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    1. milk

      I'm starting to research milk for gout. As a new page related to Almonds and Almond Milk For Gout

      GoutPal Links Documentation

      Notes like this are part of my GoutPal Links service. Which is currently in the pre-launch phase. I will add documentation for this feature as I answer requests from readers. So if you need help using this feature, the best way is to subscribe to my free GoutPal Links Newsletter. Where you can email and message me directly. Or you can use the feedback options near the end of every page.

  2. Nov 2022
    1. concerns about gout and itching

      For example, does acupuncture help with itchy gout?

      During the discussion that prompted this page, we mentioned acupuncture. Specifically, an acupuncture practitioner noted that acupuncture relieves gout itching. So this is a potential research area. But as I have no acupuncture experience, I need questions, experiences, and opinions from you about acupuncture and gout itch.

      Also, there is one reference to a study in the Progress Notes if anyone cares to join me on a research project. Min, Seorim, Koh-Woon Kim, Won-Mo Jung, Min-Jung Lee, Yu-Kang Kim, Younbyoung Chae, Hyangsook Lee, and Hi-Joon Park. "Acupuncture for histamine-induced itch: association with increased parasympathetic tone and connectivity of putamen-midcingulate cortex." Frontiers in neuroscience 13 (2019): 215.

      GoutPal Links Documentation

      Notes like this are part of my GoutPal Links service. Which is currently in the pre-launch phase. I will add documentation for this feature as I answer requests from readers. So if you need help using this feature, the best way is to subscribe to my free GoutPal Links Newsletter. Where you can email and message me directly. Or you can use the feedback options near the end of every page.

    2. Allopurinol Itch

      I am preparing: * A GoutPal library review for Allopurinol & Itching Research * An article for this allopurinol side effects section with a working title of Allopurinol and Itching.

      GoutPal Links Newsletter subscribers can access my progress notes through their files link

    1. Allopurinol Side Effects Concerns

      Does allopurinol make you itchy?

      I'm writing a new research project on allopurinol and itchiness. In preparation for help in resolving concerns. Including, does allopurinol make you itchy?

      If you need help using this feature, the best way is to subscribe to my free GoutPal Links Newsletter. Where you can email and message me directly. Or you can use the feedback options near the end of every page.

    1. ice cream

      Keep an eye out for my gout nutrition profile for ice cream. With a working title of Is ice cream bad for gout?

      GoutPal Links Subscribers can follow my progress in the usual way.

    1. Dairy

      Dairy Foods Group Nutrition

      The third guideline, with respect to dairy foods group, is: <q>Focus on meeting food group needs with nutrient-dense foods and beverages, and stay within calorie limits. […] The core elements that make up a healthy dietary pattern include: […] Dairy, including fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese, and/or lactose-free versions and fortified soy beverages and yogurt as alternatives.</q>

      Dairy Foods

      The DGA defines dairy foods as: <q>All fluid, dry, or evaporated milk, including lactose-free and lactose-reduced products and fortified soy beverages (soy milk), buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, frozen yogurt, dairy desserts, and cheeses (e.g., brie, camembert, cheddar, cottage cheese, colby, edam, feta, fontina, goat, gouda, gruyere, limburger, Mexican cheeses [queso anejo, queso asadero, queso chihuahua], monterey, mozzarella, muenster, parmesan, provolone, ricotta, and Swiss). Most choices should be fat-free or low-fat. Cream, sour cream, and cream cheese are not included due to their low calcium content.</q> So the foods included in the dairy group are not straightforward. Because they do not exactly match traditional views of dairy produce. Or food and drink we might expect to see in the supermarket dairy aisles. But this should be made clearer as you read my detailed nutrition pages for individual dairy foods.

    1. Excel Spreadsheet Permissions on Android

      I've been notified of a problem for some Microsoft Excel users on Android. Which affects access to spreadsheets for Shrewd Learning followers, subscribers, and members. So I'm preparing documentation for this.

      Shrewd Learning Subscribers can access my progress notes.

    1. Historic Names for Gout

      New page for this. Referencing research reviews for those terms that remain current. With a Other Historic Gout Names section for obsolete gout names.

