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    1. ar Governor Ritter:This letter is sent as a cover to the report being submitted according to the requirements of C.R.S. 26-5.5-104 (6) that are as follows:“On or after July 1, 1994, the Executive Director of the State Department shall annually evaluate thestatewide Family Preservation Program (Program)

      Letter from CDHS to the Governor of Colorado - Di, Ph, D., Malone, O., Ritter, B., Governor, K., & Beye. (2008). OFFICE OF CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILY SERVICES G. [LINK]

    1. Contents

      **more finished version of this document available here. I pick it up there after the annotations made on this document> CDHS Family First Prevention Services Act forms and resources Prevention Services PreventionPlan_Sept 30 2021


    2. InColorado,theintentofplacementpreventionservicesistoproactivelystrengthenandsupportfamiliesasearlyaspossible,beforetheyareincrisis,regardlessofwhethertheyareformallyinvolvedwiththechildwelfaresystemornot

      In Colorado, the intent of placement prevention services is to proactively strengthen and support families as early as possible, before they are in crisis, regardless of whether they are formally involved with the child welfare system or not.

    3. ColoradohasastrongfoundationandhistoryofprovidingpreventionandearlyinterventionservicesthroughtheuseofCoreServices,IV-EWaiverinterventions,CMPsandintegratedhumanservicesdelivery

      As previously described, Colorado has a strong foundation and history of providing prevention and early intervention services through the use of Core Services, IV-E Waiver interventions, CMPs and integrated human services delivery. In addition,

    4. Thepriorityistoprovideservicestothoseinneedasearlyaspossibletostrengthenfamilies,boosthealthandwell-being,andavoidmoredifficultandcostlycriseslater

      The priority is to provide services to those in need as early as possible to strengthen families, boost health and well-being, and avoid more difficult and costly crises later. It is clear that

    5. Thus“childwelfare”meanssomethingmuchbroaderinthisstate;withawidearrayofsupports,Coloradoaimstoaddresstherootcausesofcrisisandinstabilitythroughintegratedpreventionandservicedeliveryfocusedonsupportingwholefamilies

      Thus "child welfare" means something much broader in this state; with a wide array of supports, Colorado aims to address the root causes of crisis and instability through integrated prevention and service delivery focused on supporting whole families and individuals across generations.

    6. TitleIV-EWaiverDemonstrationProject(Waiver).TheColoradoWaiverfocusedonfiveinterventionstobuildonexistingchildwelfarepractice:FamilyEngagement,PermanencyRoundtables,Trauma-InformedAssessment,Trauma-InformedTreatmen

      (DCW) a Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project (Waiver). The Colorado Waiver focused on five interventions to build on existing child welfare practice: Family Engagement, Permanency Roundtables, Trauma-Informed Assessment, Trauma-Informed Treatment and Kinship

    7. Coloradohasintentionallydesignedabroaddefinitionofcandidacyforplacementpreventionservicesthatpushestoservechildren,youthandfamiliesasearlyaspossibleand,ideally,beforeareportismadetothechildwelfaresystem.

      Colorado has intentionally designed a broad definition of candidacy for placement prevention services that pushes to serve children, youth and families as early as possible and, ideally, before a report is made to the child welfare system.

    8. ColoradohasapproachedFamilyFirstimplementationasabroadsystemstransformationeffortthatcutsacrossmultipleofficeswithintheColoradoDepartmentofHumanServices(CDHS),includingtheDivisionofChildWelfare(DCW),OfficeofBehavioralHealth(OBH),OfficeofEarlyChildhood(OEC),andOfficeofEconomicSecurity(OES).Otherstateagencies,includingtheColoradoDepartmentofHealthCarePolicyandFinancing(HCPF)andtheColoradoDepartmentofPublicHealthandEnvironment(CDPHE)havebeenessentialinensuringaholisticapproachtoimplementation

      Colorado has approached Family First implementation as a broad systems transformation effort that cuts across multiple offices within the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), including the Division of Child Welfare (DCW), Office of Behavioral Health (OBH), Office of Early Childhood (OEC), and Office of Economic Security (OES). Other state agencies, including the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) have been essential in ensuring a holistic approach to implementation.

