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    1. Some observers say law enforcement’sinvestigative capabilities may be outpaced by the speed oftechnological change, preventing investigators fromaccessing certain information they may otherwise beauthorized to obtain. Specifically, law enforcement officialscite strong, end-to-end encryption, or what they have calledwarrant-proof encryption, as preventing lawful access tocertain data.

      "warrant-proof" encryption

      Law enforcement's name for "end-to-end encryption"

  3. Dec 2023
    1. As his work developed over the following decades, Kasparian produced many studies of great depth and analytical refinement. He was a strong player (the champion of Armenia ten times and a competitor in four USSR championships) and it shows in his compositions. In introducing his collection of 400 studies, published in 1987, he described his work in the following terms. "I have paid the greatest attention to the themes of positional draw, mate, stalemate, and systematic manoeuvre. This is no accident, but entirely natural: in contemporary study composition these themes are often being elaborated, they are promising, fruitful and, perhaps, inexhaustible." Yes, his themes may be the familiar ones, but the originality and subtlety of the play give his compositions a variety that seems as inexhaustible as the game itself.
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    1. It also simplifies Magento order management, providing a centralized dashboard for handling customer orders and inquiries. Efficient order management can lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales. For more insights, check out this Magento Commerce Resources page.

      Magento's order management system offers a unified platform, making it easier for businesses to manage customer interactions and orders, enhancing operational efficiency.

    1. Additionally, they are at the forefront of sharing valid product ideas with their team since they have an expert understanding of coding best practices as well as mobile and web programming services.

      Developers play a pivotal role in product ideation due to their deep knowledge of coding standards and expertise in both mobile and web development.

    1. Time Required to Code: Every project comes with a deadline, and the time set out by your client to get the work done is a crucial part of your decision. If you have a tight deadline, you might be better off with the fastest front-end framework you can find. One that would work well with your team’s capabilities to ensure great results in the shortest time possible.

      The efficiency of a front-end framework can significantly impact project timelines. Choosing a framework that aligns with the project's deadline and the team's proficiency can ensure timely delivery.

  7. Jul 2023
    1. The deep, active listening doulas are trained for involves holding back our own stories, comments, and feelings.
      • Restraint is exercised by End of Life Doulas - it's like counseling
      • Asking open-ended questions is ok.
    2. three components of EOL doula training
      • Three components of End of Life Doula Training

        • Imagine you have three months left to live
        • Practice deep, active listening -Legacy projects in the here and now
      • Comment

        • these could be used as Mortality Salience BEing Journeys
      • Title
        • An end-of-life doula’s advice on how to make the most of your time on earth
          • Life is short. Here’s how to cherish every day of it.
      • Author

        • Rachel Friedman
      • Description

        • Story on an end-of-life Doula's journey to become an end-of-life doula, and how that enriched her life
  8. Jun 2023
    1. People of the last days will be abound:

      1) Selfish - Symptom: Increase in Divorce Rates

      2) Enjoy pleasure > God - Sin has an addictive & deceptive nature, it gives pleasure. (think of porn)

      3) Lukewarmness (have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof)

      They will not be caught up with the Lord during the rapture.

      Be ready for the rapture at all times because it will come like a thief in the night.

    1. In the end times, there will be a lot of lukewarm Christians, who will not be taken in the rapture.

      Faith means crucifying the flesh and feeding the Spirit. Being lukewarm: Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof; Outwardly faithful, but not transforming. Your life after conversion (baptism) is the same as before. OR selective faith. Choose what to obey; define your own religion.

      God (the Truth) sets free, therefore sin will be gone.

      Profession of faith means to CHANGE, GOD may cost you a lot. LOVE is SACRIFICE. Do not just hear, but also do.

      The most godly one is the one who sins the least, not the one who goes to church the most. Church means nothing. Doing the word of God, obeying Him, building a relation with Him means everything.

      Walking the broad (easy) path leads to sin and thus death and hell. Walking the narrow (difficult) path leads to righteousness and Heaven.

  9. Mar 2023
    1. If we assume students want to learn - and I do - we should show our interest in their learning, rather than their performance.
    2. Value the process, rather than the product.

      Good writing is often about practices and process to arrive at an end product and not just the end product itself.

      Writing is a means to an end, but most don't have the means to begin with.

      Writing with a card index, zettelkasten, commonplace book or other related tools can dramatically help almost any writer because it provides them with a means from the start rather than facing a blank page and having to produce whole cloth in bulk.

  10. Jan 2023
    1. Software should be a malleable medium, where anyone can edit their tools to better fit their personal needs. The laws of physics aren’t relevant here; all we need is to find ways to architect systems in such a way that they can be tweaked at runtime, and give everyone the tools to do so.

