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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Privacy is realized by the group founder creating a specialkeypair for the group and secretly sharing the private group key with every new group member.When a member is removed from a group or leaves it, the founder has to renew the group’s keypair

      Have locks on data is a nice idea.

      But given we have dissemination/disclosure among friends only, do we need to encrypt the blocks? Given communication channels are encrypted.

    2. However, by doing so the sender mayreveal additional information through the block’s hash pointers, e.g. the identities of other groupmembers

      Well, when sharing such a block off-group, you may skip transmitting its deps. In Social Networking that may be alright. And when off-group agent gets accepted to group, he's able to get the stuff below.

      However, that does complicate piggybacking, as it'll be seen that the previously off-group agent has some block (but actually he doesn't have its deps).

    3. reserved words

      Perhaps a sort of protobuf is better.

    4. A group creator can invite other agents to become members and remove members atwill.

      Goes against democratic principles.

      A democratic way will be to raise a BAN poll.

    5. Thegrassroots WhatsApp-like protocol WL employs a hypergraph (a graph in which an edge mayconnect any number of vertices). A hyperedge connecting agents 𝑃 ⊂ Π means that the agents in 𝑃are members in a group represented by the hyperedge

      I.e., an edge of a hypergraph is a set of vertices.

      This is akin to a pub/sub topic.

    6. SMS
    7. has an IPaddress

      Multiaddr could be used instead, to aid connectivity

    8. and if located behind a firewall that preventssmartphones from communicating directly,

      Huh, such firewalls exist? I thought they can be hole-punched.

    9. In particular, adeep-fake payload that is not attributed to its source can be promptly filtered as spam


    10. However, sinceevery block in GSN is signed, when one breaches privacy within the protocol the breach carriestheir signature so the culprit can be identified.

      What stops a culprit to send off-group a message that is not his own? We can only achieve the "culprit detection" by addressing and signing every message we send to A. This is a lot of re-signing. And we won't have a convergent DAG.

    11. Furthermore, each block sent includes the most recent IP address of the sender,allowing agents to keep track of their friend’s changing IP addresses.

      Perhaps better to attach a new IP address to a message once it does change. What's the point in telling over-and-over the same IP?

    12. Every so often, an agent 𝑝sends to every friend 𝑞 every block 𝑝 knows and believes that 𝑞 needs, based on the last blockreceived from 𝑞.


    13. Agents communicate only with their friends

      More like an edge gives a communication path.

      A->B (A follows B) - B can talk to A.

      A<->B - B can talk to A, A can talk to B.

    14. However, their exclusion is not required in social networking, and hence social networking protocolscan be simpler than payment systems protocols

      I.e., Equivocation exclusion is not required for social networking.

  2. Jan 2024
  3. Aug 2023
    1. At best, we will see new forms of collaboration among large numbers of people toward beneficial ends. The most obvious example is the changing nature of responses to largescale natural disasters. Perhaps we will see this spirit of volunteer and entrepreneurial cooperation emerge to address such pressing issues as climate change (e.g., maybe, the Green New Deal will be crowdsourced)
      • for: TPF, crowdsource solutions, climate crisis - commons, polycrisis - commons, quote, quote - crowdsourcing solutions, quote Miles Fidelman, Center for Civic Networking, Protocol Technologies Group, bottom-up, collective action
      • quote
        • At best, we will see new forms of collaboration among large numbers of people toward beneficial ends.
        • The most obvious example is the changing nature of responses to largescale natural disasters.
        • Perhaps we will see this spirit of volunteer and entrepreneurial cooperation emerge to address such pressing issues as climate change
          • e.g., maybe, the Green New Deal will be crowdsourced.
      • author: Miles Fidelman
        • founder, Center for Civic Networking
        • principal, Protocol Technologies Group
  4. Jan 2023
  5. Dec 2022
    1. Netsukuku adopts a modified distance vector routing mechanism that is well integrated in different layers of its hierarchical network topology.

      important bit

    2. Netsukuku should reasonably work. The most intuitive argument is this: Netsukuku is just trying to automate what the Internet does everyday, that is keeping routes, assigning IP addresses and resolving hostnames.

      since this is an idea I also reinvented from first principles but haven't had time to develop, I'm incredulous that they're particularly far along when they say this, but I'm openminded

    3. ANDNA (A Netsukuku Domain Name Architecture)

      developers have problems naming things but that's ok, it's a moving target right now.

