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    1. nah mate, youre taking the matrix too literal. just like every great piece of art, the matrix shows the conflict between different personality types. this is timeless, or "classical", because personality types are a part of natural order, laws of physics, laws of macro-chemistry. conflict between different personality types? in the matrix, it is "machines" versus "humans". or as charlie chaplin said "machine men with machine minds".<br /> at its core, its a question of personality type. some people have this inborn mechanistic world view, who want to rationally compute everything, who prefer security over freedom, who prefer fear over lust, who prefer knowledge over feeling. and on the other side you have "humans" who prefer feelings and intuition. like morpheus says "you can FEEL something is wrong".<br /> and to this day, the conflict between different personality types remains the great mystery, which is the basis of slave morality, aka religions, aka politics, aka idealisms, aka blue pills.<br /> by accident, i have created a hypothesis to solve this fundamental problem: how do we have to connect different personality types to crate stable groups? in chemistry, we know exactly: how do we have to connect different atoms to create stable molecules. but for humans? we have no fucking clue! because spoiler: pacifism is the problem which leads to overpopulation degeneration hunger collapse war.<br /> blah. read my book:<br /> pallas. who are my friends. group composition by personality type

    1. The initial focus is on the learner’s home language (it’s currently being piloted with grade 3 isiZulu-speaking learners at a school in Soweto, Johannesburg). English is introduced gradually as a target language. The language and speech technology has been developed to provide linguistic accuracy and is grounded in teaching principles.

      This application is for Grade 3 and up. It doesn't solve the problem I identified which is by Grade 2 most learners can't read for meaning. Stepping in early is key so there is still viability for an application like mine.

    1. We need to rebuild a world outside of the grip of the globalist organisations behind the coup, outside of the grip of fascist corporations who would destroy us and the planet for power and profit, outside of the grip of the unelected billionaires parasite class, far from the grip of the corrupt governments who think they are gods and we are their canon fodder, who pretend they care about our welfare while destroying our lives. These people are our civil servants but we have let them act as our masters for too long.

      We need to go off the grid, off their evil grid, outside of the control of these psychopaths, these leeches, these parasites who have been bleeding us dry for too long.

      they control everything, so its hard to find ways to effective resistance…

      ive been thinking about this hell on earth for 20 years, and the bottleneck i found are human relations. we just have no fucking clue, how to arrange human relations to create stable groups.

      im afraid this is no accident, but deliberate sabotage from above: they dont want slaves who are well-organized, self-sufficient, free. george carlin: “They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people, capable of critical thinking. … They want obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs”

      possible solution: Pallas. Who are my friends. Group composition by personality type. https://milahu.github.io/alchi/src/whoaremyfriends/whoaremyfriends.html

  3. Mar 2024
    1. These sentences function as the language content of the speech-enabled mobile application. The application uses synthetic voice technology (also known as text-to-speech) to read aloud the automatically generated sentences in either isiZulu or English.

      I want to make animated stories with a little bit of fun interactive elements this is very different.

    1. here in germany, cops are planning to ban my book, in which i propose an answer to the illegal question "who are my friends?" this question is illegal, because efficient human relations are the foundation of any successful organization, but the empire hates competition, and the empire hates tribalism, tribe wars, small states, minarchy, secession, decentralization, free markets, ...

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    1. 1:10:00 identity politics: the only stable "identity" is personality type, which is inborn and constant for life.<br /> my heresy: i found a hypothesis for the question: how must we connect different personality types to create stable groups?<br /> "the system" likes my work so much, they are threatening to bust my door, steal my stuff, and throw me in jail for five years, as a punishment for publishing my radical answer to the question: who are my friends?<br /> my book: pallas. who are my friends. group composition by personality type

    1. 54:20 "was würden sie sagen, wie viele ein-und-zwei-personen haushalte haben wir in großstädten wie in köln und düsseldorf?" - "viele." - "anteil? prozent?" - "ich bin ganz furchtbar mit zahlen." - "75 prozent."

      warum eskaliert die gleich von "weiss ich nicht" zu "ich bin ganz furchtbar mit zahlen"?<br /> und warum erinnert mich das an den kontrast zwischen religion und naturwissenschaft...?<br /> religion im sinn von "my feelings dont care about your facts!!"

    1. 1:15 violence, rape, murder, ... executive order to dissolve chaz and restore order.<br /> too bad, murder is exactly where my fun starts. but this world is ruled by militant pacifists,<br /> who only replace serial murder with overpopulation and mass murder every 100 years, aka "war".<br /> they only replace death with accumulated "debt"... idiots. idiocracy is here and now.

      • for: COP28 talk - later is too late, Global tipping points report, question - are there maps of feedbacks of positive tipping points?, My Climate Risk, ICICLE, positive tipping points, social tipping points

      • NOTE

        • This video is not yet available on YouTube so couldn't not be docdropped for annotation. So all annotations are done here referred to timestamp
      • SUMMARY

        • This video has not been uploaded on youtube yet so there is no transcription and I am manually annotating on this page.