      It's clear that gklitt is referring to the ability of extensions to augment the browser, but: * it's not clear that he has applied the same thought process to the extension itself (which is also software, after all) * the conception of in-browser content as software tooling is likely a large reason why the perspective he endorses here is not more widespread—that content is fundamentally a copy of a particular work, in the parlance of US copyright law (which isn't terribly domain-appropriate here so much as its terminology is useful)

  11. Dec 2022
    1. It feels weird to say this in 2020, when the idea was presented as fait accompli in 1997, but an enabling open source software movement would operate more like a bazaar than a cathedral. There wouldn’t be an “upstream”, there would be different people who all had the version of the software that worked best for them. It would be easy to evaluate, compare, combine and modify versions, so that the version you end up with is the one that works best for you, too.
  12. Nov 2022
    1. In Potluck, we encourage people to write data in freeform text, and define searches to parse structure from the text.

      From a gradual enrichment standpoint I understand but from a data entry standpoint this seems like more work.

  13. Sep 2022
    1. Source:

      Overall I think you are on the right track to a great paper. The grammar was accurate, cleanly codified , the abundant use of appeals; all are exemplary. Few run-on sentences and syntax/readability issues that can easily be buffed out to make a felicitous rhetorical analysis.



  14. Aug 2022
    1. Editorial: The real reason I wanted Cmm to succeed: to democratize programming. It wouldn’t belong in any business plan, and I seldom mentioned to anyone, but the real reason I wanted Cmm to succeed was not about making money (although paying the mortgage was always important). The real reason was because of the feeling I had when I programmed a computer to perform work for me
    1. Roughly stated, my overarching career mission is to design, build, and deploy software platforms that put end users in control of their computing and data, in part by making it easy and natural for programmers to create software that honors user desire.
  15. Jul 2022
    1. People only really contribute when they get something out of it. When someone is first beginning to contribute, they especially need to see some kind of payback, some kind of positive reinforcement, right away. For example, if someone were running a web browser, then stopped, added a simple new command to the source, recompiled, and had that same web browser plus their addition, they would be motivated to do this again, and possibly to tackle even larger projects.
    1. Free as in ...? Points out that freedoms afforded by foss software to the average computer user are effectively the same as proprietary software, because it's too difficult to even find the source and build it, let alone make any changes. Advocates the foss developers should not think only about the things that users are not legally prevented from doing, but about what things they are realistically empowered and supported in doing.
    1. In terms of this analogy, a lot of objections to end-user programming sound to me like arguing that Home Depot is a waste of time because their customers will never be able to build their own skyscrapers. And then on the other side are the people arguing that people will be able to build their own skyscrapers and it will change the world. I just think it would be nice if people had the tools to put up their own shelves if they wanted to.
  16. Jun 2022
    1. We’ve been taught that it’s important to work “with the end inmind.” We are told that it is our responsibility to deliver outcomes,whether that is a finished product on store shelves, a speechdelivered at an event, or a published technical document.

      Example of someone else saying this...

      We focus too much on the achievement and the end goal and the work and process doesn't receive its due.

  17. May 2022
    1. as if the only option we had to eat was factory-farmed fast food, and we didn’t have any way to make home-cooked meals

      See also An app can be a home-cooked meal along with this comment containing RMS's remarks with his code-as-recipe metaphor in the HN thread about Sloan's post:

      some of you may not ever write computer programs, but perhaps you cook. And if you cook, unless you're really great, you probably use recipes. And, if you use recipes, you've probably had the experience of getting a copy of a recipe from a friend who's sharing it. And you've probably also had the experience — unless you're a total neophyte — of changing a recipe. You know, it says certain things, but you don't have to do exactly that. You can leave out some ingredients. Add some mushrooms, 'cause you like mushrooms. Put in less salt because your doctor said you should cut down on salt — whatever. You can even make bigger changes according to your skill. And if you've made changes in a recipe, and you cook it for your friends, and they like it, one of your friends might say, “Hey, could I have the recipe?” And then, what do you do? You could write down your modified version of the recipe and make a copy for your friend. These are the natural things to do with functionally useful recipes of any kind.

      Now a recipe is a lot like a computer program. A computer program's a lot like a recipe: a series of steps to be carried out to get some result that you want. So it's just as natural to do those same things with computer programs — hand a copy to your friend. Make changes in it because the job it was written to do isn't exactly what you want. It did a great job for somebody else, but your job is a different job. And after you've changed it, that's likely to be useful for other people. Maybe they have a job to do that's like the job you do. So they ask, “Hey, can I have a copy?” Of course, if you're a nice person, you're going to give a copy. That's the way to be a decent person.

