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    1. Include a CC0 or CC-BY statement in the data (including MARC records) you create. Here’s an example from theUniversity of Florida:588 _ _ $a This bibliographic record is available under the Creative Commons CC0 “No Rights Reserved”license. The University of Florida Libraries, as creator of this bibliographic record, has waived all rights to itworldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law.

      Sample MARC 588 CC0 statement from University of Florida

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    1. The Roxbury Work/Study program was the basis for a second collaboration with the American Friends Service Committee in 1965. 
    2. Neighborhood improvement programs designed to protect Upper Roxbury from urban blight began in 1949 when Freedom House joined with community members to organize neighborhood clean-up projects and playground construction.  Abandoned houses and cars and empty lots were targeted for clean-up by Freedom House and other neighborhood block associations. Bars that were considered a nuisance were routed out of the neighborhood and alcohol licenses were denied due to the efforts of the group.  Freedom House worked closely with the city to improve the services provided to Roxbury and with the police department to improve police-community relations.  At the same time, Boston was beginning a formal urban renewal campaign that did not initially include Roxbury.  A telegram from the Snowdens to Mayor Collins resulted in the inclusion of the Washington Park Urban Renewal Project in Boston's campaign.  By 1963 Freedom House had entered into formal contracts with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and the Action Boston Community Development (ABCD) to serve as a liaison between the planners and technicians, and the residents of Washington Park. This relationship, lasted until the Boston Redevelopment Authority withdrew from Roxbury in the late 1960s, leaving much of its work undone.

      This moment in history is featured in the Norman B. Leventhal exhibit "More or Less in Common: Environment and Justice in Human Landscape" https://www.leventhalmap.org/exhibitions/

    1. Hence Leiris’s interest in Duchamp’s rotoreliefs, which he describesas “records to look at and not to listen to,”9 records, in other words, whose sound is soto speak “hidden” by their look, as if they were painted over to the point of beingsilenced.
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    1. and so rows cannot exist as a value.

      From Turning a map of data constructors into a row type (purescript discourse):

      rows don’t have corresponding values, they only exist at the type level. If you do only purely want a row and not something like a Variant result you could return a proxy though.

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    1. Controllers are free to develop methods to comply with this provision in a way that is fitting in theirdaily operations. At the same time, the duty to demonstrate that valid consent has been obtained bya controller, should not in itself lead to excessive amounts of additional data processing. This meansthat controllers should have enough data to show a link to the processing (to show consent wasobtained) but they shouldn’t be collecting any more information than necessary.
    2. t is up to the controller to prove that valid consent was obtained from the data subject. The GDPRdoes not prescribe exactly how this must be done. However, the controller must be able to prove thata data subject in a given case has consented. As long as a data processing activity in question lasts, the
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    1. In order to comply with privacy laws, especially the GDPR, companies need to store proof of consent so that they can demonstrate that consent was collected. These records must show: when consent was provided;who provided the consent;what their preferences were at the time of the collection;which legal or privacy notice they were presented with at the time of the consent collection;which consent collection form they were presented with at the time of the collection.
    2. Because consent under the GDPR is such an important issue, it’s mandatory that you keep clear records and that you’re able to demonstrate that the user has given consent; should problems arise, the burden of proof lies with the data controller, so keeping accurate records is vital.
    3. Keeping comprehensive records that include a user ID and the data submitted together with a timestamp. You also keep a copy of the version of the data-capture form and any other relevant documents in use on that date.
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    1. Furthermore, the consent-based regime creates an obligation to document that consent was lawfully given.
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    1. See a full history of user consents and data requests. Use the records to prove your compliance in case of an audit by data protection authorities.
    1. These records should include a userid, timestamp, consent proof, record of the consenting action, and the legal documents available to the user at the time of consent, among other things.
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    1. a rich and highly granular record of engagement between people and texts

      Many thanks again to Steel Wagstaff for suggesting this language.

    2. enabling them to make more substantial connections with both people and texts, and curate durable records of their learning across materials and contexts

      Many thanks to Steel Wagstaff for suggesting this language.

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    1. The supermarket giant, which has been selling CDs for decades, will stock a small selection of classic albums as well as a few new titles by the likes of Coldplay and George Ezra. LPs by The Beatles, Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley and Elvis Presley be available, priced between £12 and £20.