        • Positive tipping points

          • not as well studied as negative tipping points
          • cost parity is the most obvious but there are other factors relating to
            • politics
            • psychology
          • We are in a path dependency so we need disruptive change

        • Pierre Fredlingstein, Uni of Exeter - Global carbon budget report
        • Rosalyn Conforth, Uni of Reading - Adaptation Gap report
        • Tim Lenton, Uni of Exeter - Global Tipping Report
      • Global Carbon Budget report summary

      • 0:19:47: Graph of largest emitters

        • graph
        • comment
          • wow! We are all essentially dependent on China! How do citizens around the world influence China? I suppose if ANY of these major emitters don't radically reduce, we won't stay under 1.5 Deg C, but China is the biggest one.
      • 00:20:51: Land Use Emissions

      • three countries represent 55% of all land use emissions - Brazil - DRC - Indonesia

      • 00:21:55: CDR

        • forests: 1.9 Gt / 5% of annual Fossil Fuel CO2 emissions
        • technological CDR: 0.000025% of annual Fossil Fuel CO2 emissions
      • 00:23:00: Remaining Carbon Budget

        • 1.5 Deg C: 275 Gt CO2
        • 1.7 Deg C. 625 Gt CO2
        • 2.0 Deg C. 1150 Gt CO2
      • Advancing an Inclusive Process for Adaptation Planning and Action

      • adaptation is underfinanced. The gap is:

        • 194 billion / year
        • 366 billion / year by 2030
      • climate change increases transboundary issues
        • need transboundary agreements but these are absent
        • conflicts and migration are a result of such transboundary climate impacts
        • people are increasing climate impacts to try to survive due to existing climate impacts

      -00:29:46: My Climate Risk Regional Hubs - Looking at climate risks from a local perspective. - @Nate, @SoNeC - 00:30:33 ""ICICLE** storyllines - need bottom-up approach (ICICLE - Integrated Climate Livelihood and and Environment storylines)

      • 00:32:58: Global Tipping Points

      • 00:33:46: Five of planetary systems can tip at the current 1.2 Deg C

        • Greenland Ice Sheet
        • West Antarctic
        • Permafrost
        • Coral Reefs - 500 million people
        • Subpolar Gyre of North Atlantic - ice age in Europe
          • goes in a decade - like British Columbia climate
      • 00:35:39

        • risks go up disproportionately with every 0.1 deg C of warming. There is no longer a business-as-usual option now. We CANNOT ACT INCREMENTALLY NOW.
      • 00:36:00

        • we calculate a need of a speed up of a factor of 7 to shut down greenhouse gas emissions and that is done through positive tipping points.

      -00:37:00 - We have accelerating positive feedbacks and if we coordinate policy changes with consumer behavior change and business behavior change to reinforce these positive feedbacks, we can help accelerate change in the other sectors of the global economy responsible for all the other emissions

      • 00:37:30

        • in the report we walk you through the other sectors, where their tipping points are and how we have to act to trigger them. This is the only viable path out of our situation.
      • 00:38:10

        • Positive tipping points can also reinforce each other
        • Question: Are there maps of the feedbacks of positive tipping points?
        • Tim only discusses economic and technological positive tipping points and does not talk about social or societal
    1. four different types of initiators of new community projectsbased in neighbourhoods:local government,governmental organisations,non-governmental organisations or activists andexisting communities.
      • for: types of initiators of community projects, SONEC - initiators of community projects, question - frameworks for community projects, suggestion - collaboration with My Climate Risk, suggestion - collaboration with U of Hawaii, suggestion - collaboration with ICICLE, suggestion - collaboration with earth commission, suggestion - collaboration with DEAL

      • question: frameworks for community projects

        • If our interest is to attempt to create a global collective action campaign to address our existential polycrisis, which includes the climate crisis, then how do we mobilize at the community level in a meaningful way?

        • I suggest that this must be a cosmolocal effort. Why? Knowledge sharing across all the communities will accelerate the transition of any participating local community.

        • This means that we cannot rely on citizens living in small communities to construct an effective coordination framework for rapid de-escalation of the polycrisis. The capacity does not exist within small communities to build such a complex system. The system can be more effectively built before the collective action campaign is started by a virtual community of experts and ready for trial with pilot communities.
        • To meet this enormous challenge, it cannot be done in an adhoc way. At this point in time, many people in many communities all around the globe know of the existential crisis we face, but if we look at the annual carbon emissions, none of the existing community efforts has made a difference in their continuing escalation.
        • The knowledge required to synchronize millions of communities to have a unified wartime-scale collective action mobilization to reach decarbonization goals that the mainstream approach has not even made a dent in will be a complex problem.
        • In other words, what is proposed is a partnership.
        • Since we are faced with global commons problems that pose existential threats if not mitigated in 5 to 8 years, the scope of the problem is enormous.
        • Super wicked problems require unprecedented levels of collaboration at every level.
        • The downscaling of global planetary boundaries and doughnut economics seems the most logical way to think global, act local.
        • Building such a collaboration system requires expert knowledge. Once built, however, it requires testing in pilot communities. This is where a partnership can take place

        • 2024, Jan. 1 Adder

          • My Climate Risk Regional Hubs
            • time 29:46 of https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Funfccc.int%2Fevent%2Flater-is-too-late-tipping-the-balance-from-negative-to-positive&group=world
            • https://www.wcrp-climate.org/mcr-hubs
            • Suggestion:
              • SRG has long entertained a collaborative open science project for grassroots polycrisis / climate crisis education - to measure and validate latest climate departure dates
              • This would make climate change far more salient to the average person because of the observable trends in disruption of local economic activity connected to the local ecology due to climate impacts
              • This would be a synergistic project between SRG, LCE, SoNeC, My Climate Risk hubs, ICICLE and U of Hawaii
              • Our community frameworks need to go BEYOND simply adaptation though, which is what "My Climate Risk" focuses exclusively on. We need to also engage equally in climate mitigation.
        • reference
        • I coedited this volume on examples of existing cosmolocal projects
  6. Dec 2023
    1. i realized that that the the thing that giving me the most anguish in the world most uh a sense of crisis was the 00:16:18 possibility that my children would grow up merge into the world as adults and lose their sense of hope into a world of turbulent violence and would lose sense of hope 00:16:31 so that that's when things really started to crystalliz
      • for: for my children, self-centered motivation
      • new trailmark: reflections

