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    1. Alan Clark Agreed...also; learning = change in behaviour, is another widely held belief.

      Reply to John Whitfield: I think that one is mostly a semantic issue. In some definitions of learning, learning does equate to a change in behavior. In parenting for example, how is learning measured? If the behavior is changed. Therefore, for parenting, learning is a change in behavior.

      I'd argue for many books the same is true, what is the use of a book if the knowledge is only in your head. Application, thus changing one's behavior, is essential for the proper use. Obviously this is not for everything the case, but I am highlighting a few scenarios where it would be accurate to say that learning is a change in behavior.

      Nothing is ever black and white, it is quite simplistic to say such things, often there is a lot of nuance going on.

      Comment link: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7197621782743252992?commentUrn=urn%3Ali%3Acomment%3A%28activity%3A7197621782743252992%2C7198233333577699328%29&dashCommentUrn=urn%3Ali%3Afsd_comment%3A%287198233333577699328%2Curn%3Ali%3Aactivity%3A7197621782743252992%29

      Link for Hypothes.is context: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7197621782743252992/?commentUrn=urn:li:comment:(activity:7197621782743252992,7198233333577699328)&dashCommentUrn=urn:li:fsd_comment:(7198233333577699328,urn:li:activity:7197621782743252992)

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    1. temperature can be a major factor in determining the proportion of males and females within a population

      for - question - impact of climate change on male and female population distribution of the biosphere

      question - impact of climate change on male and female population distribution of the biosphere - How will climate change affect the proportion of males and females of the many species that are and will be impacted by dramatic temperature changes?

    2. it means that you can change the course of history for your Offspring based on your exercise and your diet and whether you're drinking or not and what 00:35:59 kind of habits

      for - explanation - lay - natural selection happens by epigenetic change first

      explanation - lay - natural selection happens by epigenetic change first - The change in narrative has enormous ramifications. - It means that you can change the course of history for your offspring based on: - your exercise - your diet - your drinking habits - and many other behavioral and lifestyle choices and environmental explosure you exist in

    3. it's an advantage for epigenetic changes to be temporary because if the environment is only a temporary change you can forget about it if the environment is 00:35:19 longlasting it can get a similation in the genome and you've got speciation that's the extraordinary thing natural selection is not the origin of speciation it's epigenetics 00:35:34 followed by the genetic changes the epigenetic leades

      for - key insight - natural selection happens by epigenetic change followed by genetic change

      key insight - natural selection happens by epigenetic change followed by genetic change - It's an advantage for epigenetic changes to be temporary because - if the environment is only a temporary change you can forget about it - if the environment is long lasting it can get assimilation in the genome and you've got speciation - That's the extraordinary thing - natural selection is not the origin of speciation, - it's epigenetics - followed by the genetic changes - The epigenetic leads - therefore, the environment leads

    1. Das globale Durchschnittseinkommen wird bei der jetzt zu erwartenden globalen Erhitzung 2050 fast um ein Fünttel niedriger sein als ohne Erhitzung. Die (nicht mehr zu vermeidenden) Einbußen durch die Erhitzung bis 2050 sind sechsmal so hoch wie die einer Begrenzung des Temperaturanstiegs auf 2°. 2050 ist einer neuen Studie zufolge mit Klimaschäden von etwa 38 Bllionen Dollar zu rechnen. Bis 2100 wird es in einem Business-as-usual-Szenario zu Einkommensverlusten von mehr als 60% kommen. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/apr/17/climate-crisis-average-world-incomes-to-drop-by-nearly-a-fifth-by-2050

    1. I myself believe that learning is one of the, if not the, most important skills to master as it hasan exponential positive effect on every other aspect of your life. It is why formal educationshould do their best to teach students how to learn based on modern (cognitive) science.

      Matthew seems to confirm a longheld belief i've had for a while (though, I think of it in differing ways). Mainly, that the world is ever changing, and that nothing is permanent (see permanent beta movement, as an example). If one wants to adapt to differing circumstances, one needs to learn.

    1. Die rohölproduktion in den USA wird in diesem Jahr ein Rekord-Hoch erreichen Etwa 25% der US-Emissionen werden durch Öl und Gas verursacht, das auf Bundesterritorien gefördert wird. Die New York Times zeigt ausgehend von einem Beispiel im Golf von Mexiko, warum es angesichts der Mehrheitsverhältnisse in Repräsentantenhaus und Senat und des konservativen obersten Gerichtshofs für die für die Biden-Administration extrem schwierig ist, die Zusage, dort keine weiteren Bohrungen zuzulassen, umzusetzen.


