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    1. Emanuel macron und die französische Regierung setzen zum Ersatz fossiler Energien auf modulare Atomreaktoren eines neuen Typs. Eine Studie ergibt nun, dass unter dem Aspekt unter den Aspekten der Kosten der Risiko und der technologischen ausgereiftheit diese Reaktoren die in sie gesetzten Erwartungen nicht erfüllt werden. Sie seien technisch, weniger ausgereift, teurer und unsichere als großreaktoren und könnten nicht mit einer und Sonnenenergie konkreten. Der Autor der Studie Antoine, hält die SMR für ein Versprechen der Nuklearindustrie, um den scheitern älterer Prognosen über die Vorteile der Atomenergie abzulenken.


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    1. for - kinship - history of human kinship - evolution - extended to nuclear family

      paper details - title: Family Institution and Modernization: A Sociological Perspective - author: Ilori Oladapo Mayowa - date: 2019

      summary - A paper that describes the evolution of human kinship from extended familly to nuclear family in modernity.

    1. yeah. but the actual problem is pacifism and overpopulation.<br /> all other problems, including world wars, are only symptoms of pacifism and overpopulation.<br /> this is just another intelligence test, and again, most people fail, most people are idiots

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    1. Interview mit dem Blackrock-Portfoliomanager Evy Hambro zu den Folgen der Energiewende für die Rohstoff-Märkte und einzige ihrer geopolitischen Implikationen. Grundaussagen: Durch erneuerbare Energien wird die Wirtschaft rohstoffintensiver und die Rohstoffpreise steigen. Auch der Bergbau ist bisher CO2-intensiv. Das Festhalten an Wachstum führt zu Investitionen in Kerneenergie und Uran-Bergbau. China beherrscht vor allem die Mitte der Lieferkette für wichtige Rohstoffe. https://www.handelsblatt.com/finanzen/maerkte/devisen-rohstoffe/blackrock-experte-energiewende-koennte-mineralienpreise-in-die-hoehe-treiben/100013162.html

    1. Tschechien baut vier neue Reaktorblöcke mit je 1200 Megawatt Leistung. Weitere, möglicherweise auch kleine und mittlere Reaktoren sollen folgen. Einer der beiden möglichen Hersteller der jetzt beschlossenen Blöcke ist die französische EDF. Bis 2030 sollen Kohlekraftwerke in Tschechien keine Rolle mehr spielen. https://taz.de/Energiepolitik-in-Tschechien/!5988761/

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    1. Offener Brief gegen die Politik der Regierung Macron in Frankreich, die Nuklearindustrie auszubauen. Der Brief stammt von europäischen Abgeordneten und anderen PolitikerInnen. Er enthält wichtige Argumente gegen die Behauptung, mit KerneEnergie ließe sich die globale Erhitzung rechtzeitig bekämpfen. Macrons Regierung versucht, geltende Vorschriften für die Genehmigung abzubauen und unabhängige Sicherheitsgremien staatlichem Einfluss zu unterwerfen. https://www.liberation.fr/idees-et-debats/tribunes/monsieur-le-president-affirmer-que-le-nucleaire-sauvera-le-climat-est-un-mensonge-20240109_L5XQ3GCEE5GPXD5BLDU2MHJCI4/

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    1. I think that we should be putting a high priority on developing the Next Generation nuclear 01:45:54 power uh but it's uh it's uh it's going to be a a tough job and as long as the as the special 01:46:05 interests are controlling our government uh we're not going to solve it
    2. Sweden they decided oh we need to have 100% carbon free electricity they decided on a design they built 10 nuclear power plants and 01:21:11 they went in a decade to carbon free energy well Germany's been working for decades and they're not anywhere near
      • for: example - nuclear decarbonization - Denmakr
    3. I proposed that we although the workshop and I we brought the best experts from the United 01:15:48 States and uh the top nuclear experts from China and and talked about ways that we could make the Next Generation nuclear power which would be 01:16:00 inherently safer than the old technology in the sense that it would shut down in case of uh emergencies and earthquake or whatever
      • for James Hansen - nuclear, fossil fuel replacement - modern nuclear, question - Janes Hansen - ultradeep geothermal

      • question: What are James Hansen's thoughts on ultra-deep geothermal?