    1. Testing frameworks often introduce their own abstractions for e.g. evaluation order, data validation, reporting, scope, code reuse, state, and lifecycle. In my experience, these abstractions are always needlessly different from (and inferior to) related abstractions provided by the language itself.
    1. Changing the second line to: foo.txt text !diff would restore the default unset-ness for diff, while: foo.txt text diff will force diff to be set (both will presumably result in a diff, since Git has presumably not previously been detecting foo.txt as binary).

      comments for tag: undefined vs. null: Technically this is undefined (unset, !diff) vs. true (diff), but it's similar enough that don't need a separate tag just for that.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: undefined/unset vs. null/set

    1. Start with the 2020 ACR probenecid guidelines.

      Then, after learning how those guidelines apply to you, consider: * Research after 2020 * Specialized probenecid topics. Such as probenecid side effects. Or probenecid in gout with comorbidities.

      So my next probenecid research page combines those 2 considerations. Because almost all current probenecid research is about diseases other than gout. Therefore, it is most applicable to gout sufferers with comorbidities.

      For access to my progress notes, subscribe to my free GoutPal Links Newsletter.

  3. Oct 2022
    1. Probenecid in Gout Treatment

      I'm working on a new hub page to connect all my probenecid pages.

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    2. Probenecid Related Topics

      I'm working on new versions of my probenecid-related pages.

      For access to my progress notes subscribe to my free GoutPal Links Newsletter.

    1. a little flaw (Google translation can not find the translation of the word "瑕疵", so can only use the word "flaw" instead)

      annotation meta: may need new tag: no exact translation in other language

    1. so this means that there are no documentation telling you that this is the way you have to do it anywhere so naturally a lot of devs do not know about this, unless they ask about it by luck or of curiousity.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: how could they know / how would one find out?

    1. First and foremost, we need to acknowledge that even though the funding goal has been met–it does not meet the realistic costs of the project. Bluntly speaking, we did not have the confidence to showcase the real goal of ~1.5 million euros (which would be around 10k backers) in a crowdfunding world where “Funded in XY minutes!” is a regular highlight.

      new tag: pressure to understate the real cost/estimate

    1. Salad

      Salad for Gout

      For nutrition purposes, I regard salad as part of the vegetable food group. In fact, there are typical salad foods in all the vegetable subgroups. And I'm working on summary pages for vegetables. In preparation for detailed nutrition pages for all foods.

      GoutPal Links subscribers can follow my progress with access to draft copies and research notes for salad foods. Otherwise, return to this page regularly to see updated notes and links.

    2. Related Topics

      I'm currently reformatting comments and related topics to my latest standard. Including a new related topic: mustard.

      Now, I assume the interest here is because mustard is often used in salad dressings. Anyway, I'm going to start a new mustard research project. As usual, I'll keep GoutPal Links subscribers informed of my progress prior to publication.

      Interestingly, I've become aware that the spice, condiment, or vegetable that we refer to as mustard is also a botanical family of plants. Being brassicaceae, or more commonly the brassica family. I'm aware of this as the cabbage family. But I've now learned it's also known as the mustard family.

      Although that is interesting to me of itself. It is more interesting from a gout perspective. Because there are many more plants to consider that are beneficial.

      For example, candytuft!

      Now, I don't want to slow down my mustard articles by exploring this wider scope. But neither do I want to forget. So I'm logging my new inspiration here. Schempp, H., Totha, A., Weiser, D. and Elstner, E.F., 2003. Antioxidative properties of Iberis amara extracts in biochemical model reactions. Arzneimittelforschung, 53(08), pp.568-577.

      ROS, generated during xanthine oxidase (XOD)-catalysed oxidation of xanthine into uric acid, were also efficiently decreased by IAE (https://doi.org/10.1055/s-0031-1297151)

    1. Identifying the DGA Food Group for each food that concerns you is a good first step.

      So, to help you take that first step, I will describe each food group in terms of daily and weekly requirements. Thus, creating food group index pages. Then, I will link gout nutrition pages for foods within each food group.

    1. This needs replacing with...

      Lettuce & Uric Acid Research in GoutPal Library.

      Lettuce and Gout Nutrition Facts & FAQs in GoutPal Blog * Usual nutrients * Science summary, including different types of lettuce as well as seeds and extracts.

    1. Butternut squash

      I'm planning to do an article about Butternut Squash Nutrition for Gout. But an important nutrient is beta-carotene, So before that, I will publish Beta-Carotene Foods & Gout. In the meantime, there are facts to discuss with your health avisers at Butternut Squash & Uric Acid.

