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  1. Jul 2023
    1. you can actually grow neuronal stem cells from corpses
  2. Feb 2023
    1. "Physics, engineering and computer science fields are differentially attracting and retaining lower-achieving males, resulting in women being underrepresented in these majors but having higher demonstrated STEM competence and academic achievement," said Joseph R. Cimpian, lead researcher and associate professor of economics and education policy at NYU Steinhardt.

      This is specific to USA. I wonder if anyone has compared performance in Canada, especially in engineering. The difference in the approaches to accreditation suggest to me that this may not be as much a problem. That is, since getting a license is harder in the US, then it may be that many students study engineering but then don't go into engineering. I'd like to see the numbers for just engineering. I'd like to see corresponding numbers for Canadian engineering. And I'd also like to know the numbers for the subset of students that then actually go on to a career in engineering. I wonder if the effect will still be present, and what the Canadian numbers would show.

  3. Jan 2023
    1. Equations and Formulas in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Using a Digital Zettelkasten .t3_10dbza7._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postBodyLink-VisitedLinkColor: #989898; } zk-structureHow do you handle relations between mathematical, physical or chemical formulas in a digital Zettelkasten? Since I would like to use a future-proof system, my files are written in markdown.Is it possible to write down those formulas on a tablet and save the pdfs inside the digital Zettelkasten (along with a new ID and a descriptive title) and then just reference on it from the markdown Zettel? Or should I create attachments for markdown Zettel that require some formulas or images providing the *same* ID to them?Or, do I completely overthinking this?

      reply to u/phil98f at https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettelkasten/comments/10dbza7/equations_and_formulas_in_mathematics_physics_and/

      Perhaps you've not gotten far enough in your studies to see the pattern yet, but most advanced mathematics texts (Hungerford's Algebra or Rudin's Real Analysis for example) and many physics texts are written as if they were pre-numbered zettelkasten. Generally every definition, theorem, corollary, proposition, and lemma in the text will be written out succinctly with its own unique number and arranged in some sort of branching order. Most of these texts you could generally cut up and paste onto cards and have something zettelkasten-like without any additional work.

      I generally follow this same pattern and usually separate proofs on cards behind their associated theorems (typically only for those I've written out myself). Individual equations can be numbered, but I rarely give an equation its own card and instead reference them by card number with a particular equation line in parenthesis when necessary. I can then cross reference definitions, theorems, etc. easily as I continue building things up. Over time you can eventually cross reference various branches of math, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. For example I've got a dozen different proofs and uses of Schwartz' inequality in six different branches of mathematics which goes toward showing how closely knit various disparate branches of math can be.

      In most cases I might also suggest against too heavy a focus on the equations, but on what they may say/mean, and what you can use it for. Alternately drawing diagrams or pictures of the relationships can be valuable. Understand it first then write it down. As an example you can look at Boyle's Law, Charles' law, Avogadro's Law and Gay-Lussac's law, but if you know and understand them properly then you should be able to write down and understand the more generic Ideal Gas Law, which shows how they're interlinked. Later in your studies you might also then be able to derive it from microscopic kinetic theory with statistical mechanics as well, then you'll be able to link up those concepts at that time.

  4. Dec 2022
    1. These“vehicles” may pique the curiosity of students andmotivate them to continue their study of science in highschool and beyond. As such, mobile science laboratoriesmay contribute to increasing the number of studentswho become science-literate citizens and members of thescience workforce



    1. Survey results show that students who have an inter-est in science at an early age are more likely to graduatefrom an engineering or science program. Muller et alshowed that most students make their decision regardingtheir future career major before the age of fourteen (Mulleret al., 2013). The current job market for STEM graduates isa motivating factor (Hossain & Robinson, 2012), however,a personal interest in STEM subject matter and peer influ



  5. Nov 2022
    1. Creating video tutorials has been hard when things are so in flux. We've been reluctant to invest time - and especially volunteer time - in producing videos while our hybrid content and delivery strategy is still changing and developing. The past two years have been a time of experimentation and iteration. We're still prototyping!

      Have you thought about opening the project setting and the remixing to educators or even kids? That could create additional momentum.

      A few related resources you might want to check out for inspiration: Science Buddies, Seesaw, Exploratorium

  6. Sep 2022
  7. Jun 2022
    1. There are efforts that actually do work to decrease educational gaps: these include Bob Moses’ Algebra Project, Adrian Mims’ (contact person for one of the letters) Calculus Project,  Jaime Escalante  (from “stand and deliver”) math program, and the Harlem Children’s Zone.