  18. www.mindprod.com www.mindprod.com
    1. Show me a switch statement as if it had been handled with a set of subclasses. There is underlying deep structure here. I should be able to view the code as if it had been done with switch or as if it had been done with polymorphism. Sometimes you are interested in all the facts about Dalmatians. Sometimes you are interested in comparing all the different ways different breeds of dogs bury their bones. Why should you have to pre-decide on a representation that lets you see only one point of view?

      similar to my strawman for language skins

  19. www.dreamsongs.com www.dreamsongs.com
    1. the very existence of a master plan means, by definition, that the members of the community can have little impact on the future shape of their community,
  20. Apr 2022
    1. Why is Standard Ebooks sending content-security-policy: default-src 'self';? This is not an appropriate use. (And it keeps things like the Hypothesis sidebar from loading.)

    1. Lawrence Gostin. (2022, January 1). History shows most pandemics last 2-3 years. Covid-19 has been a wily foe #NewYear2022 should see the pandemic’s end in highly vaccinated nations. Strive mightily to access vaccines everywhere But Covid-19 will remain endemic everywhere. The new normal means living with the virus [Tweet]. @LawrenceGostin. https://twitter.com/LawrenceGostin/status/1477087584459370507

    1. except its codebase is completely incomprehensible to anyone except the original maintainer. Or maybe no one can seem to get it to build, not for lack of trying but just due to sheer esotericism. It meets the definition of free software, but how useful is it to the user if it doesn't already do what they want it to, and they have no way to make it do so?

      Kartik made a similar remark in an older version of his mission page:

      Open source would more fully deliver on its promise; are the sources truly open if they take too long to grok, so nobody makes the effort?


    1. A big cause of complex software is compatibility and the requirement to support old features forever.

      I don't think so. I think it's rather the opposite. Churn is one of the biggest causes for what makes modifying software difficult. I agree, however, with the later remarks about making it easy to delete code where it's no longer useful.

  21. www.research-collection.ethz.ch www.research-collection.ethz.ch
    1. Ihavelearnttoabandonsuchattemptsofadaptationfairlyquickly,andtostartthedesignofanewprogramaccordingtomyownideasandstandards

      I have learnt to abandon such attempts of adaptation fairly quickly, and to start the design of a new program according to my own ideas and standards

    1. Feature request (implement something that allows the following): 1. From any page containing a bookmarklet, invoke the user-stored bookmarklet בB 2. Click the bookmarklet on the page that you wish to be able to edit in the Bookmarklet Creator 3. From the window that opens up, navigate to a stored version of the Bookmarklet Creator 4. Invoke bookmarklet בB a second time from within the Bookmarklet Creator

      Expected results:

      The bookmarklet from step #2 is decoded and populates the Bookmarklet Creator's input.

      To discriminate between invocation type II (from step #2) and invocation type IV (from step #4), the Bookmarklet Creator can use an appropriate class (e.g. https://w3id.example.org/bookmarklets/protocol/#code-input) or a meta-based pragma or link relation.

    1. work-around

      Bookmarklets and the JS console seem to be the workaround.

      For very large customizations, you may run into browser limits on the effective length of the bookmarklet URI. For a subset of well-formed programs, there is a way to store program parts in multiple bookmarklets, possibly loaded with the assistance of a separate bookmarklet "bootloader", although this would be tedious. The alternative is to use the JS console.

      In FIrefox, you can open a given script that you've stored on your computer by pressing Ctrl+O/Cmd+O, selecting the file as you would in any other program, and then pressing Enter. (Note that this means you might need to press Enter twice, since opening the file in question merely puts its contents into the console input and does not automatically execute it—sort of a hybrid clipboard thing.) I have not tested the limits of the console input for e.g. input size.

      As far as I know, you can also use the JS console to get around the design of the dubious WebExtensions APIs—by ignoring them completely and going back to the old days and using XPCOM/Gecko "private" APIs. The way you do is is to open about:addons by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A (or whatever), opening or pasting the code you want to run, and then pressing Enter. This should I think give you access to all the old familiar Mozilla internals. Note, though, that all bookmarklet functionality is disabled on about:addons (not just affecting bookmarklets that would otherwise violate CSP by loading e.g. an external script or dumping an inline one on the page`).

    2. CSP is taking away too much of the user's power and control over their browser use
    3. Apparently there is a CSP ability to stop inline scripts from executing. I have not come across any sites that use that feature and/or the browser I am using does not support it.

      There're lots.