      • reflections: I was inspired by my children

        • How often we hear academic researchers share how a lot of their work is inspired by their care for their children.
        • This is an interesting social phenomena in its own right.
        • It seems natural and yet, it begs the question, with so many existential threats to our entire species, is it only when we think of our own children that we can find motivation to act? Why can we not act without the dread our children might face?
        • Naturally, the answer is because we are selfish. We think, worry and are concerned more for our direct kin than for any other.
        • Perhaps, as a culture, had we had more concern for the others, we might not find ourselves in our current quagmire?
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    1. Rượu vang ngọt Mỹ nhập khẩu chính hãng, giá tốt

      Rượu vang ngọt Mỹ là một loại rượu vang phổ biến, được làm từ các giống nho như Moscato, Riesling, Chenin Blanc và Zinfandel. Rượu vang ngọt Mỹ có hương vị trái cây ngọt ngào, với độ ngọt cao. Hãy cùng Rượu Ngon 247 tìm hiểu thêm qua bài viết dưới đây nhé!

    1. Rượu vang ngọt Mỹ: Đỉnh cao của sự tinh tế

      Rượu vang ngọt Mỹ, còn được gọi là “dessert wine” hoặc “sweet wine”, là loại rượu vang được sản xuất với mục đích tạo ra hương vị ngọt ngào, thường được thưởng thức sau bữa ăn như một loại đồ uống kết thúc bữa tiệc. Loại vang này thường có hàm lượng đường tự nhiên cao hơn so với vang thông thường, làm tăng tính ngọt và hương vị nồng nàn.

      Dưới đât là top 3 chai rượu vang ngọt mỹ phổ biến nhất thế giới.

      1 Rượu Vang Mỹ Sutter Home Red Moscato

      2 Rượu Vang Mỹ Sutter Home Moscato

      3 Rượu Vang Mỹ Sutter Home White Zinfandel

    1. "Surrendering" by Ocean Vuong

      1. He moved into United State when he was age of five. He first came to United State when he started kindergarten. Seven of them live in the apartment one bedroom and bathroom to share the whole. He learned ABC song and alphabet. He knows the ABC that he forgot the letter is M comes before N.

      2. He went to the library since he was on the recess. He was in the library hiding from the bully. The bully just came in the library doing the slight frame and soft voice in front of the kid where he sit. He left the library, he walked to the middle of the schoolyard started calling him the pansy and fairy. He knows the American flag that he recognize on the microphone against the backdrop.

    1. I'd suggest that you play around a little bit with a vanilla app. Create a brand new app without any additional files, just what rails new generates. See how bin/rails runner Models raises an error because there is no models directory in autoload_paths. Now, put config.autoload_paths += %W(#{config.root}/app) in config/application.rb and observe how bin/rails runner Models just returns a prompt. With the confidence of having that running, then transalate to your app.
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    1. Rượu vang đỏ Argentina- Top 3+ hương vị hảo hạng vùng Nam Mỹ

      Rượu vang đỏ Argentina đã trở thành một trong những lựa chọn ưa thích và phổ biến trong giới yêu vang tại Việt Nam. Sự đa dạng về cấp bậc, nồng độ và hương vị của rượu vang Argentina chắc chắn có thể chiều lòng khẩu vị đa dạng của các thực khách. Hãy cùng chúng tôi khám phá những chai vang đỏ trứ danh đến từ vùng đất Nam Mỹ hấp dẫn này nhé!

    1. Rượu vang Nho Garnacha

      Giống nho Garnacha, còn được gọi là Grenache, là một giống nho đỏ phổ biến và quan trọng, được trồng rộ rã ở nhiều vùng sản xuất rượu vang trên thế giới. Garnacha thường tạo ra những chai rượu vang đỏ mềm mại, trái cây và thường có hương thơm phong phú.

      Rượu vang từ giống nho Garnacha thường có màu đậm và hương thơm phức hợp, từ hương trái cây như dâu, mâm xôi, anh đào đến hương gia vị và hương thảo mộc. Garnacha thường có cấu trúc tannin mềm mại và độ axit cân đối, giúp cho rượu vang có khả năng lão hóa tốt và phát triển sự phức tạp trong hương vị theo thời gian.

    1. Rượu vang Nho Cinsault

      Giống nho Cinsault là một giống nho đỏ phổ biến được trồng rộ rã ở nhiều vùng sản xuất rượu vang trên thế giới. Cinsault thường được sử dụng để tạo ra những chai rượu vang đơn giản, mềm mượt và dễ uống.

      Rượu vang từ giống nho Cinsault thường có màu đậm và hương thơm nhẹ nhàng, từ hương hoa quả như quả dâu, anh đào và hồng đến hương thảo mộc và mùi thảo dược. Cinsault thường có cấu trúc tannin mềm mượt và độ axit cân đối, tạo nên những chai rượu vang dễ uống và thích hợp cho việc thưởng thức trẻ.

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    1. .