      GoutPal Links subscribers can follow my progress on both new pages.

    1. Machines understand languages, that are formal and rigid, with unique and unambiguous instructions that are interpreted in precisely one way. Those formal, abstract languages, and programming languages in general, are hard to understand for humans like ourselves. Primarily, they are tailored towards the requirements of the machine. The user is therefore forced to adapt to the complexity of the formal language.


    1. If you want me to prioritize any studies

      Including ideas that I've noted here. Because I often jot an idea here as a note, pending my updating this article.


      There seem to be lots of interesting health benefits besides vinegar's help with arthritis.

    1. Potato Nutrition Article

      I urgently need to update potato information on Foodary.com. So I'm starting with a quick review of key health benefits of potato. Because I will use this on a new Potato Nutrition Facts hub page. Later, I'll investigate specific benefits in greater detail.

      Foodary Nexus Subscribers get free access to my potato article progress notes.

  4. Sep 2022
    1. Vegetables

      Vegetable Food Groups Nutrition

      New hub pages for vegetables.

      Vegetable Food Groups Nutrition Intro

      What Are Vegetable Food Groups?

      Dark-Green Vegetables

      All fresh, frozen, and canned dark-green leafy vegetables and broccoli, cooked or raw: for example, amaranth leaves, basil, beet greens, bitter melon leaves, bok choy, broccoli, chamnamul, chrysanthemum leaves, chard, cilantro, collards, cress, dandelion greens, kale, lambsquarters, mustard greens, poke greens, romaine lettuce, spinach, nettles, taro leaves, turnip greens, and watercress.

      Red and Orange Vegetables

      All fresh, frozen, and canned red and orange vegetables or juice, cooked or raw: for example, calabaza, carrots, red chili peppers, red or orange bell peppers, pimento/pimiento, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, 100% tomato juice, and winter squash such as acorn, butternut, kabocha, and pumpkin.

      Beans, Peas, Lentils

      All cooked from dry or canned beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils: for example, black beans, black-eyed peas, bayo beans, brown beans, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), cowpeas, edamame, fava beans, kidney beans, lentils, lima beans, mung beans, navy beans, pigeon peas, pink beans, pinto beans, split peas, soybeans, and white beans. Does not include green beans or green peas.

      Starchy Vegetables

      All fresh, frozen, and canned starchy vegetables: for example, breadfruit, burdock root, cassava, corn, jicama, lotus root, lima beans, immature or raw (not dried) peas (e.g., cowpeas, black-eyed peas, green peas, pigeon peas), plantains, white potatoes, salsify, tapioca, taro root (dasheen or yautia), water chestnuts, yam, and yucca.

      Other Vegetables

      All other fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables, cooked or raw: for example, artichoke, asparagus, avocado, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, beets, bitter melon (bitter gourd, balsam pear), broccoflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage (green, red, napa, savoy), cactus pads (nopales), cauliflower, celeriac, celery, chayote (mirliton), chives, cucumber, eggplant, fennel bulb, garlic, ginger root, green beans, iceberg lettuce, kohlrabi, leeks, luffa (Chinese okra), mushrooms, okra, onions, peppers (chili and bell types that are not red or orange in color), radicchio, sprouted beans (e.g. sprouted mung beans), radish, rutabaga, seaweed, snow peas, summer squash, tomatillos, turnips, and winter melons.

    1. Above all, a fresh and original intellectual approach is needed, avoid-ing all standard solutions.

      This relates to the increasing difficulty of being originial with the rapid advances in productivity today.

    2. A striving for order can, and must, also be expressed inasymmetrical form.

      This relates to sticking to past foundations that are somewhat indispensable.

    3. Thetypographer must take the greatest care to study how his work is read andought to be read.

      Today, this is foundational since there are constantly advances in works of typography making documentation and research important to giving future credit.

    4. Evenin good central-axis composition the contents are subordinated to “beautifulline arrangement.”

      Clarity becomes less important due the focus on the composition being centralized as it relates to improving the visual appeal of the artistic, "arrangement."

    5. the rigidity of central-axis setting hardly allows work tobe carried out with the degree of logic we now demand.

      The central axis in art relates to a somewhat balanced distribution of space on an art piece.

      “ARTTALK Chapter 10 Balance - Ppt Google Img.” SlidePlayer, https://slideplayer.com/slide/10709291/.

