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  1. Feb 2024
    1. To be clear, funders and funded organizations should emphatically not reflexively believe that existing communications and communications channels are addressing these issues – one of the findings of our previous national high-lights report (available via the link on the final page of this report) was that funded organizations regularly communicating with funders about evaluation results were equally likely to feel that funders were driving the evaluation process and not making consistent use of findings.
  2. Jan 2024
    1. 33:50 basisdemokratie, feedback, fragen<br /> warum ist die verfassung unfehlbar?<br /> wenn migranten-invasion und links-extremismus und gift-impfungen und pestizide und schulmedizin und cannabis-verbot und kriege und und und so "falsch" sind, wie sollen wir sonst die globale bevölkerung reduzieren? wie sollen wir sonst die todesrate steigern?<br /> oder, wenn es die übervölkerung gar nicht gibt, was ist dann die "carrying capacity" von diesem planet? aktuell haben wir circa 1E10 menschen global, also circa 5000 m² fläche für landwirtschaft pro person = 1000 m² für pflanzen und 4000 m² für tiere. wären 1000 mal mehr menschen "zu viel"? was dann? warum ist das "recht auf leben" unfehlbar? warum haben tiere und pflanzen kein "recht auf leben"? was ist so toll am pazifismus, der langfristig nur übervölkerung und degeneration bringt? spätestens wenn das erdöl "endlich" aus ist, wird klar, wir haben zu viele menschen.

      spoiler: ich sehe mich selber nicht "links" und nicht "rechts", sondern "oben". ich beobachte dieses spiel von "oben" und denke mir: die sind alle irgendwie dumm. einerseits dieses "linke" regime, das den ganzen tag nur lügen verbreitet, und heimlich die bevölkerung austauscht, und einen bürgerkrieg vorbereitet, damit die bevölkerung reduziert wird. andererseits eine "rechte" opposition, die wahrheit und ehrlichkeit fordert, aber die selber keine bessere lösung hat zur depopulation. ich selber habe das gleiche ziel wie die "linken" (also bürgerkrieg, depopulation, deindustrialisierung, zurück zu tribalismus), und ich habe den gleichen weg wie die "rechten" (also ehrlichkeit, transparenz, wahrheit, ...)

      zurück zu tribalismus

      das ist auch ein thema in meinem buch:<br /> pallas. wer sind meine freunde. gruppenaufbau nach persönlichkeitstyp.<br /> ich suche eine "weltformel" für die frage: wie müssen wir verschiedene persönlichkeitstypen verbinden, damit stabile gruppen entstehen?<br /> spoiler: die konsequenz ist sicher kein pazifismus, sondern tribalismus = kleinstaaten je 150 menschen, und dazu gehören auch regelmäßige stammkriege, für natürliche selektion.<br /> auch diese "unschöne" konsequenz ist ein grund, warum meine hypothese bisher ignoriert wird... die leute wollen es schön haben, aber nichts dafür opfern, und nicht dafür kämpfen, sondern wollen alles geschenkt kriegen. ist wohl so ein merkmal der "boomer" generation, die ihr ganzes leben lang diesen "billige energie" rausch erlebt haben, der "einfach weitergehen" soll

  3. Dec 2023
    1. Although there are manyinitiatives, they have not yet reached the scale necessary to respond effectively to the crises; they oftenlack a stable and facile organisation of collaboration and a clearly structured process of joint decisionmaking
      • for: key insight - community capacity

      • key insight - community capacity

      • quote
        • . Although there are many initiatives, they have not yet reached the scale necessary to respond effectively to the crises; they often lack a stable and facile organisation of collaboration and a clearly structured process of joint decision making
  4. Aug 2023
    1. According to the International   Hydropower Association, or IHA, a  facility with two reservoirs roughly   the size of two Olympic swimming pools, and  a 500-metre height difference between them,   would have an energy capacity of about three and  a half megawatt hours. And they last for decades,
      • for: pumped hydro storage capacity, pumped hydro, PSH
      • paraphrase
        • According to the International Hydropower Association, or IHA,
          • a facility with:
            • two reservoirs roughly the size of two Olympic swimming pools,
            • a 500-metre height difference between them,
          • would have
            • an energy capacity of about three and a half megawatt hours and
            • they last for decades,
  5. May 2023
    1. In addition, data model policy requires that RAs maintain a record of the date of allocation of a DOI name, and the identity of the registrant on whose behalf the DOI name was allocated.


    2. The policy provides a simple test of an RA’s competence: the ability to make a DOI Kernel Declaration, which requires that the RA has an internal system which can support the unambiguous allocation of a DOI name, and is fundamentally sound enough to support interoperability within the network.

      {Competence} {Unambiguous Allocation}

    3. The second aim of DOI data model policy is “to ensure minimum standards of quality of administration of DOI names by Registration Agencies, and facilitate the administration of the DOI system as a whole”.