    1. Die Pläne der Kohle-, Öl- und gasproduzierenden Staaten zur Ausweitung der Förderung würden 2030 zu 460% mehr Kohle, 83% mehr Gas und 29% mehr Ölproduktion führen, als mit dem Pariser Abkommen vereinbar ist. Der aktuelle Production Gap Report der Vereinten Nationen konzentriert sich auf die 20 stärksten Verschmutzer-Staaten, deren Pläne fast durchgängig in radikalem Widerspruch zum Pariser Abkommen stehen. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/08/insanity-petrostates-planning-huge-expansion-of-fossil-fuels-says-un-report

      Report: https://productiongap.org/

    1. this is whitehead's fallacy of misplaced concreteness

      for - key insight - Whitehead's fallacy of misplaced concreteness - adjacency - fallacy of misplaced concreteness - climate denialism - mistrust in science - polycrisis - Deep Humanity

      • the worry for Goethe and whitehead is that
        • we forget sometimes with the typical scientific method that = we can only ever apply concepts derived from our empirical experience
      • and so if we're trying to understand experience as if it were really
        • an illusion produced by
          • collisions of particles or
          • brain chemistry or
          • something that we can never in principle experience
      • what we're doing is
        • applying concepts derived from our experience
        • to an imagined realm that
          • we think is beyond experience
      • but it's not
      • This is Whitehead's fallacy of misplaced concreteness.

      key insight - Whitehead's fallacy of misplaced concreteness - This helps explain the rising rejection of science from the masses. I didn't realize there was already a name for the phenomena responsible for the emergence of collective denialist behavior

      adjacency - between - fallacy of misplaced concreteness - increasing collective rejection of science in the polycrisis - adjacency statement - Whitehead's fallacy of misplaced concreteness exactly names and describes - the growing trend of a populus rejection of climate science (climate denialism), COVID vaccine denialism, exponential growth of conspiracy theory and misinformation - because of the inability for non-elites and elites alike to concretize abstractions the same way that elite scientists and policy-makers do - Research papers have shown that the knowledge deficit model which was relied upon for decades was not accurate representation of climate denialism - Yet, I would hold that Whitehead's fallacy of misplaced concretism plays a role here - This mistrust in science is rooted in this fallacy as well as progress traps - Deep Humanity is quite steeped in Whitehead's process relational ontology and the fallacy of misplaced concreteness requires mass education for a sustainable transition - This abstract concreteness is everywhere: - Shift from Ptolemy's geocentric worldview to the Copernican heliocentric worldview - Now we are told that the sun is not fixed, but is itself rotating around the Milky Way with billions of other galaxies - scientific techniques like radiocarbon dating for dating objects in deep time - climate science - atomic physics - quantum physics - distrust of vaccines, which we cannot see - Timothy Morton's hyperobjects is related to this fallacy of misplaced concreteness. - "Seeing is believing" but we cannot directly experience the ultra large or ultra small. So we have scientific language that draws parallels to that, but it is not a direct experience. - - Those not steeped in years or decades of science have the very real option of feeling that the concepts are fallacies and don't hold as much weight as that which they can experience directly, even though those concepts have obviously produced artefacts that they use, like cellphones, the internet and airplanes.

  3. Apr 2024
    1. for - rapid whole system change - Speed & Scale

      summary - hmmm....what's mssing? - They don't explicitly promote citizen led action - They are still using the net zero by 2050 story, - which in many critics eyes is actually far too little and too late - See Kevin Anderson's critique of net zero - https://jonudell.info/h/facet/?max=100&expanded=true&user=stopresetgo&exactTagSearch=true&any=net%2Bzero - They don't address inequality, decolonialization or climate justice issues - They don't identify meta or polycrisis

      from - https://hyp.is/J7oIeAEpEe-J1kuOInb20A/www.linkedin.com/posts/colinleduc_we-are-launching-our-speed-scale-2024-global-activity-7188309472837021696-SxSf/

    1. And you, what do you think, have you tried these or other things, please share your experience so that other people can be enriched by them 😊.

      And what about you? Have you tried these or other methods? Please share your experiences so that others can benefit from them 😊.

    2. The reality is that people's time is limited, and if our proposal is not sufficiently attractive or does not cover the needs and interests of the people we want to reach ... no matter how much we want to, we will not be able to attract them*.

      This sounds a bit negative to me, although if that's the intent then that's fine! I would suggest rephrasing it to something like this: "It's important to recognize that people's time is valuable. To effectively attract the audience we aim to reach, our proposal must be compelling and align with their needs and interests. By focusing on these aspects, we're likely to be more successful."

    3. Make more virtual meetings (if you are not doing it yet).

      You already suggest several online tools above so I would change this to avoid confusion. Change it to something like: 'Increase the frequency of your virtual meetings if they are not already a major component of your strategy.'

    4. If you have tried all of the above and it still doesn't work for you... something that could happen, since f

      If you have tried all of the above and it still doesn't work, consider more dramatic changes. It's possible that traditional methods may no longer suffice. F

    5. real life community

      I would change this to "physical community" to avoid implying that online communities are "less real".

    6. Don't always stay in the same place.

      Avoid staying in the same place all the time.

