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  1. Jan 2023
    1. he regards   00:01:35 the idea of isolated individual as a myth  what interested david much more was a dialogue   he believed that it is only in dialogue in the  class of opinions where answers are formed and how   human consciousness is born we humans according to  david are the product of our social relationship   that's why it was so important for him  to be involved in a situation in which   00:02:03 people think and act collectively and david  grabber foundation will follow the same path

      !- David Grabber Foundation : hosts Fight Club - this talk is on Debt with guests Michael Hudson and Thomas Piketty - David regarded isolated individual as a myth - human consciousness is a product of social relationship

      !- isolated individual mythology : comment - Deep Humanity praxis is aligned, seeing the deep entanglement between the individual and the collective(s) the individual is embedded within

  2. Dec 2022
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    1. More recently, a media organization along with a prominent theatre group brought out short visual representations of popular poems. The express purpose of this project, Kaavya Kannadi was, as the website says in heavily Sanskritized Kannada, to reach out to youngsters between 17 and 40 years. The videos do away with the need to read the poems, and they also make it easy to share them.

      Kaavya Kannadi Project by Sanchi Foundation https://sanchifoundation.org/kaavya-kannadi/

    1. "On the Opportunities and Risks of Foundation Models" This is a large report by the Center for Research on Foundation Models at Stanford. They are creating and promoting the use of these models and trying to coin this name for them. They are also simply called large pre-trained models. So take it with a grain of salt, but also it has a lot of information about what they are, why they work so well in some domains and how they are changing the nature of ML research and application.

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    1. Under such a scheme, even if an attacker makes a malicious proposal, voters have the ability to respond and shut it down.

      veto power for buying time for adequate response from community

  6. Jul 2022
    1. Det går mot 35 tonn! Neste skritt nå blir å forberede 35 tonns aksellast. Det krever at hele overbygningen på Ofotbanen skiftes ut.– Vi kjører jo de tunge togene våre på 54 kilos skinner og bøkesviller. Det er mange fra andre land som er forbauset over at vi kjører med så høy aksellast på en såpass «lett» sporkonstruksjon på en bane med så mange skarpe kurver, forteller Brækkan.  Men med 32,5 tonn er grensen nådd for tresviller.– Betongsviller ble forresten prøvd på Ofotbanen på 1980-tallet, med dårlig resultat. Betongsvillene knuste ballastpukken og svillene hadde også en tendens til å sprekke. Årsaken er at det er et svært tynt lag med pukk under svillene. Når vi har forlenget og bygget nye kryssingsspor på Ofotbanen de siste årene, sørget vi for at ballastlaget (pukk) ble tilstrekkelig tykt, og da har vi kunnet benytte betongsviller.

      Et resonement ut fra hva de sier er at om grunnlaget er for dårlig så får de ikke til å bygge tungt. Da går det som ligger ovenpå i stykker, og holder ikke stand. Kreftene må fordeles ned i noe som tåler trykket

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    1. Strategic, cost-efficient evidence-building relies onstrong data governance that facilitates the access, pro-tection, and use of program and other administrativedata to enable and support secondary uses, including for
    2. The statutemakes agency evidence-building plans, known as LearningAgendas, foundational to building a culture of evidencegeneration and use.
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  10. Nov 2021
    1. Raspberry Pi Trading

      At the moment, this company is wholly owned by the Raspberry Pie Foundation.

      For clarity, tell us the distinction between the foundation, which you run, and the trading company that Eben Upton presides over, and how they work in conjunction with each other. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK-registered charity with an educational mission and Raspberry Pi Trading Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Foundation. That means that the Foundation is the shareholder of the trading company, which is an independent, commercial business. That distinction is really important because there are limits on what charities can do commercially. For example, a charity couldn't sell computers that are used in industry, which is a huge part of the Raspberry Pi computer business now. I lead the foundation and I also serve as a director on the board of the trading company. As you said, Eben Upton leads the trading company. [source]

      So it will be interesting to see how much control the Foundation has if/when the trading company goes public.