      • comment

        • obviously, Hansen advocates for modern nuclear since it is has the same high energy density as fossil fuels
    1. it was the mothers that made all the difference he said it was mothers mobilizing around the world that stopped the testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere
      • for: story of hope - Stephanie May, hope - mothers stopped nuclear testing
    2. i think it's more likely that 00:49:59 that we will think we will think that we this particular set of procedures ai procedures that we linked into our strategic nuclear weapons system uh will keep us safer but we haven't recognized that they're 00:50:12 unintended that there are consequences glitches in it that make it actually stupid and it mistakes the flock of geese for an incoming barrage of russian missiles and and you know unleashes everything in response 00:50:25 before we can intervene
      • for: example - stupid AI - nuclear launch, AI - progress trap - example - nuclear launch
    1. They were national strategic programs. The strategic programs were aligned with nuclear weapons programs. The government picked and enforced a single design for all of the reactors. The reactors were GW-scale due to thermal efficiencies required for cost effectiveness. The government ran human resourcing. The programs ran for 20 or 30 years. They built dozens of nuclear reactors to maintain the teams and momentum and to share lessons learned.

      These are 5he seven conditions necessary for nuclear to work, asked on the historical evidence

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    1. After CNN’s reporting, Musk reversed course, tweeting “the hell with it … we’ll just keep funding Ukraine govt for free.”

      for: progress trap, unintended consequence, unintended consequence - Elon Musk, progress trap - Elon Musk - comment - the US military, Ukraine military have to deal with the unintended consequence of a vital communication system that can be turned off without notice or warning - what if Putin calls up Musk and says to him: - If you don't turn the Starlink off when Ukraine tries to mount major attack on Crimea, I will launch my nukes - What will Musk do then?

    2. “How am I in this war?” Musk asks Isaacson. “Starlink was not meant to be involved in wars. It was so people can watch Netflix and chill and get online for school and do good peaceful things, not drone strikes.”
      • for: progress trap, unintended consequence, playing God, Elon Musk - Starlink - Ukraine, Elon Musk- Crimea, Elon Musk - nuclear war, quote, quote - Elon Musk - nuclear war - starlink - crimea
      • quote
        • How am I in this war?
        • Starlink was not meant to be involved in wars.
        • It was so people can watch Netflix and chill and get online for school and do good peaceful things, not drone strikes.
      • author: Elon Musk
      • comment
        • the Tech genius could not predict the progress trap of starlink being used by the Ukrainian army to send submarine drones to blow up Russian ships
        • so he was forced into a position of playing God
    3. As Ukrainian submarine drones strapped with explosives approached the Russian fleet, they “lost connectivity and washed ashore harmlessly,” Isaacson writes. Musk’s decision, which left Ukrainian officials begging him to turn the satellites back on, was driven by an acute fear that Russia would respond to a Ukrainian attack on Crimea with nuclear weapons
      • for: progress trap, unintended consequences, nuclear war, Elon Musk - Ukraine, playing God