      Image description

      Whenever I open the annotations on the right side of the screen, a trailing period appears in the text. It looks like this:

      Collaborate with

      anyone, anywhere


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    1. We propose a simple solution to use a single Neural Machine Translation (NMT) model to translatebetween multiple languages. Our solution requires no changes to the model architecture from a standardNMT system but instead introduces an artificial token at the beginning of the input sentence to specifythe required target language. The rest of the model, which includes an encoder, decoder and attentionmodule, remains unchanged and is shared across all languages. Using a shared wordpiece vocabulary, ourapproach enables Multilingual NMT using a single model without any increase in parameters, which issignificantly simpler than previous proposals for Multilingual NMT. On the WMT’14 benchmarks, a singlemultilingual model achieves comparable performance for English→French and surpasses state-of-the-artresults for English→German. Similarly, a single multilingual model surpasses state-of-the-art resultsfor French→English and German→English on WMT’14 and WMT’15 benchmarks, respectively. Onproduction corpora, multilingual models of up to twelve language pairs allow for better translation ofmany individual pairs. In addition to improving the translation quality of language pairs that the modelwas trained with, our models can also learn to perform implicit bridging between language pairs neverseen explicitly during training, showing that transfer learning and zero-shot translation is possible forneural translation. Finally, we show analyses that hints at a universal interlingua representation in ourmodels and show some interesting examples when mixing languages.

      this could help me

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    1. Your answer (422) makes sense to me. This is also what Rails (respond_with) uses when a resource couldn't be processed because of validation errors.
      • Title

        • Revolution and American Indians: “Marxism is as Alien to My Culture as Capitalism"
      • Author

        • Russell Means
      • Context

        • The following speech was given by Russell Means in July 1980, before several thousand people who had assembled from all over the world for the Black Hills International Survival Gathering, in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
        • It was Russell Means's most famous speech.
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    1. Judge Domino is a game in which players judge if toppling a line of dominoes will succeed or fail. Players take turns adding to the line, but to score points, you must make others think that the toppling will fail. Can you baffle other players' judgment?
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    1. Each user and each expert has incentives to work separately toward theconstruction of such a Garden. The users get to find answers, and expertscan rid themselves of commonly asked questions.

      This may help me with my own research needs to crowdsource peer review and create "living peer reviews."

    2. ngineerschose not to go to the channel of the highest quality for technical informa-tion, but rather to go to the channel of highest accessibility (i.e., lowestpsychological cost). Allen [1977] argued that the psychological cost was inthe potential lack of reciprocity between giving and obtaining informationand in the status implications of admitting ignorance.

      My last company had a page in their wiki with acronyms and downloadable Excel spreadsheets!

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    1. Sure, you can try to solve that problem by using a one-word alternative for any multi-word phrase, but that's not always possible. Instead of relying on luck, being at the mercy of copy writers, and artificially limited to only allowing one-word items, IMHO you would be better off finding a general design solution that works even for multi-word phrases. Adjusting the letter-spacing and margin between items in your list isn't that hard
    1. Based on a 3-layer concentric circle behavior change model—divided into outcome change, process change, and identity change—James explains that we should pay attention to our inner identity by focusing on beliefs, assumptions, and values
  21. Jul 2022
    1. Eighteenth century European Civilisation rode on the horse of scientific temperament and logical positivism, trampling the remaining ruins of Christian values, ethics, morals and subjective human experience, thus declared that now reason and science alone can solve all human problems both material and spiritual.

      how human subjective experience declined due to scientific reasoning?

    2. Though man began to lose its central place as subject of philosophy immediately after Socratic period with the glorification of reason by Plato and Aristotle, but Renaissance and Enlightenment intensified its severity and put last nail in the coffin

      when human lost self in world history of philosophy

      • what is the influence of plato and Aristotle's reasoning in the decline of self thinking ?
      • what is the influence of Renaissance in decline of self?
    1. sweller's cognitive load theory is built on badly and hitch's research on working memory models which has loads of iterations the idea is that we can only work with a limited amount 00:02:31 of information at any one time putting a number on it isn't really useful

      Who proposed Cognitive Load theory

    2. pay attention to the parity principle

      What is Parity Principle?

  22. Jun 2022
    1. it is very important to have perspective on your work and you get that in only two ways one is taking a lot of time 00:44:00 away from it and coming back do not read on a computer print it out on paper the way somebody's going to read it take it out of your office take it take it to the park take it to the beach wherever you're going and read it as if you've 00:44:14 never read it

      Finding the red herrings by author itself

    2. misdirecting readers with red herrings can be really challenging there's something you do very well what is your philosophy on the best way to get readers looking in the wrong direction

      Misdirecting Readers with Red herrings - distracting readers


      it has to be the the [[Hercule Poirot scene]] and all the Agatha Christie books where he says let me tell you what really happened and and she does it so well that you go like of course that's what happened it's the only way it could have happened why didn't I see it

    3. I do believe however that there are hidden reasons that things happen I I think that that the news that we hear is 00:38:24 really not even close to the whole story

      Dan Brown's belief on conspiracy theories - Pseudonews

    4. I find it very very hard to watch the 00:33:35 news read other novels or read nonfiction to be stimulated with ideas I don't read any fiction when I'm writing
    5. one of the problems of writing in 00:07:42 a really comfortable setting is it's hard to commit yourself to any work it's just too comfortable and and this will sound very very strange but it is very honest in some ways it was easier for me to write when I was a starving writer

      Make less comfortable during writing

    6. I mean process is critical now more than ever by so I have a I have a little sign over my computer it says protect the process and the results will take care

      Protect the Process - Dan Brown

    7. lot of people think that writing a novel is 90 percent inspiration and 10 percent perspiration it's actually the reverse 00:02:31 writing a novel is about a routine