    7. , and use

      . Also, consider using

    8. or similar

      or something similar

    9. to create


    10. any,

      any particular one, as

    11. share it afterwards so people can come by,

      sharing them afterward. This encourages people to come by,

    12. take


    13. orient them and connect them with other people

      be guided and connected with others

    14. from which we were connecting digital volunteers with organizations during the beginning of the pandemic,

      which connected digital volunteers with organizations at the start of the pandemic —

    15. AMA where

      AMAs. During these sessions,

    16. We, with the GeoVoluntarios community,

      We, the GeoVoluntarios community —

    17. Giving the possibility to start the first contact behind the keyboard can help the most timid people, first observing 👀 before encouraging them to take the first step.

      Allowing initial contact to be made behind the keyboard not only helps the most timid individuals by letting them observe before participating, but it also caters to people with disabilities and those who prefer text-based communication, making it easier for everyone to engage confidently from the start.

    18. The easier it is to have a first contact with the people you are already part of, the better.

      The easier it is for newcomers to make first contact with existing members, the better.

    19. Move, be nomads.

      Be nomadic

    20. The main tips for attracting new people to the community I would summarize as::

      I would summarize the key strategies for attracting new members to the community as follows:

    21. it is important to capture the attention and get new people to come and, but most importantly, to make them want to come back.

      it is important to capture attention and attract new members. Most importantly, however, is ensuring they want to return.

    22. Therefore, to maintain the activity of the community

      Therefore, to maintain the community's activity,

    1. Vaughn says the temperatures along with carbon dioxide levels have naturally fluctuated over earth's history inside lasting between 144,000 years. Well, over the last million years, co two in the atmosphere has never really gone despite its ups and downs never gone above maybe 280 parts per million. Until now. As of January 2024 the amount of heat trapping carbon dioxide is a whopping 422 parts per million. We've had a wonderful party with fossil fuels for a couple of centuries. We've, we have changed the world at a cost that's now only becoming evident.

      Ice cores provide a history of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

    2. Each ice core is kind of unique and shows you a different climatic window. Vaughn uses water isotopes to determine what the temperature was when each layer of ice was formed. Isotopes are molecules that have the same number of protons and electrons, but a different number of neutrons affecting their mass. For example, water h2o has oxygen that has either a molecular rate of 16 or 18. And so it's a heavy and light water precipitation that falls in warmer temperature tends to be heavier water. He says, but in colder air like at the poles, the snow that falls is generally lighter water by looking at these ratios of ice tops in ice cores. We were able to infer the temperature from when it fell. As snow.

      Using ratio of the molecular weight of water to determine temperature

    1. [[Marisa Kabas]] in The Handbasket - Here's the column Meta doesn't want you to see

      ᔥ[[Ben Werdmuller]] in Mastodon @ben@werd.social on Apr 06, 2024, 10:45 AM

      On Thursday I reported that Meta had blocked all links to the Kansas Reflector from approximately 8am to 4pm, citing cybersecurity concerns after the nonprofit published a column critical of Facebook’s climate change ad policy. By late afternoon, all links were once again able to be posted on Facebook, Threads and Instagram–except for the critical column." Here it is. #Media<br /> https://www.thehandbasket.co/p/kansas-reflector-meta-facebook-column-censored

    1. Most rubrics have two features in common: a list of "what counts" in a project or assignment, and gradations of quality for each criterion.

      Change: Yes, and I would also add that most rubrics have a description of the quality of scoring, may provide an example or specific details.

    1. You see them in standardized testing — the essay portion of the SAT is scored with a 0-6 holistic rubric.

      Change: This is one of my bones to pick with why standardized testing. Are we grading students on how well they can compose their answer or how accurately they can do so? I think any rubric that carries such high stakes, needs to be as specific and thorough as possible.

  4. Mar 2024
    1. Planting trees, often championed as a solution to combat climate change, may have unintended consequences

      for - progress traps - tree planting - climate change

    1. Epic Times

      for - Epic times - hypernormalization - definition - epic times - gestalt switch - Deep Humanity articulation - hypernormalization - epic times - Rapid whole system change - emptiness - epic times - adjacency - hypernormalization - epic times - Deep Humanity

      definition - epic times - In contrast to hypernormalization, which is the normalization of a state of affairs which is dysfunctional or absurd, epic times is the opposite. - Employing a deep time and space framing, epic times re-situates each of us as an integral, intertwingled component of the universe a cosmic gestalt, woven into the multi scale competency architecture of reality itself invoking feelings of: - awe, - the sacred, - the remarkable

      • In sharp contrast to hypernormalization,
        • where the absurdity or dysfunction of the present is
          • ignored,
          • obscured or
          • suppressed,
        • we can consider that we actually live in “Epic Times”.
        • The times we’re living in are in fact remarkable,
        • and we can play
          • a meaningful and
          • positive role
        • in this drama.
        • These Epic Times are calling forth
          • new ways of being and -new ways of doing
        • from us as
          • individuals and
          • communities.

      adjacency - between - hypernormalization - rapid whole system change - Deep Humanity - adjacency statement - Hypernormalization characterizes the poly-meta-perma-crisis of the anthropocene. - The GESTALT SWITCH in articulating from a hypernormalization to an epic time worldview is the essential meta reframing required to motivate the unprecedented cultural evolution transition modernity must undergo if our species is to reach the next stage of evolution

      reference - see the above annotation on "hypernormalization" - https://hyp.is/iO-mfuzLEe6SOON2-3dLqA/off-planet.medium.com/discovering-the-narratives-that-matter-to-us-327958a2daec

