but as a luxury ---to use Veblen's term -- a form of conspicuous consumption limited perhaps to the upper classes. But whatever course history may take, it is comforting to know that we are now in contact with the nature of love.

      The entire last sentence seems to be foreshadow a future where men were capable of rearing children while women in the workforce would not work as they had to nurse their children. While nursing mothers still manage to juggle work and nursing, there are some compromises that need to be made. Men are certainly more involved in child-rearing, but women can be a part of the workforce while still providing. How this is related to what love is or how loving and rearing children is not explained as the entire study was used to deal with attachment and attachment disorders. Love is not only gauged on attachment, but is does seem to be the beginning of a broader idea of what love is and how it comes to be.

    1. We're small, but we're efficient. We can do with the number of people we have what would take twice the workforce of other companies. Everyone here wears many hats, and that allows us to cover a lot of ground without needing as many people.
  14. Sep 2020
    1. The role “accountable” is allowed to change the state from “Plan” to “Execute”. The role”responsible” is allowed to change the state from “Execute” to “Finish”

      Could use this ideas as permission flags on allowed actions (per role).....

    2. There is also a need for defining clear accountability and responsibility (i.e. governance) for each activity. For example, the police chief is accountable for the activity “Evacuation of Residential area”, but the police field team is responsible for its execution. There are dependencies between activities illustrated as dotted lines

      This is a great concrete instantiation of jigsaw..."clear accountability and responsibility for each activity. "

    3. There arethree different organizations responding to the flood

      Related to possible role delineation for PCS.

    1. so good

      (Similar to what Meredith said earlier, I think?) This is the second time this chapter that Betteredge has referred to Lady Verinder as “so good” to do something. What’s his relationship with her supposed to be? Equally mysterious? Somewhere between love, respect, attracted, and reverent? Their dynamic seems to me to be some kind of commentary on gender roles/dynamics as he worships her, is her most trusted/special servant, yet is her servant/employee whom she refers to by his first name.

  15. Aug 2020
  16. Jul 2020
  17. Feb 2020
  18. Dec 2019
    1. To Trust the System

      Wow. This seems contradictory, but in a good way?

      Trust in the system (of openness) because it will help you expand your horizons.

      Openness in reflecting on roles and recognition, and connecting on recognition.

    2. My professors are still learning too.

      Openness on surfacing and including roles.

    3. To Collaborate With My Peers

      This is a very rich section: openness in developing skills, connecting materials, skills, roles, feedback and evaluation to other learners, and including other learners in the experience.

    4. Open education comes down to one word: accountability.

      Openness on surfacing and reflecting on roles and design.

  19. Apr 2019
  20. Sep 2018
    1. But if you have, and still can shake hands with the murderers, then are you unworthy the name of husband, father, friend, or lover, and whatever may be your rank or title in life, you have the heart of a coward, and the spirit of a sycophant.

      Paine is appealing here to his reader's sense of independence and manhood. What might this indicate about eighteenth-century ideas about gender roles?

    1. and have no other preliminaries to settle with the reader, than that he will divest himself of prejudice and prepossession, and suffer his reason and his feelings to determine for themselves ; that he will put on, or rather that he will not put off the true character of a man, and generously enlarge his views beyond the present day.

      Paine assumes here that his reader is male, and associates an openness of thought with being "manly."

    1. ducators being conscious of power dynamicsin the classroom, as well as the importance of seeing oneself as group mem-ber and a group leader, just as a bass player contributes to the foundationof the music and plays a role as a one of the musicians

      See glossary of group member roles from week one reading.

  21. Apr 2018
    1. Mr. Collins was only a clergyman

      Being a clergymen as a living meant a guaranteed income and home for the lifetime of the clergyman lucky enough to be appointed to one. Since the incumbent did not receive a wage or sully his hands with works per se, it was considered a gentlemanly profession and many younger sons of gentlemen pursued the church as their career."

      (Grace, Maria. Vicars, Curates, and Church Livings. Random Bits of Fascination. Web.)