      Writing the novel is 90% persipiration (physical and mental routine)

  23. May 2022
    1. Looking back at a problematic choice or action taken provides a useful beginning in the effort to function differently. “Gee, I wish I had not done that,” or “I can’t believe I did the same dumb thing again,” are examples of hindsight that offer an opportunity to pay closer attention and work on problematic behaviors. Insight might occur in the process change. This occurs when a person becomes self-aware during the commission of a regrettable action or behavior. “There I go again,” is the phrase that often accompanies an insightful moment. The advantage of insight over hindsight is that insight may occur in time for a regrettable action or decision to be avoided.
    1. People with eating disorders are often found to have a history of insecure-ambivalent attachment styles. It is thought that sufferers believe they have earned the closeness of others only when they meet their expectations. They then transfer this to their appearance and thus to their eating behaviour

      ambivalent attachment eating disorder

    1. You should mentioned what you listed after the word try_files. Here's what I ended up using that seemed to work: try_files $uri $uri/index.html $uri.html /index.html; The /index.html at the end needs to match the fallback: 'index.html' part of your adapter-static config. Otherwise going directly to a route that doesn't have a matching file at that path -- such as any route with a dynamic param like [id] -- will result in a 404.
    1. "I'd want to learn a lot from Professor Zimmerman so that I may obtain as much information as possible and use it in reality. It's not about the work."

    2. "To summarize, I am prepared to conquer all hurdles in my path to achieving the career of my dreams so that I may contribute to my society. I am a firm believer in the concept of dreams coming true."

    1. "I didn't fully understand it at the time, but throughout my time as a freshman at Boston College I've realized that I have the power to alter myself for the better and broaden my perspective on life. For most of my high school experience, I was holding to antiquated thoughts that had an impact on the majority of my daily interactions. Throughout my life, growing up as a single child has affected the way am in social interactions. This was evident in high school class discussions, as I did not yet have the confidence to be talkative and participate even up until the spring term of my senior year."

    2. "Specifically, when one of my classmates stated how he was struggling with the concept and another one of my classmates took the initiative to clarify it, I realized that that individual possibilities vary greatly among students."

    3. "The need to engage with people in terms of evaluating them for the aim of acquiring a different point of view was one occasion this semester where the knowledge I received in class positively changed the way I approached an issue. I was patient enough to explore other perspectives, some of which disagreed with mine, so that I might learn about their opinions without bias or prejudice."

    1. when we remember something, we are actually remembering our memory of the memory — and not the memory itself.

      Concept of Memory

    1. மனிதவாழ்க்கையின் மீட்பற்ற பிரம்மாண்டமான தனிமையையும் அதன் கையறுநிலயையும் நான் சட்டென்று உணர்ந்தேன் என்று சொல்லலாம். அந்த நிகழ்ச்சியை வைத்து என்னை நெடுங்காலம் நண்பர்கள் கிண்டல்செய்வார்கள்.

      My lonelines described here

  24. Apr 2022
    1. Finally, to make our terminal really pretty, we need to customize the prompt. There's lots of options out there for this, but the most popular one seems to be ohmyzsh for Bash and oh-my-posh for PowerShell. I'm not a huge fan of these because in my experience they slow down the terminal to a point which makes me frustrated to use them, and since they are separate solutions for each environment they must be configured separately.

      I agree. After using oh-my-posh in almost every Windows console, I have finally decided to make a switch to Starship

    1. அதற்கு அடுத்தநாள், ஜனவரி 16 அன்று காலிப்பக்கம். முந்தையநாள் அடைந்த மன எழுச்சியின் மறுபக்கம் அது.  பொங்கிய கடல் அடங்குகிறது. ஒருவரிகூட எழுத முடியாத வெறுமையின் இன்பம்.

      Jmo esoteric epiphanies

    2. சென்ற காலம் போல கனவுத்தன்மை கொண்ட ஒன்று வேறு இல்லை. நாம் தொடமுடியாத ஓர் உலகம். ஆனால் நாம் இருந்துகொண்டிருக்கும் உலகமும் கூட.

      Jeyamohan nostalgia past memories

    1. Rejecting “pretensions of natural equality” as morality tales for children, Galton asserted that measurements of the “head, size of brain, weight of grey matter, number of brain fibres, &c.” followed “the law of deviation from an average” and so did innate “mental capacity.”

      =! Natural inequality for all life forms but equal Natural selection for survival of fittest

      • [f] we are born with natural inequalities as natural selection wants us to be survival of the fittest.
      • It's not about discrimination, these are selfish man-made ethical rules for which he discriminates earlier and later applies. but character for nature is not like that.
    1. Iris Murdoch argued that we can only perceive things based on the way that we conceptualize them. And then our perceptions necessarily guide our actions. If we have bad concepts, then we will see things badly, and then we will act badly. So being a good person, she thought, or being a better person in your world, is about shifting those concepts and shifting your perception. When your perception shifts, it shifts your actions.