    4. A new Netsukuku user needs do little more than install an antenna within range of other local nodes, linking themselves into the network, and run the Netsukuku software on their computer to take advantage of it. The number of interconnected nodes can grow endlessly. If a node is out of the range of any wifi signals, a "virtual tunnel" over their Internet connection will supply the missing radio link.

      so it's an actual mesh network on top of the other stuff

    5. minimal consumption of CPU and memory resources

      hmm, unsure if believe

  6. Nov 2022
    1. Do you know about lacolhost.com? as in, do something like blerg.lacolhost.com:3000/ as your url and it'll resolve to localhost:3000, which is where your tests are running.
    2. I've developed additional perspective on this issue - I have DNS settings in my hosts file that are what resolve the visits to localhost, but also preserve the subdomain in the request (this latter point is important because Rails path helpers care which subdomain is being requested) To sum up the scope of the problem as it stands now - I need a way within Heroku/Capybara system tests to both route requests to localhost, but also maintain the subdomain information of the request. I've been able to accomplish one or the other, but haven't found a configuration that provides both yet.
  7. Sep 2022
    1. So they're vertical divisions and this has an  impact on how you design the networks on them.   You have what are called "RDPs" - remote  distribution points - massive network   switches in each one of those fire zones. And to  get all of these different signals into the cabins   you have what are called "cabin switches"  - so every pair of cabins will have a cabin   switch that does the TV, the VoIP, the water,  the lighting - all of those different things.

      Cruise ships are divided into vertical "fire zones"

      So they go vertically down the ship, so you don't have to make holes going across to carry those cables.

      Vertically down these zones are a series of cabin switches, and the cabin switch does the job of handling the VLAN trunking for access to services.

  8. Aug 2022
    1. Citation: Kirkpatrick, Keith. The Road to 6G. Communications of the ACM, September 2022, Vol. 65 No. 9, Pages 14-16 10.1145/3546959

      Although it is early in the commercial rollout of 5G mobile networks, countries, companies and standards bodies are gearing up for what will be in the next version—so called “6G” mobile network. There are already experimental allocation of high frequency radio bands and testing that has occurred at about 100m distances. The high frequency will mean higher bandwidth, but over shorter distances. There are experiments to make passive graphene reflectors on common surfaces to help with propagation. What may come is a convergence of 6G with WiFi 6 to support connectivity from body-area networks to low earth orbit satellites.

  9. Jul 2022
  10. May 2022
    1. the majority of operational problems that arise when moving to a distributed architecture are ultimately grounded in two areas: networking and observability.
  11. Apr 2022
    1. The Internet owes its strength and success to a foundation of critical properties that, when combined, represent the Internet Way of Networking (IWN). This includes: an accessible Infrastructure with a common protocol, a layered architecture of interoperable building blocks, decentralized management and distributed routing, a common global identifier system, and a technology neutral, general-purpose network.

      Definition of the Internet Way of Networking

  12. Mar 2022
    1. Learning happens when a connection is made between these nodes;

      I think that this is a powerful statement - it shows that true learning occurs when we share, experience and learn from each other and through networking.

    2. I haven’t so far been able to decide whether it is personal or professional, as in so many cases it appears to be both; professional in nature, personalised to the learner. I may need to begin referring to it as the PPLN (!).

      This hints at what I had mentioned above - that while it leads to professional development, the fact that is feeds into our own personal learning to enhance us as individuals shows that there is no wrong or right way to share.

  13. Jan 2022
    1. My plan is to turn Write of Passage into an independent publishing company, which will become the main growth channel for Write of Passage.

      This is a tremendous opportunity for people to leave academia. Imagine being a technical writer, business writer, poet, or creative writer. This could be a good networking opportunity.