    2. hypernormalization

      for - definition - hypernormalisation - definition - epic times - paradigm shift - eco-anxiety - Deep Humanity articulation - hypernormalization - epic times - Rapid whole system change - emptiness - epic times - gestalt switch - epic times - adjacency - hypernormalization - epic times - Deep Humanity - Alexi Yurchak - hypernormalization

      definition - hypernormalization - the making normal of a state of affairs which is dysfunctional or absurd. - a term coined by the Russian scholar Alexi Yurchak

      adjacency - between - hypernormalization - rapid whole system change - Deep Humanity - adjacency statement - Hypernormalization characterizes the poly-meta-perma-crisis of the anthropocene. - We can articulate the open source Deep Humanity praxis currently under development in the terminology of hypernormalization and epic times: - One way to understand the open source Deep Humanity praxis currently under development is that - Deep Humanity offers a framework to become aware of the Hypernormalization within modernity - Employing an epic times perspective can help provide the necessary GESTALT SWITCH ( a term introduced by Gyuri Lajos) that shifts the current growing eco-anxiety-laden affective landscape from - fear - hopelessness - inaction - confusion - to a broader context which can inspire awe, wonder and resilient meaning

    1. But the mischief was this, that, for all men could do, there was no possibility to keep them long in that relish; for in a very short while they would have stunk, which had been an undecent thing.

      Going back to the previous sentence, we see that the word tripe means either part of the stomach of an animal (mainly sheep and oxen) one eats or "rubbish" as used in slang, foreword that the men the author is describing, consistently indulging in said tripes (as shown in "licked his fingers" and "mischief") the men would have stunk physically from organs and trash and metaphorically, due to overindulgence and indecency.

    1. for - rapid whole system change - Indy Johar - Dark Matter Labs

      Summary - Indy points out many salient features of what it will take for humanity to undergo a rapid transition out of our current existential poly-meta-perma-crisis - This talk is full of meta-level insights of our current situation, especially the blind spots, and challenges us to find ways to transform them

    1. It will be seen from the foregoing that care isrequired in the appKcation of the card system,and that neglect must sooner or later lead to failure. There wasindeed a time when it seemed doubtful whether the card systemwould survive the first attempts. It was even tried and abandonedby some. These early failures were in the main due to the absenceof expert labour and to the higher order of accuracy required ascompared with the book system. The systems were not thenplanned out with that care that is bestowed upon them now. Onesystem would be started and presently there would be a decisionto alter it so as to fall in with riper experience. In the absenceof one system consistently adhered to the files soon got into achaotic condition until at last they had to be abandoned, for infact they had become useless.

      This sort of failure is still seen today with people setting up note taking systems in a variety of digital environments.

    1. for - adjacency - liberalism - ubiquity - invisibility - polycrisis - climate change - climate crisis - book - Liberalism and the Challenge of Climate Change

      summary - This is an insightful interview with Dr. Christopher Shaw as he discusses his book, Liberalism and the Challenge of Climate Change.

      adjacency - between - liberalism - ubiquity - invisibility - polycrisis - metaphor - fish in water, fish in the ocean - adjacency statement - Above all, this book points out that - liberalism is an idea that is - so ubiquitous and j - which everyone without exception is profoundly steeped within that, - like fish in water, a medium that is everywhere, the medium becomes invisible. - At the heart of - modernity's culture wars and - political polarization, - there is a kind of false dichotomy between - liberals and - conservatives, - as both are steeped in the worldview of liberalism - From the Stop Reset Go perspective, - Dr. Shaw's thesis aligns with - the Stop Reset Go Deep Humanity open source praxis, - whose essence is precisely to facilitate helping individuals to understand the powerful connection between - ubiquity and - invisibility. - via Common Human Denominators (CHD)

    1. This game allows you to escape into a peaceful rural setting where the rhythmic tasks of farming provide a soothing break from the stresses of the real world.

      To sooth your stress from the real world you can play a game that has a peaceful rural setting.

    2. This game allows you to escape into a peaceful rural setting where the rhythmic tasks of farming provide a soothing break from the stresses of the real world.

      With this game, you can take a relaxing break from the concerns of the outside world and enter a peaceful setting where the repetitive activities of farming serve as a calming distraction.

    3. Online gaming has emerged as a surprisingly effective method of stress relief, offering an accessible escape into worlds where challenges are enjoyable and victories are rewarding.

      One way people can escape the real world and it's challenges is by emerging into the real world.

    4. Online gaming has emerged as a surprisingly effective method of stress relief, offering an accessible escape into worlds where challenges are enjoyable and victories are rewarding.

      Online gaming has shown to be a very effective way to relieve stress because it provides an easily accessible go into virtual worlds with pleasant tasks and satisfying rewards for winning.

