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    1. On-Demand Food Delivery App Solution

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    1. Nebo automatically recognizes English along with the recognition language you have selected for your notebook. This means that you can obtain recognition and conversion for both English and the language you have selected for your notebook.

      Nebo is a Mac app for handwritten notes. Its OCR claims to do English plus one of 66 other languages both. First time I've seen that. Q remains: does it do so simultaneously in a single note, or as selected per note? My e-ink device allows a range of languages but not at the same time, I need to switch the setting, and applies one language to one note. This clashes with the fact that multilingual users will use multiple languages inside their notes at the same time. n:: [[Multilingual is not multiple monolingual 20191019072010]] obv https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2019/10/adding-better-language-support-ii/

    1. As Ramadiro worked his way through this period, he reached severaloverarching conclusions about the available materials. He concluded that muchof the available materials had been written in English, and back-translated toisiXhosa, and as such were not based on the linguistic logic of isiXhosa. They didnot take advantage of the home (oral) language resources of children in isiXhosaas the basis to build reading and writing skills. Second, taken together they didnot constitute a balanced reading programme guided by contemporary readingresearch (Pressley, 2006). There was no set of materials that combined a wholereading approach with systematic language skills (phonics, grammar etc.) inBefore... After...

      Much of the available resources have been written in English and then back-translated, which is a problem; I need to find a way to ensure that's not a problem when doing my master's. I will need linguistic experts in each language. Where do I find these unicorns?

    1. We are fortunate to be collaborating with a school and team of educators who have embraced innovation as an aid to improving their learners’ outcomes. The results of the study are expected towards the end of 2023 and will inform subsequent studies in 2024. Preliminary results indicate that both the teachers and the learners are benefiting from using the app in the classroom. The teachers say they appreciate its multimodal aspect, which allows the children to learn independently; the children are excited to use it during their reading lessons.

      I need to make contact and ask how it's going because I don't know if the study has been ended and if the subsequent studies have been published. Ask Bianca.

    1. The Mzanzi kids multilingual language learning App was created for children between the ages of 2-6 years in South Africa. It was designed to stimulate visual, speech and language literacy skills at an early age by understanding basic everyday concepts and highlighting the correct pronunciation of speech in six (6) different languages; English, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Sepedi and Setswana. The integration of images and phonetics provides a good foundation for children to learn and speak in their mother tongue or home language with confidence and fluency, but most importantly comprehend and appreciate the diversity of languages used by South Africans. This multilingual App provides a good introduction before entering a schooling environment, and offers a non-threatening, playful and fun way of learning languages using innovative technology.

      This is an app for multilingual language learning. Mine will focus on the mother tongue.

      I tried it out for a bit and found the audio very repetitive, which could be problematic. Minecraft had such good audio - C14 or C11? It is fantastically immersive, and the popularity of the game and audio is irrefutable if you look at longevity (games come and go often, and very few manage to stick and have a continuous impact, Minecraft is a good example of an exception to this, alongside other well adjusted and designed games.

      I had fun learning the clicks in isiXhoso - something I want to practice, but the audio became too much as i hit the image repeatedly.

      There's room for more resources. This application does not speak to all children, and no one application ever will, hence the need for many across a broad range of cultures and diversities.

    1. Reviews Learning Tools Resources Login

      Two links are broken here - Reviews and Help and Support and that makes me so suspicious because those are such important links. Also the free stuff is a headache to download I am so tired of creating accounts just do download a free image and I hate giving out my data.

    1. Let the adventures begin, download today!

      I think there is plenty of room for applications that cater for different tastes and cultures and this wouldn't speak to me as a kid and it might not speak to other kids. My research shows we need a lot more resources, there is a lot of room for more applications

    1. Youtube Kids is an example of how the product designed for kids differs from the one targeting adults. It’s much easier to navigate thanks to bigger buttons and fewer content boxes on the page. Plus the security settings on the platform make sure that younger users are safe and have access to appropriate content. Those all are parts of a thought-through design interface for children.

      Just an observation here but I remember my godchild using You tube kids whilst they stayed here and we had to double check because it wasn't all good content, you tube is kind of notorious with their bad content checks and algorithms. Elsa Gate Scandal comes to mind.

