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  1. Nov 2023
    1. what I talk about is reaching what I call uh escape velocity from modernity just like reaching escape velocity from the gravity of Earth if if you're trying to get to the moon and you 00:51:45 don't reach escape velocity gravity will bring you back through the atmosphere and kill you in the process
      • for: meme - escape velocity from modernity
  2. Nov 2022
    1. Page: Escape Sequences

      I was looking for documentation on escaped characters.

      This was because Auto Hotkey threw an error when I used <%* %> as an option for the text insert script. It said the illegal character was * but really what was happening was that the unquoted text %* % was treated like a variable since % is used to enclose variables in Auto Hotkey. The solution was to escape the percent sign with one left back tick.

  3. Aug 2022
  4. Mar 2022
    1. Routes of cell entryEndocytosis is a key mechanism driving EV entry into cells. Mammalian cells depend on a diversity of endocytic mechanisms that occur concurrently, including clathrin-dependent and clathrin–independent mechanisms as well as macropinocytosis. Specialized phagocytic cells are furthermore capable of ingesting other cells and/or particles via phagocytosis. Interestingly, all of these different endocytic mechanisms have been implicated in EV internalization, which is likely a result of the large diversity of EV donor and recipient cell pairs that have been reported, as reviewed in5. The mechanism of internalization may be relevant to the fate of EVs and their cargo. For example, when studying EV-mediated small RNA delivery, a poor correlation between EV/small RNA uptake efficiency and functional small RNA transfer (assessed via target gene knockdown) was observed among different cell types, including phagocytic Kupffer cells75. It is thus tempting to speculate that different EV internalization mechanisms may lead to different functional outcomes: degradation versus functional transfer of EV cargo.Intracellular trafficking and signallingIn general, endocytosis in mammalian cells leads to internalization of cargo from the plasma membrane, and transport from early endosomes to either recycling endosomes through which the cargo is recycled back to the plasma membrane, or to late endosomes and finally lysosomes where it is degraded. EVs seem to follow a similar path, with evidence suggesting that EVs, or at least the dyes or labels that are used to visualize them, eventually end up in lysosomes69,76. Accumulation of EVs in lysosomes may also reflect the final destination of EVs that have signalled at the surface of the recipient cells. While lysosomes are often seen as sites for breaking down biomolecules (and therefore considered non-functional EV destinations), increasing evidence suggests they also function in various cellular processes such as plasma membrane homeostasis, signalling and energy metabolism. Indeed, lysosomal catabolism of EVs by endothelial cells has been suggested to provide these cells with trophic support59. Thus, lysosomes may serve as a site of functionality for EVs, and may not be simply a compartment for their destruction.At the same time, there is overwhelming evidence that EVs are capable of transferring their luminal cargo, including RNA, into the cytosol of recipient cells, which indicates that EVs are capable of escaping the endolysosomal pathway. How EVs induce such endosomal escape is largely unknown, however there is some evidence that this occurs through EVs fusing with late endosomal membranes77,78, potentially triggered by acidification along the endolysosomal axis79,80. Whether there are intrinsic differences in EV subtypes which are destined for lysosomal degradation or cargo release through fusion, or whether EV fate is dictated by the characteristics of the recipient cell remains unknown

      Endocytosis, lysosomes, degradation, lysosomal escape

  5. Feb 2022
  6. Jan 2022
    1. Carreño, J. M., Alshammary, H., Tcheou, J., Singh, G., Raskin, A., Kawabata, H., Sominsky, L., Clark, J., Adelsberg, D. C., Bielak, D., Gonzalez-Reiche, A. S., Dambrauskas, N., Vigdorovich, V., Group, P. S., Srivastava, K., Sather, D. N., Sordillo, E. M., Bajic, G., van Bakel, H., … Krammer, F. (2021). Activity of convalescent and vaccine serum against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron. Nature. https://doi.org/10.1038/d41586-021-03846-z

  7. Dec 2021
  8. Nov 2021
    1. It remains unclear whether the reduction in the neutralization sensitivity of the N501Y.V2 strain to vaccine-induced antibodies is enough to seriously reduce vaccine efficacy. First, mRNA vaccines also induce virus-specific helper T cells and cytotoxic T cells, both of which might be involved in protection against challenge. Also, the mRNA vaccines, in particular, induce such a strong NAb response that there could be enough “spare capacity” to deal with reductions in the sensitivity of the variant to NAbs. In other words, N501Y.V2 (and the related virus from Brazil) may be less sensitive to NAbs, but not to an extent that will cause widespread vaccine failure.

      Variants that show reduced sensitivity to NAbs don't necessarily mean mRNA vaccine failure

      New variants may emerge that show reduced sensitivity to NAbs.

      This may not result in vaccine failure because:

      1. The mRNA vaccines induce such a strong NAb response, there will be enough spare capacity to deal with the virus.
      2. The mRNA vaccines also induce other virus specific protection such as helper T cells and cytotoxic T cells, which may not be affected by the reduction in NAb sensitivity.
  9. Oct 2021
  10. Jul 2021
    1. Surprisingly, we found that the decreased in neutralization of B.1.351 strains was similar to that of distantly related coronaviruses, namely, SARS-CoV (43.8-fold for BNT162b2 and 33.5-fold for mRNA-1273) and WIV1-CoV (44.3-fold for BNT162b2 and 26.5-fold for mRNA-1273), suggesting that a relatively small number of mutations can medicate potent escape from vaccine-induced neutralizing antibody responses. These substantial differences in neutralization could not be explained by differences in spike protein expression (Figure S4B) nor in the amount of pseudovirus used in the assay (Figure S4C).

