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    1. el área de T&I contribuye a la formación de niñas, niños y adolescentesen el desarrollo de sus competencias para, principalmente, estudiar, reflexionary comprender la naturaleza, evolución e implicaciones ético-políticas de la Tec-nología y la Informática en la vida cotidiana; así como para resolver problemas,necesidades y deseos de orden tecnológico asociados a la mejora de la calidadde vida de las personas y demás especies que habitan el planeta, procurando laconservación de un mundo sustentable y sostenible para las generaciones actua-les y futuras.
      • Comprender la Naturaleza (Área Ciencias Naturales)
      • Implicaciones ético-políticas de las TIC
      • Resolver problemas de orden tecnológico (Áreas Matemáticas y Ciencias Naturales)
  3. Jan 2023
    1. I remember Chief Okemos well. He visited my father’s home anumber of times during my boyhood. One time he offered to ex-change a pony for me, telling father he would teach me to fish andhunt like an Indian. I was in my teens when the.last Indian lo-cated in the forest close by us, Game was still plenty, His wasATJR~LIUS T O W N S H I P AND ITS HISTORY 311quite a peaceable family, but someone didn’t like him or didn’twant him to be killing off all the wild game, so he with a jack knifecarved the portrait of an Indian in the bark of a tree where theIndian would be likely to see it, then he fired two or three bulletsinto the picture. This was a suggestion that an Indian alwaysunderstood, so he soon left for other parts. Some of us were sorryto see him go for we liked him, at least I did;
  4. Aug 2022
    1. Citation: Kirkpatrick, Keith. The Road to 6G. Communications of the ACM, September 2022, Vol. 65 No. 9, Pages 14-16 10.1145/3546959

      Although it is early in the commercial rollout of 5G mobile networks, countries, companies and standards bodies are gearing up for what will be in the next version—so called “6G” mobile network. There are already experimental allocation of high frequency radio bands and testing that has occurred at about 100m distances. The high frequency will mean higher bandwidth, but over shorter distances. There are experiments to make passive graphene reflectors on common surfaces to help with propagation. What may come is a convergence of 6G with WiFi 6 to support connectivity from body-area networks to low earth orbit satellites.

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    1. item1 { grid-area: 1/1/2/4; } 这里使用了你之前学习的网格线编号来定义网格项的区域。 上例中数字代表这些值: grid-area: horizontal line to start at / vertical line to start at / horizontal line to end at / vertical line to end at; 因此,示例中的网格项将占用第 1 条水平网格线(起始)和第 2 条水平网格线(终止)之间的行,及第 1 条垂直网格线(起始)和第 4 条垂直网格线(终止)之间的列。

      奇数水平 偶数垂直

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  9. wallet.kukai.app wallet.kukai.app
    1. Niki Selken, Gray Area, shared Kukai with the Design Science Studio today as an easy way to get some crypto, using a single sign on with Google.

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    1. I recently played a prototype of an upcoming game called Bronze. This takes the tile-laying/ territory claiming mechanic and builds on it by adding abilities to each of the tiles. they benefit you in some way if you claim them. The result is a very similar feel to Fjords (competing for a share of the map) but with greater depth.
  12. Mar 2021
    1. Quiñonero started raising chickens in late 2019 as a way to unwind from the intensity of his job.

      Part of the broader trend of chickens in San Francisco/Bay area a few years earlier?

  13. Feb 2021
    1. cerebellum and also in the supplementary motor area - both areas that are involved with fine motor control and performance of routine actions.

      Additional brain areas

      cerebellum and supplementary motor area

    1. You use grid-area, so the place for the side nav is allocated at start. If you hide (or even delete) the side nav, that won't change anything about this. You have to do a little trick: Set the width for the first column to 0 and change the grid-gap because otherwise you will have a (not needed) gap at the left.
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    1. To test that hypothesis, the researchers genetically modified H3 histones in rats by replacing the amino acid that dopamine attaches to with a different one it doesn’t react with. This stops dopaminylation from occurring. Withdrawal from cocaine is associated with changes in the readout of hundreds of genes involved in rewiring neural circuits and altering synaptic connections, but in the rats whose dopaminylation was prevented, these changes were suppressed. Moreover, neural impulse firing in VTA neurons was reduced, and they released less dopamine, showing that these genetic changes were indeed affecting the brain’s reward circuit operation. This might account for why people with substance use disorder crave drugs that boost dopamine levels in the brain during withdrawal. Finally, in subsequent tests, the genetically modified rats exhibited much less cocaine-seeking behavior

      Rats were genetically modified to decrease dopaminylation (modifying M3 so dopamine couldn't attach). This correlated to the Ventral Tegmental Area firing less (less cocaine impulse) and released less dopamine. This showed that these changes to H3, and subsequently the dopaminylation, did impact brain's reward circuit operation.

  16. Oct 2020
    1. Mikhail Gershovich - Vocat (@mgershovich)
    2. Michael Berman - California State University Channel Islands (@amichaelberman)
    3. Rolin Moe - Pepperdine (@RMoeJo)

      A bit curious that for a reclaim the web event around DoOO that he highlights their Twitter presence rather than their own websites. Potentially for lack of notifications/webmention functionality?

    4. Chris Mattia - California State University Channel Islands (@cmmattia)
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    1. "Social Equity Applicant" means an applicant that is an Illinois resident that meets one of the following criteria:        (1) an applicant with at least 51% ownership and     control by one or more individuals who have resided for at least 5 of the preceding 10 years in a Disproportionately Impacted Area;         (2) an applicant with at least 51% ownership and     control by one or more individuals who:             (i) have been arrested for, convicted of, or         adjudicated delinquent for any offense that is eligible for expungement under this Act; or             (ii) is a member of an impacted family;        (3) for applicants with a minimum of 10 full-time     employees, an applicant with at least 51% of current employees who:            (i) currently reside in a Disproportionately         Impacted Area; or            (ii) have been arrested for, convicted of, or         adjudicated delinquent for any offense that is eligible for expungement under this Act or member of an impacted family.

      Applicants for social equity measures must be majority owners or employ at least 10 full-time employs that qualify. Qualifications include living in an area that was over policed during the war on drugs. Family members of those incarcerated for a marijuana offense are also eligible, along with the individual.

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  29. enst31501sp2017.courses.bucknell.edu enst31501sp2017.courses.bucknell.edu
    1. 1002 area

      This map shows a more detailed version of the 1002 area, located in the north section of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This map also shows the location of the Native property that is at risk of being drilled.

      USGS. "Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 1002 Area, Petroleum Assessment, 1998, Including Economic Analysis." USGS: Science for a Changing World. Accessed April 28, 2017.

  30. Nov 2016
    1. Heminger estimated that it would take “over a million” new housing units “to make a dent in the shortfall.” The real challenge, he said, is “to fit that growth in the communities we cherish,” adding, in a non sequitur: “We need to change what the Bay Area looks like.”

      That's not a non-sequitur at all. If you build a bunch of things, it will change the landscape.

      This statement was totally on point and to the point: defending "neighborhood character", as more conservative voices often do, is at odds with major development.

    2. Strictly speaking, this is true. No jurisdiction can be legally compelled to designate a Priority Development Area. The region’s 191 PDAs were all nominated by local jurisdictions. San Francisco’s PDAs were unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2007.

      And yet, earlier in this article, the process is criticized for being undemocratic. Which is it, dude?

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  32. online.salempress.com.lacademy.idm.oclc.org online.salempress.com.lacademy.idm.oclc.org
    1. Land Area: 20,721 square kilometers (8,000 square miles)

      This is really small compared to the united states land area. The land area for the united states is 3.806 Million Square Miles