    1. We said we were going to take ex-convicts and ex-addicts and teach them to be teachers, general contractors, and truck drivers. They said it couldn’t be done. We said we were going to take 250 people who had never worked and had no skills and teach them to build a 400,000 square foot complex as our new home on the waterfront. They said it couldn’t be done. We said we were going to partner with colleges and get people who started out functionally illiterate to achieve bachelor of arts degrees. They said it couldn’t be done. We said we were going to run successful restaurants, moving companies, furniture making, and cafés and bookstores without any professional help. They said it couldn’t be done. We said we were going to do all this with no staff, no government funding, and no professionals. They laughed and said it couldn’t be done.
  11. Oct 2021
    1. And at the end of the day, Gates is not accountable to governments or to communities. He was not elected, and there is no mechanism for him to be recalled, challenged, or held responsible for faulty policies. He could suddenly decide that he was no longer interested in supporting agriculture in Africa. In that case, the new food system Gates is importing to the African continent would collapse. Political and economic systems are being drastically altered, all at the whim of one person, one foundation.In fact, the differences between this situation — powerful individuals and institutions deciding to mess with the social, political, and economic realities of countries — and the earlier form of colonialism are thin. It’s still advertised as “good intent” and the desire to “civilize” an “uncivilized” people. The only difference is that neocolonialism is quieter and more covert. By design, it provokes less outrage. But the essential power structures remain the same.

      Concentrating power to one individual is dangerous. Large portions of the food security of African nations should not be so vulnerable to corporatism.

    2. espite the foundation’s claims to be investing “within” Africa, The Nation “examined 30,000 charitable grants the foundation has awarded over the past two decades and found that more than 88 percent of the donations — $63 billion — have gone to recipients in the wealthiest, whitest nations, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and European countries.”African groups received only 5 percent of their total funding for NGOs.By withholding critical funding from African institutions, Gates ensures that any technologies developed are owned externally to the continent, keeping power consolidated in Global North institutions.

      The money trail speaks for itself.

    3. To do so, they promote “improved” seeds and chemical fertilizers.

      This is an entry gate for high tech - biotechnology via genetic manipulation and chemical industry via fertilizers.

  12. Sep 2021
    1. Asimov, for the uninitiated, is one of the most important figures in science fiction and is often regarded as one of the “big three” authors, along with Robert A Heinlein and Arthur C Clarke. Together they helped bring about the so-called “golden age” of science fiction in the mid-20th century.

      About Isaac Asimov. He is credited with helping bring about the “golden age” of science fiction in the mid-20th century.

    1. A consequent period of barbarism will last for 30,000 years unless Seldon's plan, which involves setting up a Foundation to act as a repository of crucial, civilisation-preserving knowledge, is embraced. In that case, the Dark Ages might last a mere 1,000 years and the Foundation can build back better.

      The foundation is the necessary knowledge to be preserved to rebuild civilization after an apocalypse.

      What if we thought about the foundation of human experience to avoid the apocalypse? Stop Reset Go

    1. Foundation

      The Apple TV+ series, Foundation, has an official podcast.

      The show also has an unofficial fan site with a forum.

      The Foundation series is a science fiction book series written by American author Isaac Asimov. First published as a series of short stories in 1942–50, and subsequently in three collections in 1951–53, for thirty years the series was a trilogy: Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation. It won the one-time Hugo Award for "Best All-Time Series" in 1966. (Wikipedia)

    2. David S. Goyer
    3. Transcript

      Gaal: When I was a child, at the edge of the galaxy...

      Gaal: I heard stories about a man who could forecast the future.

      Gaal: But the story remained dark to me until many years later.

      Gaal: Until it became my story.

      Gaal: Until it became the only story.

      Hari: You're familiar with my work, psychohistory? Every mathematician has read your theory. -It's not a theory.

      Hari: It's the future of mankind expressed in numbers.

      Hari: And the empire won't like the future I predict.

      History is littered with charlatans and false messiahs.

      We should kill them.

      Brother Day: We can murder the man, but what about the movement, brother?

      Martyrs tend to have a long half-life.

      Gaal: His math was right.

      Gaal: The empire is dying.

      Wars will be endless. (Men yelling)

      Hari: A thousand worlds reduced to cinders.

      Hari: Change is frightening.

      Hari: Especially to those in power.

      Hari: But we can soften the fall.

      So what's the plan?

      Hari: Many years from now,

      Hari: if humanity is to climb from the ashes,

      Hari: the coming generations will need the knowledge to build upon, a foundation.

      Gaal: We must preserve only the most

      Gaal: essential pieces of civilization.

      Gaal: Deciding what is remembered,

      Gaal: what is forgotten.

      Man: We are now staring down the barrel...

      Man: ...of a crisis.

      This is the plan.

      Gaal: We're not turning around now.