      • comment

        • Here, Elon Musk demonstrates how the most powerful technological leaders are themselves unable to predict the unintended consequences of progress.
        • This story exposes the power that no tech titan is immune to
          • making one dimensional decisions based on high dimensional information whose salient relationships can not be predicted ahead of time.
        • The dilemma of power - it is opaque and puts the fate of humanity in the decision of a few God-like individuals
        • Do 8 billion people really trust one man to decide the fate of civilization?
        • And yet, this is the kind of world that those in power continue to reify by consolidating their positions
        • The myth of dictators wanting to hold onto power at all costs goes beyond the sphere of politics
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    1. Neutron stars[edit] In neutron stars, neutron heavy nuclei are found as relativistic electrons penetrate the nuclei and produce inverse beta decay, wherein the electron combines with a proton in the nucleus to make a neutron and an electron-neutrino: p  +  e−  →  n  +  νe As more and more neutrons are created in nuclei the energy levels for neutrons get filled up to an energy level equal to the rest mass of a neutron. At this point any electron penetrating a nucleus will create a neutron, which will "drip" out of the nucleus. At this point we have:[citation needed] E F n = m n c 2 {\displaystyle E_{\text{F}}^{n}=m_{n}c^{2}\,} And from this point onwards the equation E F n = ( p F n ) 2 c 2 + m n 2 c 4 {\displaystyle E_{\text{F}}^{n}={\sqrt {\left(p_{\text{F}}^{n}\right)^{2}c^{2}+m_{n}^{2}c^{4}}}\,} applies, where pFn is the Fermi momentum of the neutron. As we go deeper into the neutron star the free neutron density increases, and as the Fermi momentum increases with increasing density, the Fermi energy increases, so that energy levels lower than the top level reach neutron drip and more and more neutrons drip out of nuclei so that we get nuclei in a neutron fluid. Eventually all the neutrons drip out of nuclei and we have reached the neutron fluid interior of the neutron star.
      • ok
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    1. In Frankreich ruft der Wirtschaftsminister Bruno Le Maire einen Kulturkampf für die Atomkraft aus. Dabei geht es einerseits um mehr Einnahmen für den komplett verstaatlichten Konzern EDF und andererseits darum Atomkraftwerk zu einem Exportschlager zu machen. Im Januar will man eine Leistung von 45 GW erreichen, im Jahr wieder 430 TWh.

    1. n the political aftermath of the tragedy at Chernobyl, the failure to inform its citizens served to expose the hubris of the Soviet State

      It's the hubris of the #West to neglect that the capitalist Japan 25 years later would cripple transparency and honesty much further than Soviets had done. Eventually we learned everything about the accident 2 years later, whil it took 8 years for Fukoshima to admit they had been consciously hiding the fact that cores had melted.

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    1. Στην κορύφωση αυτής της δεύτερης, πλέον, κρίσης εί-χαμε μια συγκέντρωση στη θαλάσσια περιοχή μεταξύ των Κυθήρων καιτων ακτών της Μέσης Ανατολής πάνω από εκατό πολεμικών σκαφών,εξοπλισμένων και με πυρηνικά όπλα,7 και σε απόσταση λίγων μιλίων τοένα από το άλλο.

      Ton Οκτ του 1973 100 πολεμικά με πυρηνικά κυκλοφορούσαν από τα κύθηρα μεχρι το Ισραήλ.

    2. το Ισραήλ θεώρησε τότε ότι αντιμετώπιζε πραγματικό κίνδυνο καιτη νύκτα της 8ης προς την 9η Οκτωβρίου η ισραηλινή κυβέρνηση φέρε-ται να έδωσε την εντολή τοποθέτησης 13 τακτικών πυρηνικών κεφαλώνσε πυραύλους τύπου «Ιεριχώ».

      Το Ισραήλ τον Οκτ του 1973 κατά τον Γιν Κιπούρ απείλησε τους Άραβες με 13 τακτικές πυρηνικές κεφαλές.

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    1. Pollin: Neither negative emissions technologies nor nuclear power can likely contribute significantly to building an alternative global clean energy infrastructure. Indeed, it is more likely that they will create still more severe problems. Let’s start with nuclear.

      Notes on some problems with continuing to use nuclear power instead of switching to clean power.

  14. Jun 2022
    1. There is a great need to protect the environment and enable the use of sustainable energy and alternative energy sources. Countries can build their way to energy security by investing in the industrial capacity needed to manufacture wind turbines, solar cells, nuclear fusion and other sources of renewable energy at scale. Manufacturers are also interested in investments in renewable energy that make production increasingly efficient and cheaper.