    1. If acting on climate change means sacrificing what little freedom I have left, then what value is that to me?

      key insight - of all about the venison of individual liberty that modernization had sold is a companion bill of goods on

    1. Manage systems lifecycles to eliminate legacy technology: ‘Legacy’ systems are not justhard to maintain and secure, they are extremely hard to restore. Regular investment in thelifecycle of all critical systems – both infrastructure and applications – is essential toguarantee not just security but also organisational resilience

      What is cutting edge today is legacy tomorrow

      As our layers of technology get stacked higher, the bottom layers get squeezed and compressed to thin layers that we assume will always exist. We must maintain visibility in those layers and invest in their maintenance and robustness.

    2. The need to embed security more deeply than ever into everything we do will requireinvestment in culture change across different parts of the Library. There is a risk that thedesire to return to ‘business as usual’ as fast as possible will compromise the changes intechnology, policy, and culture that will be necessary to secure the Library for the future. Astrong change management component in the Rebuild & Renew Programme will beessential to mitigate this risk, as will firm and well considered leadership from seniormanagers

      Actively avoiding a return to normal

      This will be among the biggest challenges, right? The I-could-do this-before-why-can’t-I-do-it-now question. Somewhere I read that the definition of “personal character” is the ability to see an action through after the emotion of the commitment to the action has passed. The British Library was a successful institution and will and to return to that position of being seen as a successful instituting as quick as it possibly can.

  5. Feb 2024
    1. The main change with Ruby 3.0 is that it differentiates between passing a hash and passing keyword arguments to a method with variable or optional keyword parameters. So def my_method(**kwargs); end my_method(k: 1) # fine my_method({k: 1}) # crashes
    1. He was an early ecologicalactivist, warning against human-induced climate change before anyone else,and publishing in 1864 Man and Nature: or, Physical Geography as Modifiedby Human Action.

      Cross reference The Parrot and the Igloo.

  6. Jan 2024
    1. The current silver economy stands at

      for - silver economy - stats - silver economy

      stats - silver economy - 2024 - 7 trillion yuan ($982 billion USD) - 6 % GDP - 2035 - 30 trillion yuan ($4.2 trillion USD) - 10% GDP

      question - silver economy - climate change impacts? transition impacts?

    1. for - multi scale competency architecture - Michael Levin - evolutionary biology - rapid whole system change - adjacency - multi scale competency architecture - rapid whole system change - stop reset go - Deep Humanity - Indyweb - Indranet - major evolutionary transition in individuality - MET - superorganism - cumulative cultural evolution of individuality

      adjacency - between - multi scale competency architecture - rapid whole system change - progress trap - stop reset go - Deep Humanity - Indyweb - Indranet - major evolutionary transition in individuality - MET - superorganism - cumulative cultural evolution of individuality - adjacency statement - The idea of multi scale competency architecture can be extended to apply to the cultural level. - in the context of humanity's current existential poly /meta/ perma crisis, - rapid whole system change - (a cultural behavioural paradigm shift) - is required within a few short years - to avoid the worst impacts of - catastrophic, - anthropogenic - climate change, which is entangled with a host of other earth system boundary violations including - biodiversity loss - fresh water scarcity - - the driver of evolution through major evolutionary transitions in individuality has given rise to the level of cultural superorganisms that include all previous levels - progress and its intended consequences of progress traps play a major role in determining the future evolutionary trajectory of our and many other species - our species is faced with a few choice permutations in this regard: - individually regulate behaviour aligned with a future within earth system boundaries - collectively regulate behaviour aligned with a future within earth system boundaries - pursue sluggish green growth / carbon transition that is effectively tinkering at the margins of rapid whole system change - BAU - currently, there doesn't appear to be any feasible permutation of any of the above choices - There is insufficient worldview alignment to create the unity at scale for report whole system change - individual incumbent state and corporate actors still cling too tightly to the old, destructive regime, - creating friction that keeps the actual rate of change below the required - Stop Reset Go, couched within the Deep Humanity praxis and operationalized through the Indyweb / Indranet individual / collective open learning system provides a multi-dimensional tool for a deep educational paradigm shift that can accelerate both individual and collective upregulation of system change

    1. So organized, initiatives can collectively co-evolve and co-emerge into a purposeful transformation system oriented towards whole system change

      for - quote - whole system change - bottom up whole system change - open function SRG/ Deep Humanity/ Indyweb / Indranet / TPF framework - definition - transformation catalyst

      quote - (see below) - A transformation catalyst is an actor who - brings together numerous initiatives and actors around a shared and co-defined set of interests - with an action agenda in mind. - The TC stewards these actors through a set of three general (dialogue- and action-based) processes that can be adapted - to the unique context, needs, and interests - of each system and its players. - So organized, initiatives can collectively co-evolve and co-emerge - into a purposeful transformation system - oriented towards whole system change in a given context (which could happen - locally, - regionally, - bioregionally, or even more broadly - depending on the actors and orientations involved