    6. This utmost clarity is necessarytoday because of the manifold claims for our attention made by the extraor-dinary amount of print, which demands the greatest economy of expression.

      This emphasizes that having clear communication is made crucially important due to the difficulty of communicating to those who are surrounded by countless other "prints."

    1. One of the reasons I initially pushed back on the creation of a JSON Schema for V3 is because I feared that people would try to use it as a document validator. However, I was convinced by other TSC members that there were valid uses of a schema beyond validation.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: fear would be used for ... valid uses for it beyond ...

    2. without a schema, you do not have a spec, you have an aspiration.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: you don't have a _; you have a _

    3. When we do release a final version of JSON Schema, please do not use JSON Schema to guarantee an OpenAPI document is valid. It cannot do that. There are numerous constraints in the written specification that cannot be expressed in JSON Schema.
    1. JSONPath contains verbiage that allows for an empty array to be returned in the case that nothing was found, but the primary return in these cases is false.

      annotation meta: may need new tag:

      distinction between nothing, false, and empty array

      verbiage that allows for ...

    1. We do not want to change or remove additionalProperties. Providing a clear solution for the above use case will dramatically reduce or eliminate the misunderstandings around additionalProperties.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: - don't want to change or remove existing feature [because...] - solving problem B will reduce misunderstandings around feature A

    2. This issue is for discussing the use case given in the next section, and the unevaluatedProperties proposal to solve it. If you want to discuss a different use case or a different proposal, you MUST file your own issue to do so. Any comments attempting to revive other lines of discussion from #515, introduce new problems or solutions, or otherwise derail this discussion will be deleted to keep the focus clear. Please file a new issue and link back to this one instead.
    1. Here it is probably necessary to explain that lots of things were once typed — on machines called typewriters — during a period of human history after stone tablets and before laptops and cellphones. It is probably also necessary to explain that reference to a card catalog in the first paragraph. A card catalog was an inventory of what was in a library before all the holdings were listed, and maybe available, online.

      A bit tongue-in-cheek, the New York Times describes for the technically inadept what a typewriter and a card catalog are.

    1. But do ESG ratings really deliver on the promise? Are highly-ranked ESG businesses really more caring of the environment, more selective of the societies in which they operate, and more focused on countries with good corporate governance? In short, is ESG really good? The answer is no.

      black box

      opaque score

  5. Aug 2022
    1. (e.g., the ability to quickly onboard new collateral types and change risk and auction parameters).

      This calls for a dynamic gov process relative to the market conditions. Gov-->clear and open in stable markets Gov-->versatile and swift in fast-paced changes

    1. February 6, 2018

      This article is now 4 years old. It's hard to call these "new" tech tools in the post-pandemic seismic shift.

  6. Jul 2022
    1. Die neuseeländische Regierung halt bei einem Prozess an ihrer Entscheidung fest, die Prospektion des Taranaki Öl- und Gasfelds zu erlauben. Es steht wissenschaftlich fest, dass mit der Forderung zusätzlicher fossiler Ressourcen das 1,5°-Ziel auf keinen Fall einzuhalten ist. Die IAE hat im vergangenen Jahr den Verzicht auf jede zusätzliche Erschließung von fossilen Energiequellen gefordert.

    1. we quickly found it to be the wrong match for our content-heavy documentation experience. Gatsby inherits many dependency chains to provide its featureset, but running the dependency-heavy toolchain locally on contributors’ machines proved to be an incredibly difficult and slow task for many of our documentation contributors

      This wouldn't be so annoying to read if it weren't the case that this was solved like 15+ years ago by the right tool for the job: wikis.

      I see the "neo-OSS era" or "New Social era" of today to stand in sharp contrast with what I've previously referred to as the Shirky era. In the world of software development, the regressions from the transition from the Shirky era to the present, monumental though those regressions are, have been quietly underreported (seemingly hardly even perceived). We've seen the rise and consolidation of open source project management around a centralized (and perversely, closed source) service provider that's more of a social network and valued for that reason than it is a decent bugtracker or wiki. It calls things wikis that aren't, not just diluting the word but instead transforming it into something that is by now effectively meaningless—along with encouraging awful mixing of support requests and freeform discussion with bugtracking (but that's beside the point).