  14. Dec 2021
  15. Oct 2021
    1. UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. (2021, October 12). The CBC Conference 2021 programme has just been released and is packed with thought-provoking talks, international keynote speakers, symposia, and plenty of networking opportunities and social exchanges for delegates. Register now! Http://tinyurl.com/5xwa7c27 #cbcconf2021 https://t.co/9iZqPjEEY6 [Tweet]. @UCLBehaveChange. https://twitter.com/UCLBehaveChange/status/1447860878511157252

  16. Sep 2021
    1. If you want to check that the "usual" resolution is working (i.e. the way specified in /etc/nsswitch.conf) you can use getent: getent hosts www.winaproduct.com
    1. It is also why it's implementation in firefox is completely useless, considering that windows/osx/most linux distros plan to add support for DoH/DoT/DNScrypt resolvers in the near future, so firefox doing it itself will provide no additional benefit.
  17. Jul 2021
  18. Jun 2021
    1. I've been thinking more about how to best do this. The preferred way might be to use the same domain and have an application load balancer like nginx split traffic on the URL path (e.g. /api). This is for two reasons. Firstly, you might not necessarily want to cookie the primary/apex domain and have the cookie shared across all subdomains. You also might not want to do CORS because preflight requests add latency and CORS adds complication.
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  22. Dec 2020
    1. ReconfigBehSci {@SciBeh} (2020) sadly squares with my own impression of social media 'debate' - as someone who works on both argumentation and belief formation across social networks, this strikes me as every bit as big a problem as the spread of conspiracy. Twitter. Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1308341816333340672

  23. Nov 2020
    1. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your projections, figure out which things you want to be associated with in people’s heads and be excited about them. Nothing is more memorable than distinct excitement. Similarly, try to figure out the things that drive the whomever you’re talking to and incorporate them into your mental representation of that person.

      Determine what you want to be known for, present yourself as such, and be excited about those things.

    1. On a user-defined bridge network, containers can resolve each other by name or alias.But, The containers on the default bridge network can only access each other by IP addresses, unless you use the --link option, which is considered legacy.
  24. Oct 2020
    1. In terms of Docker, a bridge network uses a software bridge which allows containers connected to the same bridge network to communicate, while providing isolation from containers which are not connected to that bridge network. The Docker bridge driver automatically installs rules in the host machine so that containers on different bridge networks cannot communicate directly with each other.
    1. n IPv4 there’s a protocol called dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) so as long as you can find a DHCP server you can get all the information you need to connect (local address, router, DNS server, time server, etc). However, this service has to be set up by someone and IPv6 is designed to configure a network without it.

      There's no DHCP server involved with handing out IPv6 addresses.

    1. use an intercepting proxy server with a built-in cache
    2. Take responsibility for your outgoing network traffic If you install software that interacts with other sites over the network, you should be aware how it works and what kind of traffic it generates. If it has the potential to make thousands of requests to other sites, make sure it uses an HTTP cache to prevent inflicting abuse on other sites.
    1. Sarah Brown is a Learning Strategist and Designer at Google.

      This is an interview with a google employee about what she does to keep Google heading in the right direction for the development and learning of its employees.


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  31. Dec 2019
    1. In today's cruel networked world, we're too often hampered behind (evil) company proxies that restricts how we can use the internet while at work, at a customers' place or even in some cases while at home or at friends'. Not only do proxies restrict what you can do, what protocols that are accepted, what sites you can visit and what TCP ports that are let through, it also allows your company or friend to log and supervise you.
  32. Nov 2019
    1. Integrating Technology with Bloom’s Taxonomy

      This article was published by a team member of the ASU Online Instructional Design and New Media (IDNM) team at Arizona State University. This team shares instructional design methods and resources on the TeachOnline site for online learning. "Integrating Technology with Bloom's Taxonomy" describes practices for implementing 6 principles of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy in online learning. These principles include Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing, Applying, Understanding, and Remembering. The purpose of implementing this model is to create more meaningful and effective experiences for online learners. The author guides instructors in the selection of digital tools that drive higher-order thinking, active engagmenent, and relevancy. Rating 9/10

    1. New technologies make it possible for students to tailor their course schedules, online classes, and brick-and- mortar learning venues to attain targeted degrees.

