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    1. g

      Correction underway

      The dosage unit g/kg should read mg/kg for infliximab*. This unit was erroneously updated while previously correcting the dosing for IVIG and is now undergoing formal correction.

      *Andruska N, Mahapatra L, Hebbard C, et al. Severe pneumonitis refractory to steroids following anti-PD-1 immunotherapy. BMJ Case Rep 2018;366:bcr-2018.doi:10.1136/bcr-2018-225937 pmid:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30301729

    2. g

      Correction underway

      The dosage unit g/kg should read mg/kg for infliximab*. This unit was erroneously updated while previously correcting the dosing for IVIG and is now undergoing formal correction.

      *Andruska N, Mahapatra L, Hebbard C, et al. Severe pneumonitis refractory to steroids following anti-PD-1 immunotherapy. BMJ Case Rep 2018;366:bcr-2018.doi:10.1136/bcr-2018-225937 pmid:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30301729

    3. Steroid-refractory PD-(L)1 pneumonitis: incidence, clinical features, treatment, and outcomes

      Correction underway

      The dosage unit g/kg should read mg/kg for infliximab*. This unit was erroneously updated while previously correcting the dosing for IVIG and is now undergoing formal correction.

      *Andruska N, Mahapatra L, Hebbard C, et al. Severe pneumonitis refractory to steroids following anti-PD-1 immunotherapy. BMJ Case Rep 2018;366:bcr-2018.doi:10.1136/bcr-2018-225937 pmid:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30301729

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    1. instead of adapting learning rates based on the average first moment as in RMSP,

      RMSProp uses the second moment, not the first. Also, the moment is the average. That is, EMA of the gradient squares is an approximation of the second moment.

  7. Aug 2022
  8. Jul 2022
    1. started tinkering

      He was awarded a contract to study pointing devices or display workstations. ELABORATE

    2. memo

      Not a memo ELABORATE

    3. an idea that eventually turned into an obsession.

      Common myth that encountering this article led to his driving vision - this is not the case. See how he recounts his epiphany, and how he was influenced by the article. xxLINKxx

    4. new South Pacific station.

      Not a station, they were docked at Leyte waiting to be stationed in Manila Bay

  9. May 2022
    1. Creativ Common

      Creative Commons (voir corr précédente)

    2. que

      supprimer "que"

    3. figure


    4. réalisées


    5. de

      "d'un" (compte)

    6. scénarisé


    7. de

      "à" (parallèle : "à" mettre en œuvre)

    8. Elle

      "Il" (car je suppose que cela renvoie à l'accompagnement)

    9. interview

      "interviews" (logique dela phrase)

    10. informations

      "information" (au singulier)

    11. aux

      "sur les"

    12. manufacturés

      au singuler (accord)

    13. conforte

      mettre au pluriel (cf corr précédente) + "font évoluer" le prototype "vers un" dispositif etc. ?! ou "transforment" ?! ou "confortent la démarche en transformant"

    14. engage

      "qui engagent" (avec ou sans "qui", l'accord est nécessaire)

    15. auquel

      "auxquels" (thématique et problème)

    16. recherche création, recherche action

      entre guillemets, ou tiret entre recherche et action ou création

    17. assimile

      accorder à "logiques" (au pluriel) ou voir la correction précédente

    18. une

      supprimer "une" ou supprimer "des" et mettre "logique" au singulier

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    1. λA B ⇒ ∀x ∈ A, x ∈ B

      \(\lambda A B . \forall x \in A . x \in B\)

      \(\lambda A . \lambda B . \forall x \in A . x \in B\)

    2. when

      [superfluous word]

    1. array_zip(array<T>, array<U>, ...): array<struct<T, U, ...>>Returns a merged array of structs

      should read arrays_zips plural zips as in query example

      alternative description: a recursive flatten and merge

  13. Jan 2022
  14. Dec 2021
    1. hath

      In the Project Gutenberg file, this word is written as 'bath'. Upon inspection of a facsimile of the original, it should be 'hath'.