  15. Mar 2022
    1. Russia has approximately 6,000 nuclear warheads – the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world. In an interview on Saturday, Medvedev said Russia’s nuclear doctrine did not require an enemy state to use such weapons first.He said: “We have a special document on nuclear deterrence. This document clearly indicates the grounds on which the Russian Federation is entitled to use nuclear weapons. There are a few of them, let me remind them to you:“Number one is the situation, when Russia is struck by a nuclear missile. The second case is any use of other nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies.“The third is an attack on a critical infrastructure that will have paralysed our nuclear deterrent forces.“And the fourth case is when an act of aggression is committed against Russia and its allies, which jeopardised the existence of the country itself, even without the use of nuclear weapons, that is, with the use of conventional weapons.”Medvedev added that there was a “determination to defend the independence, sovereignty of our country, not to give anyone a reason to doubt even the slightest that we are ready to give a worthy response to any infringement on our country, on its independence”.
    1. Erdogan said. “We are building the Akkuyu Nuclear Energy Plant with Russia.”

      I tohught the West would demand that Turkey stop cooperating with Russia to acquire nuclear capabilities...not even that!

    1. nuclear weapons are -- 00:22:50 in a way they also, until now, preserved the peace of the world. I belong to the school of thought that if it was not for nuclear weapons, we would have had the Third World War between the Soviet Union and the United States and NATO sometime in the 1950s or '60s. That nuclear weapons actually, until today, served a good function. 00:23:16 It's because of nuclear weapons that we did not have any more direct clashes between superpowers because it was obvious that this would be collective suicide. But the danger is still there, it's always there. If there is miscalculation, then the results could, of course, be existential, catastrophic.

      We should be using this time to learn how to cooperate, and culturally evolve collective survival adaptation to prevent such possibilities, but instead, we are allowing our existing immature emotions loose.

  16. Nov 2021
    1. Not feasible due to high cost, setup time, not variable enough, producing more waste power kWh. Unproven technology eliminating the prospect for cost reductions due to scaling manufacturing (chicken-egg}.

  17. Oct 2021
    1. Michael Saup

      The work of Michael Saup explores the unintended consequences of design: Orbis Lumen.

      +b (ORBIT) shows Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Map of the earth built from multiple layers of white industrial sugar cubes and illuminated by the complete sequence of all nuclear explosions from 1945 until now. Using the cubes as three-dimensional pixels, +b emphasizes the intimate relationship between information, energy, resources and their impact on society and nature. +b stages the most extreme power released by humankind, irreversibly transforming the atmosphere and igniting the epoch of the nuclear Anthropocene with its application and supposed mastery of atomic power.

      The work illustrates how this mastery is really the reiteration of a profound error and the subsequent compounding of that error. We keep on making mistakes. Some of these errors are extraordinarily beautiful and useful, some are terrifyingly destructive with long-term planetary impact, and many are both.

    1. +b (ORBIT) shows Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Map of the earth built from multiple layers of white industrial sugar cubes and illuminated by the complete sequence of all nuclear explosions from 1945 until now. Using the cubes as three-dimensional pixels, +b emphasizes the intimate relationship between information, energy, resources and their impact on society and nature. +b stages the most extreme power released by humankind, irreversibly transforming the atmosphere and igniting the epoch of the nuclear Anthropocene with its application and supposed mastery of atomic power.The work illustrates how this mastery is really the reiteration of a profound error and the subsequent compounding of that error. We keep on making mistakes. Some of these errors are extraordinarily beautiful and useful, some are terrifyingly destructive with long-term planetary impact, and many are both.

      The epoch of the nuclear Anthropocene

  18. Mar 2021
    1. Town after town refused to receive the radioactive goods. For the next four years, the homeless train cars rolled around the western edge of the USSR, leaving a trail of radioactive exposure. Finally in 1990, KGB officers took charge of the freight, burying the meat where it came from, inside the zone of alienation.

      Story about the train full of contaminated cow meat running around USSR for 4 years before being buried shopping with other nuclear waste, in Chernobyl site.

  19. Feb 2021
    1. Had TMI, like so many of U.S. nuclear power plants now, been decades old and its metal pressure vessel embrittled and had shattered—a far greater disaster would have occurred.