    1. Colorado’s vision is that all children, youth, parents or kin caregivers with these risk factors will be eligible for Title IV-E prevention services—both those who are involved in the child welfare system and those who have not been the subject of a child maltreatment report but share characteristics that deem them at serious risk of out-of-home placement.

      families who ARE INVOLVED. ....AND.... NOT INVOLVED with the child welfare system

    2. Reunification, adoption or guardianship arrangements that are at risk of disruption
    3. the existing system cannot just be modified; rather, a fundamental shift in service delivery and support to families must occur.

      **annotations were started in a draft version of this document (HERE) and then continued here.

    1. The IMPACT organization.
    2. I would have preferred a “Yes/No” option for this question. I believe that Boulder County’s prevention services are better than most districts and we can do so much better at the same time. The IMPACT partnership in Boulder County should be a state and national model. Money diverted from savings by not committing clients is key to providing more services in the community. Many other districts struggle with prevention due to funding and there seems to be a gap in how this is accomplished. Providers are struggling to stay open and are constantly dealing with hardships due to funding. Great therapist and support workers often leave organizations that serve this population due to low pay. The key to making the Family First initiative a success is creating and maintaining a robust, well-funded system of care in communities. A system of care that incentivizes front line workers. These service providers are currently under funded and the work is difficult, which is a recipe for poor service delivery.

      "I believe that Boulder County's prevention services are better than most districts"

    1. Family First Prevention Services by Colorado Lab

      CDHS surveyed counties to understand where services rated by the Family First Clearinghouse as " promising", "supported", or "well-supported" are currently offered. Counties and providers can submit updates and corrections here: https://udenver.qualtrics.com jfe/form/SV_1X6b6p8f4jh6TJz

    1. There are two main-levelquestions in the IV-E PreventionCriteria section.10. Click a radio button for thedesired response (only oneradio button can be selected).Note: If the selections made inthe IV-E Candidacy section arechanged, all answers in the IV-EPrevention Criteria panel will bedeleted.


      Referenced from the FFSPA Implementation Guide for Directors (HERE)

    1. HOUSE BILL 11-1196

      House Bill 11-1196: Flexible Funding for Families, was signed into law. The bill redefined family preservation services to serve "appropriate families who are involved in, or who are at risk of being involved in the child welfare, mental health, and juvenile

    1. Providing applications, services, marketing, outreach, business cases etc. to introduce the DOI system to the community; Designing and implementing specific operational processes for e.g. quality control of input data and output data;


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    1. The Core Services Program was established in 1994 to provide strength-based resources and support to families when children and youth are at imminent risk of out-of-home placement, in need of services to return home or to maintain a placement in the least restrictive setting possible.
    2. Core Services Program goals Focus on family strengths by directing intensive services that support and strengthen the family and/or protect the child/youth Prevent out-of-home placement of the child/youth Return children/youth in placement to their own home or unite children/youth with their permanent families Provide services that protect the child/youth
    3. recognition that children/youth need a safe and stable family and that separating children/youth from their families and communities removes them from natural supports and often causes trauma, leaving lasting negative effects.
    1. If you are appointed after a petition for removal has been filed, ask whether prevention services were offered before removal—including services for the parent, kinship caregiver, or child. If appropriate for your client’s goals, advocate for prevention services as an alternative to removal
    1. CHILDRENIf you qualify for financial assistance, a lawyer may be assigned to you by the court when a petition is filed. If you are not assigned a lawyer and cannot afford one, the following organizations may be able to help: ƒThe Legal Service Corporation ("America's Partner for Equal Justice") may help you find a legal aid organization near you.ƒYour county or local department of assigned counsel may help you find a private attorney to represent you in court (serve as your lawyer). ƒA State or city LegalAid office may also be able to help you find an attorney who
    1. “Hard Services”: the purchase of services or distribution of cash payments for the following:- housing funds, including rent, repairs, utilities, or rent deposits- food or money for food- clothing- transportation to include fares, auto repair, auto fuel, auto insurance or bus pass- uncovered medical or dental expenses- appliances, furniture- emergency shelter- employment related expenses, such as tools or dues