      The big hallmark of this era: obtuse publishing pipelines that seek to replicate the compiler-input →compiler → compiler-output workflow, pushed heavily by new programmers who first encountered compilers during this era and encouraged by others who bafflingly insist on applying this poorly chosen hammer to the non-nail-shaped problem. Why? What I can make out:

      1. the omnipresent and inescapable influence of Ra

      2. a desperation for legitimacy at a time when low-level system programming has been in decline

      3. people just genuinely unable to perceive the effects of complexification, like the way some people cannot enjoy cilantro, or the way others cannot accurately track the passage of time without external help

      It'd be nice if we could get back to a place where we understood that the point of all this stuff is to make things easier—particularly in the here and now, and not in some mythical, never-reached promised land where travelers are perpetually kept away by the YAGNI demons.

    1. Add - AppOps is OpenSource and production ready. Contact us for review and demo of some complex applications in production. We will be happy to speak with you and provide you with all assistance needed for adoption . [ Link to Contact us | Link to Slack group ]




    1. McLuhan wendet also den Formcha-rakter des Mediums ins Materiale

      Erinnert mich direkt an Latour und andere New-Materialism Ansätze vllt auch interessant für das Emergenz Phänomen, von dem Jörg Noller wiederholt spricht- http://felix.openflows.com/html/mcluhan_latour.html



  7. Jun 2022
    1. d. She puts the ideas together and tries to broker a deal for theconglomerate to acquire a radio network. At the end, she’s challenged to describehow she came up with the plan for the acquisition. It’s a telling scene. She has justbeen fired. On her way out of the building, with all her files and personal itemspacked in a box (a box just like mine!), she gets a chance to explain her thoughtprocess to the mogul:See? This is Forbes. It’s just your basic article about how you were lookingto expand into broadcasting. Right? Okay now. The same day—I’ll never forgetthis—I’m reading Page Six of the New York Post and there’s this item on BobbyStein, the radio talk show guy who does all those gross jokes about Ethiopiaand the Betty Ford Center. Well, anyway, he’s hosting this charity auction thatnight. Real bluebloods and won’t that be funny? Now I turn the page to Suzywho does the society stuff and there’s this picture of your daughter—see, nicepicture—and she’s helping to organize the charity ball. So I started to think:Trask, Radio, Trask, Radio.... So now here we are.He’s impressed and hires her on the spot. Forget the fairy-tale plot; as ademonstration of how to link A to B and come up with C, Working Girl is a primerin the art of scratching.

      The plot twist at the end of Working Girl (Twentieth Century Fox, 1988) turns on Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) explaining her stroke of combinatorial creativity in coming up with a business pitch. Because she had juxtaposed several disparate ideas from the New York Post several pages from each other in a creative way, she got the job and Katharine Parker (Sigourney Weaver) is left embarrassed because she can't explain how she came up with a complicated combination of ideas.

      Tess McGill (portrayed by a big 80's haired Melanie Griffith) packing a brown banker's box with her office items and papers leaving her office and her job. Is this Tess McGill's zettelkasten in the movie Working Girl?

      Tess McGill has slips of newspaper with ideas on them and a physical box to put them in.

      slips with ideas+box=zettelkasten

      Bonus points because she links her ideas, right?!

    1. Embracing visions of a good life that go beyond those entailing high levels of material consumption is central to many pathways. Key drivers of the overexploitation of nature are the currently popular vision that a good life involves happiness generated through material consumption [leverage point 2] and the widely accepted notion that economic growth is the most important goal of society, with success based largely on income and demonstrated purchasing power (Brand & Wissen, 2012). However, as communities around the world show, a good quality of life can be achieved with significantly lower environmental impacts than is normal for many affluent social strata (Jackson, 2011; Røpke, 1999). Alternative relational conceptions of a good life with a lower material impact (i.e. those focusing on the quality and characteristics of human relationships, and harmonious relationships with non-human nature) might be promoted and sustained by political settings that provide the personal, material and social (interpersonal) conditions for a good life (such as infrastructure, access to health or anti-discrimination policies), while leaving to individuals the choice about their actual way of living (Jackson, 2011; Nussbaum, 2001, 2003). In particular, status or social recognition need not require high levels of consumption, even though in some societies, status is currently related to consumption (Røpke, 1999).

      A redefinition of a good life that decouples it from materialism is critical to lowering carbon emissions. Practices such as open source Deep Humanity praxis focusing on inner transformation can play a significant role.