    2. sweet shepherd

      In the original manuscript, 'shepherd' is capitalized, indicating a reference to a specific person (i.e., the author's lover). This strikes the reader as possibly Shakespearean, as many of the Bard's later sonnets are addressed to a young man.

  15. Nov 2021
    1. In this report, we investigated performance of the omnibus test using simulated data. The hierarchical procedure is a widely used approach for comparing multiple (more than two) groups.[1] The omnibus test is intended to preserve type I errors by eliminating unnecessary post-hoc analyses under the null of no group difference. However, our simulation study shows that the hierarchical approach is not guaranteed to work all the time. The omnibus and post-hoc tests are not always in agreement. As our goal of comparing multiple groups is to find groups that have different means, a significant omnibus test gives a false alarm, if none of the post-hoc tests are significant. But, most important, we may also miss opportunities to detect group differences, if we have a non-significant omnibus test, since some or all post-hoc tests may still be significant in this case.Although we focus on the classic ANOVA model in this report, the same considerations and conclusions also apply to more complex models for comparing multiple groups, such as longitudinal data models [2]. Since for most models, post-hoc tests with significant levels adjusted to account for multiple testing do not have exactly the same type I error as the omnibus test as in the case of ANOVA, it is more difficult to evaluate performance of the hierarchical procedure. For example, the Bonferroni correction is generally conservative.Given our findings, it seems important to always perform pairwise group comparisons, regardless of the significance status of the omnibus test and report findings based on such group comparisons.

      Post hoc not significant when omnibus test is significant.

  16. Sep 2021
    1. Generally, shrank is the simple past tense form of "shrink" like in "I shrank the shirt in the wash." Shrunk is the past participle being paired with "have" as in "I have shrunk the jeans." There are rarer examples of shrinked and shrunken in literature but not enough to support those usages as standard.
    1. When referring to a change in direction, position, or course of action, the correct phrase is to change tack. This is in reference to the nautical use of tack which refers to the direction of a boat with respect to sail position. This phrase has long been confused as "change tact" but this is technically incorrect.
    1. Sir Patrick Vallance. (2021, July 19). Correcting a statistic I gave at the press conference today, 19 July. About 60% of hospitalisations from covid are not from double vaccinated people, rather 60% of hospitalisations from covid are currently from unvaccinated people. [Tweet]. @uksciencechief. https://twitter.com/uksciencechief/status/1417204235356213252

  17. Jul 2021
    1. The title doesn't fit the question: it should be Show lines between two patterns. Whoever wants lines from the first line on, doesn't get his answer here
  18. May 2021
    1. These “Songline” stories are ancient, exhibit little variation over long periods of time, and are carefully learned and guarded by the Elders who are its custodians [7].

      What is the best way we could test and explore error correction and overwriting in such a system from an information theoretic standpoint?

  19. Apr 2021
    1. Trigham, Ruth, and Michael Ashley Lopez. 2001. “Virtual Systems and Multimedia (Vsmm 2001) 7th International Conference, Berkeley, California.” In, 271–79.

      I believe you forget to write the name of the article. I guess this is the one you are referring to: Tringham, R. and Ashley Lopez, M. 2001. The democratization of technology. In Proceedings of the Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM'01). 7th International Conference.

    1. Kris Shaffer has created a Wordpress plugin to pull annotations to a new Wordpress post (details are linked here)

      This link here probably not available any more because it lets you to a page which has this warning: '404. Page not found. I just want to let you know :)

  20. Mar 2021
    1. Hotez, P., Batista, C., Ergonul, O., Figueroa, J. P., Gilbert, S., Gursel, M., Hassanain, M., Kang, G., Kim, J. H., Lall, B., Larson, H., Naniche, D., Sheahan, T., Shoham, S., Wilder-Smith, A., Strub-Wourgaft, N., Yadav, P., & Bottazzi, M. E. (2021). Correcting COVID-19 vaccine misinformation: Lancet Commission on COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics Task Force Members*. EClinicalMedicine, 33. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.eclinm.2021.100780

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    1. Dll hell was caused by multiple apps on the same device requiring different versions of dependencies. As dlls were shared that couldn't be resolved. Giving each app it's own versions of its dependencies is a way of avoiding dll hell. I'm not saying this a good thing but it avoids that specific problem.
  23. Dec 2020
    1. 0.1

      In the original, the decimal was in the wrong place

    2. 0.1 and 0.5

      In the original, these numbers had the decimal in the wrong place.

