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    1. I was in a vintage shop about 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles earlier in the week and the proprietor had a mostly functioning 1950 Smith-Corona Sterling for sale for a roughly equivalent US $150. (One key was disconnected, but fixable, and some keys were sticky, the ribbon was disintegrating, it was incredibly dirty, with a case in very poor condition.) The Sterling was similar to the Silent, but without some of the extra bells and whistles. She wouldn't accept an offer of $40 for it, which I thought was a reach for the dreadful condition it was in. Her reasoning was that she was sure that someone (read: a sucker) would pay the $150 for it. At a yard sale it might be worth $5. Cleaned up a bit maybe $30. In online platforms they're going for a bit more, but you're also saving yourself some level of "shoe leather" in the work of searching for the exact model you want.

      I've been specifically watching this model and a few related ones for a few months, and machines of indeterminate condition (though in my experience they're usually reasonably functionable or easily fixable), like this go for about $50 on ShopGoodWill.com (as auction items). There are usually about 4-5 per week which come up as this was a popular model in the 50s. You can probably find similar prices on eBay, though sellers there usually have a little more information about the working condition. They're definitely common enough that you could easily wait for the exact color options and typeface (pica or elite) that you're looking for, and could also probably purchase two for the price he's asking (including shipping.) I've been watching for a similar mid-50s Smith-Corona Clipper with similar colors and elite type for a while and just bought one online last week for $35. Patience definitely pays off.

      I would only go as high as $150 on that machine if I knew it was well functioning and had a brand new platen in the last several years. You can tell him that most of the expensive machines in the range he's asking for are all fully functioning, have been well maintained and/or recently serviced, and often have new platens, rubber rollers, and feet replaced. He'll know that this isn't the case with his and may come down in price. They're likely pricing it based on other listings they see and not pricing it based on actual sales. If it's their only machine, wait things out until they see that there aren't any takers. If it's a vintage shop, simply move on.

      The Smith-Corona Silents from this time period are really spectacular and solid machines, so good luck in your search for the perfect one.

    1. New 1964 Sears Cutlass Model advertised in February 1965. The faceplate of existing examples exactly matches other machines only offered between 1964-65 (Citation, Constellation), so it is presumed to be exactly contemporary. Manufactured by Smith-Corona and similar to Smith-Corona "New 5-Series", with custom shell.
    1. Most Smith-Coronas in the 40s and 50s have similar ribbon set ups. Hopefully this photo and description will help:

      (Alt Text) Smith-Corona typewriter ribbon thread sample. A view into the type basket with the hood of the typewriter raised showing the ribbon coming out of a spool on the left, through a black ribbon guide (which actuates the autoswitch when the eyelet at the end of a spool gets stuck between it and the spool) next to the spool cup, and then into the two metal guides of the ribbon vibrator on either side of the the typing point. A silver pen's tip is pointing to the ribbon guide next to the spool cup at about the point where an eyelet clipped onto the middle of the end of a length of a ribbon would trip the ribbon auto switch.

      If your ribbon auto-switch isn't working one can usually switch the direction manually with the ribbon reverse lever usually found on the front left side of most machines.

      To speed up changing the ribbon on many machines, it can often help to switch the color selector to the red setting and then simultaneously press the G and H keys gently so that they're stuck together almost at the typing point which will raise the ribbon vibrator and make accessing the slots for threading the ribbon easier. Once the ribbon is installed, release the G and H typebars and select the correct color setting for the portion of the ribbon you want to use.

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    1. 6N070 Smith Corona Clipper Typewriter Ribbon This is the ribbon you need for your Smith Corona Clipper typewriter.  1/2" nylon ribbon with eyelets on 2" diameter spools.  Available in vibrant colors and can be made in nylon, cotton, or silk.

      The replacement typewriter ribbon for my Smith-Corona Clipper is 1/2" nylon ribbon with eyelets on 2" diameter spools.


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    1. Friday<br /> 7 July <br /> 2017


      You are a wise and brave man. This 1930's era Smith- corona Clipper will last you for the ages..

      Happy to have served you...<br /> /s<br /> Tom Hanks

      Hanks wrote this letter to an interviewer who purchased one. Lost here on the viewer is the fact that the Clipper wasn't manufactured until 1946...