    1. L'inévitable privatisation   Mais ce n'est pas une surprise. Le programme d'Emmanuel Macron ne tombe pas du ciel. Dans l'espace français c'est celui que JM Blanquer a présenté dans "L'école de la vie" puis dans "L'école de demain". Si on les situe dans le discours mondial sur l'Ecole on reconnaitra les principes du nouveau management public.
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWkwOefBPZY

      Some of the basic outline of this looks like OER (Open Educational Resources) and its "five Rs": Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix and/or Redistribute content. (To which I've already suggested the sixth: Request update (or revision control).

      Some of this is similar to:

      The Read Write Web is no longer sufficient. I want the Read Fork Write Merge Web. #osb11 lunch table. #diso #indieweb [Tantek Çelik](http://tantek.com/2011/174/t1/read-fork-write-merge-web-osb110

      Idea of collections of learning as collections or "playlists" or "readlists". Similar to the old tool Readlist which bundled articles into books relatively easily. See also: https://boffosocko.com/2022/03/26/indieweb-readlists-tools-and-brainstorming/

      Use of Wiki version histories

      Some of this has the form of a Wiki but with smaller nuggets of information (sort of like Tiddlywiki perhaps, which also allows for creating custom orderings of things which had specific URLs for displaying and sharing them.) The Zettelkasten idea has some of this embedded into it. Shared zettelkasten could be an interesting thing.

      Data is the new soil. A way to reframe "data is the new oil" but as a part of the commons. This fits well into the gardens and streams metaphor.

      Jerry, have you seen Matt Ridley's work on Ideas Have Sex? https://www.ted.com/talks/matt_ridley_when_ideas_have_sex Of course you have: https://app.thebrain.com/brains/3d80058c-14d8-5361-0b61-a061f89baf87/thoughts/3e2c5c75-fc49-0688-f455-6de58e4487f1/attachments/8aab91d4-5fc8-93fe-7850-d6fa828c10a9

      I've heard Jerry mention the idea of "crystallization of knowledge" before. How can we concretely link this version with Cesar Hidalgo's work, esp. Why Information Grows.

      Cross reference Jerry's Brain: https://app.thebrain.com/brains/3d80058c-14d8-5361-0b61-a061f89baf87/thoughts/4bfe6526-9884-4b6d-9548-23659da7811e/notes

  8. May 2022
    1. You can cover grass seed with compost, but using too much can block sunlight and oxygen from reaching the seeds during their critical growth period.
    2. Seeds might be able to grow in topsoil without compost, but seeds can’t grow in compost without topsoil.
    1. Ken Pomeranz’s study, published in 2000, on the “greatdivergence” between Europe and China in the eighteenth and nine-teenth centuries,1 prob ably the most important and influential bookon the history of the world-economy (économie-monde) since the pub-lication of Fernand Braudel’s Civilisation matérielle, économie etcapitalisme in 1979 and the works of Immanuel Wallerstein on “world-systems analysis.”2 For Pomeranz, the development of Western in-dustrial capitalism is closely linked to systems of the internationaldivision of labor, the frenetic exploitation of natural resources, andthe European powers’ military and colonial domination over the restof the planet. Subsequent studies have largely confirmed that conclu-sion, whether through the research of Prasannan Parthasarathi orthat of Sven Beckert and the recent movement around the “new his-tory of capitalism.”3
    1. To manage this new capacity, we switched from ad-hoc project lengths to repeating cycles. (It took some experimentation to find the right cycle length: six weeks. More on that later.)

      We formalized our pitching and betting processes.

      My role shifted again, from design and product management to product strategy.

      I needed new language, like the word "shaping", to describe the up-front design work we did to set boudaries and reduce risks on projects before we committed them to teams.



  9. Apr 2022
    1. (((Howard Forman))). (2022, January 27). New York Update Cases down 44% in one week. Positive rate now 7.3% Hospital census down 24% to level of December 31. Admits down 30%. Deaths appear to be declining. Great progress! Https://t.co/4a087WyejY [Tweet]. @thehowie. https://twitter.com/thehowie/status/1486797266618830853

    1. It is always about the new The frontpage of any content-driven media is often geared towards the latest happenings. But what if there are old gems hidden beyond? A new user wouldn’t be able to discover them.