    3. a 5% false positive rate meansthat at least one out of every 20 non-existent effects studied invisualization (potentially several each year!) is incorrectly reportedas being a likely effect

      In the original publication, we left out that the 5% false positive rate applies to non-existent effects

  24. Oct 2020
    1. Replace the card, reinstall Sophos and restart the system.

      Wi-Fi MK-755が装着無しよりエラーが発生、対応策なし。

      An error occurred when Wi-Fi MK-755 was not installed, and there was no countermeasure.

    2. Hardware connectivity in Separate Kitting

      Sanity check 1 is missing.

    3. Installing the Wi-Fi Communication Terminal MK-755 (optional)

      The description of Wi-Fi MK-755 remains

  25. Sep 2020
    1. We take it in turns to wash up communal meals

      CORRECTION: We take it in turns to wash up communal meals -> We take turns to wash up after communal meals

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  30. developer.mozilla.org developer.mozilla.org
    1. When defining the font-size property, an em is equal to the font size of the element on which the em is used.

      Wrong! This is true for other properties, but with font-size it's the computed font size of the parent element. This is actually stated at the bottom of the page.

  31. Mar 2020
    1. L’objectif de la continuité pédagogique est de s’assurer que les élèves poursuivent des activités scolaires leur permettant de progresser, s’appuyant plus spécifiquement sur des compétences variées adossées au travail autonome des élèves. A cette fin, le professeur soumet un ensemble de travaux et d’activités dont l’élève s’empare dans le cadre de son travail personnel.Le professeur coordonne, supervise et identifie les travaux qu’il souhaite évaluer afin de s’assurer de l’acquisition et/ou de la consolidation de notions ou de compétences.Le travail demandé doit être régulier.

      Dois-je corriger l’ensemble des travaux que je propose à distance?

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    1. Note that thescalar multipledoes not meanxkis linear withx0

      x_k is not a linear function of x_0

  35. Apr 2019
    1. Pour illuster cette idée, nous pouvons proposer un exemple révélateur : celui du Carpe diem très présent dans les épigrammes hellénistes comme celles d’Asclépiade. Le motif du Carpe diem est issu de la locution latine extraite d’un poème d’Horace (Odes, I, 11) traduite en français par la formule « Cueille le jour présent sans te soucier du lendemain » (pour la suite de la sentence quam minimum credula postero). Résumant le poème horacien qui le précède dans lequel le poète cherche à persuader Leuconoé de profiter du moment présent et d’en tirer toutes les joies, sans s’inquiéter ni du jour ni de l’heure de sa mort, l’impératif épicurien carpe diem, devenu maxime, accède au rang de véritable imaginaire par ses nombreuses réutilisations dont nous citerons ici que quelques exemples : la maxime est reprise dans la poésie de Ronsard (Sonnets pour Hélène) et de Laurent de Médicis (« Le Triomphe de Bacchus et Ariane »). la maxime figure fréquemment sur les cadrans solaires. elle est reprise comme titre ou sujet de chansons d’univers divers (Georges Brassens dans « Saturne », Mc Solaar, Metallica,). elle est citée dans le monde cinématographique, notamment dans le film Le Cercle des poètes disparus. elle est devenue le nom d’entreprise et d’association. elle est devenue un motif de tatouage récurrent. Ces associations, ou liens intertextuels, se présentent avec une force, une évidence et une objectivité relative. Or, et c’est ici un parti-pris de la CRC, afin de rendre compte de l’imaginaire anthologique, afin de ne pas restreindre son ouverture, sa popularité en somme et afin de ne pas imposer une hiérarchie dans ses possibles lectures, aucune différence ne sera faite entre les liens pouvant apparaître comme « subjectifs » et ceux pouvant apparaître « objectifs ». Ainsi, le motif du carpe diem peut être associé à des références claires (la reprise de la formule dans la chanson de Brassens) comme il peut résonner avec des références plus sourdes (la mort d’un proche de l’usager par exemple). Considérent le sens anthologique comme émergeant du processus d’association libre et populaire, le projet d’édition numérique de la CRC se revandique donc collaboratif et ouvert. Comme dans une couronne, les tiges sont dérobées à la vision directe, il semble que les imaginaires portés par les épigrammes requierent une opération de lecture, de déchiffrement des signes (Christin, 2009) pour être accorder à la structure d’ensemble. Les tiges dans une couronne se touchent entre elles, la pensée du lecteur est l’outil permettant de révéler leurs concomittances, ou dans une métaphore plus sonore, une résonnance intertextuelle. En plus de complexifier le travail d’édition, les marques littéraires de l’oeuvre, les balises de lecture ne sont plus les mêmes : nous sommes ici face à un corps poétique ouvert qui met à défaut le principe d’unicité de l’oeuvre.