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    1. This is very irresponsible of them, with respect to the number of downloads. They should finally realize this and just redirect people to LO. Continuing like this hurts the Apache Foundation credibility as well as the open source community as a whole.
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    1. The ITL department at The Ohio State University at Mansfield has six primary themes: (a) developmentally appropriate practice, (b) integrated curriculum, (c) literature-based instruction, (d) classroom-based inquiry, (e) diversity and equity issues, and (f) technology integration. The goal for technology integration, like the other themes in the program, is to integrate the theme into each course of the program, when appropriate. For example, instructors find ways to integrate children’s literature into each of the methods courses, whether it is a mathematics, science, or social studies methods course. The goal is to integrate the common themes of the program throughout the methods courses and the other graduate courses leading up to student teaching.
  22. Dec 2018
    1. And my father dwelt in a tent

      Referencing the Fire in the Meeting Tent - A Flame within a Tetrahedron - The Pyre Amid

      One of the shortest verses in the entire BOM but one of the most powerfully significant. It should not be glossed over. It should not go unnoticed that the short phrase refers specifically and solely to Nephi's Father, Lehi. And it is not a random coincidence that it appears on the heels of such a powerful description of internal processes and their outward effects.

      The internal processes described here and their specific effects upon the outward vessels of the characters involved are known as the Flame in the Meeting Tent due to the geometric matching up of symbology with actual workings of the spirit. It is just one way of explaining the interactive relationship between inner and outer, symmetrical and asymmetrical, Maker and Man. And this analogy is one that would be very familiar or easily imagined by most if not all of our ancient ancestors.

      The imagery of a Flame in a Frame is a pure symbol in that both the symbol and the thing symbolized are in essence the same or are likenesses for and of each other. Self similarity is the principle set forth. So we should see that the raging Fire of Life or Light of Christ indwelling Lehi's person projected sufficient energy to protect him from those who would do him harm. Just as it is Lehi's words which project the power from his Fire Within one can draw the direct correlation seeing how literal light projected through a fabric stretched over the pyramidal framework of a turning tetrahedron shape will produce all the letters of the original Hebrew and Arabic alphabets. Even the fractal inlay of the first verse of Genesis as it relates back upon itself to the first word and the first word back upon the first Hebrew letter in the book - This First Word broken down to the meaning embedded within each letter as a pictogram tells us "In-Fire-Six-Thorn" which speaks to the flame nested in the six-sided tetrahedron structure.

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    1. significantly increasing student access and success, and eliminating racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in college attainment.
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  27. www.newspapers.com www.newspapers.com
    1. Air Hygiene Foundation

      This may be a front group. Investigate, find additional sources, and leave research notes in the comments.

  28. www.sciencenews.org www.sciencenews.org
    1. Air Hygiene Foundation

      This may be a front group. Investigate, find additional sources, and leave research notes in the comments.

  29. www.transworldnews.com www.transworldnews.com
    1. Air Hygiene Foundation

      This may be a front group. Investigate, find additional sources, and leave research notes in the comments.

  30. www.sourcewatch.org www.sourcewatch.org
    1. Air Hygiene Foundation

      This may be a front group. Investigate, find additional sources, and leave research notes in the comments.

    2. Air Hygiene Foundation

      This may be a front group. Investigate, find additional sources, and leave research notes in the comments.

  31. Apr 2017
    1. Of course, if you want to put a positive spin on this kind of work, you can call it flexible, decentralized micro-entrepreneurship. But pan out, and it looks more like feudalism, with thousands of small subsistence farmers paying tribute to a baron that grants them access to land they don’t own.
  32. Feb 2017
    1. foundation-apps

      If foundation-apps new command doesn't work try the following:

      foundation new

  33. Jul 2016
    1. a handful in a few major world languages

      One might think that those other languages are well-represented. People connected with the Open Knowledge Foundation are currently tackling this very issue. Here, Open Education isn’t just about content.

  34. Jun 2016
    1. Even some foundations and education associations can operate in ways that undermine the momentum for open-learning analytics. For example, in inviting universities to take part in a $4.6-million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the members of a new Personalized Learning Consortium, the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities specified that applicants could use only 19 specific products approved by the foundation. All of them are owned by companies. One of them is Acrobatiq; the Gates foundation is also an investor in that company.



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    1. Apache Labs is a place for innovation where committers of the foundation can experiment with new ideas.

      Here's the door into making the ASF tooling better! Got an idea? Submit it! Got some code? Submit that too!!

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