      Older content may broadly be considered more valuable than newer content. The fact that it has been "tried and true" gives it enormously more value than newer and untested content.

      Newer content is primarily valuable solely because it is new. How much of it will live on to become old content without falling off of the long tail of the value distribution?

      Link this to the idea of imitation > innovation in Annie Murphy Paul's book The Extended Mind.

      Link this to the fact that NASA uses 30+ year old software and systems in their outer-space program because all the glitches and bugs have been found and it's far more reliable.

      Finding the older gems has generally been the sort of driving idea behind @peterhagen and his https://lindylearn.io/ site -- particularly his Hacker News tool.

    1. (1) ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘RT @ScottGottliebMD: The U.K. is experiencing a growing surge of COVID infections with a new variant that appears more pathogenic, and that…’ / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 21 June 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1402048528189300737

    1. Moritz Gerstung. (2021, November 1). An update on currently circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants in England beyond AY.4.2. Based on data released weekly to http://covid19.sanger.ac.uk we’ve been monitoring the speed of spread of currently 232 lineages. It’s a very dynamic situation and at times hard to stay on top. 🧵 [Tweet]. @MoritzGerstung. https://twitter.com/MoritzGerstung/status/1455136551407689734

    1. These callbacks are focused on the transactions, instead of specific model actions.

      At least I think this is talking about this as limitation/problem.

      The limitation/problem being that it's not good/useful for performing after-transaction code only for specific actions.

      But the next sentence "This is beneficial..." seems contradictory, so I'm a bit confused/unclear of what the intention is...

      Looking at this project more, it doesn't appear to solve the "after-transaction code only for specific actions" problem like I initially thought it did (and like https://github.com/grosser/ar_after_transaction does), so I believe I was mistaken. Still not sure what is meant by "instead of specific model actions". Are they claiming that "before_commit_on_create" for example is a "specific model action"? (hardly!) That seems almost identical to the (not specific enough) callbacks provided natively by Rails. Oh yeah, I guess they do point out that Rails 3 adds this functionality, so this gem is only needed for Rails 2.

  10. Mar 2022
    1. Its core theme - segregation. It's done in such an ingenious and innocent way - colour.

      new tag: not so much sneaky, but clever way of communicating an idea/message/theme

    1. I believe this is partly due to a militant position on free software. Some advocates believe so strongly that users should be able to recompile their software that they force them to do so. They break libraries seemingly on purpose just to say, “Recompile! Oh you can’t? That’ll teach you to use binary software!” Of course users don’t want to recompile their software, but what users actually want is usually lost on GNOME developers.
    1. In any significant project I worked in the last 15 years, logging text messages resulted in a large amount of strings which was hard to make sense of, thus mostly ignored.

      hard to make sense of, thus mostly ignored

    1. Note that this is a breaking API change in the libraries (more information in the README.md). It does not affect the backwards compatibility of the protocol itself.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: backwards compatibility of the protocol backwards compatibility for [libraries that use [it?]]

    1. The current mass media such as t elevision, books, and magazines are one-directional, and are produced by a centralized process. This can be positive, since respected editors can filter material to ensure consistency and high quality, but more widely accessible narrowcasting to specific audiences could enable livelier decentralized discussions. Democratic processes for presenting opposing views, caucusing within factions, and finding satisfactory compromises are productive for legislative, commercial, and scholarly pursuits.

      Social media has to some extent democratized the access to media, however there are not nearly enough processes for creating negative feedback to dampen ideas which shouldn't or wouldn't have gained footholds in a mass society.

      We need more friction in some portions of the social media space to prevent the dissemination of un-useful, negative, and destructive ideas swamping out the positive ones. The accelerative force of algorithmic feeds for the most extreme ideas in particular is one of the most caustic ideas of the last quarter of a century.

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      New Melodious Hindi song music video

    1. Design of helical trimers based on the HIV-1 6-HB model.

      Another application of peptide chemistry, Unsing those to target virus helical coils (a way to interrup PPIs). In this case they use helical peptides to bind virus helixes with high affinity (I wonder if we can use this to make libraries of helical stappled peptides and improve binding efficiency as well)

  11. Feb 2022
    1. Blog này được lập vào khoảng 2014. Tác giả tự giới thiệu sinh năm 1979, tức hồi anh ta 33 - 34 tuổi. Ở bài trước, được viết vào 1/2016, anh ta "tự ái" khi đọc bài ​Sự khốn cùng của “tư duy triệu phú” - Tuổi Trẻ Online bởi Đặng Hoàng Giang (1, 6, 2015). Ở vào thời điểm này (2021 - 2020), có lẽ anh đã "trưởng thành" hơn và suy nghĩ, nhận thức có hệ thống hơn. Như ở đây anh ta tìm hiểu về "kinh tế học" một cách nghiêm túc thay vì đọc mấy cuốn self-help vớ vẩn như trước đây?