      Mathematical education programs that are attempting to decrease educational gaps: - Bob Moses' Algebra Project - Adrian Mims' Calculus Project - Jaime Escalante math program - Harlem Children's Zone

  8. Feb 2022
  9. Nov 2021
    1. You might also appreciate Nobel laureate Carl Weiman's work on trying to transform STEM teaching in large research universities. Cautionary tale for how hard it is to change existing institutions IMO. Some notes I took on it here: https://yusufa.notion.site/Improving-how-universities-teach-science-a3b3df69e10b48829e96e9ec70b3fdca

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>ysf</span> in 📚-reading (<time class='dt-published'>11/01/2021 20:55:11</time>)</cite></small>

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    1. STEM Project Name: 工业应用设计—— 3D 打印

      课程简介: 3D 打印是现在非常火的应用技术和工业设计工具,3D 打印能实现从三维构图到实物展示,它是集科学、技术、工程、数学及艺术的一门课程,学生结合所学的这几门知识创造出实际项目,并且在学习情景中提升设计能力、合作能力、问题提出与解决等能力。

      本课程将需要学生们认识 3D 打印机,学习 3D 打印的原理,并掌握使用方法,学习三维建模知识 ,激发学生对工程领域的热情,让 3D 打印作为辅助制造工具帮助学生完成自己的工业设计产品。

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    1. STEM Project Name: 生态学金字塔生命科学

      课程简介: 学生将使用编程工具来创建一个交互式的生态金字塔来,从而追踪动植物如何流经一个生态系统。


    1. David Dye. (2021, January 26). So if you work somewhere already like this maybe suggest how to really run a WFH/mobile collaboration uni, and how we re-tool the physical meeting place we then in light of that? Maybe the philosophers already know this?? [Tweet]. @DavidDye9. https://twitter.com/DavidDye9/status/1354176181042556929

  15. Oct 2020
    1. Your voiceSomething wonderful happens when you focus on what interests and surprises you: your voice emerges. Readers begin to notice:What you care about.The perspectives you see the world through.Readers love this. It makes your writing feel personal.
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  18. Nov 2019
    1. The children watched an educational video that included clips from Sesame Street and covered math topics such as counting and addition as well as reading topics for comparison

      Base of mathematical experiment

    2. boys and girls as old as 8 had similar abilities when it came to perceiving numbers and grasping elementary mathematics concepts

      Girls and boys at age 8

    3. study of 104 children from ages 3 to 10 found similar patterns of brain activity in boys and girls as they engaged in basic math tasks

      Math looks the same in the brains of boys and girls

    4. factors other than biological differences explain why girls are less likely to pursue degrees and jobs in math and science
    5. males may be more likely to choose science because they are less likely than females to have strong reading, writing and language skills
    6. women in these countries are under less pressure to choose a field that promises an economic payback and have more freedom to pursue what interests them most.
    7. Yet paradoxically, females in wealthier countries with more gender equality, including the U.S., were less likely than females in other countries to get degrees in fields such as math and computer science.

      The wealthier the country, the least women in STEM

    1. This page helps us discover the definition of STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and the confusion it is causing to find a universal meaning for the US. STEM is important because it is a large basis for developing students for a "career ready" future. So, we can understand how important STEM is but it all depends on who or what state you ask as to which pillar(s) is(are) most important. Looking at each state for definitions of the four categories of STEM varies by integrated, Disciplinary+Integrated, Disciplinary, or neither. Arizona is Disciplinary+Integrated. And you will discover for this site that STEM is progressing with STEAM, the A meaning hand-on artistic ventures. Another is STEM-H, the H for Health or STREAM, the R for religion. I do not promise the site will give you a clear definition of STEM but you get a great sense of where we are moving towards in the future, career focused education. 9/10

  19. Aug 2019
    1. the maintenance of the pluripotent state of animal stem cells requires hypoxic conditions, whereas higher oxygen tension promotes cell differentiation
  20. Jan 2019
    1. Of course men haven't been discriminated against as much a women in the work place. Men are "meant" to do jobs in STEM, while women aren't really seen in the STEM program as much. Women deserve to be recognized in anything as much as men are they're just as good.

    1. For clearly it applies not only to rhetoric, but to all teachmgof tne arts and letters, to everything we call the humanities.

      Why don't we ask this question in STEM? If rhetoric is applicable in every sphere, then surely there must be something worth examining on that level. Could this have to do with the different ways in which we approach epistemology in STEM versus the humanities, or is there something more to this lack of discourse?

  21. Dec 2018
    1. Golden Seeds, an investment firm that provides capital to women-led businesses.

      These businesses are wonderful and the philanthropic spirit helps a lot. However, it's sadly a small portion of women who actually receive not just the grant but also the opportunity itself. Grants from businesses like this requires strenuous writing(especially when small business are writing multiple grants at a time) and a lot of valuable time to be written and then have a slim chance of being picked. Of course Golden Seeds is a good thing but it is ineffective of a larger scale.

