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    1. This is a way to make check lists that are more useful. You only fill the box when your all the way done with the task, when you are about half way done you fill the box half way. I learnedabout this from Adam Savage in his book, "Every Tool is a Hammer". He learned about it when he worked at Industrial Light & Magic.Does it have an official name? (screen shots from his book)

      Adam Savage's book Every Tool is a Hammer shows a checklist which has square bullets which can be partially filled in to show the level of completion. He learned the method when working at Industrial Light & Magic.

      via u/AZORIAN_K129 at https://www.reddit.com/r/NoteTaking/comments/15zgbvr/does_this_technique_have_a_name/

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    1. Immediately before stepping on stage, he suggests using the tip of your right pinky finger to find the upper end of your trousers zipper. If your fingernail clicks against the zipper’s metal pull-tab, then you are safe and ready to make your entrance. If your pinky slides in up to your knuckle, however, then you have to XYZ PDQ (eXamine Your Zipper, Pretty Darn Quick)!

      Harry Lorayne used a pinky check, in which he used the fingernail of his pinky finger against his the pull-tab of his zipper to ensure his fly was closed, every night before appearing on stage to prevent embarrassment and to maintain credibility as a memory expert.

      MAGIC MENTOR MONDAY: Harry Lorayne - Chamber Magic<br /> by Steve Cohen

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    1. I make a habit of outlining chapters in Obsidian as it allows me to structure them with indented bullet points, and to link individual bullet points to supporting notes, including notes on original sources. I also make the bullet points into checkboxes, so I can check them off as I make my way through the outline as I’m drafting the actual chapter.
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    1. To check whether the music symbol ♫ is being displayed in a string (if it is not being displayed on some devices), you can try measuring the string width; if width == 0 then the symbol is absent.
    2. I want to check if the String I am about to display can be displayed by my custom font.
    3. I can't find a method to check if my Typeface can display a particular String though.
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    1. a well-fitting mask or respirator over their nose and mouth

      Most people I see wearing masks don't have a good seal, many have beards or facial hair affecting the seal, often they have their nose sticking out over the top - or chin mask.

      And masking children properly is an exercise in futility.

      Long story short, when worn properly they offer "some" protection studies also found that modest improvements in ventilation offered as much protection as even the best masks.

    1. Once zeitwerk mode is enabled and the configuration of eager load paths double-checked, please run: bin/rails zeitwerk:check

      This is helpful because it allows you to detect/find eager load issues in dev before/without deploying.

      I ran into an eager load error after deploying to staging...

    2. the last "All is good!" is what you are looking for.
    3. To verify the application is running in zeitwerk mode, execute bin/rails runner 'p Rails.autoloaders.zeitwerk_enabled?'
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    1. How can one’s identity be unchangeable (immutable) with respect to an ever-changing social construct? And if gender identity is innate, how can it be “fluid”?

      begging the question/loaded question

    2. But even this one violates current dogma. Some activists have complained that the Genderbread Person looks overly male.

      Being very nitpicky.Definitely check for something here. Maybe relevance?

    1. biryani-eater has become an all-purpose smear for anyone who takes a dim view of the Hindu-nationalist government

      Is there evidence to back this up?

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    1. Finding how to check if a list is empty in Python is not so a tricky task as you think. There are few effective methods available to make your functionalities easy. And of course, list play a paramount role in python that come up with few tempting characteristics listed in the below for your reference.

      Hope so, you got the points that are listed in the above points. All the methods are very simple to write and execute! Probably, the best solution is revealed for your query of “how to Check if a List Is Empty in Python

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    1. Just for fun, I did a little experimenting at home to show how some of these different types of cement hold up. I started by cementing a bunch of materials together with a bunch of different types of cement. I waited 24 hours, then cut each one roughly in half, down the middle.
    1. svelte-preprocess doesn't do any kind of type-checking, it just transpiles your ts into js (see it here). If you want to fail your build when a type error is found, you can use svelte-check.
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    1. How do you know if source maps are working correctly? Try adding a syntax error to one of your assets and use the console to debug. Does it show the correct file and source location? Or does it reference the top level application.js file?
    1. Doonesbury

      Fact Check!

      Did mid-1990s coders really eat Skittles for major meals?

      Answer: Maybe. Douglas Coupland's short story "Microserfs" ', a cover story in Wired in 1994 and later a novel, includes explicit references to skittles, and suggests that they could be the right meal for coders (although breakfast is not specifically mentioned).