      Hard Services are the cash assistance provision of Core Services Program https://hyp.is/TQDKaM2QEe2bRYONRlo7aA/cdhs.colorado.gov/child-welfare-core-services-program

    2. County departments must make all of the Core services, except for county designed services, available toany client who meets the criteria for the service
    1. Programs should be based on well-articulated theories.
    2. Programs should have a primary focus on a population served by the child welfare agency.
    3. however, in describing the models on which their program is based, administrators tend to focus on service delivery characteristics (most notably caseload size and service duration) rather than on the theoretical underpinnings of the service delivery model.
    4. service programs designed to provide follow-up care to families to whom a child has been returned
    5. In 1993, Congress passed legislation establishing title IV, part B-2 of the Social Security Act, creating funding for family preservation and family support programs.
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    1. 7.301.21 Family Services Plan Timing Requirements [Eff. 09/01/2007]The Family Service Plan document must be completed:A. Within sixty (60) calendar days of opening an assessment in the automated case managementsystem for children in their own homes, including Core Services program cases in which thechildren are not in out-of-home placement. There may be one Family Services Plan for the familyin these cases.

      Assessment began at least as early as 10/8/23; by maximum of 60 days after, Core Services Program services should have been initiated.

    2. 7.303.15 Service Time FramesA. Services may be provided for up to eighteen (18) months
    3. “Diagnostic and Treatment Planning Services”: various evaluations of the child and family tofacilitate the development of the Family Services Plan and the move of the child to a permanentplacement.


    4. Core Services Programs may include any of the following elements of service:
    1. Family preservation is the foundation The Core Services Program is based on a foundation of research and practice in family preservation. Family preservation services are generally short-term, family-based services designed to support families in crisis by improving parenting and family functioning while keeping children/youth safe.
    2. Family preservation services There are 10 designated types of family preservation services, listed below, and this array of services constitutes the Core Services Program. Aftercare Services: Any of the Core Services provided to prepare a child for reunification with his/her family or other permanent placement and to prevent future out-of-home placement of the child. County Designed Services: An optional service tailored by the specific county in meeting the needs of families and children in the community in order to prevent the out-of-home placement of children or facilitate reunification or another form of permanence. County designed services encompass components of the menu of Core Services, yet are structured in their delivery and tracked uniquely to gain detailed data on evidenced-based programs, as well as programs that are providing positive outcomes in communities around the state. Day Treatment: Comprehensive, highly structured services that provide education to children and therapy to children and their families. Home-Based Intervention: Services provided primarily in the home of the client and include a variety of services, which can include therapeutic services, concrete services, collateral services and crisis intervention directed to meet the needs of the child and family. See Section 7.303.14 for service elements of therapeutic, concrete, collateral, and crisis intervention. Intensive Family Therapy: Therapeutic intervention typically with all family members to improve family communication, functioning, and relationships. Life Skills: Services provided primarily in the home that teach household management, effectively accessing community resources, parenting techniques, and family conflict management. Mental Health Services: Diagnostic and/or therapeutic services to assist in the development of the family services plan and to assess and/or improve family communication, functioning, and relationships. Sexual Abuse Treatment: Therapeutic intervention designed to address issues and behaviors related to sexual abuse victimization, sexual dysfunction, sexual abuse perpetration, and to prevent further sexual abuse and victimization. Special Economic Assistance: Emergency financial assistance of not more than $2,000 per family per year in the form of cash and/or vendor payment to purchase hard services. See Section 7.303.14 for service elements of hard services. Substance Abuse Treatment Services: Diagnostic and/or therapeutic services to assist in the development of the family service plan, to assess and/or improve family communication, functioning and relationships, and to prevent further abuse of drugs or alcohol.
    1. return to families from which they have been removed
    2. Family Preservation Services -- services for children and families designed to help families (including adoptive and extended families) at risk or in crisis, including:
    3. services designed to improve parenting skills (by reinforcing parents' confidence in their strengths, and helping them to identify where improvement is needed and to obtain assistance in improving those skills) with respect to matters such as child development, family budgeting, coping with stress, health and nutrition.
    4. preplacement prevention services programs, such as intensive family preservation programs, designed to help children at risk of foster care placement remain with their families;
    5. Criterion #2: Programs should be based on well-articulated theories

      as in...DHS's, attorneys', magistrates', untrained counselors' flippant remarks regarding intervention about what's best and right and should and shouldn't ... are not well-articulated theories