    2. This is what I would suggest: if you wanted the perfect typewriter that will last forever that would be a great conversation piece, I'd say get the Smith-Corona Clipper. That will be as satisfying a typing experience as you will ever have. —Tom Hanks on CBS Sunday Morning: "Tom Hanks, Typewriter Enthusiast" at 07:30

    1. My favorite is always changing. Any Smith-Corona Sterling or Silent is a gem. Any Hermes, either the green or tan, all work like lightning. I have a thing for my Olivetti Lettera 22’s, as they are masterpieces of design, the action is crazy fast and light, and the typewriter is in the Museum of Modern Art.

      —Tom Hanks in TribLive 2020-05-22 at https://web.archive.org/web/20200522085215/https://archive.triblive.com/aande/books/tom-hanks-on-his-love-of-typewriters-and-the-free-press/

      I've seen several sites and listings for Smith-Corona typewriters which mention this interview quote.

    1. The Clipper was named after Boeing's 314 Clipper- which although was retired by Pan-Am in 1946- still continued to represent a new era of elegant, luxurious travel, and which this typewriter is directly associated with.
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    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2021, November 26). Parts of Germany seem to have potentially introduced requirements that cannot practically be met as testing capacity is proving insufficient—A dangerous moment for rule compliance Nadelöhr Corona-Tests: “Es ist Wahnsinn” via @sz https://t.co/meLS79RTCw [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1464287412289511432

  9. Jun 2022
    1. whole-genome sequencing (WGS) provides the highest possible subtyping resolution improving the surveillance, outbreak investigation, source attribution, and microbial population studies

      Purpose of WGS in population epidemiology

      1. Surveillance
      2. Outbreak Investigation
      3. Source attribution
      4. Microbial population
  10. Mar 2022
    1. BA.2 sub-lineage has even higher propensity to spread among people and has the ability to infect people who have been fully vaccinated and/or previously infected by escaping from neutralising antibodies induced by vaccination or infection.

      Omicron BA2 infects more in vaccinated

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    1. Genome sequencing is complex, and only 38 laboratories across the country (https://bit.ly/3ED4vrP) have the ability to sequence a virus which is as infectious as this

      Viral Genome sequencing facility in India

      • 38 labs
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    1. Kevin McConway. ‘Media: Worst Ever Week for Test & Trace; They Only Reached 59.9% of Identified Contacts. But the % Reached Went up This Week for Contacts Managed by Local Health Protection Teams AND for Contacts Not Managed by Them (What Used to Be Called “complex” and “Non-Complex” Cases.) How?’ Tweet. @kjm2 (blog), 5 November 2020. https://twitter.com/kjm2/status/1324417367477264386.

  17. Feb 2021
    1. Il s’agit en fait plu­tôt d’une inca­pa­ci­té de pen­ser vrai­ment avec cette pos­si­bi­li­té que quelque chose vienne enrayer la nor­ma­li­té des choses, la rou­tine de la crois­sance…
  18. Jan 2021
    1. I blame western governments here. These supposed leaders of the free world spread only confusion, denial, and stupidity. They told everyone not to trust China, and then took no meaningful action themselves. The EU, UK, and US completely shat the bed, and are still rolling in it. Most of the world was actually infected through them.

      Der Großteil der Welt wurde von/durch EU, Uk und USA angesteckt.

    2. . We put the whole weight of this terrible situation on those irresponsible people, misunderstanding where true responsibility lies, and when.