    1. The digital revolution is transforming not only how we communicate (faster,at much larger volumes, to a large extent through text rather than voice),but how we read more broadly.Digital and online materials can be produced faster, versioned (e.g. intodifferent languages), and distributed more cheaply than print materials.Materials can also be shared (rather than read by one person at a time),interacted with (through annotations, comments, reviews, interactivediscussions, embedded dictionaries, etc.), archived and searched moreeasily. Furthermore, much of what we read today in digital formats is writtenby other ‘normal people’ like ourselves (social media posts, messages, blogs,etc.) rather than professional authors mediated by a commercial publishingindustry. All of these factors ‘democratise’ reading and open up access.On the other hand, there are concerns about the quality of digital reading -both in terms of the quality of the content being read and the quality of thereading experience itself, i.e. the depth with which the reader engages withwhat they are reading. Various studies have shown that digital reading bystudents is not as good for learning as reading the same content on paper(Lang 2021).Since Covid-19, debates about the spread of digital materials for teaching andlearning in the schooling system have also accelerated. The NRS cannot commenton school-based reading pedagogy or materials, but similar questions are oftenposed about the wider reading ecosystem. When the project consulted stakeholdersabout key questions they wanted answered, concerns about digital reading, readingon smart phones and possible trade-offs between social media use and book readingwere prominent. So was curiosity about how digital reading is reshaping readingculture generally, and what opportunities it might provide.In response to these questions, the NRS included questions about social media use,digital device use for reading, and adult perceptions about digital reading by theirchildren.One of the NRS’ innovations is to include ‘reading for communication’ as a ‘readingpurpose’ and therefore to include the reading of (mostly) digital messages as a formof reading. As reported in Chapter 2, when analysed in relation to other forms ofreading, such as reading for information and reading for enjoyment, reading tocommunicate appears to augment rather than replaces these forms of reading.
    1. Conclusion In recent years, educational tablets and software have transformed education in South Africa. If you are looking to homeschool your child and know how children can learn effectively at home, an educational tablet is your best option. There are also offline educational tablets available in South Africa that can immensely help young kids learn better.So just grab an educational tablet for your child and get going!

      Is this the tablet Bianca mentioned? It sounds great but an entire tablet? I want to reach consumers on already owned devices. Edit no it's the one who expanded - they just launched english lit en are still launching afrikaans this year.

      Variety is the spice of life. I don't think there is room for only one application, personally I wouldn't have enjoyed those graphics as a child, not all children like the same things and learn the same way, so to address that we would need many different applications carering to different tastes.

    1. The importance of multimedia technologies and applications in education as a teaching or learning tool cannot be over emphasized. This has been confirmed in several studies that have investigated the impact of multimedia technology to the education system. Milovanovi et al. (2013) demonstrated the importance of using multimedia tools in Mathematics classes and found that the multimedia tool greatly enhances students' learning. Several works exist that show that multimedia enhances students' learning (Aloraini, 2012; Al-Hariri and Al-Hattami, 2017; Barzegar et al., 2012; Chen and Xia 2012; Dalacosta et al., 2009; Jian-hua & Hong, 2012; Janda, 1992; Keengwe et al., 2008b; Kingsley and Boone, 2008; Shah and Khan, 2015; Taradi et al., 2005; Zin et al., 2013).
    1. Khan Academy Kids

      This is what Ziggy uses in Australia I think - must check with his parents.

      I loved Toca Boca as well. That was the first example found that I felt was worth it. Use that as my main influence in the proposal if I have not already done so. Was a crazy week.

    2. Human-centered design aims to prioritize the needs of their target audience, in this instance that is children under the age of 10.

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    1. (1)Ability to turn abstract concepts into concrete contents(2)Ability to presents large volumes of information within a limited time with less effort(3)Ability to stimulates students' interest in learning(4)Provides teacher with the ability to know students position in learning.

      There's so much research! I think I might be getting lost in the sea... Where is North?

    1. Super basic

      Most reviews don't seem positive and this is not a free app an dthey have a lot of complaints about the quality

    1. Language Development: Apps featuring interactive stories and language-learning activities can enhance a child’s vocabulary and language skills. For example, apps like “Endless Reader” introduce new words in the context of engaging stories, making language acquisition an enjoyable experience.
      • Go look at Endless Reader
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    1. Zenkit Suite

      • Zenkit ToDo (interested in)

      also has: Zen Hypernotes (knowledge, notes & Wiki)* interesting ZenProjects zenForms (forms & surveys) ZenChat Base (all-in-one collaboration platform)

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    1. Health care is an area that will likely see many innovations. There are already multiple research prototypes underway looking at monitoring of one’s physical and mental health. Some of my colleagues (and myself as well) are also looking at social behaviors, and how those behaviors not only impact one’s health but also how innovations spread through one’s social network.
      • for: quote, quote - Jason Hong, quote - health apps, health care app, idea spread through social network, mental health app, physical health app, transform app
      • quote
      • paraphrase
        • Health care is an area that will likely see many innovations. -There are already multiple research prototypes underway looking at monitoring of one’s
          • physical and
          • mental health.
        • Some of my colleagues (and myself as well) are also looking at
          • social behaviors, and how those behaviors
            • not only impact one’s health but also
            • how innovations spread through one’s social network.
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    1. https://mochi.cards

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Fernando Borretti</span> in Unbundling Tools for Thought (<time class='dt-published'>12/29/2022 15:59:17</time>)</cite></small>

    1. https://tellico-project.org/

      Tellico<br /> Collection management software, free and simple

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Fernando Borretti</span> in Unbundling Tools for Thought (<time class='dt-published'>12/29/2022 15:59:17</time>)</cite></small>

    1. In addition to pigeon, crow, and eagle, there is also a “sexy pigeon” option which coos much more sexually than your average pigeon.