      Iris Murdoch about our morale ethics ideology perspective in writing

      • [?] In the name of unfiltered transparent expression of thoughts in my writing, am i exposing immature ideology of my life outlook in writing


      • [∆] i do get an idea of unselfing my mood
    2. What was new was a realization for me that I didn’t have a very good language to defend the value of my life, the worthiness of my life

      writing about disability Chloe

      • [I] i don't have rich vocabulary to express my ability of my physical (leg) and mental (ADHD) disability in the form of arguments and writing
    1. main principles that I apply from GTD:Capture everything that is relevant: what I’ve explained above and also the mindmap that I always carry around with meReview the notes a first time and decide what is actionable2 minute rule: if it takes less that 2 minutes, do it immediately; otherwise, delegate what can be (see Management 3.0 delegation guidelines)Put reminders for important tasks / tasks where there’s a strict deadlineReview the backlog regularly enough to update/prioritize and decide what to do nextJUST DO IT

      main principles of modified GTD

    2. Still, people at work will rarely see me without a notebook around. When I go to meetings, I always prefer taking notes on paper rather than bringing my laptop along with me.Why is that? Because, so far, I haven’t found any digital solution that gives me as much freedom with so little friction for taking notes, sketching, writing down ideas, etc while keeping my attention on what’s being said around me.To me, digital solutions are clearly not on par with paper note taking. Using digital solutions often takes my attention away, which is horrible.

      digital solutions takes my attention away

    3. I hate it when people make commitments or even promises and simply forget. IMHO, if they forget, it either means that they’re not well organized (which leaves me with a bad impression) or that they don’t care (which is really disappointing).

      manoj sir on my commitment to review paper

    1. Francis Kere. “I grew up in a community where there was no kindergarten, but where the community was your family,” he says. “Everyone took care of you and the entire village was your playground. My days were filled with securing food and water, but also simply being together, talking together, building houses together.”

      Agaththi adivasi houses inspiration statement

  25. Mar 2022
    1. Lord is praised by the Taittiriya Upanishad thus: satyam jnanam anantam Brahma

      my preaching Brahmam

    1. sing Obsidian for thematic analysis .t3_t3bjuw ._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; } I am planning to do this. Just wondering if others have been down this path or have suggestions.I am going to be doing a fair bit of thematic analysis of literature (journal articles) and interview transcripts. Essentially - read, find interesting themes, and discuss. I have used Nvivo to do this before. But Nvivo is (a) proprietary (b) slow as a tortoise on immodium

      Obsidian for thematic analysis

    1. Black holes are extraordinarily dense objects possessing gravitational pulls so powerful even light cannot escape them. Supermassive black holes, which reside at the centre of many galaxies, including our own, are the largest of them

      ... கோள்களின் நடுவே சூரியன் உள்ளது. அது வெளிச்சத்தின் மயத்தை குறிக்கிறது. அதுவே திரள் ஆனது black hole மயம்மாய் கொண்டு இயங்குகிறது. காரிருளே மையமாய் உள்ளது.

    2. places at the centres of many large galaxies that have tremendous luminosity – sometimes outshining all of a galaxy's billions of stars combined – and produce the universe's most energetic outbursts seen since the Big Bang event 13.8 billion years ago. The energy arises from gas violently falling into a supermassive black hole that is surrounded by a cloud of tiny particles of rock and soot along with mostly hydrogen gas.
      • சிவன் நெற்றிக்கண் திறக்கும் பொது வெளிப்படும் சக்தி.அந்த நெற்றிகண்ணின் கருவிழியானது [[supermassive black hole]] aagum
    1. வரலாற்றுக்கு ஊடாக சாமானியர்களை ஊடாடவிட்டு விளையாட்டும் விமர்சனமுமாக கதைசொல்வது இரா.முருகனின் பாணி. அரசூர் வம்சம் போன்ற அவருடைய பெருநாவல்களில் உருவான அந்தப்பாணி முழுமையை அடைந்திருக்கும் நாவல் இது.

      pepper மிளகு novel

      • [[@ இ ரா முருகன் Murugan]]
  26. Feb 2022
    1. When you understand how words allow us to hold an unlimited number of things in our limited minds, then hopefully you can begin to see how important they are to the way you design your personal knowledge base. The labels that you choose for your folders and the notes that you put in one versus another matters, as do the tags that you create and apply to your notes.This is what working in your knowledge base is all about. It’s not just about taking notes and writing. It’s about continuously classifying and reorganizing information — nurturing and pruning, adding, removing, making connections, and moving things around.Gardening. Chewing. Thinking.

      My obsidian Philosophy resonated resurfaced

    1. When taken for a long time, painkillers like diclofenac and ibuprofen can lead to ulcers in the stomach and duodenum. But the risk of this happening can be clearly reduced by also taking medication to protect your stomach.

      pain killer and anti-ulcer tablet medication

    1. CPI (IW), certainly, is the most popular one as the dearness allowance of Central government employees is calculated on the basis of movement in this index.
    1. dream in paragraphs just writing down what happened and i'll give it some tags just uh 00:13:06 basically describing what it is sometimes i'll have dreams about like shows or whatever or sometimes i'll have dreams with like people in my life and so that's what i'll put in these two uh

      Tagging dream journals with "my" tags

      eg. my childhood, my schooling my collegemates, my pallipattu, my wife, etc

    1. life of the wise person runs around this awareness at all times, he is able to discern the ephemeral value of the multifarious attractions of the world. He uses his knowledge to pursue a way of life that will free him from samsara. He will try his best not to yield to anger, desire, or the pull of the senses since he is wary not to fall from his duty.

      how to discern the ephemeral values of multifarious attractions ?