    2. polycrisis

      for - polycrisis - uniting change actors

    1. for - social transition - rapid whole system change - cosmolocal - cosmo-local - anywheres - everywheres - commons - Michel Bauwens - P2P Foundation - somewheres - meme - glocalization - meme - cosmos-localization

      summary - A good article introducing cosmo-localism as a logical vasilation of failed markets and states, swinging the pendulum back to the commons as a necessary precursor to rapid whole system change

    1. (I grant that many of us contribute code to Gitlab, and would also like to participate as members of the development team in guiding the implementations, but clearly the core team has to have the final say in what direction that takes... unless someone wants to create and maintain their own fork of Gitlab ;) )
      • for: collaborative commons, rapid whole system change - governance, 3rd party, TPF, power2thepeople political power, criminal power

      -SUMMARY - A good article that - briefly traced the roots of the the major categories of power in modernity: - government - business - NGOs - and provides an argument for the emergence of a 4th power - the collaborative commons - it provide a model for the collaborative commons and a system diagram showing the various parts - I've critique I raise it that since it could only emerge within the technological mileau of the internet, it cannot be based upon an archaic, corporate and centralized power be structure. Even cryptocurrency is still centralized and there is generally a single point of failure. - When more important than decentralisation however, is that the current web id not people-centered and intertwingled with interpersonal - a necessary condition for a collaborative commons is their what we call a "flipped" web. - The indyweb and Indranet are being designed as an open function opens learning ecosystem for humanity at the level of trust networks - inter-operating with other larger systems, it can pay a role in creating the flipped web which can provide the human communication media for a collaborative commons

      • comment

        • There night also be a bother 4th category of power not me- criminal mentioned - criminal power
      • epiphany: new slogan

        • power2thepeople has a double meaning
          • political power
          • physical power
        • since modern society runs on physical power, we need the people too control it rather than serving a small group of financial elites
    1. Das britische Climate Change Commitee hat seit 18 Monaten keinen Chair. Die Nichtbesetzung dieser Stelle durch die Regierung gilt ein Signal dafür, dass sie sich zunehmend von den Dekarbonisierungszielen der konservativen Vorgängerregierungen entfernt. Fachleute, darunter Nicolas Stern, kritisieren die Verzögerung. Das Komitee legt unter anderem die britischenTreibhausgas-budgets fest und hatte in der Vergangenheit die zu langsame Politik der Regierung wiederholt deutlich kritisiert.https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/dec/30/sunak-under-fire-failure-appoint-climate-committee-chief

    1. you don't start a feminist revolution by arguing with your dad. (Marjorie laughs) He might be the one who needs to change, but that doesn't mean that you start there. 00:22:55 You start by talking to each other. We need to come together. We need to have solidarity.
      • for: system change - where to start

      • paraphrase

        • You don't start a feminist revolution by arguing with your dad. He might be the one who needs to change, but that doesn't mean that you start there.
        • You start by talking to each other. We need to come together. We need to have solidarity.
        • We need to have a common narrative and analysis and understanding of what's happening.
        • And I think a common understanding of pathways of change and we need that core nucleus of people who really are working for system change.
        • I think that's where we start. And hopefully, the narrative and the clarity that we can bring will be compelling enough that we will win more hearts and minds
      • comment

        • cascading social tipping points
      • for: SoNeC - SRG / TPF gamified rapid whole system change, SRG / TPF proposal

      • SRG / TPF project proposals for SONEC communities

        • Emerge candidates for a global 3rd political party with no money from special interests
        • Cosmolocal production network
        • Bootstrap local WEconomy via community owned cooperatives:
          • bioeconomy
            • concentrated organic produce production
            • agroforestry production
          • renewable energy
          • low cost desalinated water
        • Open citizen science project on local climate departure as proxy for economic impacts of climate change
        • Deep Humanity / BEing journeys
        • Gamified rapid whole system change via:
          • downscaled earth system boundaries and
          • doughnut economics
        • Cascading Social Tipping Point Theory
        • Youth afterschool climate activism clubs
        • Network of sustainable restaurants for meetings, talks and presentations
        • Local community economics to RELOCALIZE the economy
        • Jan 1, 2024 adders
          • Appeal to local north districts of cities
            • Wealth2Wellth program to show High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) living in wealthy local north communities climate change trends that are occurring in realtime to show present and near future sea level rise and forest fire impacts on their expensive beachfront and forest properties respectively
          • sister ward / sister city partnerships
            • create local north / south as well as global north / south partnerships for upliftment and
              • creating more wealth in local south communities as well as wellth
              • creating more wellth in local north communities
          • climate crisis / polycrisis education and motivational speaking from top thought leaders via global audience outreach to the SoNeC global network of youth and communty SoNeC hubs
            • many ordinary people do not realize the urgency of our situation or have become so jaded. Personal interaction with leading authorities can make a difference
  7. Dec 2023
      • for: James Hansen - 2023 paper, key insight - James Hansen, leverage point - emergence of new 3rd political party, leverage point - youth in politics, climate change - politics, climate crisis - politics