      While I will not download this app -- points for creativity.

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    1. https://pinafore.social/

      Pinafore is a web client for Mastodon, designed for speed and simplicity.

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Jessica Smith</span> in Small Web - Jayeless.net (<time class='dt-published'>07/03/2021 23:34:42</time>)</cite></small>

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  16. www.indxd.ink www.indxd.ink
    1. https://www.indxd.ink/

      A digital, web-based index tool for your analog notebooks. Ostensibly allows one to digitally index their paper notebooks (page numbers optional).

      It emails you weekly text updates, so you've got a back up of your data if the site/service disappears.

      This could potentially be used by those who have analog zettelkasten practices, but want the digital search and some back up of their system.

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>sgtstretch </span> in @Gaby @pimoore so a good friend of mine makes [INDXD](https://www.indxd.ink/) which is for indexing analog notebooks and being able to find things. I don't personally use it, but I know @patrickrhone has written about it before. (<time class='dt-published'>10/27/2022 17:59:32</time>)</cite></small>

    1. I have been using Apple notes, but began to wonder if I could find an app that supports zettelkasten in digital handwritten form. The closest thing I found is CardNotes however it is underdeveloped imo, and maybe dead?

      Someone looking for handwriting apps that allow one to use handwriting in digital contexts.


  17. app.sane.fyi app.sane.fyi
    1. Ida JosefiinaInfopunk. Into pdfs, information systems that support intentional thinking, cyborgs, and the future of humanity. This thought space is an introduction to me and my work.


  18. Sep 2022
    1. https://mleddy.blogspot.com/2005/05/tools-for-serious-readers.html

      Interesting (now discontinued) reading list product from Levenger that in previous generations may have been covered by a commonplace book but was quickly replaced by digital social products (bookmark applications or things like Goodreads.com or LibraryThing.com).

      Presently I keep a lot of this sort of data digitally myself using either/both: Calibre or Zotero.

    1. The challenge for the field of sociable media is not simply to invent ever newer ways of communicating,but also to understand the social implications of ubiquitous and omnipresent communication media.

      This part of the article is extremly pertinent to todays world. With social media being a core aspect of many individuals personalities, socializing and attention in the real world has been affected. Apps like Tiktok with short videos have made many individuals attention span extremely short. Often affecting their time spent on work and other activities. Seeing the long term affects on human attention due to social media apps will be interesting to watch.

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    1. https://wordpress.org/plugins/slippy/

      This WordPress plugin looks like it's a solid custom post type for creating a digital zettelkasten. Looks like it relies on tags/categories for linking, though has a custom link function. This in combination with Webmention could be a useful bi-directional link set up.

    1. Bidirectional links are a feature, not a product. Every productivity software will have them in 10 years. We saw this happen already with Kanban boards via Trello. Notion took them. Airtable took them. GitHub took them.

      Create a list of tools that feature [[wikilink]] functionality.

      • WikiMedia
      • TiddlyWiki
      • other wikis...
      • Roam Research
      • Obsidian
      • other note taking apps...
      • Trello
      • Notion
      • Airtable
      • GitHub
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    1. Another visual-mapping tool is Open Knowledge Maps, a service offered by a Vienna-based not-for-profit organization of the same name. It was founded in 2015 by Peter Kraker, a former scholarly-communication researcher at Graz University of Technology in Austria.


      Open Knowledge maps is a visual literature search tool that is based on keywords rather than on a paper's title, author, or DOI. The service was founded in 2015 by Peter Kraker, a former scholarly communication researcher at Graz University of Technology.

    2. In 2019, Smolyansky co-founded Connected Papers, one of a new generation of visual literature-mapping and recommendation tools.



      Something about the name Connected Papers reminds me of the same sort of linking name that Manfred Kuehn gave to his note taking software ConnectedText.

    1. ellem52Op · 17 days ago   There have been some amazing apps with small teams in the past. Three that jump out to me are Xobni, Mailbox, and Accompli. All three were bought by huge companies. Xobni got bought by Yahoo! who shut it down right after buying it. Mailbox by Dropbox who almost immediately dropped it - what a waste. Accompli is actually the mobile version of Outlook. (Like ToDo is actually Wunderlist.)TickTick has that same feel to me, like they're waiting for someone like Apple, or MS to buy them.