  18. Oct 2020
    1. Hooks save timeIt gets even better.When hooks are the first part of your article, you have a critical opportunity to ask others for feedback: “After reading my intro, do you want to keep reading?”If they say no, you saved yourself from writing an article no one cares about.If they say yes, you'll have confidence you've found an interesting perspective.
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    1. Imagine a society so fucked up that this couple is kept from ever knowing about each other through systematic campaigns of fear and hatred

      Your assumption falls on its face when you consider that any given society consists of individual drives. When most people agree that men are filthy undesirables unless they redeem themselves in some way, so that opinion becomes sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy, you get a society that systematically denies not only their dating struggles, but the most basic human rights concerns, like the right to equal protection under the law, which is crucial to address the female perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence.

    2. Maybe you can point to a mental illness they have

      I'm pretty sure your typical reader considers that an aggravating circumstance.

    3. Now, I know this is a stretch, but imagine for a second

      And the reason you expect your average, feminist brainwashed, reader, to do that?

    4. They want women to deserve to be barred from higher education.

      Wrong. Desperate horny men like you want women at all costs. You pretend not to realize that men opening up their spaces to the opposite sex is the default social dynamic, even though females never reciprocate in kind when it comes to sharing their spaces. Elite schools that only let males to attend is a fickle thing that only survives as long as wise men have enough of a political wherewithal to sustain the safe space. Yes, the conversation that you'll never bring up, is the fact that males need safe spaces to learn and develop too, even more than girls.

    5. convince

      They are quite certain.

    6. I’ve seen whole comedies devoted to how hilarious this is, and it’s kind of like making fun of Holocaust victims for dying so easily.

      People laugh at the pain that victims of Male Genital Mutilation experience, and are a-ok torturing baby dicks with knives. You think they'll care about your attitude to the show?

    7. a 40 year old virgin

      You forgot to use the Male qualifier there.

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    1. 一、利用緩衝說法,表現委婉而確實的說話術二、開始前的提問,決定學習的方向三、把時間優先留給「真正想做的事」四、沒有信賴關係,罵只會帶來反效果五、將「語意記憶」轉換成「情節記憶」更易記住六、寫得愈多,大腦愈活化七、將大腦中的情報,像拍照一樣保存下來八、根據「設計圖」寫作速度最快可以提升三倍九、大方投資可以促使自我成長的「夥伴」十、危機管理,就是盡量減少「跡近錯失」的發生
      • 什麼是情節記憶? 就是聯想
      • 有哪些促使自我成長的夥伴
      • 什麼事跡近錯失?
  25. Feb 2020
    1. The Four-Component Instructional Model (4C/ID) immediately grabbed my attention when looking at the various models we had available. The process involves (a) learning tasks, (b) part-task practice, (c) support information, and (d) procedural information. It seems simple enough but design guidelines laid out in the tables within Merriênboer (2019) provide very thorough suggestions and a constructivist approach. The end product for a curricula or course designed in this approach is one with fidelity to professional activity.

    2. Table 4:

      encourages metacognition and challenges conceptual and structural models.

    3. Table 3

      Encourages individualization, personalized learning tasks and self-directed learning. Shifts the responsibility over task selection from the teacher to the student (important!)

    4. Table 2:

      It's asking for thorough standards of acceptable performance to be set down, or made concrete by the instructor and ID, as a way to measure things effectively.

    5. Table 1: Design Principles for Learning Tasks

      one of the things I like about this model is that it is asking you from the get go to think of profession-related activities that can be designed or simulated for students to understand and relate the material.

    6. Instructional methods for part-task prac-tice aim at the strengthening of cognitive rules by extensive repetitive practice. Strengthening is a basic learning process that ultimately leads to fully automated cognitive schemas (Anderson, 1993

      Find the activities in a college class that require routines and rote learning, or cognitive schemas that require practice and "strengthen them"

    7. Procedural information (in Figure 1, the yellow beam with arrows pointing upwards to the learning tasks) helps students with performing the routine aspects of learning tasks, that is, aspects that are always per-formed in the same fashion.

      so break down a lecture theory session from a step by step session. Or a document that has theory information should have a clear divide when you get into the step by step process?

    8. sup-portive information in Figure 1 is not con-nected to individual learning tasks but to levels of complexity; it can be presented be-fore learners start to work on the learning tasks (under the motto ‘first the theory and only then start to practice’) and/or it can be consulted by learners who are already working on the learning tasks (under the motto ‘only consult the theory when needed’)

      The idea of providing this supplemental information as a way to check against their current cognitive models by referring to theory or let theory guide their attempt at a learning task. It doesn't dictate a rigid structure.