    2. not be cornered about how they look or have to think about the kinds of things that make them worry about being different or trying to prove themselves, because so much energy can be expended on that instead of getting the job done

      Very relevant to South High/MPS highschools that dresscodes teach girls that it's their job to control the male gaze. They tell girls to be ashamed of themselves. Dresscodes waste precious time that those kids could've spent learning.

    3. Google faces a separate suit filed by three women who allege the company pays women less than men for similar work and gives them less opportunity for promotions, bonuses and raises — a claim Google denies.

      The patriarchy is so deeply intertwined and reaches globally. The oligarchies of this world dominate all forms economic growth for the proletariat.

    4. "What the study does is take a broad-based look at the issues facing the STEM workforce. I think they really speak to the complex issues surrounding diversity in the workplace."

      How can we build these ideas into a drive to better not just the condition of the women of STEM but also that of women in general?

    5. The lawsuit he filed Monday argues that Google was so overly concerned with filling gender and racial quotas that it was hurting male employees as well as potential male employees.

      White dudes always come up with the most farfetched reasoning to support their blatant power grabs.

    6. James Damore was fired from Google

      How will bigger STEM industries be affected in comparison to smaller industries. The article uses a lot of from big business like Google so how do these assessments of big business work within school environments. Sexism and abuse towards women exist outside of bug business.

    7. only 19 percent of men said they had experienced gender discrimination at work, versus 50 percent of women.

      that's not okay

    1. Discrimination and sexual harassment are seen as more frequent, and gender is perceived as more of an impediment

      example of experience with gender bias in stem

  22. Oct 2018
    1. Passaged rBMSCs exhibited significantly greater proliferation rates at 1% O2 and 5% O2 than those at 18% O2 and the cells exposed to 1% O2 showed the highest proliferative potential, which was evidenced by the growth curves, colony-forming efficiencies, and CCK-8 absorbance values.
  23. Jun 2018
  24. Apr 2018
    1. having relationships with faculty, teachers, or mentors in a STEM field can bolster students’ sense of belonging in these fields

      Learn more here about mentoring after high school and how it affects career growth.

  25. Oct 2017
  26. May 2017
    1. s. If we want to understand the effects of global warming or whether the economy is headed for a recessio

      The class on The Rhetorical Situation brought up discussion on the evolving notion of "weather" as a changeable, even rhetorical, thing. Moving to integrate database and narrative as symbionts makes a connection between data and delivery/appeal.

  27. Apr 2017
    1. However, most historians agree that this apparently auspicious achievement must be taken with a grain of salt: these women scientists were mostly hired in positions “according to their femininity”, often in lower level jobs and always as subordinates in the research teams performing research projects during the War. In most cases,

      Learn more about this!

  28. Mar 2017
    1. from ordinary presence to the lan-guage of the most formal calculus

      Another interesting option for people with more of a STEM background, but this notion of deriving as it applies to language and literature is interesting. Derrida calls it "decomposition," and I get the resonance in that word choice, but I think the mathematical metaphor of finding f'(x) of a language function is an interesting crossover.

    2. s there a rigorous and sci-entific concept of context?

      My STEM background pretty much ended with AP Bio, but I don't think scientists would even attempt a strict definition of context--ceteris paribus is only for modeling purposes, and independent variables can be accounted for, but never universally. Georges Canguilhem, who we encountered in the Lemos reading, has a bit in Knowledge of Life that goes through all the ways what applies to one organism doesn't necessarily apply to another organism.

  29. Feb 2017
  30. Jan 2017
    1. connecting disciplinary inquiry across multiple school, community, cultural, and online settings

      "The chances of a new sensory input getting into long-term memory vary dramatically from one input to another. The inputs most likely to make it relate to (1) threats to the learner's survival or well-being. In descending order, the next most likely inputs to be stored are those with (2) strong emotional associations for the learner; (3) meaning (relationships to the learner's interests, goals, prior knowledge, and past experiences); and (4) sense (comprehensibility)," (Felder & Brent, 2016, p 3).

      Felder, R. M., & Brent, R. (2016). Teaching and learning STEM: a practical guide. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, a Wiley brand. http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-1118925815.html

  31. Feb 2016
  32. Jan 2016
    1. A firm believer that arts and science teaching should cross over, Drury saw Sonic Pi as a great example of how that could work in the classroom. 


    1. reconciling STEM and Arts: a laptop orchestra seamlessly encompasses Arts and Sciences. This allows us to utilize such an ensemble in a number of educational scenarios.

      Much discussion of interdisciplinarity in Higher Ed. comes from a notion that “real work” is found through some of these disciplines (typically STEM). Now we’re gaining STEAM.

  33. Apr 2015
    1. Kim Swift (born 1983) is an American video game designer best known for her work at Valve with games such as Portal and Left 4 Dead.
    1. Christine Maddox in Business is Fun book, perception of women at Atari.