      Ohhh yeah that definitely makes things far more concerning. Not only do I like having apps that are independent and focused on improving their products, and I definitely wouldn't want Todoist to be bought out by a bigger company, the history of these acquisitions would not inspire any confidence in their long-term stability. I never even heard of these apps before.

    2. I've used a lot of these apps. RTM is actually my favorite but like MinimaList it's essentially closed to itself. Microsoft ToDo (nee Wunderlist) was actually pretty good too but the mixing of work/home was not something I wanted.

      I believe RTM is "Remember the Milk." I have heard this brought up a few times and the name is kind of odd, which makes me even more curious about what's special about it.

      Before moving to Todoist, I used Microsoft To Do, but I wanted something more. I used TickTick for a bit but I barely remember anything from it. Todoist was the one that clicked with me.

      On a side note, MinimaList is such a cute pun.

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    1. We're still refining the presentation, but for now you can tell a passage was concatenated by the ellipsis (...) joining the non-adjacent strings of text.
    2. You can continue concatenating indefinitely (i.e., .c3, .c4, ...)
    3. Every time you use the note .c1, you start a new series of concatenation.
    4. Rather than capture that extraneous content, use the concatenate action tag to highlight and note the first sentence .c1 and the last sentence .c2.

      To concatenate multiple highlights simply add .c<number in sequence>, for the first highlight you would use .c1, for the second, .c2.

    1. In practice, you might not want to type out the full word .probability because typing without a keyboard can be frustrating. To help you type less, we created a shorthand feature. In the example above, you could note the passage .prob instead of .probability. The highlight would initially be tagged prob, but once you rename the shorthand a single time, Readwise will thereafter be trained to automatically convert to all .prob tags to .probability.

      Readwise does tag expansion, use a shorthand tag name such as .prob and rename that in Readwise to .probability and from then on Readwise will expand the tag name from there. If slashes are okay in a inline tag name this would make it easy to expand .question to .annotation/question.

  23. Feb 2022
    1. Simply highlight a passage and add a note beginning with a period (.) followed by a single word or abbreviation (with no spaces).

      To add a tag to an annotation simple use a . followed by a single word to create that tag like .productivity or .InProgress.

      I need to find out if / characters will break it.

  24. Jan 2022
    1. An explosion of companies sporting names such as Shorby, Linkin.bio, Beacons, Tab Bio, and Koji—Rockelle’s tool of choice—are giving the link-in-bio a glow-up.

      How long before the pendulum swings all the way back to the original web?

      cross reference: https://indieweb.org/link_in_bio

    1. Because there’s no need for context/app switching.

      Rebuilding one's earlier context and switching between apps are tremendous sinks of time and energy when writing, thinking, and creating.

      It's better to get as much done as possible in the present so as not to need to do all the work over again later.

    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20081030052305/http://www.solutionwatch.com/368/fifty-ways-to-take-notes/

      Mostly an historical list of online tools for note taking.

      No discussion of actual functionality or usefulness. Sounds more like for making to do lists and passing notes rather than long term knowledge management and upkeep. Nothing about the benefits of centralizing data in one place.


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    1. In this article, we have curated a list of various monetization strategies and how to implement them to generate massive revenue through an app.
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  32. dash.eloquent.works dash.eloquent.works
    1. An interesting tool for taking notes from Jeremy Ho. Designed with Roam Research in mind.

      The Eloquent tool is available to install! Capture ideas in-context with:<br>• On-page highlighting<br>• Nested bullets<br>• /snippets<br>• [[braces]] and #tag syntax<br>Quick capture is a hotkey away. Bonus hotkey sends your highlights/links to @RoamResearch pic.twitter.com/vLLbPX4zwW

      — Jeremy Ho (@jeremyqho) July 21, 2020
      <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

      I wish it could save data as a local text or markdown file so it would also be easier to use with Obsidian or other note taking tools. It's similar in nature to the Roam Highlighter extension.

      Details at https://www.notion.so/Eloquent-Resource-Center-72f95c2a71d34c5181e4907edf7a96e1

    1. <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>KevinMarks</span> in #indieweb 2021-06-25 (<time class='dt-published'>06/26/2021 01:52:39</time>)</cite></small>

      IndieWeb + Welsh finally comes in handy! The Cwtch service Kevin Marks mentioned is the the Welsh word for "hug" or "cuddle" and cleverly has a heart shaped Celtic design for their logo. Kind of cute when you think about it. And speaking of opaque ids, if they're using a new protocol I hope they call it Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch....

    1. Looks a lot like the old Pidgin app for bridging messaging services. $10/month paid service or self-hostable.

    1. There's no official Chrome or Chromium package for Linux don't install it this way because it's either outdated or unofficial, both are bad. Download it from official source.
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    1. hundreds of these free little apps

      Whoa! Super organized site with lots of ways to find these little apps.