      • Key insight: James Hansen

        • The key insight James Hansen conveys is that
          • the key to rapid system change is
            • WHAT? the rapid emergence of a new, third political party that does not take money from special interest lobbys.
            • WHY? Hit the Achilles heel of the Fossil Fuel industry
            • HOW? widespread citizen / youth campaign to elect new youth leaders across the US and around the globe
            • WHEN? Timing is critical. In the US,
              • Don't spoil the vote for the two party system in 2024 elections. Better to have a democracy than a dictatorship.
              • Realistically, likely have to wait to be a contender in the 2028 election.
      • reference

    1. Washington is a swamp it we throw out one party the other one comes in they take money from special interests and we don't have a government that's serving the interests 01:25:09 of the public that's what I think we have to fix and I don't see how we do that unless we have a party that takes no money from special interests
      • for: key insight- polycrisis - climate crisis - political crisis, climate crisis - requires a new political party, money in politics, climate crisis - fossil fuel lobbyists, climate change - politics, climate crisis - politics, James Hansen - key insight - political action - 3rd party

      • key insight

        • Both democrats and conservatives are captured by fossil fuel lobbyist interests
        • A new third political party that does not take money from special interests is required
        • The nature of the polycrisis is that crisis are entangled . This is a case in point. The climate crisis cannot be solved unless the political crisis of money influencing politics is resolved
        • The system needs to be rapidly reformed to kick money of special interest groups out of politics.
      • question

        • Given the short timescale, the earliest we can achieve this is 2028 in the US Election cycle
        • Meanwhile what can we do in between?
        • How much impact can alternative forms of local governance like https://sonec.org/ have?
        • In particular, could citizens form local alternative forms of governance and implement incentives to drive sustainable behavior?
      • for: climate crisis - multiple dimensions, polycrisis - multiple dimensions, climate crisis - good references, polycrisis - good references, polycrisis - comprehensive map, power to the people, climate change - politics, climate crisis - politics

      • comment / summary

        • The content on this website may be what some call "doomers" that support a narrative of unavoidable catastrophe and civilization collapse
        • The author does an excellent job of drawing together many scientifically validated research papers and news media stories on various crisis and integrates them together to support his narrative.
        • As the author states, it is still incomplete but it is comprehensive and detailed enough to use as a starting foundation to build a complex polycrisis map upon. becaues it shows the complexities of the interwoven nexus of problems we face and the massive network of feedbacks between them that makes solving any one of them alone in isolation an impossibility
        • The Cascade Institute focuses on social tipping points, complexity and polycrisis. We could synthesis a number of tools to map out and reveal effective mitigation strategies including:
          • Cascade Institute tools
          • Social tipping point tools
          • SRG mapping tool along with Indyweb / Indranet
          • Culture hacking tools
          • SIMPOL strategy
          • Downscaled Earth System Boundary tools
          • SRG Deep Humanity BEing journey tools
          • James Hansen's recommendation that the biggest leverage point is new form of governance
            • We need to rapidly emerge a new global third political party that does not take money from special interest groups
          • Progressive International comes to the same conclusion as James Hansen, that the key leverage point for rapid whole system change is radically new governance that puts power back to the hands of the people - power to the people
          • SONEC's
          • Indyweb's people-centered, interpersonal methodology is a perfect match for SONEC circle-within-circles fractal structure
            • mention to @Gyuri
            • I've seen this circle-within-circle fractal, holonic group idea with Tim's software as well as Roberto's
        • Feebate from local governance groups (from another Doomer site - Arctic Emergency)
        • What the author's narrative shows is
          • how precarious our situation is
          • how many trends are getting far worse in the immediate future
          • how we are already undercapacitated to deal with existing crisis so how will we deal with new ones that are exponentially worse?
          • all these crisis will impact our supply chains. Why are these important? Our reliance on technology is dangerous and makes us very vulnerable
          • Think of your laptop, cellphone or other electronic device that relies on a vast, complex and globally operational internet. Imagine that tidal surges wipes out the globally critical data centers located in New York. Or imagine electronic factories in China and Taiwan are wiped out due to extreme weather. How will you get or fix a broken piece of electronic equipment? We rely on each millions of specialized jobs all working smoothly in order for our laptop to continue working and communicating with each other.
      • epiphany

      • recommendation for new Indyweb / Indranet tools
        • independent time and date stamp tool for every online, virtual sentence we write so we recognize in a long composition when we inserted a new idea
        • ability to trace rapid trains of thought to reveal how new insights emerge from within our consciousness
      • While writing this, I just recalled that we should have a way to time and date stamp every single virtual online action, like in this annotation because recall happens so nonlinearly and we won't have a hope to trace and trailmark without it. Hypothesis doesn't have time and date stamps of every sentence available to the user. So we don't know what nonlinear memory recall led to a specific sentence in an annotation. We need some independent Indyweb / Indranet tool that will do this universally. Trains of thoughts are so fragile we can forget the quick cascades very easily.
    1. Über einen Bericht von Oil Change International über CCS. Die Fossilindustrie hat auch auf der COP28 - zum Teil erfolgreich -versucht, CCS als Weg darzustellen Emissionen Emissionen zu vermeiden, sodass sichfossile Brennstoffe weiter nutzen lassen. Regierungen planen gerade weitere 200 Milliarden in CCS zu investieren, obwohl es sich um unausgereift Technologien handelt, die bisher vor allem eingesetzt wurden, um CO2 für die Ölförderung zu gewinnen. https://www.desmog.com/2023/12/12/oil-industry-battles-push-for-phase-out-deal-at-cop28-with-promises-to-capture-carbon/