    1. The Family First Transition Act temporarily suspends the requirement that at least 50% of title IV-E prevention services expenditures be for “well-supported” practice for two fiscals years
    2. The Family First Prevention Services Act (Family First) creates an expanded entitlement/50% reimbursement of federal funds to provide services to keep children and youth safely with their families.
    3. Supported and well-supported services in Colorado’s prevention plan should be paid for using the Core Services Program allocation, Child Welfare Services Block, or State General Fund.
    1. 26-5.3-105. Eligibility requirements - period of eligibility - services available.(1) Families with children at imminent risk of out-of-home placement shall be eligible for emergency assistance. Assistance shall be available to or on behalf of a needy child under twenty-one years of age and any other member of the household in which the child lives if:
    2. Emergency assistance provided pursuant to this article shall be used for, but shall not be limited to, the following: (a) Twenty-four-hour emergency shelter facilities or caretakers for children who must be removed from their homes in emergency situations; (b) Counseling, including crisis counseling available by telephone twenty-four hours a day; (c) Information referral; (d) Intensive family preservation services; (e) In-home supportive homemaker services; (f) Services used to develop and implement a discrete case plan, as provided by the federal “Social Security Act”; (g) Day treatment services for children.
    3. 26-5.3-105. Eligibility requirements - period of eligibility - services available.(1) Families with children at imminent risk of out-of-home placement shall be eligible for emergency assistance. Assistance shall be available to or on behalf of a needy child under twenty-one years of age and any other member of the household in which the child lives if:
  12. www.chhs.colostate.edu www.chhs.colostate.edu
    1. RationaleAs evidence-based research becomes the norm in child welfare practice, countiesare more interested than ever in evaluating the effectiveness of services and placementsprovided to children and families in the system.
    2. Formally referred to as family preservation services (FPS), the Colorado CoreServices Program is based on “assistance that focuses on family strengths and includesservices that empower a family by providing alternative problem-solving techniques,child-rearing practices, and responses to living situations creating stress for the family”(C.R.S. 26-5.5-103). The Core Services Program also includes the provision of resources(e.g., special economic assistance) to serve as support systems for children and families.
    3. RationaleAs evidence-based research becomes the norm in child welfare practice, countiesare more interested than ever in evaluating the effectiveness of services and placementsprovided to children and families in the system.
    1. erefore, toassist states in providing services designed to support families and helpkeep them together, the Congress enacted legislation as part of theOmnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 ( OBRA 1993) that authorized$930 million in federal funds to states over a 5-year period for familypreservation and support (FPS) services. Family preservation servicestypically target families already in crisis whose children would otherwisebe removed from home. Family support services are community-basedactivities intended to prevent the kinds of crises that family preservationservices are aimed at alleviating. To receive federal funds for theseservices, each state had to submit a grant application in 1994 and a 5-yearplan in 1995 that set quantifiable goals and methods for measuringoutcomes

      FPS - Family Preservation and Support Services - OBRA 1993. Originally called FPS in CO, then changed to "Core Serv Prog"

    1. 26-5.3-104. Emergency assistance for families with children at imminent risk of being placed out of the home.(1) The executive director of the state department is hereby authorized to include in the state temporary assistance for needy families plan the establishment and implementation of an emergency assistance program for families with children at imminent risk of being placed out of the home. The purpose of the program shall be to meet the needs of the family in crisis due to the imminent risk of out-of-home placement by providing emergency assistance in the form of intake, assessment, counseling, treatment, and other family preservation services that meet the needs of the family which are attributable to the emergency or crisis situation.
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    1. Such regulation is already being pursued in Europe, where the DigitalServices Act would require large platforms to interoperate, a requirementthat could easily be modified to include the Fediverse.