      {Administrative Capacity}

  6. Sep 2022
    1. Cognitive capacity is the total amount of information the brain is capable of retaining at any particular moment. This amount is finite, so we can say our total capacity is only ever 100%. How much of one’s cognitive capacity is being used towards a particular task at any given time is called the cognitive load
    1. current plans are not large enough in scope the task before us is much larger than the current paradigm allows for

      !- key insight : not enough mineral capacity to buildout replacement green growth, renewable energy system !- for : degrowth vs green growth

  7. Aug 2022
    1. Lucas, C., Vogels, C. B. F., Yildirim, I., Rothman, J. E., Lu, P., Monteiro, V., Gelhausen, J. R., Campbell, M., Silva, J., Tabachikova, A., Peña-Hernandez, M. A., Muenker, M. C., Breban, M. I., Fauver, J. R., Mohanty, S., Huang, J., Shaw, A. C., Ko, A. I., Omer, S. B., … Iwasaki, A. (2021). Impact of circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants on mRNA vaccine-induced immunity. Nature, 1–9. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-021-04085-y

  8. Jul 2022
  9. Jun 2022
    1. multilateral cooperation is key to accelerate such action that new and additional voices need to be heard and engaged with especially 00:10:11 those of youth women indigenous groups and local communities the need to centre action on the principles of reaching out to the furthest first and leaving no one behind something like gandhian talisman

      There is a need to integrate top down, middle and bottom up actors into a grand synthesis to achieve the greatest efficacy in a Marshall plan.

      The community is the building block of society. Community action is still an idling capacity, an untapped resource. There is a natural synergy between communities and youth, and the bridge is schools.

  10. May 2022
    1. The advantage of ocean currents is their stability. They flow with little fluctuation in speed and direction, giving them a capacity factor — a measure of how often the system is generating — of 50-70%, compared with around 29% for onshore wind and 15% for solar.

      Have other coastal countries other than Japan explored the capacity factor for tidal energy of the currents off their shoreline? Are other currents as promising as the Kuroshio current?

  11. Mar 2022
  12. Feb 2022
  13. Jan 2022
    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2022, January 28). We’ve had at least 4 months of European governments tailoring policy to hospital capacity, not cases per se—So why are we still seeing arguments against the effectiveness of those policies based solely on cases, and not the actual target function? @AllysonPollock [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1487038050899222528

  14. Dec 2021
    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: “but it is not vaccinated people that are disproportionately filling up ICUs. For any government whose policy is guided by ICU capacity, limiting the transmission possibilities for the unvaccinated is now the point. It is frustrating to see someone continue to ignore this” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved December 23, 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1471088416246878211

  15. Nov 2021
    1. my quest is a very practical one to give to you some background we have a new government which comes into power next week and the green party has a major contribution to that and 00:47:14 the renewable energy gain is very ambitious 80 percent to 2030 but it's not enough really to meet the requirements to avoid uh to meet the 1.5 degree 00:47:27 goal but still uh even if you have this less ambitious goal then we have a problems in logistics we 00:47:38 we have to install within the next 15 years about 400 gigawatts of photovoltaics uh that's it's simply not possible even if the politicians signed that there are not enough 00:47:50 engineers are not enough installers and not production capacity and so on and uh uh i see this in many countries in the world there should be some 00:48:02 something to bridge that gap from uh from that uh former times i'm been together with hermann chair which uh set up this uh arena this international renewable 00:48:14 energy agencies just to give numbers out what what is possible and to to give some help to the politicians and i think this is also in this um other challenge now how to implement how 00:48:26 to make this possible that we meet the climate goals

      Is there sufficient renewable energy capacity to meet the 1.5 Deg target/ It appears there isn't.

    1. building awareness

      What encompasses building awareness? What do you think are the marks of success?

      What else does this raise? Reply to add your thoughts, a link or ideas – or – add an annotation on a section that appeals to you!

    2. in-service and pre-service

      Differentiate issues, challenges, examples of where capacity building is done

  16. Oct 2021
    1. Academia: All the Lies: What Went Wrong in the University Model and What Will Come in its Place

      “Students are graduating into a brutal job market.”

      The entreprecariat is designed for learned helplessness (social: individualism), trained incapacities (economic: specialization), and bureaucratic intransigence (political: authoritarianism).

      The Design Problem

      Three diagrams will explain the lack of social engagement in design. If (in Figure 1) we equate the triangle with a design problem, we readily see that industry and its designers are concerned only with the tiny top portion, without addressing themselves to real needs.

      Figure 1: The Design Problem

      (Design for the Real World, 2019. Page 57.)

      The other two figures merely change the caption for the figure.

      • Figure 1: The Design Problem
      • Figure 2: A Country
      • Figure 3: The World
    1. A retrospective of 50 years as a human being on planet Earth.

      The Art of Noticing

      This is a compilation of articles that I had written as a way to process the changes I was observing in the world and, consequently, in myself as a reaction to the events. I have come to think of this process as the art of noticing. This process is in contrast to the expectation that I should be a productive member of society, a target market, and a passive audience for charismatic leaders: celebrities, billionaires, and politicians.

      • Social: fame
      • Economic: wealth
      • Political: power

      An Agent of Change

      To become an agent of change is to recognize that we are not separate, we are not individuals, we are not cogs in a machine. We are complex and diverse. We are designers. We are a creative, collective, self-organizing, learning community.