    1. i look at pinker's books his latest one enlightenment now and i read very carefully his section on climate change he takes climate change seriously but for me this is a litmus test
      • for: Steven Pinker - critique - climate change - Enlightenment Now
    1. between middle of March 2020 and the middle of April 2020. 00:44:53 uh four billion people about half the world's population locked down between the middle of March 2020 and middle of April 2020 the concept of social and physical distancing went viral and around the planet and changed 00:45:06 people's behavior all over the planet never has such a large fraction of the human species changed Its Behavior so fast and that was entirely because of the connectivity within the system
      • for: rapid behaviour change

      • example - rapid behaviour change: COVID lockdown

        • When government policy around the world converged rapidly due to the perception of an imminent threat, civilization responded rapidly
      • question: could we ever imagine the climate crisis or polycrisis having the same impact?

    1. It’s not available to everyone, but a senior leadership who is vocal about lifelong learning can give you greater access to open doors, and people will take it more seriously. Time is never wasted with senior leadership and demonstrating the long-term interest for the institution, communities and companies we serve.

      Executive sponsorship is a $0, very valuable resource.

    1. the changes that we need to make to our political system go well well 00:41:10 well beyond like having a better P party in changing who some of the MPS are and so on and so forth because it is structurally set up to insulate the ruling class from popular pressure
      • for: quote - political system change is required

      • quote

        • the changes that we need to make our political system go well beyond having a better party or changing who some of the MPS are and so on
          • because it is structurally set up to insulate the ruling class from popular pressure
    2. we need to implement emergency 00:30:58 plans to transform th some things very fast and those are the highest order things within the within the world system so that 00:31:11 is um most importantly energy food production and debt write Downs those are those are the things and there are other things as well but
      • for: priorities - rapid whole system change

      • priorities: rapid whole system change

        • energy system
        • food system
        • debt
    1. Therefore, to declare a method variable we just name it at the beginning of the script and surround it by pipe characters “|”.

      Why start with “Therefore”?

    1. to two or only one object depending computational history

      Unclear choice of words. Maybe: “to two different or to a single object”.

      “depending computational history” is also unclear.

    1. Tip. In the workspace Ctrl-b (Browse) on the class name will open a Browser on the named class:


      Using “that”

      Tip. In the workspace Ctrl-b (Browse) on the class name will open a Browser on that class:

      using “named”

      Tip. In the workspace Ctrl-b (Browse) on the class name will open a Browser on the class named so:

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      Tip. In the workspace Ctrl-b (Browse) on the class name will open a Browser on the class named so:

  8. Nov 2023
    1. if governments deliver in full on their national energy and climate pledges, then oil and gas demand would be 45% below today's level by 2050 and the temperature rise could be limited to 1.7 °C. If governments successfully pursue a 1.5 °C trajectory, and emissions from the global energy sector reach net zero by mid-century, oil and gas use would fall by 75% to 2050.
      • for: Nationally Determined Contributions insufficient to meet 1.5 Deg C, NDC insufficient to meet 1.5 Deg C

      • stats: climate change - NDC

        • current NDCs
          • 45% reduction in fossil fuel usage by 2050
        • NDCs to meet 1.5 Deg C
          • 75% reduction in fossil fuel usage by 2050
    1. In the Spacewar! code snippet below, the parentheses make it more clear that the addition happens first:

      In the Spacewar! code snippet below, the parentheses aren't necessary but clarify that the addition happens first:

    1.   Because you are not using the base image but one used to teach classes, you will likely see a much larger number.

      Proposed change:

      When you are not using the base image...

    1. that's what we need to do today we need to we need to take an inventory of how many solar arrays do we need how 00:06:27 many wind turbines how many electric buses how many electric heat pumps what's the new generation crown corporations we should be establishing to expedite doing that at scale 00:06:40 and deploying it at scale to actually decarbonize and electrify in the short window of time that we have
      • for: climate change - wartime mobilization inventory
    1. if you're going to change a system you're in you have to become conscious of it and the way that system is in you
      • for: quote - whole system change

      • quote: whole system change

        • if you're going to change a system you're in you have to become conscious of it and the way that system is in you
        • author: Ruben Nelson
        • date : 2023
    2. the Chinese and the 00:58:35 ancient Hebrews I mean if if those of us who call ourselves Christians were actually had spent more time not reading the Old Testament in English but understanding the thought patterns in 00:58:48 Hebrew behind English which is a whole different story we would find that that Hebrew patterns of thought and Chinese patterns of thought are remarkably similar which suggests that it's not about 00:59:01 eastern western it's it's it's about a time shift that if you go back four or five thousand years you find lots of people who are thinking in relational terms