      EU Digital Services Act interoperable requirement

    1. Demonstrate the importance of learning and development by providing time,support, and resources for employees and hiring managers to participate inlearning and development activities.

      Example of a government agency provide time, support, and resources to interns, fellows, and apprentices to participate in learning and development activities.

    1. To promote the new policy, the Shapiro administration also launched a new website where applicants can search for jobs that don't require a four-year diploma.

      Important step in advising non-formal & informal pathways: identifying opportunities that are open to those w/out a 4-year degree.

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    1. Its outlooks rubbish filtering system. They have "AI" rules that look at the sending ip address for reputation. They score you on user reportsand lots of other bits they will not tell you about. Make sure you have SPF, DMARC, DKIM, and sign up for their JMRP and SDNS they will tell you. But it still is a game of cat and mouse. Its a slippery slope and even Microsoft trap their own mail to their own outlook users. PITA, to be honest and luckily we managed to get a mitigation to the issue. However some users in different domains still complain of email going to JUNK. Go figure. I hate having to work on issues with Outlook.com. They themselves send out spam and have the audacity to block well configured SMTP senders. I wish you luck. You will need it.
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    1. 个人学习可能取决于他人行为的主张突出了将学习环境视为一个涉及多个互动参与者的系统的重要性
    1. Etat social redistributeur puissant qui étendrait ses services publics dans les "secteurs d’intérêt commun" qui doivent être "démarchandisés", -la santé, l’éducation, la culture, les transports, l’énergie-
    1. This economic logic has now spread beyond the tech companies to new surveillance–based ecosystems in virtually every economic sector, from insurance to automobiles to health, education, finance, to every product described as “smart” and every service described as “personalized.”

      !- surveillance capitalism : other catchwords

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    1. Parking On the East (Hardy Rd.) side of the library, there are more than 12 parking spaces designated for people with disabilities, including several that are van-accessible. On the West side, limited parking is available near the Swalm building, at the loading docks. These spaces do not include van lift access. Check the MSU parking map for more details.

      This probably needs updating, right? now that everything's behind a gate?

    1. Unless you are the maintainer of lvh.me, you can not be sure it will not disappear or change its RRs for lvh.me. You can use localhost.localdomain instead of localhost, by adding the following lines in your hosts file: localhost localhost.localdomain ::1 localhost localhost.localdomain This is better than using lvh.me because: you may not always have access to a DNS resolver, when developing
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    1. What is so maddening is that there are alternatives. There is an abundance of theory and arguments that could lead the way. The latest IPCC report had an entire section that doesn’t propose technofixes but instead explores how energy demand could be managed to ensure that everyone has enough to thrive while ensuring the biosphere doesn’t die. 

      IPCC AR6 WG III chapter 5: Demand, services and social aspects of mitigation https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Freport.ipcc.ch%2Far6wg3%2Fpdf%2FIPCC_AR6_WGIII_FinalDraft_Chapter05.pdf&group=world

    1. reply to: https://ariadne.space/2022/07/01/a-silo-can-never-provide-digital-autonomy-to-its-users/

      Matt Ridley indicates in The Rational Optimist that markets for goods and services "work so well that it is hard to design them so they fail to deliver efficiency and innovation" while assets markets are nearly doomed to failure and require close and careful regulation.

      If we view the social media landscape from this perspective, an IndieWeb world in which people are purchasing services like easy import/export of their data; the ability to move their domain name and URL permalinks from one web host to another; and CMS (content management system) services/platforms/functionalities, represents the successful market mode for our personal data and online identities. Here competition for these sorts of services will not only improve the landscape, but generally increased competition will tend to drive the costs to consumers down. The internet landscape is developed and sophisticated enough and broadly based on shared standards that this mode of service market should easily be able to not only thrive, but innovate.

      At the other end of the spectrum, if our data are viewed as assets in an asset market between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al., it is easy to see that the market has already failed so miserably that one cannot even easily move ones' assets from one silo to another. Social media services don't compete to export or import data because the goal is to trap you and your data and attention there, otherwise they lose. The market corporate social media is really operating in is one for eyeballs and attention to sell advertising, so one will notice a very health, thriving, and innovating market for advertisers. Social media users will easily notice that there is absolutely no regulation in the service portion of the space at all. This only allows the system to continue failing to provide improved or even innovative service to people on their "service". The only real competition in the corporate silo social media space is for eyeballs and participation because the people and their attention are the real product.