    1. Asshewroteshefeltsomepower(rememberwearedealingwiththemostobscuremanifestationsofthehumanspirit)readingoverhershoulder,andwhenshehadwritten'Egyptiangirls',thepowertoldhertostop.Grass,thepowerseemedtosay,goingbackwitharulersuchasgovernessesusetothebeginning,isallright;thehangingcupsoffritillaries--admirable;thesnakyflower--athought,strongfromalady'spen,perhaps,butWordsworthnodoubt,sanctionsit;but--girls?Aregirlsnecessary?YouhaveahusbandattheCape,yousay?Ah,well,that'lldo.Andsothespiritpassedon.

      Here, Orlando is being interrogated by a figurative manifestation of the spirit of the age while she trying to write. The figure questions her writing and the appropriability of writing about things that go against the accepted thoughts and opinions of the time period. Once the figure realizes that she has a husband, it leaves her alone. This section of the Chapter is essentially calling attention to how, although she is now married, Orlando still feels the same when it comes to her writing. She questions what the age would approve of her marriage and, in the end, decides that she does not feel the need to submit to the standards of the age. This idea can be closely associated with the theme of identity and gender because we see that Orlando is trying to navigate through her role as a married woman at the time. I find this passage to be interesting because in the beginning of Chapter 5, Orlando felt a strong pressure to conform to the standards of the age which resulted in buying a marriage ring for herself. But in this Chapter, she no longer feels pressured to adhere to those standards.

  22. Feb 2018
    1. 'An lá nach bhféadfaim/bean o bhréagadh/nil an báire liom' (i)

      The epigraph in the book's beginning directs our attention towards the kind of image of woman we might encounter in the text. It means 'the day I can't entice a woman, I am defeated', and is attributed to 'some poet.'

      Like the book itself on a miniature scale, the epilogue is an act of selection, that speaks to a certain agenda on the part of the collector.

      Here, an idea of female as passive object and the male as questing subject trains our attention on how these roles feature in the songs.

  23. Nov 2017
    1. If you recall your LMS patent infringement history, then you'll remember that roles and permissions were exactly the thing that Blackboard sued D2L over.
    2. (At the time, Stephen Downes mocked me for thinking that this was an important aspect of LMS design to consider.)

      An interesting case where Stephen’s tone might have drowned a useful discussion. FWIW, flexible roles and permissions are among the key things in my own personal “spec list” for a tool to use with learners, but it’s rarely possible to have that flexibility without also getting a very messy administration. This is actually one of the reasons people like WordPress.

  24. Jul 2017
    1. Key Institutions and their Roles

      families and education

      families are a unit of consumption that accept the quo and reproduce inequality – children of the rich grow rich, while the children of the poor remain poor.

      education supports the existing distribution of power and wealth. maintains order, control and ensures dominant culture is passed on. reflects organization of production

  25. Mar 2017
    1. Search before death all means to eliminate all aspects of my life which I hated. Search before death all means to amplify all aspects of my life which I loved.

      Teacher roles.

    2. The teacher in front of me was also clearly in a hurry "Do you have many more copies to make? I have a class in five minutes?"

      teacher conflict teacher stress teacher panic

    3. I stood in the queue for the photocopier, looking at my watch. As time goes by.

      Time. Preparation.

    4. I stood in the queue in front of the photocopier.

      teacher roles. transmission technology

  26. Feb 2017
    1. riting as an art, not as a method of self-expression.

      Self-expression is apparently not art(?)

    2. must have a motor car.

      A move from companionship to transportation. It is not enough to be happy inside the home--she's ready to move beyond it.

    3. It is true I am a woman; it is true I am employed; but what professional experiences have I had? I

      This reminds me of Iris Young's "Five Faces of Oppression." Young argues that we often neglect to see the many faces of oppression, and that we misrepresent reality by comparing dissimilar experiences of oppression as existing under the same general umbrella of subjectivity. Anyone who experiences even one face of oppression is oppressed, but many individuals and groups experience oppression differently because they may experience different combinations of the faces of oppression. One face of oppression which often goes overlooked is "powerlessness."

      Powerlessness is a distinction between technical freedom and actual self-possession and choice. Examples Young gives are that although we are technically allowed to choose our employer, many employees are placed at the bottom of the totem pole, where they are dictated to, rather than consulted about their own work. Those who work menial jobs, for example, in which the minutia of their jobs (what to do and how to do it) are strictly controlled are powerless. In contrast, professionals such as doctors, teachers, managers, etc. are given a degree of freedom and choice about how to best go about their work, and they might even have employees working under them, whose work they get to control. This freedom gives one "respectability" in the eyes of society and one's own eyes. If someone does not have access to professionalization, they are denigrated for this lack of "respectability," by the implication that they are inferior to professionals. This, of course, becomes a vicious economic and psychological cycle.