      With society and technology always changing. Learning new technology is key to getting ahead in higher education. Rate: 3/5

  33. Apr 2019
    1. The people with the strongest networks are the ones who build real relationships because those are the ties that you can count on. Friends always ask me how I know so many people. My superpower is that I have a somewhat photographic memory for faces which helps me to remember people, although this has declined with age. I could remember someone I met only briefly over twenty years ago or see a photo of someone and remember the context (this has definitely freaked people out).

      I wonder how many super-networkers have time-space/calendar synesthesia?

    2. I hate “networking” as much as the next person.

      I happen to love networking... (This from the girl who never talked in high school... Who knew?)

  34. Feb 2019
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  36. Dec 2018
    1. For me, personally, empathy does not come from responding to a situation en masse, and trusting strangers, but from getting close to people different from myself online, getting to know them enough that I can (however partially) see a different worldview, and then also trust what they say in a 140-character tweet and can engage with them deeply, through layers of context.
  37. Nov 2018
    1. Yammer is Web 2.0 software which integrates with Microsoft 360 and allows users to communicate together and across the organization. It essentially functions as social networking software for corporations with the ability to collaborate on projects, maintain task lists, store files, documents and pictures all within a private enterprise network. In addition Yammer allows for the sharing of feedback and the management of group projects. Yammer is freemium software with a variety of custom add-ons. Licenses are currently issued for all learner participants and at this time no custom add-ons are necessary.

      RATING: 5/5 (rating based upon a score system 1 to 5, 1= lowest 5=highest in terms of content, veracity, easiness of use etc.)

  38. Sep 2018
  39. Jul 2018
    1. Social scientists measure the strength of these links using a variety of indicators, such as how often a person calls another, whether that call is reciprocated, the time the two people spend speaking, and so on. But these indicators are often difficult and time-consuming to measure.
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  41. Nov 2017
  42. Sep 2017
    1. crucial for professional development.

      But does it actually work? What does the data say? Can SNA be used to answer that question?

  43. Nov 2016
    1. Past few decades have seen a sea change in the education system, especially with the advent of the information technology. The wave of this new networking technology and it’s amazing capacity for exchanging information on the real-time basis across the borders of the nations have significantly transformed the world of education and along with it the private tutoring system.

  44. Jul 2016
  45. Apr 2016
    1. "connected copies" - multiple copies of pages and other files stored across the Web, accessed by name rather than just a single address.

      Some examples already exist: git, torrents, federated wiki, various named data networking projects, and the Interplanetary File System.

      Distributed copies fight link rot and reduce Internet traffic congestion. More importantly, if the files are freely licensed, easy to copy, and easy to edit, the concept reaches toward the full peer-to-peer potential of the Web.

  46. Jan 2016
    1. So if the numbers have swayed you, and you want to build your own Homebrew Special, all it takes is a PC with two physical network interfaces. That can be a special mini PC like the one I used here, or it can be any old box you've got lying around that you can cram two network cards into. Don't let the first screenshot intimidate you. Building your own truly fast router isn't that hard to get the hang of. And if you're clamoring for a roadmap, in fact, we'll outline the process all the way from "here is a regular computer" to "here is a router, and here's how you configure it" soon.

      Putting together a custom home Internet router.

  47. Dec 2015
  48. Jul 2015
    1. Twitter is an "argument machine"

      Maybe annotation could put "tweet" sized things into context and thereby avoid the "argument machine."

      Rashly assuming anyone will actually take time to read the context and the comment...

  49. May 2015
  50. Jan 2014
    1. A network can be good but it has be used correctly. It has a specific purpose and a specific function. Using it for other means is abusing its power like a hammer on a screw.

    2. Networking can be good but can also be hazardous because they can be abused in different ways. Methodology can also be detrimental when used perversely.