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    1. In addition, data model policy requires that RAs maintain a record of the date of allocation of a DOI name, and the identity of the registrant on whose behalf the DOI name was allocated.


    2. The policy provides a simple test of an RA’s competence: the ability to make a DOI Kernel Declaration, which requires that the RA has an internal system which can support the unambiguous allocation of a DOI name, and is fundamentally sound enough to support interoperability within the network.

      {Competence} {Unambiguous Allocation}

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    1. b) La gestion de la veille sociale, de l'accueil, de l'hébergement et de l'accompagnement au logement de toute personne ou famille sans domicile ou éprouvant des difficultés particulières d'accès au logement en raison de l'inadaptation de ses ressources ou de ses conditions d'existence, dans le respect des articles L. 345-2-2 et L. 345-2-3 du code de l'action sociale et des familles, ainsi que le financement des organismes et des dispositifs qui y contribuent, mentionnés au 8° du I de l'article L. 312-1 et aux articles L. 322-1 et L. 345-2 du même code et aux articles L. 365-1, L. 631-11 et L. 633-1 du code de la construction et de l'habitation ;
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    1. While it was once regarded as a low-level, “primitive” instinct, researchers arecoming to recognize that imitation—at least as practiced by humans, includingvery young ones—is a complex and sophisticated capacity. Although non-humananimals do imitate, their mimicry differs in important ways from ours. Forexample, young humans’ copying is unique in that children are quite selectiveabout whom they choose to imitate. Even preschoolers prefer to imitate peoplewho have shown themselves to be knowledgeable and competent. Researchshows that while toddlers will choose to copy their mothers rather than a personthey’ve just met, as children grow older they become increasingly willing tocopy a stranger if the stranger appears to have special expertise. By the time achild reaches age seven, Mom no longer knows best.

      Studies have shown that humans are highly selective about whom they choose to imitate. Children up to age seven show a propensity to imitate their parents over strangers and after that they primarily imitate people who have shown themselves to be knowledgeable and competent within an area of expertise.

      This has applications to teaching with respect to math shaming. A teacher who says that math is personally hard for them is likely to be signaling to students that what they're teaching is not based on experience and expertise and thus demotivating the student from following and imitating their example.

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    1. “Follow your blisters” implies something that you come back to so many times that you eventually move past the blister stage, into toughened skin. Eventually, the activity “marks you” through use and practice, and you develop a special competence. When you practice an activity a bit more obsessively than other people, you build unique character – you earn some wear and some healing that makes you idiosyncratic, and a little unbalanced.It is something that you don’t need to put on your to-do list, something you care enough about to return to repeatedly, even though it causes discomfort. Over time, you develop a layer of protection that enables you to do that something more easily.
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    1. In the words of U.S. law-yer and presidential adviser Ted Sorensen, it islikely produced unknowingly, as many employeesdevelop “a confidence in [their] own competencewhich outruns the fact” (Sorensen, 1963, p. 72).
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    1. En application de l'article L. 131-6 du code de l'Éducation, le maire de la commune où est domicilié l'élève doit être informé de la durée des sanctions d'exclusion temporaire ou définitive de l'établissement prononcées à l'encontre des élèves, afin de lui donner la possibilité de prendre les mesures à caractère social ou éducatif appropriées, dans le cadre de ses compétences.
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    1. While some would question the use of the term “competence” as a Western concept, the ability to understand and interact with people of different cultures in authentic and positive ways is a topic worth discussing.

      I agree with this statement, especially because the world can often be so close-minded towards other people celebrating other cultures. We as a world always encourage exploring different cultures but also so not always have positive reactions when a person does just that.

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    1. Au lieu de « Que nul n’entre s’il n’est géomètre » , « Que nul n’entre s’il n’est codeur ».

      excellent slogan pour l'école d'architecture (numérique) du XXI siècle!

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    1. In soil, bacteria tend to live in a state of dormancy due to prevailing oligotrophic conditions, which would not be particularly favorable for the development of competence

      It can also be argued that the transformed DNA is a good resource of phosphates, nitrogen etc., so might be favoured in oligotrophic conditions?

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    1. (I shall make a mental note for next time not to forget to mute the headset - metaphor to remember - it's just like the translator's cabin that I used to work in for the Short Film Festival in Clermont Ferrand REMEMBER to MUTE)

      Confidence in competence.

      Cutting off from space.

      Withdrawing from space