      à résumer plus rapidement, je crois que même de dire simplement que les épigrammes se répondent par la constitution de topoi suffit.

    2. À l’image d’une couronne florale, l’AP relève d’un tressage entre différents éléments selon la formule suivante : pour un auteur correspond une fleur. Dans ce système, si l’auteur est une fleur, les épigrammes associées à son nom compose les pétales. La dynamique anthologique peut être formulée ainsi : la couronne (le produit final, soit l’anthologie) est structurée de fleurs (poètes) regroupées en un ensemble structuré dont la constitution sera renforcée par un tressage (intertextualité) entre les tiges (les imaginaires convoqués) des fleurs (épigrammes). Le fait de création de l’anthologie, les tâches relevant de la compilation et le processus d’établissement du texte relèvent donc du geste de tissage d’un matériau délicat, vivant embaumé, dont l’entrecroisement des tiges constituera l’intertextualité structurale de l’AP.

      Ce paragraphe me semble en trop.

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  37. Aug 2018
  38. www.swingvilles.com www.swingvilles.com
    1. Could it be possible to justify the texts in general? (pop-ups, dances descriptions, etc...) So it has a classier outcome.

    2. n’est


    3. d’une


    4. au


    5. et leurs

      et de leurs (add "de" in between)


      COUPLE (without the "s" at the end)

    7. Thématique

      Thématiques (add the "s" at the end)

    8. Illimité

      illimité (small "i" at the beginning cause the typo makes it hard to read with the 2 'l' afterward)

    9. Swing Lab

      SwingLab (no space between the 2 words)

    10. Détail du niveau

      "Détail du cours" (let's put this for that one). And right now it doesn't open any pop-up. Could it be possible to open a pop-up with the class description? (doesn't matter to me to have this repeated twice). I copy the text here to facilitate your task: Le Street Dance est un cours enfants (6 à 18 ans). Au sein de ce cours, nous y explorerons les danses urbaines des plus contemporaines (Hip Hop, Dance Hall, Afro,…) aux plus anciennes (Swing, Charleston, …). L’idée pour ce cours est de mélanger les tranches d’âge afin de proposer une experience enrichissante pour tout le monde (motivation pour les plus jeunes regardant les plus âgés et responsabilisation/parrainage pour les plus âgés envers les plus jeunes).

    11. Lindy hop 1

      Lindy Hop 1 (capital "H" for Hop)

    12. Lindy hop 2

      Lindy Hop 2 (capital "H" for Hop)

    13. Lindy hop 3

      Lindy Hop 3 (capital "H" for Hop)

    14. Danses de couples

      Danses de couple (without the "s" at the end)

    15. Lindy hop

      Lindy Hop (capital "H" for Hop)

    16. N

      n (small size instead of capital)

    17. Swing Lab

      SwingLab (without the space between the 2 words)

    18. N

      n (small size instead of capital)

    19. Accèss

      Accès (without the second "s" at the end)