      As a result, new players whose goal is to improve the health of the social media space, like the recent entrant Cohost, are far better off creating a standards based service that allows users to register their own domain names and provide a content management service that has easy import and export of their data. This will play into the services market mode which improves outcomes for people. Aligning in any other competition mode that silos off these functions will force them into competition with the existing corporate social services and we already know where those roads lead.

      Those looking for ethical and healthy models of this sort of social media service might look at Manton Reece's micro.blog platform which provides a wide variety of these sorts of data services including data export and taking your domain name with you. If you're unhappy with his service, then it's relatively easy to export your data and move it to another host using WordPress or some other CMS. On the flip side, if you're unhappy with your host and CMS, then it's also easy to move over to micro.blog and continue along just as you had before. Best of all, micro.blog is offering lots of the newest and most innovative web standards including webmention notificatons which enable website-to-website conversations, micropub, and even portions of microsub not to mention some great customer service.

      I like to analogize the internet and social media to competition in the telecom/cellular phone space In America, you have a phone number (domain name) and can then have your choice of service provider (hosting), and a choice of telephone (CMS). Somehow instead of adopting a social media common carrier model, we have trapped ourselves inside of a model that doesn't provide the users any sort of real service or options. It's easy to imagine what it would be like to need your own AT&T account to talk to family on AT&T and a separate T-Mobile account to talk to your friends on T-Mobile because that's exactly what you're doing with social media despite the fact that you're all still using the same internet. Part of the draw was that services like Facebook appeared to be "free" and it's only years later that we're seeing the all too real costs emerge.

      This sort of competition and service provision also goes down to subsidiary layers of the ecosystem. Take for example the idea of writing interface and text editing. There are (paid) services like iA Writer, Ulysses, and Typora which people use to compose their writing. Many people use these specifically for writing blog posts. Companies can charge for these products because of their beauty, simplicity, and excellent user interfaces. Some of them either do or could support the micropub and IndieAuth web standards which allow their users the ability to log into their websites and directly post their saved content from the editor directly to their website. Sure there are also a dozen or so other free micropub clients that also allow this, but why not have and allow competition for beauty and ease of use? Let's say you like WordPress enough, but aren't a fan of the Gutenberg editor. Should you need to change to Drupal or some unfamiliar static site generator to exchange a better composing experience for a dramatically different and unfamiliar back end experience? No, you could simply change your editor client and continue on without missing a beat. Of course the opposite also applies—WordPress could split out Gutenberg as a standalone (possibly paid) micropub client and users could then easily use it to post to Drupal, micro.blog, or other CMSs that support the micropub spec, and many already do.

      Social media should be a service to and for people all the way down to its core. The more companies there are that provide these sorts of services means more competition which will also tend to lure people away from silos where they're trapped for lack of options. Further, if your friends are on services that interoperate and can cross communicate with standards like Webmention from site to site, you no longer need to be on Facebook because "that's where your friends and family all are."

      I have no doubt that we can all get to a healthier place online, but it's going to take companies and startups like Cohost to make better choices in how they frame their business models. Co-ops and non-profits can help here too. I can easily see a co-op adding webmention to their Mastodon site to allow users to see and moderate their own interactions instead of forcing local or global timelines on their constituencies. Perhaps Garon didn't think Webmention was a fit for Mastodon, but this doesn't mean that others couldn't support it. I personally think that Darius Kazemi's Hometown fork of Mastodon which allows "local only" posting a fabulous little innovation while still allowing interaction with a wider readership, including me who reads him in a microsub enabled social reader. Perhaps someone forks Mastodon to use as a social feed reader, but builds in micropub so that instead of posting the reply to a Mastodon account, it's posted to one's IndieWeb capable website which sends a webmention notification to the original post? Opening up competition this way makes lots of new avenues for every day social tools.

