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    1. The cards datingfrom 1911 to 1975 at the New York State Library in Albany (whereMelvil Dewey was librarian from 1889 to 1906) were thrown awaylast month as a consequence of a historical-preservation projectinvolving the building in which they were stored.

      Sad that a "historical-preservation project" resulted in the loss of such an interesting historical artifact.

  3. Oct 2023
    1. The RWC was developed by The Language Conservancy (TLC), an NGO dedicated to protecting around 50 Indigenous languages around the world, in order to churn out such dictionaries at super-speed. TLC, which has a $3 million budget, regularly teams up linguists with Native American language teachers to work on these dictionaries.
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    1. And because libraries generally do not take possession of the ebook files they rent from publishers, their crucial role as long-term preservers of culture has been severed from their role as institutions that provide democratic access—a striking change.

      E-books have caused the missions of many libraries to shift away from institutions that provide democratic access to a preserved culture.

  6. Jan 2023
    1. Before they were sent, however, the contents of itstwenty-six drawers were photographed in Princeton, resulting in thirty mi-crofilm rolls. Recently, digital pdf copies of these microfilm rolls have been

      circulating among scholars of the documentary Geniza.

      Prior to being shipped to the National Library of Israel, Goitein's index card collection was photographed in Princeton and transferred to thirty microfilm rolls from which digital copies in .pdf format have been circulating among scholars of the documentary Geniza.

      Link to other examples of digitized note collections: - Niklas Luhmann - W. Ross Ashby - Jonathan Edwards

      Are there collections by Charles Darwin and Linnaeus as well?

  7. Jul 2022
    1. modern web development has become selfish
    2. focusing on the developers and making sure the developers can quickly output projects at the expense of the end users
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    1. Until last week, I found this completely mystifying – I had no idea what import was doing and I didn’t understand how to use libraries in that way.

      The build tools are irrelevant (or rather, a red herring).

      JS has import statements. The build tools are (or at least should be) approximating what you get without the build tools interposing themselves into the development process, but doing it in a way that reinforces The Iron Law of Bureaucracy.

  12. Oct 2021
    1. A simplified freezing point depression (FPD) equation was derived for calculating water activity (aw) of food systems. The aw values as calculated by FPD data agreed with literature data for a variety of foods to within ± 0.01 aw units. The FPD equation was found particularly useful for calculating aw values of frozen foods at temperatures between 273.1.5–233.15 °K (0 to −40°C).

      ± 0.01 aw? That's crazy accurate. Temperature is extremely easy to measure at home, which makes this a perfect technique for home food preservation. In particular, it can be used with sugar-free, salt-free, and other obscure recipes for which water activity is hard to estimate.

      Additionally, this accuracy could be run in reverse. Knowing the water activity of ice-cream can tell you the freezing point. Moreover, a mini fridge could keep select food items chilled below 0°C for better preservation. In particular, I plan to dissolve erythritol into unsweetened plant milks and lower my fridge temp accordingly.

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    1. Notre (The National Archives) nouvelle stratégie de renforcement des capacités numériques définit un plan ambitieux de programmes, de formations et de ressources pour aider le secteur des archives à répondre à ses ambitions numériques. Il établit un plan pour trois années de travail et sera livré de 2019 à 2022.

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  38. library.stanford.edu library.stanford.edu
    1. ePADD est un progiciel développé par les collections spéciales et archives universitaires de l'Université de Stanford qui prend en charge les processus d'archivage relatifs à l'évaluation, l'ingestion, le traitement, la découverte et la livraison d'archives de courrier électronique.

    1. Cette page fournit des guides utiles, des exemples et d'autres ressources que vous pouvez utiliser pour élaborer votre dossier.

  39. Jun 2018
  40. Oct 2017
    1. what are our best, shared hopes for DH? What tasks and projects might we take up, or tie in? What are our functions—or, if you prefer, our vocations, now
      1. The Digital Recovery of Texts. Due to computer assisted approaches to paleography( noun: paleography the study of ancient writing systems and the deciphering and dating of historical manuscripts) and the steady advances in the field of digital preservation "Resurrection can be grisly work, I THINK WE COME TO UNDERSTAND EXTINCTION BETTER IN OUR STRUGGLES." .