      [[454-mean association]]

    2. wisdom transcends all kinds of learning, secular, objective and esoteric; it is subtler than all these and is rooted in the awareness of the atma that is central in all creation

      How wisdom is superior than knowledge

      ...in order to not involve in the trouble that is happening in front of the eyes, whether he is a wise person

    1. கோர்மக் மெக்கார்த்தியின் The Road (2006) நாவலைஆரம்பமாகச் சொல்லலாம். நாவல் ஒரு பிரளய நிகழ்வுக்குப்பின் ஒரு தந்தையும், மகனும் சாம்பல் படிந்த பெரும் பரப்பை கடப்பதைசொல்லுகிறது. அணு ஆயுதங்களையும், உலகப்போர் அழிவுகளையும் எண்ணி அஞ்சிய தலைமுறைக்கும், உருகும் பனிப்பிரதேசத்தையும், பரவும் காட்டுத்தீக்களையும் எண்ணி அஞ்சும் அடுத்த தலைமுறைக்கும், நாவல் களம் பாலமாக அமைகிறது.

      transition of generation fear from catastrophe on world war to catastrophe on natural disasters

    2. நிகழ்காலத்தை அவதானிக்க கடந்த காலத்தின் கூறுகளை கையாள்கிறது. வருங்காலத்தை நோக்குவதில்லை. தொழில் மயமாகிக் கொண்டிருந்த, சமூக ஏற்றத் தாழ்வுகள் உருமாறிக் கொண்டிருந்த விக்டோரியன் காலகட்டத்தின் பெரும் படைப்புகள் அன்று சரித்திரமாகி விட்ட கால கட்டத்தை கதை களமாக கொண்டுள்ளன. (Middlemarch, A Tale of Two Cities) தற்கால நாவலாசிரியர்களும் உலகப் போர்களிலோ, அதற்கும் பிந்தைய காலத்திலோ தங்கள் கதை பொருட்களை தேடுகிறார்கள்.

      Novel Literature disadvantage - no outlook on future

    1. With schools open now, State governments must set clear priorities, says Anurag Behar, CEO, Azim Premji Foundation. The syllabus from Classes I to XII must be re-configured, reducing content without compromising on core learning objectives.

      Meet atleast any one Core objectives for each student

      ... If I was asked in a teaching staff meeting, about my role as a teacher in a semester, I will say, fulfilling atleast any one core objective in the subject curriculum to each and every student is my highest priority *if this has been the priority for every teacher and the pressurising management during covid online classes, the [[covid batch wisdom catastrophe]] would not be this much impact - I can certainly write an feature article on this covid batch catastrophe topic - especially who passed 10th as covid batch, during start of the covid now directly face 12th public face-off with [[post-covid zero knowledge calibre]]. And then going to join college without learning subject fundamentals [[Devastating post-covid college education for freshers]]

    1. எழுத்தாளனுக்கு வாழ்க்கையில் இருந்து அவனுள் செல்லவேண்டிய அனுபவ சாரம் தேவை. அந்த அனுபவங்களுக்கு அவன் அளிக்கும் எதிர்வினைதான் ஒருவகையில் இலக்கியப்படைப்பு. அனுபவம் சிறு துளியாகக்கூட இருக்கலாம். ஆனால் அது அவனை சீண்டுகிறது, அமைதியிழக்கச் செய்கிறது, மேலும் மேலும் என சிந்தனை விரியச் செய்கிறது, கண்டடைதல்களை அளிக்கிறது.

      Writing is an act of oppposing reaction to our life experience

    1. The extremely high tax rate and the fact that the losses cannot be offset would invariably propel investors to turn to alternative means of storing and undertaking transactions in cryptocurrencies, without foregoing the significant losses involved as they “switch” back into the rupee. An inadvertent upside of this, then, is the prospective conversion and reallocation of crypto-funds from one form to another.

      what are the alternate approaches of cryptocurrency investor if not turning into rupee

    2. After the Budget’s ‘crypto signal’, India awaits reforms

      =$ Post-COVID indian adolescent transformation after modi govt prescient move on cryptocurrency

      Lit/Quote prescient move amounts to effectively being a de facto affirmation of the role that cryptocurrency and related technologies could play in India’s financial-cum-economic system.

    1. ideal percentage for adult men will be between 50 and 65% of the total body. For the real athletic body types it is even recommended to have 5% more body water than the average adult range.

      Ideal water content in adult men

      • my body water content is low (40%) 😔🚾
    1. Note taking is my 'other brain' that I use to get things done. I casually glance at past notes, and am often shocked how much progress I've made all due to these notes. I don't get everything done, but that's not the point. The point is to get thoughts out of your system and into notes so you can organize your life better.[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exobrain[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Externalism

      Note taking system as second brain (exobrain) is externalism

    1. a system is defined by a boundary between itself and its environment dividing it from an infinitely complex 00:01:04 or chaotic exterior and the interior of the system being a zone of reduced complexity

      Reduction of complexity - how my PKM can be thought in terms of thermodynamic systems principle ?

      ... i remember this studying in my schooling (8th i think)

      *so, my notes are less complex and the outside info (eg. LCC or upsc info) are highly complex

    1. இது வரை உங்கள் சிந்தனைகள் எப்படி என்னை ஆழமாக ஊடுருவி அன்றாடம் நான் பார்க்கும் விடயங்களை நானறியாத ஒரு கோணத்தில் அடைந்து என்னை வேறொன்றாக மாற்றுகிறது என்று நினைத்திருக்கிறேன். இதைவிட ஒருபடி மேலே போய் ஒரு நரம்பியல் சார் அறிவியல் பின்புலம் கொண்ட வாசகர் சமீபத்தில் உங்கள் சிந்தனைகளை சிலாகித்து தான் அறியாத ஒன்றை உங்கள் வெண்முரசின் எழுத்துக்களின் மூலம் கண்டதாகச் சொன்னது நினைவிற்கு வந்தது.  இப்படி அறிவியலும் தத்துவமும் சந்திக்கும் புள்ளியை நீங்கள் தொட்டுவிடுகிறீர்கள்.

