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  1. Feb 2023
  2. Jan 2023
    1. Recommandation 37Créer, au ministère du Travail, au ministèrede la Fonction publique et au ministère del’Éducation nationale, une filière des métiersde la médiation numérique, notamment dansla fonction publique territoriale, actant lapérennisation de leur action et de leur utilité.
  3. Nov 2022
  4. Aug 2021
    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypomnema

      Hypomnema (Greek. ὑπόμνημα, plural ὑπομνήματα, hypomnemata), also spelled hupomnema, is a Greek word with several translations into English including a reminder, a note, a public record, a commentary, an anecdotal record, a draft, a copy, and other variations on those terms.

      Compare and contrast the idea of this with the concept of the commonplace book. There's also a tie in with the idea of memory, particularly for meditation.

      There's also the idea here of keeping a note of something to be fixed or remedied and which needs follow up or reflection.

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  7. Dec 2020
    1. Ce nombre de nouveaux recours est à comparer avec le nombre de réclamations reçues par les services du médiateur de l’éducation nationale (13456 réclamations en2018, soit cinq fois plus qu’en 1999, cf. rapport 2018 du médiateur de l’éducation nationale et de l’enseignement supérieur, p. 23)
  8. Oct 2020
    1. En cas de conflitSi un conflit apparaît, il est utile d’encourager la famille à venir rencontrer ou prendre directement contact avec le directeur d’école, le professeur principal, le chef d’établissement, ou le parent délégué, afin de donner toutes les chances au dialogue. Le dialogue entre les familles et les équipes permettra en effet de rechercher l’origine d’une difficulté et de trouver des solutions pédagogiques ou éducatives.
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  11. Dec 2018
    1. The third syllogism is the Idea of philosophy, which has self-knowing reason, the absolutely-universal, for its middle term: a middle, which divides itself into Mind and Nature, making the former its presupposition, as process of the Idea's subjective activity, and the latter its universal extreme, as process of the objectively and implicitly existing Idea. The self-judging of the Idea into its two appearances (§§ 575, 576) characterises both as its (the self-knowing reason's) manifestations: and in it there is a unification of the two aspects:—it is the nature of the fact, the notion, which causes the movement and development, yet this same movement is equally the action of cognition. The eternal Idea, in full fruition of its essence, eternally sets itself to work, engenders and enjoys itself as absolute Mind.

      This is the end of the Encyclopedia. This is also the beginning of it: the identity of subject and object, the eternal, originary mediation

  12. Feb 2018
    1. The triangle represents the theory that learning is mediated

      What does "mediated" mean here?

  13. Mar 2017
    1. I am becoming aware of the prosthetic aspect of language, of digital technology.

      Reaching out.


  14. Nov 2015
    1. Research points to the notion that gratitude might have positive effects on transforming conflicts, which can benefit the organization and working relationships. How do you do that? It starts with the one charged with mediating the conflict: For example, a supervisor with two bickering employees might open a meeting by expressing sincere appreciation of both parties. Throughout the process, that person should never miss an opportunity to say “thank you.” The research says this attitude of gratitude will have a positive feedback effect, even if results aren’t obvious right away.