  22. Mar 2022
    1. To realize this potential, we must provide a medium that can be mastered by a single individual. Any barrier that exists between the user and some part of the system will eventually be a barrier to creative expression. Any part of the system that cannot be changed or that is not sufficiently general is a likely source of impediment.
    1. I think another very important thing is what has been dividing the West over the several years now, it’s what people term the “culture war”. The culture war between left and right, between conservatives and liberals. And I think this war can be an opportunity to end the culture war within the West, to make peace in the culture war. 00:15:59 First of all, because you suddenly realize we are all in this together. There are much bigger things in the world than these arguments between left and right within the Western democracies. And it's a reminder that we need to stand united to protect Western liberal democracies. But it's deeper than that. 00:16:22 Much of the argument between left and right seemed to be in terms of a contradiction between liberalism and nationalism. Like, you need to choose. And the right goes with nationalism, and the left goes more liberalism. And Ukraine is a reminder that no, the two actually go together. Historically, nationalism and liberalism are not opposites. 00:16:47 They are not enemies. They are friends, they go together. They meet around the central value of freedom, of liberty. And to see a nation fighting for its survival, fighting for its freedom, you see it on Fox News or you see it in CNN. And yes, they tell the story a little differently, but they suddenly see the same reality. 00:17:14 And they find common ground. And the common ground is to understand that nationalism is not about hating minorities or hating foreigners, it's about loving your compatriots, and reaching a peaceful agreement about how we want to run our country together. And I hope that seeing what is happening would help to end the culture war in the West.

      Harari makes a very astute observation here. This is an opportunity to reflect on the divisiveness of the culture wars. The acceleration of the culture wars is, in fact no accident, but directly related to Putin's information warfare on the West, especially the election and support of Trump in the US and Johnson in the UK.

    1. Whether to inject behavior into a Web page is my choice. How I do so is nobody's business. If a need that can be met with a bookmarklet instead requires a set of browser-specific extensions, that's a tax on developers.
  23. Jan 2022
    1. What is End User Computing (EUC)? Thanks to the progressive introduction of DevOps, attention to the role of the end user in software development and testing has increased significantly. It is now important to think like an end user when we develop and test software. After all, that's what we're all doing it for.

      What is End User Computing (EUC)? Thanks to the progressive introduction of DevOps, attention to the role of the end user in software development and testing has increased significantly. It is now important to think like an end user when we develop and test software. After all, that's what we're all doing it for.

    1. Make simple changes to (some carefully chosen fork of) any project in an afternoon, no matter how large it is. Gain an hour’s worth of understanding for an hour’s worth of effort, rather than a quantum leap in understanding after a week or month of effort.

      Accessibility is more important, after all, than Kartik says it is (elsewhere; cf recent Mastodon posts).

    1. <a href="https://web.hypothes.is/help/" class="hyp-u-horizontal-spacing--2 hyp-u-layout-row--center HelpPanel-tabs__link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><span>Help topics</span>

      How to get remote control over the Hypothesis sidebar (one way, at least):

      1. Use the bookmarklet to open the sidebar
      2. Click the sidebar's "Help" icon in the top right
      3. Right click the "Help topics" link and select "Inspect" in the context menu to open the element in the browser devtools
      4. Remove "noopener" from the link (easiest way is to just delete the element's "rel" attribute)
      5. Change the link target to something other than "_blank" (e.g. "foobar")
      6. In the sidebar, click the now-modified "Help topics" link
      7. For good measure, in the new tab that opens, navigate to the same URL loaded in the sidebar (should be something like https://hypothes.is/app.html with a site-specific URL fragment; you can get the actual URL from the devtools JS console with document.documentURI, or right-clicking the sidebar and selecting "View Frame Info")

      From the secondary tab ("foobar" opened by click in step #6) you should now have unrestricted, scriptable access to the DOM of the original sidebar iframe, using e.g. the JS console in devtools instance or a bookmarklet applied to the secondary tab—access it as window.opener.



  24. Dec 2021
    1. As described and developed by Riva and Wiederhold (2020) we suggest that the use of a low-cost spherical, video-based virtual reality mindfulness intervention could reduce the psychological burden of COVID-19 for autistic people, alongside a developed package of at-home educational and support materials to empower families/caregivers delivered via an online eLearning platform to support effective implementation.

      low-end approach, as we rally for it

  25. Nov 2021
    1. They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and I can only imagine the conversation between Eve and Skywoman: “Sister, you got the short end of the stick . . .”

      It's a bit funny and ironic to think that the communal/peaceful Skywoman would use such a Western-centric phrase like "short end of the stick", which as I understand it has an economic underpinning of a receipt by which the debtor and the lender used marked sticks that were broken apart with one somewhat shorter than the other. When put back together the marks on the stick matched each other, but the debtor got the shorter end. (Reference: Behavioral Economics When Psychology and Economics Collide by Scott A. Huettel; what was his source?)