      Could this suggest that the Beta (B.1.351) variant is more similar to SARS-CoV-1? Should more variants evolve in this direction, could its behavior go beyond escape to full ADE?

  11. Jun 2021
  12. Feb 2021
    1. Eric Feigl-Ding. (2020, December 6). HUMAN➡️MINKS➡️HUMAN transmission on mink farms in NL. 68% of the tested farm workers and/or contacts had evidence of #SARSCoV2 infection. The coronavirus mutated & even evolved within minks before transmitted back to humans—& keeps #COVID19 perpetuating. Https://t.co/5ARZ6Pq5mO https://t.co/fhrQC9ZVDo [Tweet]. @DrEricDing. https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1335419078446551041

    1. When employees correctly conclude that a state-ment is bullshit, they may react in a number ofdifferent ways. To illustrate these reactions, wedraw onHirschman’s (1970)exit,voice,loyaltyframework, which he initially formulated to illus-trate how employees react to organizations indecline or when the sky was falling. Scholars lateraddedneglect(Farrell, 1983; Withey & Cooper,1989) and successfully applied the framework tohelp understand employees’ responses to negativeworkplace experiences (Rusbult, Farrell, Rogers, &Mainous, 1988; Turnley & Feldman, 1999). Weapply this framework here to employees’ reactionsto bullshit.When employees act by exiting, they are tryingto escape from the bullshit and the bullshitter.This can involve quitting the organization orseeking a transfer to a different unit of the orga-nization so as to avoid the influence of the bull-shitter. Exiting is a likely reaction when employeesare so appalled by the bullshit that they cannotstay with the organization or unit, or when theyare already disillusioned, and the bullshit (possiblythe latest bout in a stream of bullshit) is the laststraw. For exiting to happen, employee dissatis-faction with the situation must rise to such a levelthat the disadvantages of remaining and facingbullshit in the workplace are greater than thedisadvantages of leaving. Or alternatively, thepersonal costs of leaving should be low enoughrelative to the costs of the two other responses inwhich workers remain and either contest thebullshit (i.e., voice) or disengage from the work-place bullshit (i.e., neglect).
    1. note that TRB source code modifications are not proprietary

      In other words, you can build on this software in your proprietary software but can't change the Trailblazer source unless you're willing to contribute it back.

      loophole: I wonder if this will actually just push people to move their code -- which at the core is/would be a direction modification to the source code - out to a separate module. That's so easy to do with Ruby, so this restriction hardly seems like it would have any effect on encouraging contributions.

  13. Dec 2020
    1. it can be difficult or verbose to accomplish some things like animations in React, especially without libraries, and high-performance React animation libraries often bail out of its rendering cycle to manipulate the DOM directly.
    2. React abstracts the DOM with functionally pure declarative rendering and provides escape hatches back to mutable imperative DOM land. This is a profound philosophical difference that Rich gave a talk about.
  14. Nov 2020
  15. Oct 2020
    1. little freaks, little inspirations, little melting dreams

      An incredibly genius way of describing pastries instead of saying something like "unique, masterfully made, but a little melty". I take from this that the pastries (perhaps like the place that the characters are in and the world in which the girl inhabits) represent some kind of glamorous, overwhelming, but ultimately shallow and meaningless escape.

    1. If you define a variable outside of your form, you can then set the value of that variable to the handleSubmit function that 🏁 React Final Form gives you, and then you can call that function from outside of the form.
    1. Generally, you should read the value of a store by subscribing to it and using the value as it changes over time. Occasionally, you may need to retrieve the value of a store to which you're not subscribed. get allows you to do so.
  16. Sep 2020
  17. May 2020
    1. This technique may allow a developer to delay offering full support and responsibility for remaining issues.
    1. That’s why the escape hatch is so appealing. Self-insured companies can tailor their health benefits to meet the needs of their workers. They don’t have to pay for services their employees neither need nor want. And self-insured plans pay their own medical costs, without having to subsidize the health-care costs of other groups.
  18. Jun 2017
    1. P.O.W camp,

      We should keep a record of where and when they are set. Date, Country and specific locaiton - this one looks like its a POW camp.

  19. Apr 2017
    1. Game Night

      Oxford College Library is offering a Game Night on April 14, 2017, 7-11 pm! We hope to see you there!

  20. Mar 2017
    1. I am an outsider who thought that perhaps I could lay a set of parallel sidetracks next to the well-worn ones of System B, an underground railway designed to lift up, carry forward, and sustain those fleeing the plight of System B.



  21. Jan 2017
    1. The paper states the prisoners are beaten with oxtails and shot “when caught in the attempt to escape” or are found “hanging in their cells.” Every prisoner knows that the report is true.

      If the prisoners tried to escape or were caught escaping they were beaten and shot.

  22. May 2016
    1. If Turnitin is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, you will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on our website, of any change in ownership, uses of your personal information, and choices you may have regarding your personal information.

      A. merger voids any privacy pledges. The new owner has no requirement to follow these policys.

      B. The information is kept for an extended period of time. Once a teacher leaves a school district, their email will be invalid. It's a vacuous promise to say that they'll be contacted.

  23. Feb 2014
    1. The Teians did the same things as the Phocaeans: when Harpagus had taken their walled city by building an earthwork, they all embarked aboard ship and sailed away for Thrace.

      1.168 The Teians of the island Teos pull the same disappearing act the Phocaeans pulled in 1.164, escaping the siege of Harpagos and the Persian Army by abandoning the city to the Achaemenid general.

    2. So when Harpagus withdrew his army from the walls, the Phocaeans launched their fifty-oared ships

      1.164 The Phocaeans escape from Harpagos and the Persian Army as the siege lines retreat.