      Corona & Verantwortung des Einzelnen vs. Regierungsverantwortung

  19. Nov 2020
    1. Das Problem ist: Lauterbach ist beides, Rechthaber und Spielverderber. Fast alles, was er prognostiziert und erklärt, ist auch eingetroffen: höhere Infektionszahlen im Herbst und Winter, Langzeitfolgen, die vielen Toten. Der Mangel an Klinikpersonal, bald fehlende Beatmungsbetten, hohe Inzidenzwerte über lange Zeiträume hinweg.
    1. Aber der Gedanke drängt sich auf, hier wird gesamtgesellschaftlich etwas verdrängt. Ist die wahre Krise nicht eine andere, sehr viel bedrohlichere? All den betroffenen Menschen, denen die deutschen Medien derzeit so gerne zuhören, ist eines gemein: Sie haben keine Coronainfektion.
    1. 2020 events have accelerated digital transformation, and COVID-19-driven digital adoption rates have covered decades in days: E-commerce grew 10 years in 8 weeks Telemedicine grew 10 times in 15 days Remote working has 20 time more participants in 3 months Remote learning grew 250 million in 2 weeks Online entertainment grew 7 years in 5 months (I must admit that Netflix has become my best friend in this pandemic …)

      Zeigt, wie wichtig es ist, dass Organisationen digital operieren können. Quellen für diese Zahlen?

  20. www.mediatenor.com www.mediatenor.com
    1. EsmüsstendrittensstaatlichalimentierteMedien–vorallemFernsehenundRadio–verpflichtetwerden,nichtnuralsErfüllungsgehilfederExekutivezuhandeln.UnterschiedlicheMeinungenvonExpertenunterschiedlicherDisziplinen-nichtnurvonVirokraten-müssenzuWortkommen.ZuspitzungundDramatisierungsindzuvermeiden.DasnimmtdenLaienetwasvonihrergefühltenSchutzlosigkeit.

      Anders gesagt: Die Medien sollten die Meinungen der Experten relativieren und ihnen gegenüber denen der Laien zu mehr Geltung verhelfen.

    2. FürdiePressefreiheitunddamitauchfürdieQualitätderNachrichtendrohtderCorona-LockdownmitallseineninzwischenzumindestteilweiseabsehbarennachfolgendenwirtschaftlichenKollateralschädenzueinemTsunamizuwerden.Erbautsicherstallmählichauf,wirdabervermutlichinunserenfreiheitlichenGesellschaftenlängerundverheerenderwütenalsdasdasCovid19-Virusselbst.

      Hier wird für mich deutlich, dass Russ-Mohl auf die Gefährdung eines konservativ verstandenen liberalen Gesellschaftsmodell reagiert.

    3. Historiker,aberauchweitereMedienforscherwerdenmitInhaltsanalysenzuklärenhaben,inwieweitdieRegierungenundihrePolitikberatermitdem«alternativlosen»und–wiesichinzwischenmutmaßenlässt-unverhältnismäßigenLockdownangezettelthaben,wassichwomöglichzurgrößtenWirtschaftskriseseitden1930erJahrenauswachsenwird.

      Mit einer solchen Formulierung begibt sich Stephan Russ-Mohl in AfD-Nähe,u.a. durch die Konnotationen von *angezettelt", und durch die insinuierenden Vermutungen.

    1. Und so steht neben eitler Nabelschau und Ethnozentrimus der Relativismus im Zentrum dessen, was bei den Medien schief
    2. Vielmehr hätten die Medien viel klarer auf die vorhersehbaren Risiken der zweiten Welle hinweisen und vorbereiten müssen, statt sich in zweifelhafter Selbstbeweihräucherung auf den eher mittelmäßigen Erfolgen der ersten Eindämmungsmaßnahmen auszuruhen
    3. als. Wer den Prognosen von Experten wie Drosten oder Lauterbach gefolgt ist, weiß, dass diese überwiegend von erstaunlicher Genauigkeit waren.
    4. Aber im Vordergrund stehen Prozesse, die nicht mit sich verhandeln lassen. Auf diese gilt es zu reagieren, schnell und unter Berücksichtigung einer sich permanent verändernden Fakten- und Wissenslage, meist unter Bedingungen sehr großer Unsicherhei
    1. Damit einher gehen oftmals phasenspezifische Ausprägungen von Journalismus-Versagen, wobei es ja ebenso verblüffend wie vielsagend ist, dass schon dieser Begriff kaum existent ist, während Journalisten recht häufig je nach Couleur entweder Marktversagen oder Staats-, Politik- und Bürokratieversagen in ihrer Kommentierung bemühen.

      Ein Problem bei der Argumentation von Russ-Mohl besteht in der Benennung/Festlegung der Akteure: der Journalismus, die Regierenden. Wenn man solche Größen annimmt und dann mit Statistiken Korrelationen festellt, suggeriert man Kausalitäten.