      This system of oppression through powerlessness is what Woolf is referencing here. Although she is employed, society has denied her the freedom allotted to most literary professionals, most of whom are men. She is employed, but she is not a professional because she is denied the freedom and respectability that being a professional connotes.

    1. arguably no American woman to dale has surpassed her in na-tional and international renown.

      Arguably, indeed. Grand claims like this seem questionable to me, especially since I had never heard of Willard prior to this piece. However, that in and of itself demonstrates the historical erasure of women who were, indeed, important in their day. I'm curious whether any of you recall reading about Willard in your U.S. history textbooks, because I certainly do not, but that may have been because, as the editors point out above, the temperance movement has been largely reduced to a mockable footnote in American history.

    2. Fowler

      I don't think it was necessary to include that it was her fiance who made these decisions which destroyed so much of what she had worked for. Certainly, it adds an element of human interest, but to mention that it was her fiance seems to imply that this was largely the result of a domestic drama. I think it is important to remember that even if it had not been Fowler, he could have been replaced by literally any other man at the time and there is a fair chance that the results would have been much the same. This situation resulted from a society that denigrated and oppressed women for being women, not just for being a woman who refused to marry Fowler, in particular. It was surely an extra twist of the knife that these changes were implemented by a man she had once trusted, but we shouldn't forget that this is a system which allowed #historicalshitheads like Fowler to destroy the work of women on a whim.

    1. but this edu-cation did not include classical learning, literacy in Greek and Latin, or formal training in rhetoric, except in a few elite schools for boys destined for the univer-sity

      I do wonder what the reasoning was for this (I mean, besides the blatant "women and the lower class are too stupid to understand our Great Books and/or will lead lives that do not require a 'polite' education"). We've already read arguments that the "polite" education supposedly improved the virtues as well as the mind, right? Wouldn't all of society benefit if women and the lower class were virtuous, as much as possible?

    2. The social evils they attacked were, they claimed, so offensive to God that pious Christian women must speak out, even at risk of social censure.

      This was an excellent logical grasp at authority for women. Since they were expected to be models of morality within the family (though they were denied the authority of the pulpit or even of the home), these women were able to turn that moral authority outward to shine it on social justice issues in the name of God.

    3. women's mental and moral equality to men, which placed on them the same responsibility to combat social evils,

      I think this is key. Women were held to exacting (actually, impossible) standards regarding morality, while completely disregarded intellectually. However, restrictions on women did not stop there, but continued into a swirling confusion of contradictory stereotypes:, for example, that women are naturally inclined to corrupt men through seduction and lasciviousness, yet are also naturally innocent, naive and in need of protection. Some early feminists mistakenly began their argument for women's rights with the premise that women deserved recognition for their moral authority, while giving in to accusations that they were not as intellectually capable. This naturally left any of their arguments suspect, as they were admitting (even if only for the sake of humility) that they might not be able to match the arguments of men intellectually. By positing that men and women are equal in terms of BOTH intellect and morality, Grimke builds herself a more sturdy rhetorical platform.

  27. Sep 2016
    1. Faculty, in such contexts, demonstrate skills less apparent in conventional classroom environments. In team-based courses, faculty must serve as learning architects, mentors, and instructional scaffolders, as well as content experts and providers of feedback and evaluation.
    1. L’enseignant joue quatre rôles distincts : celui de client, qui juge l’adéquation du produit au cahier des charges, celui d’expert technique, en cas de difficulté bloquante, celui de chef d’entreprise lorsque cela s’impose et que des décisions autoritaires (concernant les coûts, les délais ou les méthodes) doivent être prises pour empêcher l’échec du projet, et enfin le rôle traditionnel de tuteur.
    2. Pour leur faciliter la tâche, lorsqu’un enseignant dispense un cours magistral, un autre enseignant est présent dans la salle et joue un double rôle : il apporte éventuellement des points de clarification à travers une formulation alternative et il n’hésite pas à poser des questions, parfois volontairement naïves, afin de désinhiber les élèves qui n’oseraient pas intervenir.

      Interesting approach. Puts the primary teacher’s roles in a new light.