      2. DH has a public and transformative role to play : Big Data and The Longue Duree

      Unable to look at article by Armitage, D & Guldi,j.i on The Return of The Longue Duree - hit by paywall each time,

      Look at great article on WWW.WIRED.COM .


      "The return of the longue durée is intimately connected to changing questions of scale. In a moment of ever-growing inequality, amid crises of global governance, and under the impact of anthropogenic climate change, even a minimal understanding of the conditions shaping our lives demands a scaling-up of our inquiries. "

      What does she mean by BIG DATA? Read Samuel Arbesman article in The Washington Post for easy explanation [] (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/five-myths-about-big-data/2013/08/15/64a0dd0a-e044-11e2-963a-72d740e88c12_story.html?utm_term=.54ff7fdf82fe)

  41. Sep 2017
  42. Apr 2017
    1. As a community, they had evaded most of the standards of modernity for a community: they lacked a full literacy rate, did not possess a written language or written history, and pertained to ritual practice as a primary mode of expression and entertainment.

      As was oft the dialogue during the time, the Soviet Union had claimed a victory for modernity of the Northern People following its firm establishment as a nation, beginning most prominently in the 1950’s. As indigenous communities, the Soviets had believed they had succeeded in transcending the communities across time and into the present: they had taking a primitive society and bypassed it through the developmental modes of production (slavery, feudalism, capitalism) to achieve the pinnacle of socialism. Thus, these communities were largely perceived to be drawn out of “timelessness and brought (them) into history” (227). This would serve to not be the case, as the resilience of the Nenet community would show.

      An interesting discussion on the restructuring of the Siberian indigenous identity is found in chapter 13 of the following text:

      Gayla Diment and Yuri Slezkine, Between Heaven and Hell: The Myth of Siberia in Russian Culture (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1993).

  43. Feb 2017
    1. They are always somewhere, stored on somebody’s hard drive.

      Attests to the importance of digital preservation.

  44. Dec 2016
    1. The large amount of available land in the midwestern and western United States lured families to seek new land when the soil became depleted. As a result of this, President Theodore Roosevelt called for a national sense of duty to the land during a 1908 White House Conservation Conference. However, it was not until the dust bowl disaster of the 1930s that major efforts to protect soil and water finally emerged.

      Theodore didn't get much attention until he negative effects like the dust bowl append

  45. Jul 2016
    1. Page 137

      Borgman discusses hear the case of NASA which lost the original video recording of the first moon landing in 1969. Backups exist, apparently, but they are lower quality than the originals.

    1. "The BBC Domesday Project was a pair of interactive videodiscs made by the BBC in London to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the original Domesday Book and published in November 1986. It was one of the major interactive projects of its time, and it was undertaken on a scale not seen since."

      "In 1983, a BBC Television producer named Peter Armstrong wondered if it would be possible to harness the Domesday philosophy to modern Britain. With the large user base of microcomputers in British schools (helped by a government subsidy) it was feasible to ask schools around the UK to survey their areas to produce a database of how Britain looked to the British in 1986."

      "...the original Domesday book is still readable after (at the time) 925 years while our 15 year old one is not ... unless you have the original computer/videodisc system and it still works of course."

      "The first visible manifestation of a reappearance of the BBC Domesday Project was achieved in a project called CAMiLEON, which was a research project that investigated emulation as a digital preservation strategy and was based at the Universities of Michigan and Leeds. [CAMiLEON web site ... with supreme irony this is now only available via the internet archive]"

  46. Jun 2016
    1. static historical museum snapshots

      Part of this is because the people, besides publishers, most involved in discussions of publishing formats are librarians, who have preservation on their mind. If your job to to curate and preserve the world's knowledge, you have to think very carefully about what needs to be kept. Preservation is a surprisingly tricky subject when you get into the details of what constitutes a new version, at what level you do preservation - bit level, file level, text level, etc.