      If TMI was older, embrittled core surroundigs could have been blown up, when the emergency cooling system was enacted.

    1. The three plants discussed, in Belarus, Turkey, and Uzbekistan are all being built by ROSATOM, Russia's state nuclear power company, and all will use the VVER-1200 reactors.

  20. Dec 2020
    1. But so far, somewhat miraculously, we have figured out how to live with the bomb. Now we need to learn how to survive the social web.

      It's a sad thought that these two ideas can or need to be thought of in such close juxtaposition.

  21. Sep 2020
    1. synthesize

      To synthesize in definition is create something chemically. This means that if out of 118 elements, 20 of those are man-made via a nuclear reactor and/or a particle accelerator. These elements are unstable because they are built upon fusing an Atom's nucleus with more proton's than it may usually have which causes the stability to become dangerously chaotic as it is not natural for the element. This is the building block for the Atomic Bombs creation.

  22. Jan 2020
    1. We must stop building new nuclear power plants, and find a real solution to our existing nuclear waste problem.

      We urgently need a debate to discuss and rethink this idea against nuclear energy. I strongly opine that nuclear power generation will be necessary at-least in the short term during the transition into clean energy, hopefully eventually leading to purely sustainable energy and minimizing nuclear energy.

      This article expresses the same point and points out to the German experience of not being able to contain carbon emmissions despite going green energy sans nuclear - https://theweek.com/articles/862988/what-bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-wrong-about-nuclear-power

    1. It goes completely against what most believe, but out of all major energy sources, nuclear is the safest

      Nuclear energy as the safest energy

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    1. These will be supported by "information in multiple languages in multiple media" to try to convey the potential danger

      Again showing the importance of linguistic modes of communication by presenting multiple languages on information it allows for a more significant chance that it will be understood by a larger demographic.

    2. How will "STAY OUT!" be written 5,000 years from now? When we’ve had some kind of apocalypse, all society is gone, no one remembers America even existed, let alone how to read English. But we’re still drilling for oil.

      Conca brings a very interesting point to the matter, from the context of the article the reader knows that it's referring to the nuclear danger zones that people should not enter and have clear markings warning them. But Conca suggest that how will people understand the phrase and how will they interpret it? "STAY OUT!" can mean several things it could be someone's land or secured property by the government. Without the context of linguistic modal text ideas and message can be understood in a risky way.

  25. Nov 2017
    1. Bush’s prewar claims, the failure of U.S. intelligence services to correctly gauge Iraq’s weapon-making capacity, and the failure to find any weapons of mass destruction—the Bush administration’s primary rationale for going to war—became major political debating points.
  26. Oct 2017
    1. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has continued to work on a diplomatic solution, telling CNN on Sunday he would continue to engage with North Korea “until the first bomb drops.”

      Jeez, well that's not really comforting...

  27. Sep 2017
    1. we attempt to spell out here the likely consequences of the explosion of a single terrorist nuclear bomb on a major city, and its subsequent ripple effects on the rest of the planet.
  28. Jul 2017
    1. Cuomo agreed to help keep the plants running with the aid of a multi-billion dollar bailout to be financed by monthly surcharges on the bills of ratepayers.

      I find this confusing. If the plants are running at a deficit can't the price be raised? If the "bailout" is financed by surcharges isn't that effectively the same as an increased energy cost for consumers except that there's now the government as an additional intermediary of that transfer of funds? The only thing I can imagine is that maybe energy costs are regulated?

  29. Dec 2016
    1. When you actually do the math, coal kills somewhere on the order of 4,000 times more people per unit of energy produced than nuclear power.
  30. Jul 2015
    1. he 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act gives Congress 60 days to review the deal before Obama can begin lifting sanctions. In theory, they could vote to block US sanctions relief, which would violate the terms of the deal — effectively killing it

      Skeptical lawmakers were further irked Monday after the United Nations Security Council unanimously endorsed the deal before Congress had vetted it, which some members viewed as a slight to the legislative branch.

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