    9. This feedback stimulates learners to critically compare their own mental models and cognitive strategies with those of others, including experts, teachers and peer learners

      I like that this model includes the idea of feedback and how to trigger thinking and reflection on their own behavior, cognitive models, etc.



    1. * Information-Processing Analysis : about the mental operations used by a person who has learned a complex skills

      this sounds a lot more involved unless you are working off a basic set of assumptions for mental operations and complex skills. Further understanding of psychological research and learning theories would be needed.

    2. Dick and Carey Model

      what the heck is this website, lmao.

    1. (a) learning tasks, (b) supportive information, (c) procedural information, and (d) part-task practice

      4 components

      Learning Tasks:

      • aim at integration of (non-recurrent and recurrent) skills.
      • provide authentic, whole-task experiences based on real-life tasks
      • Are organized in simple-to-complex task classes and have diminishing support in each task class (scaffolding).
      • Show high variability of practice.
    2. Learning tasks provide the backbone of the educational program; they provide learning from varied experiences and explicitly aim at the transfer of learning.

      the backbone of this model

    3. four-component instructional design (4C/ID)

      4C/ID tag might be one of the models I want to look into as I might use it for the Art Modules Class

    1. Feedback is a constant loop and not something that should come right at the end of the e-learning course or training module. So, it is important for courses to have feedback inserted at the right places during instruction.

      feedback is a constant loop

    2. Feedback needs to be specific in nature, as well as confirmatory and corrective. This way the learners know what they did right and wrong.

      how to give feedback

    3. Giving learners an indication of the desired outcomes help them calibrate their approach appropriately. This can be done via examples, case studies, and modelling various learning strategies like concept mapping, visualizing, role playing.

      learner guidance

    4. Successive Approximation Model (SAM)

      first time i've heard of this one

    5. Understanding Instructional Design

      reading check 3 material

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    1. It’s currently #3 on the top grossing charts in India. The game drives more IAP (in-app purchase) revenues than any other app except PUBG and Tinder!

      how come ??

  28. Nov 2018
    1. Fly enough, and you learn to go brain-dead when you have to. It’s sort of like time travel. One minute you’re bending to unlace your shoes, and the next thing you know you’re paying fourteen dollars for a fruit cup, wondering, How did I get here?

      he he. True. Except the shoe part.

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    1. Instead, I would encourage the social platforms to include prominent features for filtering and flagging. They should work with journalists and social psychologists to invent a new visual grammar so that when content is fact-checked, debunked, corrected, or verified, those processes are transparent and available to anyone seeking to understand more about the origins of a story.
  32. May 2018
    1. Biohackers will soon be able to forgo these companies altogether with an all-in-one desktop genome printer: a device much like an inkjet printer that employs the letters AGTC — genetic base pairs — instead of the color model CMYK.A similar device already exists for institutional labs, called BioXp 3200, which sells for about $65,000. But at-home biohackers can start with DNA Playground from Amino Labs, an Easy Bake genetic oven that costs less than an iPad, or The Odin’s Crispr gene-editing kit for $159.

      The BioXP does not have the DNA synthesis functionality mentioned in the former paragraph as a workaround for buying fragments of DNA. Instead this system seems to assemble smaller synthesized sequences into larger ones. Neither the DNA playground nor the CRISPR gene editing kit allow the automated construction of DNA and also do not have the ability to synthesize DNA from a digital sequence.

  33. Feb 2018
    1. A 2015 study of self-checkouts with handheld scanners,

      I wonder if this happens more with the handheld scanners? I feel like the folks in the front of the store keep a pretty good handle on things (most days).

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    1. Training Library

      is this component correct? Is not better to use Bands instead of InfoUnits?

  36. Oct 2017
    1. Approved Engineering Consultant Search

      CTA buttons (with > at last) still missing, I´ll need help with that.

    2. NXP and Enea

      I found ENEA logo more appropiate than the Diagram Image.

    3. Additional Resources

      Bottom white space could be caused by template. This page was found in DCT

    1. Search Samples

      Do I change to the other kind of bar? Description (look for the "Button addons" section)

    2. Available Samples

      The top white-space is because there is hidden DIV used to show a message if incorrect values are typed.

    3. Not finding the sample you need? Contact sales and support.

      This link is showed in this way because of the component, I suggest to change the ubication in order to this get auto-located in a better position.