      Jeyamohan reader experiences like me


    2. பதிலீடு


  27. Jan 2022
    1. just speaking instead of having to type with my with my fingers is that i can 00:02:11 kind of think out loud a little bit more and get more information and i sometimes find i generate more insights being able to speak versus uh type things so i find that really useful

      Voiceliner advantage for Obsidian and Logseq

    1. Obsidian is also powerful for what it does not prevent you from doing. It gives you leave to use your data with your choice of other tools.
    2. I used Obsidian daily notes to keep records of an interesting three-minute meditation practice. I used Python to copy those records from my daily notes and summarize them in a log. Then as a crude sort of theme-extraction, I wrote a Python program that calculated the frequency of words in these meditations.

      Linking Python with Obsidian Daily Journaling for my meditiation

    1. Literature Essay Outline

      An essay is a paper in prose, small in length, and free in composition. It expresses the individual impressions and thoughts of the author on a particular topic or issue. The structure of writing an essay is determined by the requirements of the genre: the thoughts of the author of the text are set out as brief theses, each thesis must be substantiated, supported by evidence.

      A person who does not often have to write various texts may find it difficult to grasp all the nuances and requirements of an essay. The work on the chosen topic will be written by professionals https://studyessay.org/, they will reveal the problem, select convincing arguments and examples, as well as properly format the text.

      Consequently, the structure of the essay is circular:

      1. introduction;
      2. theses and arguments;
      3. conclusion.

      The number of theses and arguments depends on the topic, the written plan of the essay, and the direction of thought development. Also, the introduction and conclusion should focus on the chosen issue. The scheme of the essay assumes the presence of paragraphs, red lines, which help in achieving the integrity of the work. Contact us here https://studyessay.org/research-proposal-writing-service/, If you need more information and help with writing your assignments. enter image description here

      How to write an essay: outline

      The scheme of writing an essay is looser than that of other written works. That is why the author must independently think about the structure of the future text. The structure depends on the goals, form, volume of the work. The scheme will be most conveniently perceived if you fix it on paper. The plan of writing an essay is a kind of "skeleton", on which the author builds up thoughts and ideas. Work on the essay begins with a writing plan. To make the text connected, it is convenient to act according to the following scheme:

      1. choose a topic;
      2. fix theses and thoughts on the issue;
      3. justify the stated ideas, pick up arguments;
      4. build the theses in a logical sequence, the thoughts should follow one another.

      Essay writing tips

      1. The main recommendation for writing an essay is to outline the text. This will help to keep the thought in one line, remember the topic and purpose.
      2. The essay is a genre that does not involve writing long texts. Thoughts should be expressed briefly, but understandable to the reader.
      3. It is helpful to reread your essay to make sure that the text is connected logically, the topic is not lost and all theses and arguments are mentioned.

      Despite the fact that the essay does not have any strict rules of writing, there are still a number of recommendations and peculiarities of the genre, which are worth adhering to.

    1. We recommend handwriting your notes and only typing up the parts that become more valuable to you once digitised, for example, if you need them to be searchable. Even then, we only type up a few of the best highlights, key points, or insights that will help us achieve some study or work-related goal, as that justifies the time investment.
    1. Gandhi used the idea of Swaraj to challenge not only political colonisation by the British, but the colonisation of our minds.

      my gandhian principle for my life

      => to avoid colonisation of mind

    2. Those who live for long periods under subjection of others tend to develop slavishness, a mental torpor difficult to dispel.
    1. It proves to be the agent of destiny for her; the hero, Kovalan (Kannagi’s husband); and the Pandya king who unjustly has Kovalan killed for a crime he has not committed, then himself dies on realising his blunder. The wrath of Kannagi burns down the capital city of the Pandyas. Later, the Chera king invades the North and pelts rocks on the heads of the defeated North Indian kings for installing an icon and building a temple to Kannagi. The anklet proves pivotal in all of this: any stage production of Silappadikaram should have a surrealistically huge image of the anklet as its backdrop. It represents Destiny.

      what is agent of destiny


      • Like, Lord of the rings (Ring)
      • Kannagi can be speculated as Kali for beheaded North indian kings
    2. As in Shakespeare’s plays, after an emotionally charged scene, there is dramatic relief in the form of comedy. A pastoral dance (Aychiyar Kuravai) performed by cowherd girls to ward off evil succeeds the death scene.
    3. The dramatic value of this scene lies in building up the audience’s admiration for the hero so that the shock is greater when he is wrongfully killed in the very next scene.To enhance the tragic intensity, Ilango brings Kovalan and Kannagi together in the last scene before Kovalan’s death, when Kannagi serves him the delicious food she has cooked for him. They seem to be enjoying the blessings of a happy married life after a long gap, but Destiny has the last laugh. The lunch proves to be Kovalan’s last supper.

      Last supper of Kovalan

      • anklet laughing at kovalan
    4. Matalan, a Brahmin and a friend of Kovalan, functions like the chorus in Greek tragedy. He appears in two cantos, the Madurai Kantam and Vanchi Kantam, and provides the link to all the events that happen offstage. In Adaikalakathai (chapter on refuge), we come to know of all the noble qualities possessed by Kovalan, courtesy Matalan.

      Role of Matalan in Silappadikaram

      => who functions like Matalan in greek tragedy? => matalan appears in which 2 kantams (cantos) ?

      • like in telugu superhero films 'ayina evru thelsa'