      Continuing the same old siloing of our data and online connections is not the way forward. We'll see who stands by their ethics and morals by serving people's interests and not the advertising industry.

    1. experiments in laboratories by the economistVernon Smith and his colleagues have long confirmed thatmarkets in goods and services for immediate consum ption -haircuts and hamburgers - work so well that it is hard to designthem so they fail to deliver efficiency and innovation; whilemarkets in assets are so automatically prone to bubbles andcrashes that it is hard to design them so they work at all.
    1. Chapter 5: Demand, services and social aspects of mitigation

      Public Annotation of IPCC Report AR6 Climate Change 2022 Mitigation of Climate Change WGIII Chapter 5: Demand, Services and Social Aspects of Mitigation

      NOTE: Permission given by one of the lead authors, Felix Creutzig to annotate with caveat that there may be minor changes in the final version.

      This annotation explores the potential of mass mobilization of citizens and the commons to effect dramatic demand side reductions. It leverages the potential agency of the public to play a critical role in rapid decarbonization.

    2. To enhance well-being, people demand5services and not primary energy and physical resources per se. Focusing on demand for services and6the different social and political roles people play broadens the participation in climate action.

      This is a key point. services can be delivered and decoupled from high net primary energy and physical resources.

      While demand services are not direct sources of carbon emissions, behavior change that reduces consumption can dramatically alter the volumes of primary carbon emissions.

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    1. Which Components of IT Infrastructure do we need for DevOps?

      Many companies that want to move to DevOps eventually struggle with the question “What are the Components of IT Infrastructure we need? The use of DevOps stems from the desire to be able to release software more often and faster. The traditional Operations Team (OPS) however will not wholeheartedly embrace this because they would rather benefit from maintaining a stable infrastructure and its maintenance.

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    1. Darüber hinaus ist ein wichtiger Trend Linked Data im Unternehmensumfeld zu etablieren, um eine neue Generation semantischer, vernetzter Daten-Anwendungen auf Basis des Linked Data Paradigmas zu entwickeln, zu etablieren und erfolgreich zu vermarkten. Im BMBF Wachstumskernprojekt „Linked Enterprise Data Services“ entsteht hierfür beispielsweise eine Technologieplattform, die es Unternehmen ermöglichen soll, neue Dienstleistungen im Web 3.0 zu etablieren.

      BMBF Wachstumskernprojekt „Linked Enterprise Data Services

    1. Substack has now sold 1 million subscriptions to mostly individual publishers.

      Today, we can announce that there are more than 1 million paid subscriptions to publications on Substack. On Substack, the newsletter from Substack https://on.substack.com/p/one-million-strong on 2021-11-15

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    1. Assessment of the environmental impacts of conservation practices for reporting at the regional and national scales. • �Continue CEAP activities designed to estimate environmental benefits of conservation practices and programs. • �Develop a framework for reporting impacts of conservation practices and programs in terms of ecosystem services. • �Identify future conservation requirements and provide information for setting national and regional priorities. • �Expand assessment capabilities to address potential impacts of changes in agricultural land use and policy and define necessary conservation programs to meet new environmental challenges brought about by alternative land use or policy changes.
    1. A secondary goal of CEAP is to establish a framework for assessing and reporting the full suite of ecosystem services impacted by various conservation practices. Ecosystem services represent the benefits that ecological processes convey to human societies and the natural environment. For example, agricultural lands provide flood and drought mitigation, water and air purification, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling, and aesthetics and recreation, in addition to the primary agricultural commodities produced. These ecosystem services are often taken for granted and unpriced or underpriced by the marketplace. Research and assessment activities will be integrated within CEAP to provide a scientific foundation for assessing the extent to which ecosystem services are enhanced by conservation practices and programs.
    1. the existing Wikimedia Cloud Services computing infrastructure (virtual private server (VPS)), the Toolforge hosting environment (platform as a service (PaaS))

      Wikimedia Cloud VPS is Infrastructure as a Service, whereas Toolforge is Platform as a Service.

      As explained in this article, PaaS is further away from on-premises than IaaS, and the user does not have to manage the operative system, middleware and runtimes.

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