  37. Sep 2017
    1. To date, there is no evidence that nuclear weapons or the materials needed to make them have ever fallen into the hands of a terrorist group; even large and sophisticated terrorist groups that have tried to get nuclear weapons have failed to do so; and the international community has taken a wide range of actions over the past quarter-century (and particularly over the 2010-2016 period of the nuclear security summits) that have drastically improved the security measures for nuclear weapons and materials around the world

      Doesnt this contradict the authors oroginal claim?

  38. Apr 2017
    1. Peer-Reviewed Article

      Coding seems okay. 2 fragments, 35 lines.

    2. Peer-Reviewed Article

      Coding seems same as original, but I marked all, just in case. 11 fragments, 34 lines.

    3. Commissioned Review

      As in other places, the images in the article are very small, hard to read, until activated.

    4. Peer-Reviewed Article

      Block quote problem at S-3 (already noted by Dan)

    5. Peer-Reviewed Article

      Lots of code, but it all looks the same or better than the DM original. I have marked all code, just in case. 31 fragments, 260 lines.

    1. <quote work="inferno" linebegin="I_71" lineend="I_71">E vissi a Roma</quote>. Certa cosa č che <name nameid="virgilio" nametype="person">Virgilio</name>, avendo l'ingegno disposto e acuto agli studi, primieramente studiň a <name nameid="cremona" reg="Cremona" nametype="place">Cremona</name> e di quindi n'andň a <name nameid="melano" reg="Milano" nametype="place">Melano</name>, lŕ dov'egli studiň in medicina; e, avendo lo 'ngegno pronto alla poesia e vedendo i poeti essere nel cospetto d'<name nameid="ottaviano" reg="ottavianoaugusto" nametype="person">Ottaviano</name> acetti, se ne andň a <name nameid="napoli" reg="Napoli" nametype="place">Napoli</name> e quivi si crede sotto <name nameid="cornuto" seealso="LuciusAnnaeusCornutus" nametype="person">Cornuto</name> poeta udisse alquanto tempo. (Esp., I (I), 61).[13]

      Looks good, but just in case.

    2. Dice adunque cosě: <quote work="inferno" linebegin="I_1" lineend="I_1">Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita</quote>. Ove, ad evidenzia di questo principio, č da sapere: la vita de' mortali č, massimamente di quegli li quali a quel termine divengono il quale pare che per convenevole ne sia posto, settanta anni, quantunque alquanti e pochi piů ne vivano e infinita moltitudine meno, sě come per lo <name nameid="salmista" nametype="person" myth="yes" biblical="yes" authored="bible">Salmista</name> si comprende nel <name nameid="salmi" nametype="work" partof="bible" author="salmista" rend="italics">Salmo</name> LXXXVIIII, dove dice: <quote work="salmi" linebegin="89_9" lineend="89_10" rend="italics">Anni nostri sicut aranea meditabuntur; dies annorum nostrorum septuaginta anni. Si autem in potentatibus circa octoginta anni; et amplius eorum labor et dolor</quote>: e perciň colui, il quale perviene a trentacinque anni, si puň dire essere nel mezzo della nostra vita. (Esp.,I (I), 3)[12]

      This seems okay to me, but just in case.

  39. Oct 2016
    1. In other words, Hillary Clinton herself has known for at least a year that her campaign and her entire party systematically incite violence at Trump rallies. This is hard evidence of direct collaboration between the DNC and the Hillary/Kaine campaign to terrorize every Trump or Pence event with paid, trained, and centrally organized agitators. Many of these agitators were homeless and/or mentally ill persons, as well as “rock ‘n’ roll” DNC union workers. Moreover, coordinating all these thugs involved daily calls to Robbie Mook and Hillary Clinton herself. This Bolshevik/Brownshirt “birddogging” campaign is way bigger than online “troll” tactics by the Correct The Record Super PAC. This campaign literally amounts to a paid, mobile army of about 500 agitators that can be anywhere in the USA as needed.
    1. Official records reveal Bob Creamer, the man exposed as being behind a tactic called “bird-dogging” in which homeless people, the elderly, and mentally ill individuals are paid to start violence at Trump rallies, has been to the White House many times since 2009.
    1. Democrats have used trained provocateurs to instigate violence at Republican events nationwide throughout the 2016 election cycle, including at several Donald Trump rallies, using a tactic called “bird-dogging,”
    1. In turn, the consultants are working with Democratic Super PACs and other groups to give maximum media exposure to the “bird dogging” violence, which they admit targets the elderly and disabled for maximum “shock value.”
    1. Democrats have used trained provocateurs to instigate violence at Republican events nationwide throughout the 2016 election cycle, including at several Donald Trump rallies, using a tactic called “bird-dogging,” according to a new video investigation released Monday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.