      Compare with etymologies expanded upon here:

      The Long Story of The Short End of the Stick by Charles Clay Doyle. American Speech, Vol. 69, No. 1 (Spring, 1994), pp. 96-101 (6 pages), Duke University Press. https://doi.org/10.2307/455954

      Which doesn't include the economic reference at all.

    1. er the years, writers (and speakers) have experimented with numer- ous images in expressions with the same general structure and probable meaning as worse end of the staff and short end of the stick

      Not mentioned here is the idea of the "fuzzy end of the lollipop" as heard (twice?) by the character Sugar Kane Kowalczyk played by Marylin Monroe in Some Like it Hot (United Artists, 1959).

      It's the story of my life: I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop."


      The urban dictionary has an unsourced reference for Abraham Lincoln as the source, but I'm loathe to believe it without more direct sourcing.

    1. Front end framework is a combination of two separate words, Front end + Framework. Front end is the visual site of any web application or a website, it is that part of the website with which a user interacts, note that backend is that part that involves API calls, database connectivity, authentication and so on, and a framework in literal sense means an essential supporting structure of an object, the object is a website in this case.

      What's Front End Frameworks? Here's the complete guide to understand the best front end frameworks.

    1. Looking for a property?

      Do you want to buy property in India? Are you looking for best-in-class residential and commercial properties for sale in Delhi NCR, Lucknow, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Noida? Well, you have landed in the correct place.

    1. In your Svelte component, you can then use your store with the special $ prefix syntax, to access the value of the store ('cause the temperature variable is a reference to the store itself, it's just a mean to our end, the result we need is the value):
    1. The mergePairs(..., justConcatenate=TRUE) option allows the paired reads to be joined without any overlap, but with 10Ns inserted in between the forward and reverse reads. The chimera removal and assignTaxonomy functions will handle such merged reads

      In case of non-overlapping paired ends

  26. Oct 2021
    1. Ungar, around @1:00:00:

      I try to explain to people that the notion of compiler is broken. Of course I learned this from Smalltalk, but what we want to build is experiences--artificial realities that convince you that your source code is real. It's directly executed. There's no lag between editing and running[...] The environment stresses things in your program, not tools--which is another rant I have. It's this whole idea that we want to put you in an artificial reality--I got that from Randy [Smith]--in which it's easy and natural and low-cognitive-burden to get the computer to do what you want it to do, rather than running language translators that turn weird strings of text into bits the machine can run

  27. Sep 2021
    1. I don’t even minify page assets

      Good. Don't. The number of people who think this is a virtue is frightening. The rationale is usually not well-reasoned and whatever values they pretend to hold can almost always be shown to be hollow.

  28. Aug 2021
    1. If two or more persons conspire to violate section 1111, 1114, 1116, or 1119 of this title, and one or more of such persons do any overt act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be punished by imprisonment for any term of years or for life.

      Saving Heaven starts with saving America .

      and Adam Marshall Dobrin

      This statute applies to "Corporations" as well which can be sued for monetary compensation. It is probably necessary and proper for me and others to take legal action against several public corporations, specifically insurers as well as the Federal government to properly oversee the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

      I am seeking an attorney to assist with this matter, please contact me directly at 954-667-8083 or 0xc514f094370cFc5eE45a1Dd9B72bb9675efE266f@ethmail.cc if you are capable and willing, or know someone who is. The firm must be well decorated and have multiple attorneys on staff. Venue is not an issue, the lawsuit could be filed in Nevada, California, Arizona, or Florida.

      Florida is probably the appropriate venue, according to my "non attorney" spokesman, JFC.

      http://plemma.cc for further information and videos regarding the suits.

      In addition to 18 USC 1117, I have a personal workers compensation suit as well as a personal suit against SSA & HUD and whatever agencies are responsible for Section 8 and low income housing avoidance.