    2. Allerdings bin ich auch Journalist gewesen und kenne die Prinzipien guter Recherche. Ich folge seit Monaten einer Vielzahl von internationalen Expertinnen und Experten verschiedener Fachgebiete (Virologie, Epidemiologie, Medizinstatistik, etc.) auf Twitter, lese deren verlinkte Artikel und nehme ihre Einschätzungen wahr und ernst.
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    1. Moderna had earlier announced that it would start its pivotal phase III studies in July, to be followed by a biologic-licence application (BLA) with the USFDA. While apprehensions have been raised over that timeline, senior researchers like Fauci who had backed Moderna’s vaccine have not made any observations on the quality of data shared.

      Very bad quality of data

    2. A few days ago, the US launched a public-private partnership under Operation Warp Speed that hand-picked five companies that can develop and make vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics on an accelerated basis.
    3. Tests on patients showed that remdesivir helped shrink the recovery time for critical patients from 15 days to 11 days but could not prevent mortality or bring down death rates. In short, remdesivir isn’t a definitive cure for Covid-19.
    4. Hundreds of chemistry-based and biological drugs – new and existing – are being tested everyday across continents to rein in the coronavirus, but so far only one has shown partial activity.
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      • Makalah ini membahas aspek yang belum pernah dibahas sebelumnya, walaupun fragmen-fragmen isu ini sudah ditampilkan di berbagai media sejak masa awal Indonesia menangani virus ini secara serius.

      • Menampilkan milestone di sini ide yang baik. Saran saja untuk juga menampilkannya dalam bentuk visual.

  25. May 2020
    1. destroying rainforest ecosystems raises the odds of new pathogens making the jump from animals to humans. It also harms our ability to deal with climate change, as tropical forests are a key component in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
    2. Environmental agencies have reported an uptick in deforestation during lockdowns, as well as increases in poaching, animal trafficking and illegal mining worldwide
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    1. Real data shows that book sales are down some 25 percent during this lockdown. People are not actually buying books—not in physical shops (understandably), and online sales are plummeting too. So, either Italians are rereading all the volumes they have at home, or they’re just lying.
    2. Was it a reading pandemic?
    3. It’s a story playing out among many couples in Italy right now. Unpredicted move-ins. New families.
    4. Will their children be called the coronaboomers?

      Mi sto piegando in due

    5. Canceled. Cancellato has became to me the most beautiful word in the Italian dictionary. Not Ti amo or pizza. Canceled.


    6. As a freelance writer, I say to myself that the lockdown doesn’t change much from before. I stay in my pajamas all day, as before, plus there is the cancellation of all social activities. No more endless dinner parties or pointless meetings. It’s so relieving.

      It's the same for University students, excluded the few hours of weekly lectures

    7. The turning point, for me at least, came when I learned that someone real, someone on the fringe of my immediate circle, was in mortal danger. It was the 70-year-old father of a friend of a friend. He died. But the scariest and saddest thing is how he died: alone, in an intensive care unit, with no chance to say goodbye to his loved ones. For now, funerals are also prohibited. That is how one dies in the time of the coronavirus. This is the most terrible thing.When you hear stories like that, you start following the rules. You are suddenly ready to stay home. You wear your mask, and you don’t feel like making jokes about the virus. You get depressed.

      The turning point of attitude and behavior related to Corona Virus

    8. This is a very Italian kind of sport: negotiating a bureaucracy.
    1. If concerns over students’ safety is at the heart of this, shouldn’t we strongly encourage students not to leave, no matter what, and only require that students who absolutely must leave not return?
    1. switching to online will be more chaotic and hard than you can imagine, and it will cause greater damage to disadvantaged students than you will probably notice.

      Switching to "online"

  28. Nov 2015
    1. Your corona is located in the position of the Third Eye. It is an energy field or pattern and it serves both as a radiator and a receptor. By stabilizing it with this blue luminescence it will allow this session and future sessions to proceed more easier for you to see visual images. These images will help you to understand more completely than you have in the past what I am saying to you.