  47. Aug 2015
    1. Scholars Portal is committed to reviewing its preservation policies every two years, as indicated in its Review Cycle for Documentation Policy

      So this should happen this year (2015) if it hasn't already

  48. Jun 2015
    1. The preservation and protection of the wetlands and watercourses from random, unnecessary, undesirable and unregulated uses, disturbance or destruction is in the public interest and is essential to the health, welfare and safety of the citizens of the state. It is, therefore, the purpose of sections 22a-36 to 22a-45, inclusive, to protect the citizens of the state by making provisions for the protection, preservation, maintenance and use of the inland wetlands and watercourses by minimizing their disturbance and pollution; maintaining and improving water quality in accordance with the highest standards set by federal, state or local authority; preventing damage from erosion, turbidity or siltation; preventing loss of fish and other beneficial aquatic organisms, wildlife and vegetation and the destruction of the natural habitats thereof; deterring and inhibiting the danger of flood and pollution; protecting the quality of wetlands and watercourses for their conservation, economic, aesthetic, recreational and other public and private uses and values; and protecting the state's potable fresh water supplies from the dangers of drought, overdraft, pollution, misuse and mismanagement by providing an orderly process to balance the need for the economic growth of the state and the use of its land with the need to protect its environment and ecology in order to forever guarantee to the people of the state, the safety of such natural resources for their benefit and enjoyment and for the benefit and enjoyment of generations yet unborn.

      Purpose of the Inland Wetland agency.

      A. minimizing disturbance and pollution

      B. maintaining/improving water quality

      C. prevention of erosion, turbidity (soil in water), and siltation.

      D. prevention of loss of beneficial aquatic life/habitat.

      E. deterring/inhibiting floods and pollution

      F.protection for economic,aesthetic, and recreational use.

      G. protecting water resources from drought, overdraft, pollution, misuse, and mismanagement.

      H. balance between need for economic growth and protection of environment.

    1. John Muir, a naturalist, writer, and founder of the Sierra Club, invoked the “God of the Mountains” in his defense of the valley in its supposedly pristine condition.

      The "Gods of the mountains" line was a piece of Muir's larger metaphor for the holiness of natural places that figured those who would develop them as "temple destroyers." Here's the full quote from Muir's defense of the Hetch Hetchy in his book The Yosemite.:

      These temple destroyers, devotees of ravaging commercialism, seem to have a perfect contempt for Nature, and, instead of lifting their eyes to the God of the mountains, lift them to the Almighty Dollar.

      Dam Hetch Hetchy! As well dam for water-tanks the people's cathedrals and churches, for no holier temple has ever been consecrated by the heart of man.

      Image Description

  49. Nov 2013
    1. Does nature not conceal most things from him-even concerning his own body-in order to confine and lock him within a proud, deceptive consciousness,

      Dissemination and self deception as necessary for survival, innate, not contrived extensions/characteristics of the intellect for purpose of preservation

    2. As a means for the preserving of the individual, the intellect unfolds its principle powers in dissimulation, which is the means by which weaker, less robust individuals preserve themselves-since they have been denied the chance to wage the battle for existence with horns or with the sharp teeth of beasts of prey, This art of dissimulation reaches its peak in man.

      The sword of intellect and dissimulation equated to the physical defensive characteristics of all living things for preservation, yet with the unique capacity to be misused. Highlighting the vulnerability of humans and over-reaching amplification of intellect to disguise a deep insecurity that originates in the fundamental physical inferiority of humans among beasts.

  50. Sep 2013
    1. for I hoped that this would serve both as the best means of making known the truth about me and, at the same time, as a monument, after my death, more noble than statues of bronze.12

      "Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time." - Carl Sagan. This was the first thing I thought of here. Not just self-representation, but the power of words so that the idea and thought can remain throughout time. And space. Either that, or I wanted to work Carl Sagan into this conversation some how.