    20. Avenue

      avenue (small letter "a")

    21. 3400

      34000 (one zero extra)

    22. Vous n’en avez

      Vous n'avez (scratching the "en")

    23. Ce

      ce (small "c")

    24. Lindy Hop , sortez

      (...) Lindy Hop. Vous sortez(...) (separate the long sentence in two sentences)

    25. Register now


    26. Register now


    27. Abonnenments


    28. Intermediarie


    29. Intermédiarie


    30. Intermédiarie


  39. Apr 2018
  40. Oct 2017
    1. First, though, I will show how this dissension was lost to historical view by considering how the recurrent critical narra-tive of Charlotte’s regrettable but inevitable “minor[ing]”

      Moe explicitly separates her argument into two parts here. The first will be to analyze how the critical tradition led to Charlotte's "minoring."

  41. Aug 2017
    1. There is a knob in the kernel that determines how the situation is to be treated in /proc/sys/vm/zone_reclaim. A value of 0 means that no local reclaim should take place. A value of 1 tells the kernel that a reclaim pass should be run in order to avoid allocations from the other node. On boot- up a mode is chosen based on the largest NUMA distance in the system.

      This appears to be /proc/sys/vm/zone_reclaim_mode now.

  42. Jul 2017
    1. .

      This character should be escaped by a backslash. The complete command would then be:

      strings $PWD/bin/myapp | egrep '\.gcda$'
  43. Jun 2017
    1. java -jar start.jar

      This command does not work (no start.jar in example/).

      bin/solr start -p 8983

      does work.

  44. May 2017
  45. Apr 2017
    1. Cells printed in bold had sufficient results to inspect for evidential value.

      The bold somehow got removed in the HTML. The cells with numbers 11, 75, and 87 should be bold (as in the PDF)

  46. Mar 2017
  47. Feb 2017
  48. Jan 2017
    1. Graph of my pulse rate vs. speed on an elliptical exercise machine.

      I believe that the labels for the x- and y-axis should be switched.

  49. Dec 2016
  50. Nov 2016
    1. GET: '/divide/<a>/<b>' -> [ :req | (req at: #a) / (req at: #b)];

      This should be:

      GET: '/dividir/<a>/<b>' -> [ :req | (req at: #a) asNumber / (req at: #b) asNumber]

  51. May 2016
    1. the median review time at journals has grown from 85 days to >150 days during the past decade (5)

      This statement is a misunderstanding of Powell 2016, which states:

      At Nature, the median review time has grown from 85 days to just above 150 days over the past decade, according to Himmelstein's analysis.


      the median review time — the time between submission and acceptance of a paper — has hovered at around 100 days for more than 30 years.

      So while the median review time at Nature has gone from 85 to 150 days, this is not the case for all journals. See also the related Tweet.

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  54. Jan 2016
  55. Oct 2015
  56. Sep 2015
  57. Aug 2015
    1. 1209

      Collection number should read 1269 according to Plantae Hartwegianae.

  58. Jul 2015
  59. Jun 2015
    1. <link href=“uri-to-an-alternate”; rel=“alternate”; media=“application/xml”; title=“title”>

      The format of the <link> tag should be as follows:

      <link href="uri-to-an-alternate" rel="alternate" type="application/xml" title="title">

      Note that the attribute name for the MIME type is "type", not "media".

    2. Link: “uri-to-an-alternate” rel=“alternate” media=“application/xml” title=“title”

      According to RFC 5988, the format of the HTTP header should be as follows:

      Link: <uri-to-an-alternate>; rel="alternate"; type="application/xml"; title="title"

      Note that the property name for the MIME type is "type", not "media".

  60. May 2015
  61. Apr 2015
    1. dendritic fields that project into almost all layers of the cortical region

      This statement is not correct. Should be "axonal projections", not dendritic fields.

  62. Mar 2015
    1. this.dependency.changed();

      Forgot to check for attribute's existence?

      if (this.dependency) {
  63. Feb 2015
  64. Jan 2015
  65. manual.meteor.com manual.meteor.com