      Following is the current markdown of plemma.cc

      I am accepting charitable donations,.\ ETH: 0x66e2871ef39334962fb75ce34407f825d67ec434 | BTC: 38B6vGaqNvMyTtoFEZPmNvMS7icV6ZnPMm | xDAI: 0x66e2871ef39334962fb75ce34407f825d67ec434

      THE NOVUS CORPUS MINUTIO, A SUBSECT OF SUEZ GROUP--owned and operating, this is the FOUNDING MEMBER($)

      There is as Revolution afoot--it's in every single persons heart, and in the heart of every corporation. It's the heart and soul of the Spirit of America, and the Gaian "spirit of the man known as fire incarnate"\ \ -on the Ruach Hakodesh of Yehsua, speaking https://t.co/n9moPjiDDS

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) December 21, 2020

      | XCALIBER DAO Mail | Adam Marshall Dobrin adam@fromthemachine.org |

      | Fear [not loathing] of Skynet, the Singularity, and Freedom delivered by and through the American Renaissance and the résolu "few and proudest of all [or they should be, and will be]" ... and "on why" I NEEDED to email 3 million people to fix the problem.\ 1 message |

      | Adam Marshall Dobrin adam@fromthemachine.org | Tue, Aug 24, 2021 at 4:04 AM | |

      To: TRYING TO GET TO SYSADMINS TO RELAY 2ALL abuse@fromthemachine.org, abuse@reddit.com, XM XM@liber-t.xyz

      Bcc: are@fromthemachine.org, am@fromthemachine.org, kin kin@fromthemachine.org, Salud as is ter Y saludas@reallyhim.com, soluderity soluder@reallyhim.com, "More... family" mas@reallyhim.com, R U Y MONEY whymany@lamc.la, CONTACT A REPORTER car@lamc.la, page@publishthis.email

      | |


      The problem with American Silence is ... it's keeping America from being America.  Reddit was the heartland of social news, and even here--I can't seem to get the most simple and succinct explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish to even overcome their "censorwall."  See there's a problem with the media, with the medicine, really with "the all and the wall... all in all"

      This is exactly what I and we ... we you ... are trying to overcome--literally not being able to speak to each other, because of "all wall" a/k/a "Skynet Unsane."

      u/eyeofbush1 hour ago

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      I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.


      Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/venturecapital.

      Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose.

      Here's my link to my schpiel below, attached to what spawned it, the page of my "free church produced and distributed web-tome"


      Here's the sunbiz.org [florida business] registration and documents for my Church, which I haven't been able to keep current because of practically no donations at all--I spend most of my income keeping this content [and copies of wikipedia and many other important things] "available" for the public to view at plemma.cc [which will be live within the week, I hope].



      To the best of my knowledge Church donations are tax exempt, but I haven't been able to hire a lawyer to file for 501(c)(3) status so you might not be able to claim donations as a tax exemption, I'm not a lawyer and can't give advice related to "IRS regulations."

      I'm in the process of forming two new corporations, SUEZ CORP, and XCALIBER DAO; which I hope to be the future of ... social media, email, online voting, and more. I hope it ends the "secret unsacred silence" ... I'm pretty sure it'll work,but we can't tell. It's going to build software based on IPFS and it's derivatives, existing cloud services, and hypothes.is ... which is the newest and best yet incarnation of "reddit comment on anything on the web" in a long list of predecessors I remember starting with StumbleUpon and Flock and DIssenter and gab-ai) ... just writing this showed me StumbleUpon has "turned into Mix" which might be worth a look at.

      I have lots of unique ideas to make these things better, and I could really use the help of programmers familiar with python, IPFS and "big data" technology. Let me know if you are interested in providing financial or programming "charity" ... thanks for reading.

      Pretty sure we can start a "new wave" of democracy; with just a little bit of work and a little bit of money. and I hope we get to do it before I'm homeless, which is practically today.


      You can contact me here: 0xc514f094370cFc5eE45a1Dd9B72bb9675efE266f@ethmail.cc or just donate Ethereum to that address, that series of technologies and products is a big part of the puzzle I'm trying to put together. Just like you, reddit and readers like you, a big part of the movement I hope will start a wave of corporate and national "rennesaince/revolutions."

      Here's to today, and hoping what we want to do tomorrow is ... way better.

      Best of luck, to all and the future. This is Adam, and this post is my last best hope--so far.

      As it is ... Heaven appears to have been built in the heart of America, the heart of Jerusalem, by the Ori of Florida and Stargate SG-1: the heart of the "message."

      Supergate, activate--unlock, speak! https://hyp.is/go?url=https://constitution.congress.gov/constitution/&group=__world__ ... you're bound to be noticed as "Number 1." This is Agent #00 of the Naval Office of Superintellgience, on the Singularity, and the day ... 8/23.