      We are in a process of becoming—a being journey:

      • Personal resilience
      • Social influence
      • Economic capacity
      • Political agency
      • Ecological harmony

      This is how we shift from an attention economy to an intention economy. Rather than being oriented toward the failures of the past, the uncertainty of the present, or the worries of the future, in a constant state of anxiety, stress, and fear, we are shifting our consciousness to manifest our intention through perception (senses), cognition (mind), emotion (heart), and action (body). We are exploring how we imagine, design, and build the future together.

      We are the builders collective.

      We are one.

  17. Sep 2021
  18. Aug 2021
    1. What the Internet has done to date is expand the potentiality formore widespread, instantaneous awareness of activity and consequences on aglobal scale. This means that verifiability need not be personal—so long asreliable information can be retrieved from information systems. But havingretrieved the information or having it instantaneously available does not meanthat we have the capacity to act upon it.
  19. Jul 2021
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  22. Apr 2021
    1. Refinement usually consumes no more than 10% of the capacity of the team. 

      It used to give me a good reason to point to the Scrum Guide when the team was annoyed by the number of refinement hours during a sprint.

      With more experience, it becomes clear that the number of refinement hours spent should not depend on the Scrum Guide but on the readiness of work. A better measure, and this differs from team to team, is how many stories shall be ready at all times? One to three sprints worth of ready work? At least enough work should be ready before Sprint Planning, so that the actual sprint delivers done work (and not more refinement work, only.)

      Refinement hours spent also depend on how predictable the work is on the Product Owner’s roadmap and if there is a need to do first iterations of refinement on future releases, months away to have a very high level estimate of effort.


  23. Mar 2021
  24. Feb 2021
    1. Thomas Van Boeckel. (2020, November 30). Https://t.co/s7o808PE3U now shows the ‘ad-hoc’ bed capacity as well as the bed capacity certified by the Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine. Data from partners the Coordinated Sanitary Service of @vbs_ddps. Thanks @nico_criscuolo @ChengZhao20, PhDs at @ETH_en https://t.co/5XxTexVyy9 [Tweet]. @thvanboeckel. https://twitter.com/thvanboeckel/status/1333323133592408064

  25. Sep 2020
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  28. Jun 2020
    1. Pell, Samantha, closeSamantha PellReporter covering the Washington CapitalsEmailEmailBioBioFollowFollowC, ace Buckner, closeC, and ace BucknerNational Basketball Association with an emphasis in covering the Washington Wizards EmailEmailBioBioFollowFollowJacqueline Dupree closeJacqueline DupreeNewsroom Intranet EditorEmailEmailBioBioFollowFollow. ‘Coronavirus Hospitalizations Rise Sharply in Several States Following Memorial Day’. Washington Post. Accessed 10 June 2020. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/06/09/coronavirus-hospitalizations-rising/.

  29. May 2020
  30. Apr 2020
  31. Dec 2019
    1. Ideally, international research collaboration that involves the sharing of biological materials and data should contribute to capacity building, which includes the capability of an ethics committee to support ethically sound arrangements that engender credibility and trust22.

      Perhaps some comments as to how the international guidelines cover local training and capacity building would be a useful addition.

  32. Nov 2019
  33. Sep 2019
  34. grazing-lands-files-dev.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com grazing-lands-files-dev.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com
    1. Forage production
    2. forage production
    3. he first step is to determine the forage production of your pasture, or the number of AUMs in the pasture. The second step is to determine the number of animals allowed to graze and/or the grazing time. How are these AUMs going to be used? Forage production is usually referred to in lbs. of forage per acre or AUMs per acre.
  35. Jul 2019
    1. a long-term continual process of development that involves all stakeholders, including ministries, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, professionals, community members, academics and more. Capacity building uses a country's human, scientific, technological, organizational, institutional, and resource potentiality. The goal of capacity building is to tackle problems related to policy and methods of development, while considering the potential limits and needs of the people concerned. The UNDP outlines that capacity building takes place on an individual, institutional, and societal level.
    2. "the process by which people, organizations and society systematically stimulate and develop their capability over time to achieve social and economic goals, including through improvement of knowledge, skills, systems, and institutions – within a wider social and cultural enabling environment."

      Definición de la construcción de capacidades de la Oficina de las Naciones Unidas para la reducción de desastres

  36. Jul 2018
    1. 使用指导

        在 LBA Calculator LBA 中输入 sector 值,选择 512 B,即可计算出各个单位下的容量大小。

        如果是 Block 值,有些文件系统是一个 Block 1KB,有得则是 2KB 或 4KB,这里只能计算 4KB 的,所以要注意一下。

        CHS Calculator 还不知道怎么用。

  37. Jun 2017
  38. Jan 2017
    1. Rhetoric selects,

      There is an interesting construction of agency here: rhetoric is treated as the subject of the sentence. Rhetoric does the selecting. This suggests, perhaps unwittingly, the kinds of claims Rickert makes about rhetoric as less a tool than a capacity or even a force. We participate in rhetoric, but we don't necessarily control it.