      Ha,... ở tuổi 40 - 41, anh ấy thấy thấm thía hơn vai trò của sức khỏe, tập luyện thể dục thể thao đều đặn. Có lẽ anh ta bớt "ảo tưởng" và dần nhận ra điều gì là quan trọng hơn đối với cuộc sống của bản thân.

      Nhưng cái sơ đồ thì hết sức "buồn cười". Sức khỏe của bản thân sẽ đạt tới trạng thái tối ưu nhất trong một độ tuổi nhất định, có lẽ trong khoảng 15 - 25 tuổi. Sau tuổi đó dù có tập bao nhiêu đi chăng nữa, cũng không thể đạt được như vậy bởi thể chất được quy định bởi gen di truyền. Đó cũng là lý do tại sao, những vận động viên trong quá trình tập luyện, không may mắn bị chấn thương, họ buộc phải nghỉ 1 - 2 năm và sau đó không thể quay lại thi đấu được nữa. Một số người có thể trở thành huấn luyện viên, số khác thì chuyển nghề,... để hiểu có những thứ khi đã qua đi thì không thể lấy lại. (Ngoài thời gian thì còn là sức khỏe, trí tuệ, mối quan hệ,.... sau cùng mới là tiền bạc). Vì vậy nhận thức sớm, hiểu biết (sâu sắc) sớm là quan trọng để thay đổi sớm.

      Nhớ lại trong phần giới thiệu cuốn sách "Hiện tượng học về tinh thần" - Hegel, dịch giả Bùi Văn Nam Sơn chia sẻ:

      H. Schnädelbach kết luận quyển sách của mình về Hegel một cách mỉa mai: “Điều Hegel không nói ra [trong diễn văn ấy] là: khi trẻ thì ta còn nhiều mơ mộng, còn lớn rồi thì tỉnh mộng. Hệ thống của Hegel là một cơn mơ trí tuệ mà triết học phải biết thức tỉnh khi đã lớn khôn” (H. Schnädelbach: Hegel, 1999: 166).

      Một thông tin thêm là có những ngành học chuyên nghiên cứu về thể chất con người [[Tản mạn về Chuyện Đọc#^uga1qu]]

      Ở nước ngoài có một môn tên là động năng con người (human kinetic). Môn học ấy tập trung nghiên cứu về sự chuyển hoá của các dạng vật chất và năng lượng bên trong con người. Một người bạn của tôi nghiên cứu môn này với mục đích là để có được cơ thể khoẻ mạnh. Sau khi đọc hết một quyển sách, hắn tìm ra mấu chốt trọng tâm chỉ là ngủ sớm, dậy sớm, tập thể dục đều đặn, mỗi ngày uống một cốc nước cam. 99% lượng thông tin còn lại của quyển sách là nói về việc nếu bạn không làm như thế thì cơ thể sẽ thế nào.

      Ở bài Tốc độ của niềm tin P1 (Hệ thống niềm tin) | Chiến lược sống (8, 2020), anh ta trích dẫn cuốn sách "7 thói quen thành đạt" cùng với hình minh họa (figures), trích dẫn/highlights/ví dụ (do anh ta thêm vào), sơ đồ tư duy (mindmap) do anh ta tự vẽ. Thiếu sót đó là: nó không có trích dẫn tài liệu tham khảo. Và có lẽ do vốn tiếng anh hạn chế, nên anh ta không tìm hiểu và đào sâu hơn vào các tài liệu liên quan bằng tiếng anh (thứ sẽ không có nếu chỉ đọc bằng tiếng Việt), ví dụ bài phê bình cuốn sách "7 thói quen thành đạt" phía trên bằng tiếng anh (hoặc các ngôn ngữ khác)? Và phê bình cái sơ đồ quy luật (?!) "niềm tin" này mà anh ta sử