      I'm going to throw it out there and say "who knew it wasn't me'--so I'm pretty sure it's BSO, @BSO__AZAD .. and like they say only the father knew the day-- if you're with me here and you know what #hispa" means,\ \ I mean hopefully I'm "with you" too. https://t.co/Irl9RPsa5H pic.twitter.com/WEq2Rzso6q

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) August 24, 2021

      the day is somewhere between the 23rd and the 24th of August, 2021 A.D. ... or so I think.

      when 2021 came around, A.D. disappeared and I c'd what I call "annos inconcinnus" ... the years of our heroes

        Favorite rsync Commands for Copying WordPress Sites -

      looking for a girl friend, investors, .. "a single friend" that actually will buy me a "kava" or a "drink"\ \ or call their little sister, or ex-wife--@jesse, frank and jorge ;) heaven was born here today; really**\ \ today. 8/25 5:19 PM EST, #laudat ... at a @Seven11 on Sunrise&A1A pic.twitter.com/rxxq8JAnlD

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) August 25, 2021

      ... @losesta2uni2 needs to be protected from @SCMPNews CHINESE OVERSITE that is causing torture via their financial interest in @ATTHelp @AsurionCares https://t.co/spet8dYbQI

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) August 26, 2021

      #IGNATION is what I named the "fifth through nineojuneteenth horses of the riders of the apolagetic sparkalypse ... #gjallarhorn is like a "shofar" but held by #heimdallr at the base of "asgardian of the bifrost ..." I explain, my father @idobrin1 hopefully has the #arrorigenal pic.twitter.com/TElbROyNTH

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) August 25, 2021


      18 USC 1117: Conspiracy to Commit Murder, specifically against Jesus F. Krisst

      ](https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/1117)[![CHINA IS CRIMINALLY CULPABNLE](https://i.imgur.com/5K3sxmi.jpeg)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QU1nvuxaMA)

      I am looking for a professional and competent legal firm in order to engage a suit against the United States FED, and a number of private corporations for hiding fiscal and operational control from Chinese investment which has left America in ruins.

      #gjallarhorn @ICCT_TheHague @FBI @FBIWFO @FBIMiamiFL @fgcu pic.twitter.com/RsAoitfuKP

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) August 26, 2021

      Adam vs. Heaven, the Eloheem and you

      Holy Laws are being violated every day, leaving America and the skies and space in grave danger of losing sanity and our prosperous future. We are allowing pain and attrition and disgusting lack of scientific thought to continue to be the "norm" everywhere I see across the continental United States. I am looking to move to Australia. If anyone there would like to provide lodging, I'd prefer to live with a rich and beautiful female between the ages of 25 and 35.-a

      I am willing to offer a proposal for marriage upon meeting you and consumating "premarital coitus", assuming things go well you could be the sole heir of a fortune of millions due to the several lawsuits I should have no problem finding legal aid to begin ... "should" being the peratove word, not "hace"

    1. Aside to global and local scope there is also something one could call a “block” scope. This is not an “official” type of scope, but it does exist. Block scope was introduced to JavaScript as a part of the ES6 specification. It was introduced along with two new types of variables let and const.
    1. Zoom told its users that their video calls were end-to-end encrypted when actually they were protected by TLS encryption. Zoom generated and stored the keys to its users’ encrypted information on its servers rather than on its users’ devices, meaning anyone with access to those servers could monitor the unencrypted video and audio content of Zoom meetings. These servers are located around the world, often in countries where companies can be forced to share user data with law enforcement organizations. What’s worse is that, according to the most recent lawsuit, Zoom’s response made it clear that it “knew that it did not use the industry-accepted definition of E2E encryption and had made a conscious decision to use the term ‘end-to-end’ anyway”.
    1. Craig Spencer MD MPH. (2021, August 6). Even with Delta, the likelihood of severe illness if you’re fully immunized is still a small fraction of the likelihood for the unvaccinated. In other words, nearly every COVID-19-related death right now is preventable with vaccination. [Tweet]. @Craig_A_Spencer. https://twitter.com/Craig_A_Spencer/status/1423674337089949710

  29. Jul 2021
    1. The world could benefit from a curated set of bookmarklets in the style of Smalltalk ("doIt", "printIt", etc buttons) that you can place in your bookmarks bar (or copy into a bookmarks document and open in it in your browser), where the purpose would be to allow you to:

      1. access a new scratch area (about:blank) for experimentation
      2. make it editable, or make any given element on a page editable
      3. let you evaluate any code written into the scratch space

      scratch.js aims for something something similar, and though laudable it falls short of what I actually crave (and what I imagine would be be most beneficial/appreciated by the public).

  30. Jun 2021
    1. Thus, by adding system tests, we increase the maintenance costs for development and CI environments and introduce potential points of failures or instability: due to the complex setup, flakiness is the most common problem with end-to-end testing. And most of this flakiness comes from communication with a browser.
    1. This is why for a recent Angular+Rails project we chose to use a testing stack from the backend technology’s ecosystem for e2e testing.
    2. When it came to testing the whole product, end-to-end, owning both sides gave us not only more options to consider, but also more tools to choose from.
    3. We used testing tools that were in the same ecosystem as our backend technology stack for primrily three reasons: We owned both ends of the stack Team experience Interacting with the database
    1. In Jest we are currently running all tests in JSDOM and not in a browser. This implies that certain scenarios cannot be tested or behave differently than in the real application.
    1. Move it to Jest. This potentially requires extending our jsdom mocked browser environment. Move it to RSpec. This will probably require us changing our perspective to a use-case oriented one. We just want to make sure we have the same value coverage.
  31. May 2021
    1. “Finance is, like, done. Everybody’s bought everybody else with low-cost debt. Everybody’s maximised their margin. They’ve bought all their shares back . . . There’s nothing there. Every industry has about three players. Elizabeth Warren is right,” Ubben told the Financial Times.

      Pretty amazing statement! Elizabeth Warren is right!

  32. Apr 2021
    1. This project will be great for instruction and portable reproducible science

      This is what I'm aiming for with triplescripts.org. Initially, I'm mostly focused on the reproducibility the build process for software. In principle, it can encompass all kinds of use, and I actually want it to, but for practical reasons I'm trying to go for manageable sized bites instead of very large ones.

    1. (Yes, I realize from a technical, end-user perspective this really doesn't matter.)

      The word "technical" in this sentence doesn't seem to belong or to clarify anything. I think it would be clearer without it.

      But I think I understand what he's saying, which is that technical details don't matter to the end user. They only know/see/care if it works or not.

    1. by an Arizona man or another person's attempt to run over a Pakistani woman in a Huntington, N.Y., parking lot. It

      Well, someone needs to educate these people

  33. Mar 2021
    1. multi-dimensional erector set that we're going forever

      "A multi-dimensional erector set that will go on forever..."

      No, unfortunately not forever.

  34. Feb 2021
    1. Note that the path ends in its very own end, signalizing a new end state, or outcome. The end’s semantic is :with_cc.
  35. Nov 2020
    1. People want to be able to choose which service they use to communicate with people. However, today if you want to message people on Facebook you have to use Messenger, on Instagram you have to use Direct, and on WhatsApp you have to use WhatsApp. We want to give people a choice so they can reach their friends across these networks from whichever app they prefer.We plan to start by making it possible for you to send messages to your contacts using any of our services, and then to extend that interoperability to SMS too. Of course, this would be opt-in and you will be able to keep your accounts separate if you'd like.

      Facebook plans to make messaging interoperable across Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. It will be opt-in.

  36. Oct 2020
    1. Focus on your application: forget about forms details like I'm dirty, field touched...
    2. You can try to build a solution to tackle these issues on your own, but it will cost you time and money... why not use a battle-tested solution to handle all this complexity?
    3. If you want to implement a form with a superb User Experience, you have to take care of many variables:
    4. Form validation can get complex (synchronous validations, asynchronous validations, record validations, field validations, internationalization, schemas definitions...). To cope with these challenges we will leverage this into Fonk and Fonk Final Form adaptor for a React Final Form seamless integration.
    5. Managing Form State (holding field information, check if a control has been touched, if the user has clicked the submit button, who owns the current focus...) can be tedious and prone to errors. We can get help from React Final Form to handle these challenges for us.
    1. Mr Dutton will renew his attack on Facebook and other companies for moving to end-to-end encryption, saying it will hinder efforts to tackle online crime including child sexual abuse.This month, Australia joined its "Five-Eyes" intelligence partners – the United States, Britain, New Zealand and Canada – along with India and Japan, in signing a statement calling on tech companies to come up with a solution for law enforcement to access end-to-end encrypted messages.

      Countering child exploitation is an extremely important issue. It's a tough job and encryption makes it harder. But making encryption insecure is counter intuitive and has negative impacts on digital privacy. So poking a hole in encryption, while it can assist with countering child exploitation, can also inadvertently be helping, for example, tech-enabled domestic abuse.

      Hopefully DHA understands this and thus have thrown it back at the tech companies to come up with a solution for law enforcement.

    1. Another dissection room, another figure standing in its centre - but this one is calm. She simply looks at him sadly, a pity in her face that burns him worse than any flame. More than anything, the Archivist wants to look away, to turn his eye from her gentle sadness, from the disappointment in what she sees in him.


    1. Affective forecasting is the process by which we attempt to pre-dict how we will feel in the future. One of the ways we fail at this task is called the end of history illusion,which suggests that we’re well aware of how much we’ve changed in the past ten years, but we imagine that that’s it—we’re done changing. When asked how much we think we’ll change in the next ten years, we assume we’re done.
  37. Sep 2020